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Category: "Extreme Ghostbusters"

Have At It Eduardo, Extreme Ghostbusters Is Legal

 By Paul Rudoff on Sep. 2, 2017 at 11:30 PM , Categories: Extreme Ghostbusters

Long before there was Erin, Abby, Jillian, and Patty; there was Eduardo, Kylie, Garrett, and Roland - the Extreme Ghostbusters! It was 20 years ago today, on September 2, 1997, that I first saw this next-generation, mentored by original ghostbuster Egon Spengler (voiced by a returning Maurice LaMarche). (While the show premiered on September 1st in most parts of the U.S., here in New York it was pre-empted by the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon. So, I saw Darkness At Noon, Part 2 first, and had to wait almost a week for the re-airing of Part 1.) Ten years ago, I did a little write-up for the 10th anniversary, so I'll try to do something a bit different for this article.

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Ghostbusters Vintage Magazine Collection Completed

 By Paul Rudoff on Apr. 11, 2015 at 5:57 PM , Categories: Spook Central, Ghostbusters 1, Ghostbusters 2, Real Ghostbusters, Extreme Ghostbusters, Books
The rest of the Ghostbusters vintage magazine articles have been scanned, cleaned, and added to Spook Central. Here's a nice little list...

Ghostbusters Books page:
• Fangoria #36
• Fangoria #39
• Fangoria #40 (and poster image)
• Fangoria #41
• Fantastic Films #41
• Cinefex #17
• Cinefex #73 (Boss Films Closes)
• Premiere Magazine June 2004 (GB 20th Anniv)

Ghostbusters II Books page:
• Fangoria #84
• Rolling Stone
• Cinefex #40

Extreme Ghostbusters Books page:
• Ability Magazine

In addition to those magazine articles, liner notes booklet PDFs have been added for the Ghostbusters 1999 DVD and the Ghostbusters II 1999 DVD.

Plus, the Ghostbusters show (Real Ghostbusters, Slimer!, Extreme Ghostbusters) blurbs from the three editions of The Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons have been added to The Real Ghostbusters Books page (and cross-linked on the Slimer! and EGB Book pages). Big thanks to Matthew Jordan of the Ghostbusters Wiki for cleaning up the scans (and assembling the poster for Fangoria #40).

Sadly, The Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons is a very error-filled book, especially the 1st edition, in which I made MANY hand-written corrections (they have been left in the scans). This is why any information in this book can't be taken as 100% fact without being verified by another source. Some of the errors are SO incorrect that they're actually quite humorous. According to this book, the episode "Live! From Al Capone's Tomb" was a primetime special in which the Ghostbusters tried to prevent an anti-Halloween machine from destroying the holiday. I'm sure you already know that that episode was actually "The Halloween Door". Also, this book says that there was an episode entitled "Adventures in Slime And Peace" (it's "Space", not "Peace"), and that the Italian guy in the Slimer! shorts was named Linguini (his name is really Luigi). Bear in mind, these are just the errors in the Ghostbusters blurbs. There are thousands of other shows covered on the hundreds of pages, and I'm sure that there are a LOT of errors in all of that, too.

I also scanned in a few things that aren't really suitable for Spook Central. These have been uploaded to the Spook Central Facebook page:

Classified Secrets of Infestation (2011) - Promotional mini-book from IDW released before the Infestation mini-series as a way to promote it. I have a few physical copies available for sale on eBay

Toyfare Magazine #141 - May 2009 - A little history from when Mattel first released the Ghostbusters figures.

Game Informer Magazine - December 2007 - This was the magazine that broke the news of a new Ghostbusters video game back in December 2007.

That's all for now. There will likely be more stuff added in a month. At this rate, I think it'll have everything I scanned in on the site *before* my deadline of December 31, 2015 :-)
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Ghostbusters Movie & TV Script Collection Completed

 By Paul Rudoff on Mar. 12, 2015 at 3:50 PM , Categories: Spook Central, Ghostbusters 1, Ghostbusters 2, Extreme Ghostbusters

It took six and a half years, but it has finally been completed. Spook Central is now home to scanned PDF eBooks of every Ghostbusters movie and television script that I have in my personal collection. Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II, The Real Ghostbusters, Slimer!, and Extreme Ghostbusters... it's all here. The only scripts that have not been added are those from TimeLife's Real Ghostbusters Complete Collection DVD box set, but I have placeholders for them so they can be added at a later date. I want to see if I can clean them up a little and tighten up the files rather than just adding them "as is". There's no immediate rush to add them since, if you really want them, you can go out and buy the box set - if you don't have it already.

