Hi, Paul! You remember me from Spook Central, well, I am here in The Corner Penthouse to give you requests. Can you do your opinions and thoughts on:

Atomic Puppet
Legend Quest (2017 Netflix cartoon series)
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
WWE Fastlane 2017 including the most controversial match of 2017: Kevin Owens vs. Bill Goldberg for the WWE Universal Championship and why everyone hated it.
WrestleMania 33

And that's all. Later! :)

Mar. 7, 2017 @ 06:47
Comment from: Paul Rudoff [Member]

Hi Jason

The reviews that are popping up now on The Corner Penthouse now are all of the reviews I wrote in the past 15+ years on other sites. I wanted to them get all in one place, and do a little bit of updating to some of them. They will show up on every even-numbered day from now until the middle of July.

New reviews will be peppered in on some of the odd-numbered days as I finish writing them. I have some horror movie Blu-rays and Lego Dimensions stuff on tap.

I don't usually take review requests, but I may review WrestleMania 33 if I have strong feelings about it, good or bad. Usually, if I think something is just "Meh", I won't bother doing a review.

That's how I felt about last year's WrestleMania...until WWE ruined it the next night on Raw by negating the storyline outcomes of several matches. RD at Wrestlecrap wrote about WrestleMania 32 better than I ever could when he awarded it the Gooker for 2016.

I didn't see the Fastlane PPV. I just read about the Goldberg vs. Owens match. Such a shame. I don't know about you, but a WrestleMania 33 Goldberg vs. Lesnar match won't put my butt in the seat. I saw that already match at WrestleMania 20.

Never heard of Atomic Puppet or Legend Quest, and will likely see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on home video or cable at the end of the year.

-- Paul

Mar. 7, 2017 @ 15:37

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