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Spook Central Help

If you have trouble playing any video clips, audio clips, or have any problems with this site, this page should provide you with some information to help you out. There are also some answers to some general frequently asked questions about Ghostbusters listed here too (most of them are located at the bottom of the page).

Q: What are the minimum system requirements for properly viewing this website?
A: 1. A web browser of fairly recently vintage (if it's more than a year old, you should consider upgrading) that is capable of handling JavaScript and Style Sheets. I personally recommend Mozilla's SeaMonkey, which is available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. If you don't need the built-in html editor and e-mail/newsgroup client, you can use SeaMonkey's more famous cousin Firefox, also available for the same operating systems. I personally DON'T recommend Internet Explorer, as it's a giant Windows security hole masquerading as a useful program.
     2. For the embedded media player you will need to install the Adobe Flash Player plugin for your web browser (click on the button below).
     3. To view the PDF files (scripts, game manuals, etc.), you'll need a PDF viewer. If you're using Windows, get PDF-Xchange Viewer (click on the button below), If you're using a non-Windows system, please try to find your own PDF viewer, or else you'll be stuck with the big and bloated Adobe Reader.
     4. If you want to play the multimedia files offline (either mine or ones I've linked to from other sites), it would be very wise to have a player capable of playing all of the major formats. I don't know of any one player to suggest that is available on all operating systems. Windows users can download something from my Windows Software page that should be of use.

Get Adobe Flash Player
for IE & Mac
Get PDF Viewer

Q: How do I view the comic book .CBR and .CBZ files?
A: Technically these are really .RAR and .ZIP files (respectively) with the file extension changed. So you could simply change the .CBR to .RAR and the .CBZ to .ZIP, and then open up each newly renamed file using your favorite archive utility (IzArc for Windows is a good freeware program). Inside each one you will find JPG image files, which you can extract to your hard drive and view with your favorite image viewer.

If you want to view the files as a comic e-book, and use the files "as is" (without changing the file extensions), you need to use one of these programs to view them:
    * Windows - ComicRack (my preferred reader), CDisplayEx, or CDisplay Comic Reader (v1.8.1.0 download).
    * Macintosh - Simple Comic.
Thanks to "bmumble" for telling me about the Mac program. I do not know if there are programs for Linux, so you might have to resort to the renaming option if you use Linux.

Q: How can I bookmark this website?
A: Follow these easy instructions to add Spook Central to your browser's Bookmarks/Favorites list.
* Internet Explorer 5+: Simply click here and follow the prompts.
* Netscape 6+/SeaMonkey & Firefox 1+: Click, hold and drag this link onto the Bookmarks button of your browser and release. You can even drag it into your Bookmarks folders, if you have them organized that way.

Q: How can I have this website as my browser's home/start page?
A: Follow these easy instructions to make Spook Central your default homepage.
* Internet Explorer 5+: Simply click here and then hit "YES" when the confirmation box pops up.
* Netscape 6+/SeaMonkey & Firefox 1+: Click, hold and drag this link onto the Home button of your browser and release.

Q: What url/address should I use when linking to this site?
A: Use http://www.spookcentral.tk to link to the main page. At the bottom of every page on this site is a url that you can use to link to that specific page. Both of these urls are forwarding, so if I ever have to move the site again, your links won't be broken. Although you can use the direct url (the one that should be listed in your browser's address bar), I would appreciate it if you wouldn't (to prevent broken links should I ever need to move this site again). Also, you may only link to my webpages (.htm files). You are expressly forbidden from linking to any of my other files (images, audio, etc.), except for the banners and buttons in the codes below. There's an issue of linking rights involved if you don't respect my wishes. (By the way, I gave up on the .tk address that I used to use because it doesn't forward, they put a splash page before allowing visitors to access my site, and I've been told that Time Warner's "Roadrunner" ISP blocks access to all .tk sites.)

Q: Do you have any banners or buttons that I can use on my website to link to yours?
A: Yes I do. Take your pick from any of the banners and buttons below. You can place these images on your website ONLY if you use them to link to Spook Central, do not alter them in any way, and do not use them to depict Spook Central or its author Paul Rudoff in a negative way. You can use as many of them as you like. Just copy and paste the code below the banner or button to your webpage for the one that you would like to use.

Spook Central
created by Bill Emkow

Spook Central
created by Andrew Ellis

Spook Central
created by Dan Shannon

Spook Central
created by Tristan Jones

Spook Central
created by Tristan Jones

Spook Central
created by "El Zorro"

Q: Can I use some of your pictures, audio, etc. on my site?
A: You may take ten pictures of your choice (excluding personal photos and pictures expressly given to me by others for this site only), upload them to your site, and use them in any way you wish. Edit them, create a collage, use them in a layout: I don't care. However, only if you put a link saying where you found them (i.e. This picture is from Spook Central and is used with permission) can you do this. In regards to the pictures that you take, I do kindly ask that you don't take all or most of the pictures from one particular section. Take a couple and say that more can be found on Spook Central. By the way, notice that I only mentioned pictures. Audio, video, text, and other files are for this site only. Thanks for respecting my wishes. (I don't e-mail pics, so if you can't figure out a way to download the ones on this site, then I can't help you.)

