This is the Containment Unit! Home of the Ghostbusters Fan of the Month! Each month, you can nominate yourself or a friend to be eligable for the Ghostbusters Fan of the Month award, and if you win, a picture of the person will be on this page along with a quick bio on the person and why he/she deserves to be the Ghostbusters Fan of the Month! Sound good? Here we go!

Norm Gagnon

Fan of Month for: September-October

Web Page: N/A


Norm has been a Ghostbusters fan since the day the movie was released. His passion for Ghostbusters has resulted in the creation of two great props shown at left in his picture, The Proton Pack and the Ghost Trap. After months of hard work, Norm was generous enough to share his plans for the two props with the world via Bill Emkow's Ghostbusters Homepage. Norm also has an extensive collection of Ghostbusters merchandise which he is trying to sell. You can buy them through Bill's GB Homepage as well. For a link, check out Ghostbusters International.

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