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Here are some old Windows software programs that are no longer being made, but which I still find to be useful, so I archived them here for all to enjoy. All will work in Windows XP. I assume they will also work in later versions of Windows (maybe in earlier versions, too), but I make no guarantees.

Please note that I did not write any of the programs listed on this page, so please do not contact me for program support. For program support, contact the program's author (he/she should be mentioned in the program's documentation).

FileGrab - Ver. 1.0 (150 Kb) - When you drop files from Windows Explorer (or any other drag-and-drop capable app) onto the FileGrab window, you get a usable list of filenames rather than the files' contents. You can then save the list to disk, print it, or copy it into the clipboard for pasting into another application.

L View Pro - Ver 1.D2 (313 Kb) - View, edit and convert many picture formats inc: JPG, GIF, BMP, PCX and more. You can also acquire images from Twain compliant scanners and do batch conversions.

MiniTag - Ver. 2.2 Build 38 (47 Kb) - MiniTag allows you to quickly and easily modify your MP3 tags. MP3 tags enable you to store such information as the artist, album, and song names directly within the MP3 file so MP3 players can display them. MiniTag takes a different approach to managing and editing MP3 tags. It lets you quickly apply new tags or change existing ones, as well as view them by simply scrolling down the list of your MP3s. The program allows you to change the song and album titles, artist name, year, genre, and comments. (This program is no longer being made.)

Notespad - Ver. 8.0 [no install, with English dictionary] (699 Kb) - An excellent replacement for Notepad. Features include: No 32 Kb file limit, edit up to 16 files simultaneously with the use of tabs, word wrap, multiple redo and undo, built in system file editor, spell checking, HTML tag list, and much, much more. The installer doesn't work in Windows 2000 (I got it to work only ONE time), so I have put up the files without the installer. This program is no longer being developed.

Side-By-Side - Ver. 2.0 Beta01 (1 Mb) - Side-by-Side lets you compare two directories, zip files, or ftp directories or any combination thereof. The program lets you quickly decipher differences on each side visually and provides single-click copying and deleting of files. Advanced filtering lets you include only files that match multiple wildcards, all files on both sides, only common files, and only different files. Also includes a Visual File Compare window that allows you to easily compare two text files in an elegant but intuitive fashion. Also supports drag/drop client and serving, launching an editor, and many other cool features.
SOME THINGS THAT MIGHT NOT BE TOO APPARENT: To access an FTP directory, right click on the directory browse icon (normally a yellow folder). You MUST end ftp servers with a "/" slash (eg. www.servername.com/). You can also type in the directory in the text box to the right of the browse button (eg. ftp://www.servername.com/ -- note the end slash). Also, the program automatically disconnects from the ftp server when you change to a local directory or zip file. You can see the ftp status by right-clicking on the file name area and selecting the ftp status option from the menu.

TrayManager - Ver. 2.0 (753 Kb) - Lets you control the overabundance of icons in your system tray by creating a submenu for the icons you use less frequently. The original TrayManager worked only in Windows 95&98. Version 2.0 adds support for Windows ME, NT 4.0, and 2000, and a new feature restores the icons in your system tray after a Windows Explorer crash. A simple configuration window lets you choose which icons to place on the TrayManager submenu. Double-click on TrayManager's tray icon to bring up the configuration dialog. Placing the icons you use less often into a submenu helps you find the ones you need more easily. To access the icons in the submenu, right-click on TrayManager's tray icon, and then select the item you want from the list. Right and left clicks on a submenu item work just as they would if the item were still in the system tray.



These are a few add-ons (aka extensions) for the SeaMonkey browser that I have had to modify so they could be installed with the current version of the browser.

Linkification - v1.3.9 modified - This extension converts text links into genuine, clickable links.

Open Multiple Locations - v0.5 modified - This extension adds a "File" menu option to open multiple locations at a time. Just input a list of urls and it'll open them all at once in separate tabs. (A not-quite-as-elegant alternative is to use this webpage to open multiple tabs.)

User Agent Switcher - v0.7.3 modified - This extension adds a menu to switch the user agent of the browser. It is designed to provide functionality similar to the "Browser Identification" feature of Opera and allows configuration of the list of user agents to display in the menu. With this extention you can let a website think you're using another browser, which can be handy in some cases. (alt homepage)

NOTE: User Agent Switcher ver. 0.6.11 is the last version that will store its settings in the browser's prefs.js file. Later versions store their settings in a UserAgentSwitcher subfolder (in the browser's profile folder). Also note that the program *isn't* supposed to retain the user agent after closing - normally or forced. To retain the user agent, go into about:config and set useragentswitcher.reset.onclose to "false" (if not present, add as a new boolean item). It will stay set to a different user agent whether closed normally or forced/crash. Of course, this setting configuration is unsupported. You may experience a bug in SeaMonkey where it will keep the user agent even though the about:config settings is set to true. If you don't want the settings retained, switch it to false then back to true.