Q: When I click on the download button in the embedded media player, my browser will play the file using another plugin I have installed - or will download the file and hand it off to a media player that's on my computer. How can I get my browser to let me download it?
A: SeaMonkey: From within the browser, go to Edit > Preferences > Navigator > Helper Applications. In the file types list, look for the following two items which are for the audio and video files respectively: audio/mpeg (extension: mp3) and video/x-flv (extension: flv). Select one, click Edit on the right, and in the little window that pops up, check "Save it to Disk" and click OK. Click OK again in the Preferences window to close it. (Firefox should have options similar to this.)
Internet Explorer: Since IE is tied to Windows, the preference to change is not located in the browser, but rather in Windows itself. On the Start Menu, go to Settings > Control Panel > Folder Options > File Types. On the list of registered file types, highlight MP3 (for audio files) or FLV (for video files), click on the Advanced button, add a check mark to the "Confirm open after download" box and click OK. Click OK again in the Folder Options window to close it.
After making these changes, when you click on one of the embedded media player's download links, your browser should present you with a box giving you the option to save the file.

Q: What is this special program I need to download some of the files?
A: There are some files on the internet that are not meant to be downloaded. They are placed on special servers and are intended for you to view them streaming via special protocols (MMS and RTSP) that only the major media players are designed to handle. Of course, there are programs that let you download files via these streaming protocols, so that you can save them to your hard drive and view them any time you wish (even after they've long since been taken off the internet). Windows users can download one of these programs from my Windows Software page (I don't know of any Macintosh or Linux programs that are capable of doing the same thing). The program is very easy to use. Just drag and drop the Download links from this site into the program and you're good to go.

Q: I have a web site. Could you put a link to my site on yours?
A: It depends. All sites that I've linked to on this site are considered by me to be good, original web sites, with original material. They are sites that interest me. If you have a site that you think might be appropriate for one of the areas of this site (Ghostbusters or non-Ghostbusters), you can tell me about it, but there's no guarantee that I'll link to it. I reserve the right to deny a link to any site at my discretion. If you want to put a link to my site on your site, feel free, but you are under no obligation to do so. Just because you put a link to my site on yours, does not mean that you are entitled to have a link to your site on mine.

Q: Do you have ___ [name of request here] ___?
A: Everything I have is available on this site. If you can't find what you're looking for here, use Google to search the web.

Q: Could you send me some files?
A: No. Everything that I want to provide to the public can be found on this site. You either download it here or you don't get it at all.

Q: I'm designing my own web page. Can you help me out with some of the code?
A: I'm sorry, but again I am busy enough working on my own page to be helping other people build theirs.

Q: Where did you get all those Deleted Scene pics and sounds?
A: They come from a variety of sources, which includes: the GB1 DVD, Criterion's GB1 laserdisc, the GB1 picture storybook, the GB2 picture storybook, the GB1 calendar, the GB1 novel, the GB2 novel, and some GB2 television spots and trailers. Most of these sources can be bought in the store.

Q: Where can I buy ____ [name of merchandise] ___?
A: Check out Spook Central's Ghostbusters Store.

Q: Do you know why the Ghostbusters music video was not included on the Ghostbusters DVD or Blu-Ray?
A: From what I hear, they couldn't get the rights to it.

Q: Do you know when Ghostbusters 3 is coming out? Do you have any more information on Ghostbusters 3?
A: All I know about Ghostbusters 3 is listed in Spook Central's Ghostbusters 3 section.

Q: Do you have the background music from The Real Ghostbusters? Not the Tahiti songs, but the score music that was used?
A: Unfortunately, no. It was never released to the public and is probably sitting in a music vault somewhere. Most of it was reused (I believe) in other DIC productions, so it's probably in their stock library, if not that of composers Haim Saban and Shuki Levy.

Q: Why weren't all of the deleted scenes from Ghostbusters on the DVD, especially the ones from the laserdisc?
A: Since I had no part in the making of the DVD (I wish I did), I can only speculate on the subject. After seeing the deleted scenes and the before & after special effects footage on the DVD, I believe that the DVD crew had an entire workprint (or rough cut, pre-effects) of the film at their disposal. There is undoubtly a lot more deleted footage in that workprint than the 10 scenes they showed us. Perhaps they decided to just include 10 scenes, 10 being a nice even number, and opted for what they believed to be the 10 best deleted scenes in the workprint. The laserdisc contains 2 deleted scenes, one of which is on the DVD (it's part of the City Hall loading dock scene). The other is a scene of the three guys walking down the stairs to their university lab discussing their prospects of winning the Nobel Prize. This was probably in the aforementioned workprint, but the DVD crew probably didn't think that it was as good as the other 10 scenes.

Q: A lot of the Ghostbusters: The Video Game PC video files contain multiple audio tracks. Do you know of a way to just keep the English audio?
A: No, I don't. I'm also looking for a way to keep just the English audio, as well. That's why I've only been able to upload a few select videos to the Spook Central Facebook page. Only the few videos with Engligh-only audio, music-only audio, or no audio, and the two I recorded directly while playing the game, were able to be uploaded properly. The others would lose the audio completely if I upload them to Facebook or anywhere else. Trust me, I tried.

