to my workshop, this is actually the first time that I've ever opened up this area of the Headquarters to the general public. Well, except for that one time when we let Nathan into the Test Track, and let us just say he didn't make it home in one piece ...

My workshop is divided into six areas. At any time, you may click the button marked "Proceed" to enter, but make sure you read the descriptions first, just in case you mistakingly enter an area while there is a dangerous test in progress.

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Some images and/or other multimedia on Egon's Workshop are completely exclusive to this site and if they are found elsewhere on the web we will unleash the powers of Zuul on you. For a complete list of items that are exclusive please click here.

Downloadable Twinkies is the area where you download some of my favorite goodies including Ghostbuster soundtrack clips, pictures, games, and more! You can also find Twinkie based graphics and sounds here. Pictures | Music | Audio

Have you ever been itching to determine the difference between a Class 5 full roaming vapor and a Class 3? Here's where you can do so. The Occult Reference Network is the home of such resources as Tobin's Spirit Guide.I've also thrown in a resource of my own, The Definitive Guide to Ghostbusting Technology. Also found here is the Goofs Illustrated area, developed by Paul Rudoff.


I've always questioned opening this area to the public. It is one of the most dangerous rooms in the Firehouse. Anyways, I'm sure that you aren't worried about such things, I'm sure that you're insured. In this area you can view blueprints and draw-ups of future Ghostbusting equipment, including the equipment that I'm working on for my group of Extreme Ghostbusters.


This is a simple link up to my computer that tells you the P.K.E. Readings in your home town based on this morning's readings.


Descriptions and pictures of my Ghostbusting crew past, present, and future. Each member has a full biography. If you're lucky, I may even give you the real-life actor's fan mail address.


The Containment Unit is the home of the Ghostbusters Fan of the Month here you can nominate yourself or a friend to be the Ghostbusters fan of the month! If you're chosen, we'll post your name (Or nickname whichever you prefer) on the page along with a short blurb about why you are the supreme Ghostbusters Fan of the current Month!



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