Egons Line

Egons Line


Here we present quotes from the "Extreme Ghostbusters" television series. All are in MP3-Compressed WAV format. Please make sure you have a player compatible with this format.

("Darkness At Noon" - Part 1)
Egon: Janine was our receptionist.
Janine: I like to think that our relationship was more than that.
Egon: Of course. Janine also did the accounting and collections.

("Darkness At Noon" - Part 1)
Mayor McShane: For those of you too young to remember, this is the illustrious Egon Spengler. A charter member of those psychotic vigilantes once known as the Ghostbusters. Yeah, back in the 80s they tried to con the city into believing there were ghosts in order to line their own pockets. But fortunately, they were shut down.
Egon: That's totally untrue. We shut ourselves down because there weren't any ghosts to ...
Mayor McShane: Precisely! There weren't any ghosts!

("Darkness At Noon" - Part 1)
Kylie: Spirits ... if you're out there tonight, show yourself. I won't hurt you, I just want to talk.

("Luck Of The Irish")
Kylie: Sounds like a Leprechaun. If you look away or blink, they're gone.
Eduardo: What book did you read that in?
Kylie: Actually, it was the back of a cereal box.

Roland: He knows your name, how?
The Grundel: Of course I know her name. After all, I used to watch her sleep.

Egon: [in the background] What do you mean someone's in the house?
The Grundel: Sounds like Egon. Why I haven't seen his smiling face in years.

("The Infernal Machine")
Eduardo: Oohh, the tarot. Can you read my future, oh mystic one?
Kylie: Sure. According to this, your ability to annoy me is growing.