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The No Ghost Logo

A few versions on the classic No Ghosts logo. The Anniversary variants can be found on the Spook Central Facebook page.
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Lobby Cards

Lobby cards are a form of movie advertising that were used from the early days of film. They typically consist of a set of 11"x14" (also 8"x10") cards that would depict different plot points and characters of a film. As movie theaters changed and lobbies began to shrink, the need for lobby cards began to disappear. By the late 1980s/early 1990s, with the development of multiplex theaters, most film studios stopped printing lobby cards for distribution in the United States, although some of them are still released overseas. Ghostbusters lobby cards consist of a set of 8, all of which are displayed below. These scans were done from the 8x10 U.S. version of the cards. The 11x14 U.S. set has the same images, but has the logo on a black square in the lower left corner instead of being on a black bar below the image. The cards released in Yugoslavia feature completely different images. CREDITS: All of these scans (except #1) were done by me, Paul Rudoff, from the lobby cards in my personal collection. Image #1 was scanned in and provided by Kalvinder Singh.
Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image

Official Photos

These are photos taken by Columbia Pictures (presumably by photographer Virgil Mirano). They have appeared in officially produced publications (novel and storybooks), as well as magazines and newspapers. Almost all of these are VERY large and were scanned in by me (Paul Rudoff) from my personal 8x10 photo collection, unless otherwise noted in the photo caption.
Image Image Image Image
(large close-up)
Image Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image    

Movie Magazine Covers

These are high-definition frame grabs from the Blu-ray of the magazine covers shown in the "Ghost Fever Grips New York" montage. As a BONUS, I also have a readable black & white copy of the USA Today cover taken from page 92 of Don Shay's "Making Ghostbusters" book. The book was missing the bottom seven lines of the cover, so I added that portion from the somewhat-readable Blu-ray screencap. Image dimensions are 1897x1483, with a file size of 476 Kb.

Image Image Image Image Image Image  

The Ghostbusters Commercial

This is the Ghostbusters' commercial that appears in the film. The source for these images is the exclusive video that appears in the PlayStation 3 version of Ghostbusters: The Video Game. Video of the commercial can be viewed here. Also available are some COMMERCIAL ALTERNATE TAKES: video, gallery.

Image  Image  Image  Image
Image  Image  Image


Source for Teaser & Trailer is Criterion Collection laserdisc. Trailer on both 1999 DVDs are missing the end card, and GB1 DVD is fullscreen, so laserdisc was best source. Source for PPV Trailer is VideoDetective.com.
Telemundo Host Segments & Bumpers (Spanish) (1994?)
The T button gives English captions, turned on by default.
English captioning done by Alex Rico aka Spengler56.
Watch on Spook Central Facebook

Entire Movie: TV Version (2 hours)
* Here on Spook Central (ABC Broadcast on Jan. 29, 1989 - with commercials)
For more information on this broadcast, read blog post #1 and blog post #2. This broadcast is "edited for television" and contains all of the alternate footage.

Teaser Trailer - features an unused theme song by Pat Thrall and Glenn Hughes
* Spook Central Facebook (source: Ghostbusters Criterion Collection Laserdisc) (deinterlaced)
Sony included the Ghostbusters Teaser Trailer on the original Stripes DVD released in 1999 (the one with the green "I Want You poster" cover; not the later Extended Cut DVD), but excluded it from the Ghostbusters DVD that was also released in 1999.

Ghostbusters Teaser Trailer (2012 HD Widescreen update by Chris Stewart) (click to find out what this is)
* YouTube

Theatrical Trailer (Original)
* Spook Central Facebook (source: Ghostbusters II 1999 DVD) (deinterlaced)
The Ghostbusters Criterion Collection Laserdisc includes the "Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You" end card, but I don't have a digital copy of that handy, so I uploaded the second best copy.

Theatrical Trailer (Fake 2014 Blu-ray Version)
* Spook Central Facebook (source: Ghostbusters 2014 Blu-ray)
The trailer included on the 2014 GB1 Blu-ray isn't the real thing. Rather than using the original video, which was probably in SD, Sony replaced the original video with clips from the remastered HD movie. Because the trailer used a clip from a deleted scene ("I'm the chairman of the largest paranormal removal company in America"), they had to use other footage for this spot. That makes the fakeness of the trailer easy to see.

Theatrical Trailer - Real & Fake Comparison
Comaprison of the real trailer (top) and the fake 2014 Blu-ray trailer (bottom). Assembled by Matthew Jordan at my (Paul Rudoff) request.
* Spook Central Facebook
Note: The complete real trailer includes the "coming soon" end card (see Criterion Collection laserdisc), but the copy used here was missing that card, so that's not a difference even though it seems like one here. Also, apologies for the slight echo. There are three differences, which are as follows:
1. Replaces deleted "I'm the chairman" footage with Peter looking at the Ghostbusters sign final movie footage.
2. Flipped "Dana looking at camera" shot.
3. After "Smoking!", an unused(?) crowd shot is replaced with a different crowd shot and a Gozer close-up.

Teaser TV Spot (May 1984)
(music sting comes from teaser trailer, though it's slightly different/longer; same announcer - believed to be Percy Rodriguez)
* Spook Central Facebook

Pay-Per-View Trailer (1985)
(this is the theatrical trailer with new narration)
* Video Detective (squeezed into 4:3 aspect ratio)
* Spook Central Facebook (corrected to 16:9 aspect ratio)

WABC Promo (1990?)
* Spook Central Facebook

WABC Promo (date unknown?)
* Spook Central Facebook
* YouTube