Shot On Site - Crash and Bernstein Pizzeria

Here I am again with another Shot on Site article about the Disney XD series "Crash & Bernstein". This one is about a one-off location that, to my knowledge, only appeared in one episode.

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Shot On Site - I Didn't Do It Rumble Juice

The gang on the Disney Channel series I Didn't Do It hangs out at a juice bar called "Rumble Juice". Every time I watch an episode and they show a shot of the place (which I believe to be stock footage), I keep wanting to know where it is in real life.

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Shot On Site - Crash and Bernstein Apartment Building

Okay, so for my second Shot on Site article here, I will, again, be writing about a kid's show. Specifically, the Disney XD series "Crash & Bernstein". My next few SOS articles will be about this show because I already have the images ready for it.

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Shot On Site - Girl Meets World Nighthawk Diner

On Spook Central, I have a series of Shot On Site articles detailing Ghostbusters filming locations and how I, or others, were able to identify them. I like working on those articles, but the amount of Ghostbusters filming locations left to identify is very slim, and likely unidentifiable. So, the only way to continue the fun is to write articles about non-Ghostbusters filming locations. That's what I will be doing from time to time on this blog/site. The locations will be rather random. If I watch a movie or TV show, and I see a location that I'm able to identify, then I'll write about it. Sometimes it'll be a kids show, sometimes it'll be something for the adults...there'll be no rhyme or reason as to what I choose to write about, other then it being something I was able to identify and had fun doing so.

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Welcome To The New Blog / Beetlejuice Ghost Guide

Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages, welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth!

Okay, okay, maybe that's overstating things just a little bit. In any case, welcome to my new site/blog where I will post articles and insights on topics that are NOT Ghostbusters-related. Since August 1996, I've run the Ghostbusters fansite Spook Central. Occasionally, I've snuck some non-Ghostbusters items on there, but the plans I have would be TOO non-Ghostbusters to use there. I've become quite interested in identifying filming locations in TV shows and movies I watch, so the majority of stuff I have for this second site/blog will be stuff like that. I've identified WAY too many sites to use on Spook Central, and it's not a suitable project for The Corner Penthouse Facebook page, so I had to create a new site just to have a place for it.

I'm opening this site on Halloween not with a filming location article, but with a rare Beetlejuice promo booklet eBook download. Back when I was in grade school in the 1980s, I acquired the "Beetlejuice: Beginner's Guide To Seeing Ghosts" theatrical promo booklet. I'm quite positive that this was given out to moviegoers at the first public screenings of Beetlejuice back in 1988. Before I sold it, I scanned it in so I could retain a digital copy, and archive it for future generations (something I do with vintage out-of-print Ghostbusters book as part of Spook Central's arm of the Ghostbusters PDF eBook Preservation Project). So, without further ado, click on the cover image to download the 2.8 Mb file. Thanks to Matthew Jordan (Spook Central and Ghostbusters Wiki staff member) for cleaning up the images.


By the way, the PDF has a Spook Central credits page because I'm too lazy to create a new one for this site.