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Convert PlayStation 3 Jurassic Park The Game Saves To Xbox 360

In a previous blog post, I explained how to convert PlayStation 3 game saves to Xbox 360 game saves. At the time, I had tested the technique out on a few games and found that only one game could be successfully converted: Murdered: Soul Suspect. Well,… more »

Lego Dimensions Beetlejuice Fun Pack Review

The Lego Dimensions Beetlejuice Fun Pack includes one figure and one vehicle. The figure, as if you couldn't guess, is Betelgeuse, and he is accompanied by Saturn's Sandworm. more »

Lego Dimensions Teen Titans Go! Team Pack Review

The Lego Dimensions Teen Titans Go! Team Pack includes two figures and two vehicles/accessories, plus an "exclusive episode" of the series. The figures are Raven and Beast Boy, and they are accompanied by Raven's Spellbook and the T-Car. more »

Lego Dimensions A-Team Fun Pack Review

I've been reviewing the various Lego Dimensions Ghostbusters items on Spook Central, which leaves a lot of Lego Dimensions stuff to review here on The Corner Penthouse. I'll start small with the Lego Dimensions A-Team Fun Pack. more »

Resign Xbox 360 Game Saves & Convert From PlayStation 3

Okay, I will be covering two separate topics in this article, both of which involve Xbox 360 game saves. For both topics, you will need a Windows (XP or greater) program called Horizon, which can be downloaded from my Xbox page. Before I continue, I am… more »