Q: Where can I find the script to Arcade, Men In Black, and The Wizard Of Oz?
A: In addition to all of the Ghostbusters-related movie and tv scripts you currently see on this site, I transcribed the scripts for those three movies. I gave copies of them to one site and one site only: The Daily Script (archived). However, other people have taken the three scripts and placed them all over the internet. The good ones kept my transcribers intact. The bad ones removed it. Here's where you can find them: Arcade, Men In Black, and The Wizard Of Oz. All of the aforementioned links are from an archived copy of The Daily Script.

Q: What are the answers to the questions you're frequently asked about the guides you have posted over at GameFaqs?
A: Please understand the following:

  1. GAMEFAQS IS THE ONLY SITE THAT CAN HOST MY GUIDES! It says this in every single guide right by the link to my e-mail page. Don't waste my time asking if you can host my guides because the answer is NO. All e-mails of this nature will be deleted right away.
  2. I DO NOT PROVIDE ANY TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR MY GUIDES. All of the information I have is in the guides, and I write in a straightforward clear manner, so you shouldn't have any problems understanding what I've written in my guides. Plus there are some guides for which I no longer own the games that they're written about. In general, if a guide is on the "Final" version, then I'm completely done with it.
  3. I CAN NOT HELP WITH YOU ANYTHING THAT MY GUIDES ARE NOT ABOUT. I frequently get mail from people who see "Mission" in the title of my Mission Select Mod guides and think that I can help them pass missions. They apparently don't actually READ the guide and see that it's about a code that lets you play missions whenever you want, not a guide about the missions themselves. There are plenty of walkthroughs over at GameFaqs. Consult one of them. Also, some folks see "Mod" in the title and think I can help them with game modifications. Again, if they actually READ the guide they'd see that Mod is short for Modifier (as in you can modify the code with different digits), not Modification (as in altering the game code or contents).
  4. DON'T ASK ME ABOUT THE SUPERMAN OUTFIT FOR GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS. This actually relates to number 3, but since I've actually gotten a few e-mails specifically about this, I'll address it separately. I don't have a guide that relates to GTA modding, so I have no idea why people e-mail me about this. Besides, you can't mod the PS2 version of any game, which is the only version of GTA that I have guides about.
  5. DON'T ASK ME FOR GAME PLAY TIPS FOR GHOSTBUSTERS: THE VIDEO GAME. As stated in my Tobin's Spirit Guide guides, all of the descriptions came from files on the game disc. I did not get that information from playing the game itself.
  6. USING/RESIGNING PLAYSTATION 3 GAME SAVES: I really wish GameFaqs would include info on their site telling people how to resign PS3 saves because most saves on their site are useless without this information. They make it seem like it's a simple "download and copy to your console" routine, but it's a little more involved than that. They also don't let contributors "update" their saves (you have to request deletion and then reupload as a new save), so I can't update my older saves with "blank user" versions. My newer saves are all "blank user" versions (they're listed as "not account locked/no resigning needed"), though I always suggest resigning anyway, just to ensure you can unlock trophies. For resigning, I personally use Bruteforce Save Data (BFSD). You can find some info and download links on my PlayStation page (on the PlayStation 3 tab). I should have enough basic info there for you to be able to figure it out. If not, search Google and YouTube for instructional guides/videos. BFSD is a very popular program so you'll have no problems finding help :-) Once you get the hang of it, it'll be really easy to use any more saves you download in the future.

Q: What items do you need for the Spook Central website?
A: This is a list of items I need for this website and for my personal collection. If you have any of these items and can make me a copy (or bear to part with the original), then I would appreciate it if you can send it to me. E-Mail me and I'll give you a snail mail address to send items to. I don't have very much money, so I can't pay you very much for the items, though I can send you a reasonable fair amount. Of course, if you send me something at no cost to me (nee, for free), you will be added to the Credits page. Anything you send me will NOT be returned.

(on videocassette or high-quality DVD-R. I'm willing to pay a small fee to compensate for cost of blank media and shipping.)
    • A bootleg/pirated theater-cam VHS of Ghostbusters II filmed back in June 1989. I'm sure the movie was pirated and distributed by street vendors back then, as the local news did a story on Home Alone theater-cams a year later in 1990. It's just a matter of seeing if someone has kept one these 25+ years later and if they sell it (hopefully at a yard/tag/white elephant sale) where I can buy it dirt cheap.
    • The 57th Annual Academy Awards (Live on March 25, 1985). Features Ray Parker Jr. performing "Ghostbusters" on stage along with Dom DeLuise. [I have a small video file of the performance. I'm looking for a higher-quality copy, like something on videotape or burned onto DVD.]

    • GB1 8x10 Color U.S. Lobby Card #1 (three guys in front of the firehouse).
    • GB2 8x10 B&W Press Photo # 1, 3, 4, 6-8, 10-15, 17-58, 61, 64-73, 75-83, 86-98 (anything above 102?).