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Egon Accessing the 'net! The Occult Reference Net

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The Occult Reference Net, it's what all of use legitimate paranormal investigators use to look up just about anything dealing with spooks, spectors, or ghosts. As an added bonus, I have included The Definitive Guide to Ghostbusting Technology, and Paul Rudoff's Goofs Illustrated! Take a look, and remember, this Internet service is free!

Tobin's Spirit Guide

Tobin's Spirit Guide is the one and only source for all the real nasty ones. Everything that you've ever wanted to know about the biggest, badest, ghoulies out there is all right here. Just click "Proceed" to brows the Tobin's Spirit Guide index!


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Definitive Guide to Ghostbusting Technology

Full descriptions, pictures, and even blueprints of the Ghostbusting technology that you have all come to know and love. Also included are specs on the new Extreme Ghostbusting technology constructed in haste for the new crew. Click "Proceed" to access the Guide's index.

Coming Soon

A taste of things to come:

Containment Unit
Firehouse Headquarters
Ghost Sniffer
Proton Pack
P.K.E. Meter
Slime Blower
Ghost Trap

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Goofs Illustrated

A great compilation of "goofs" from the Ghostbusters movies and cartoon shows by Paul Rudoff. Each goof is accompanied by pictures showing you step-by-step what we did wrong in the making of our fine public "busts." Please note that each page is graphically intense.

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