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Ghostbusters Disc Preservation Project - Ghostbusters: The Video Game Tech Trailers DVD

 By Paul Rudoff on Mar. 19, 2019 at 9:50 PM , Categories: Preservation

For many years, Spook Central has spearheaded the Ghostbusters PDF eBook Preservation Project, an effort among fans to preserve out-of-print Ghostbusters books so that pieces of the franchise's history are available to all, and are not lost to time, or held hostage by price-gouging aftermarket sellers. Thanks to the gracious amount of webspace provided by Raffaele Ruffaldi, Spook Central is able to do the same with selected fan-made and promotional digital disc content.

This is a project that I've wanted to do for a while now, but the large size of DVD-R .iso image files made it undesirable to me. In a way, the project was started in November 2014 when I uploaded the old LSP Extreme Ghostbusters PC software, though those were .zip files (that could be unzipped and played) and not disc images suitable for burning to a disc to make a 1:1 copy of the original. I spoke with Raffaele a few months ago, and he pointed out that I have a lot more webspace than I originally thought. I have a half-dozen or so discs that are suitable for the Disc Preservation Project, though if the primary content from them ends up on an official, commercially-available, easy-to-obtain Blu-ray/DVD/whatever, then I won't include it in the project (or will remove it if it's already been included). This is about preservation, not piracy.

This first disc is a small one because, well, best to start small. Originally, it was a collaboration between Spook Central and Ghostbusters News back in June of 2011, and while the Ghostbusters News article is still online, the disc image isn't. The link has been broken for many years, so I assume that Jason has no plans to put it back. With that in mind, I figured that I'd take the initiative and put it on Spook Central with some of his original text.

Back when Sierra was publishing Ghostbusters: The Video Game, press kits were sent out to stores like GameStop and Best Buy. In it, there was a DVD that showcased several technical demonstrations that would hopefully make it into the final product. Apparently these were so rare, many Ghostheads didn't even know of this disc's existence. That is, until now.

Today we bring you the full ISO disc image file. That's right, download it, burn it and watch it. It's that simple.

Download Disc Image
(407 MB)

To supplement the disc image, I asked JoeGhostbuster if he'd take the original square paperboard sleeve and rearrange the artwork into artwork suitable for a standard DVD slim case. Below is that image file, a scan of the original disc face, and a disc label file for Nero Cover Designer (I'm not sure if that program is still being made, but it's one that I used to use).

      • Slim Case Liner
      • Disc Face
      • Disc Label (Nero Cover Designer)

If you want to know what's actually featured on the DVD, or to see if it's new to you, check out the videos below:

Demo #1 - View on YouTube

Demo #2 - View on YouTube

Demo #3 - View on YouTube

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended with the content on this page. The presentation of full disc images is done solely to preserve materials that are no longer being published, or in the case of fan-made discs, may have never been made available for public purchase in the first place. These materials will be lost and gone forever if the fans don't properly preserve them.

1 comment

Comment from: Toad64 [Visitor]  

I was lucky enough to work at GameStop when that was sent out! I think I sent the entire box to Doreen at some point, minus the lanyard that was included, which I still have.

The crowd tech demo was really interesting to see, especially considering that there are NO crowds in the game! Maybe this would have just been in the parade level?

Sep. 29, 2019 @ 10:12

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