Before I get to the update list, I have a little request to make. If anyone reading this has a Scribd account, please download the Grundelsque PDF, upload it to 1fichier (or your favorite free file host), and e-mail the link to me. Thanks to MrMichaelT, I have the text copy and pasted and saved into a word processing document, but it would need to be formatted to match the original on the site. To save myself that work, I'm looking to get the original PDF off Scribd. Then it can be reuploaded here for all to access.

Extreme Ghostbusters - Ghost in the Machine, Be Careful What You Wish For, and Glutton For Punishment.
The Real Ghostbusters - Midnight on the Lady M (premise, unproduced) & The Haunting of Heck House (excerpt).
Ghostbusters - September 30, 1983 draft and June 15, 1984 "Combined Continuity & Master Subtitle/Spotting List".
Ghostbusters II - November 27, 1988 draft and February 27, 1989 draft.

The Ghostbusters II November 27, 1988 draft comes from a production-used copy I bought from creature shop supervisor Tim Lawrence, which has been a great source of financial stress and heartache for me, as I've detailed in a personal post on the Spook Central Facebook page.

I bought the Ghostbusters II February 27, 1989 draft from a "script store" back in the mid-1990s. A "script store", as I'm sure you could guess, is a retail store that sells photocopies of movie and television scripts, as well as other movie and television memorabilia. They're usually located physically in California, and have a webstore from which they can sell their wares online. I don't think that there are any script stores anymore as the internet put them out of business. My physical copy of this script includes six pages that were, obviously, photocopied from an original that had a colored background. As such, these six pages are horribly ink-blotted. I spent as much time, if not more, hand-cleaning the scans of these six pages than I did the other 135 pages combined! To illustrate the work that went into this, below is a before-and-after comparison of one of these pages. You can click it for an enlargement.

The Ghostbusters II February 27, 1989 draft isn't exactly new to the site. Long time visitors of Spook Central already know that a text transcript version has been here since the late 1990s. This text copy, which I transcribed by hand (no OCR program used), got passed around like a hot potato on "script sites", but with my transcriber's credit removed. Yeah, you can imagine how happy that made me to have my hard work typing up all 141 pages easily discredited like that. The script was not on the internet in any way, shape, or form before I transcribed it.

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High-Resolution Ghostbusters Photos & More

 By Paul Rudoff on Feb. 20, 2015 at 11:30 PM , Categories: Spook Central, Ghostbusters 1, Ghostbusters 2, Extreme Ghostbusters
More of the Ghostbusters stuff I scanned in over the past few months has been added to the site.

First up, the first draft of "The True Face of a Monster" script has been added to the Extreme Ghostbusters Scripts page. A big thanks to Matthew Jordan for darkening the text to make easier to read.

If you been following the Spook Central Facebook page, you would have already known a week ago that I...

* Re-scanned in the advertisements at the bottom of the Ghostbusters Home Video page.
* Re-scanned the Steve Perry and Ben Otto RGB model sheets in the first two sections of the Real Ghostbusters Production Artwork page.
* Added "The Real Gross Blisters" Wacky Packages parody to the Real Ghostbusters Merchandise page.

All of the 8x10 photographs in my collection have been scanned in, so you can find some nice high-resolution photos in the Official Photos section of the Ghostbusters Multimedia and Ghostbusters II Multimedia pages. Also, you'll find a Fox Family Channel promo photo in the Promotional Images section of The Real Ghostbusters Multimedia page.
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Extreme Ghostbusters Episode Scripts & Bonus

 By Paul Rudoff on Feb. 2, 2015 at 1:00 AM , Categories: Ghostbusters 1, Extreme Ghostbusters

A pretty big site update today. All but four scripts have been added to the Extreme Ghostbusters Scripts page. The last four require a lot of clean-up work, so they will be added at some future date. One of the scripts that was added was the first draft of Joseph Kuhr's "The Eyes Of A Dragon". This script required special clean-up work, which was graciously done by Matthew Jordan, as the original was black text on red paper. Above is a comparison between the original page and the converted and cleaned version. As you can see, Matthew should be commended for the exceptional job he did to make it readable...and printable!

As a bonus, a PDF of the Ghostbusters mentions/photos from the "Life: Year In Pictures 1984" magazine has been added to the Ghostbusters Books page. A high-res scan of the group photo of the guys on the stairs is also available as a separate download. Big thanks, again, to Matthew Jordan for taking my two-part scans and piecing them together into single images.

That is all for today, but before I go, please remember this safety tip: DON'T DRIVE ANGRY!

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