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WWE 2K17 Video Game Welcome To Suplex City Trailer Easter Eggs

WWE and 2K released a new trailer for the new WWE 2K17 video game (due out in two weeks), and as I was watching it last night on Raw, I couldn't help but notice a bunch of Easter Eggs. I knew that I would have to get an HD copy from the web in order to even try to catch them, and BOY were there some good ones that you would miss unless you went through this sucker frame-by-frame like I did. I'm also tagging this as a filming location article because I actually identified one of the central locations used in the trailer. That was completely unintentional. Sometimes I'm just that damn good. Lots of images after the jump, click on them to enlarge.

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Shot On Site - Married To The Mob Train Stations


This is an article 25 years in the making, and one that is extra special to me.

You see, what I'm going to write about today was my very first filming location identification. I had a friend in high school named Kevin Gondek who was a big train enthusiast. We studied this scene in the early 1990s on VHS and determined which two stations were used. I don't remember how we made the determination. Most likely, it was Kevin who figured it out.

After 25 years, I finally visited the two train stations on Fri. July 17, 2015 and took photographs to match as many of the movie shots as I felt was necessary. So, with all of that backstory out of the way, let's get right to it. Please note, this article has almost 30 images in it, so there may be a little bit of load time.

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Shot On Site - A To Z / Laverne & Shirley California Apartment

At the beginning of Laverne & Shirley's sixth season in 1980, the ladies leave Milwaukee for the warmer weather of Burbank, California. They are seen moving into an apartment building that was supposedly located at 113 1/2 Laurel Vista Drive.

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Shot On Site - Mulaney Apartment Building

For the 2014-2015 television season, Fox premiered a show called Mulaney based on the stand-up routines of its star and creator, John Mulaney. Although the show is still airing as I write this, I doubt that it will last past the season. I stopped watching after the first five episodes, but not before I could identify the location of the apartment building Mulaney and his friends live in.

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Shot On Site - Crash and Bernstein John Marshall High School

Here I am again with the (should be) final Shot on Site article about the Disney XD series "Crash & Bernstein". This one is about a location that has appeared in so many different movies and TV shows, that I recognized it as soon as I saw it.

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