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eBay Takes Down Physically-Shipped Item Listing Claiming Electronically Delivered Items Policy Violation

I have been an eBay member since January 4, 2003, and selling on the site for over 10 years now. My sales suck because eBay does everything in their power to hinder me. I have to find ways to work around the obstacles eBay puts in my way to sabotage any… more »

Sneaky Burger King Coupons Change Size But Not The Price

Like most fast food restaurants, Burger King offers coupons in various publications every few months. I tend to get them free with the weekly manufacturer's coupons and store circulars. Well, for the past year now, I've noticed something very sneaky… more »

New York Community Bank Continues To Put Their Customers Health At Risk

For the past three and a half months, I have had my health and safety put at risk due to New York Community Bank (henceforth referred to as NYCB) mishandling their response to COVID-19. I have been a NYCB account holder for over 20 years, going back to… more »

How To Format / Unlock / Delete A Clickfree External Portable USB Hard Drive CDFS Partition

On Saturday June 20, 2020, I bought an open-box unused Clickfree Plus C2 2-Terabyte USB 3.0 external portable hard drive at a yard sale for the whopping sum of $2.00. (The drive has a model number of CA3C20-2CBK9-F2S and a UPC number of 817048015947,… more »

eBay Bad Buyer Alert - Ken Johnson (chicagochristmas)

This is another in a series of articles about eBay, who believes that buyers can do no wrong. This is proven by the fact that sellers can't leave negative feedback for buyers. As any long-time eBay seller can attest to, there are PLENTY of bad buyers on… more »

Editorial - My Thoughts on New York State's Plastic Bag Ban

This editorial article is my own personal opinion on a particular subject matter. It is simply my thoughts on something that I had a strong enough opinion about to want to share it. If you agree with me, that's great. If you disagree with me, that's… more »

LG Smart TV Unknown Device Is Disconnected Fix

Have you purchased a LG "Smart TV" and found yourself inundated with "Unknown Device Is Disconnected" messages? Well, let me show you how to permanently rid yourself of that nuisance. more »

How to Identify Counterfeit Bootleg DVD Box Sets Being Sold on eBay and Amazon

Within the past year, I have been in possession of several counterfeit DVD box sets: Game of Thrones: Seasons 1-7, Mama's Family: The Complete Series, and Tales From The Crypt: The Complete Series. Three different counterfeit Thrones sets were purchased… more »

USPS Postage Store Comparison Review

If you sell physical goods online, and you live in the United States, you will eventually have a need to buy United Stated Postal Service (USPS) postage online. Not only is it more convenient, but it's substantially cheaper than buying it at your local… more »

Exposing eBay's Rigged Search Engine

This is another in a series of articles exposing eBay's shady business practices. About 15 years ago, before eBay was a corporate monolith, the site was tailor-made for the "little guy". The men and women who sold odds and ends from their home… more »

eBay Punishes Buyer For Leaving Feedback A Seller Didn't Like

This is the first in a series of articles exposing eBay's shady business practices. I have a love/hate relationship with eBay. I like the virtual yard sale aspect of buying from different sellers in one place, but I hate selling there because eBay does… more »

Consumer Notice - Dynamic Disc Sells Former Rentals As New

Here in New York, there is a budget media (DVD, Blu-ray, audio CD) distributor called Dynamic Disc. I believe they were formerly known as Dynamic Disc Company or Dynamic Disc Distributors. I used to find their products stocked in Pathmark and Waldbaums… more »

Resign Xbox 360 Game Saves & Convert From PlayStation 3

Okay, I will be covering two separate topics in this article, both of which involve Xbox 360 game saves. For both topics, you will need a Windows (XP or greater) program called Horizon, which can be downloaded from my Xbox page. Before I continue, I am… more »