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Ghostbusters 2013 Mastered In 4K Blu-Ray Comparison Added

 By Paul Rudoff on Dec. 1, 2013 at 5:15 PM , Categories: Ghostbusters 1, Home Video

Thanks to Tim Kloske, frames from the Ghostbusters "Mastered In 4K" 2013 Blu-ray have been added to the Ghostbusters Home Video Comparison page. The original full-size Blu-ray frames have been added to the Ghostbusters on Home Video page.

This is what Tim had to say about the 4K 2013 Blu-ray: "For the most part, the 2013 Blu-ray release might now be the best. It's the most honest to the original film (similar to the 1999 DVD) while still being color timed to bring life into the film. The 1999 copy is really dingy and purple. Not only that, but the 1999 version is stretched a little bit. You got more picture in 1999, but everything was stretched. I think whomever did the color timing for the 2013 Blu-ray made some great choices, for the most part."

I don't own the 4K 2013 Blu-ray because I didn't feel that the double-dip so soon after the 2009 Blu-ray was worth it - and the lack of bonus features on the new Blu-ray also put me off (it allocates that space to providing the film with a higher bitrate) - but after seeing the improvements in most of the shots, I'm seriously reconsidering. Of course, with the 30th anniversary upon us in seven months, there's a chance Sony *may* release a Blu-ray set containing both films, so I'm gonna hold off on the double dip until I see if that happens or not :-)

If you don't want to hold off, you can buy the Ghostbusters "Mastered In 4K" 2013 Blu-ray from Amazon.


Comment from: FRANKIE SMALES [Visitor]  
apparently the 4k master was intent as an bare bones disc so it appears in order to benefit the picture they had to forgo the extras but these anniversary editions are not cracked up to be it was when warner announced a 25th anniversary blu ray to the 1987 live action masters of the universe where it only had an trailer and an audio commentary track with the director nothing else that lead fans to be furious with warner when they expected more like a very sneaky doc about the film on youtube a couple of bonus cartoons and adverts with art galleries and retrospectives with the cast and crew it was none of that the blu ray stank I hope sony gets their acts together if they want to make the 30th anniversary work including an retrospective that will go on iTunes or Netflix when completed and William Atherton will be at an uk convention in Milton Keynes in may. Frankie smales smalestv uk
Feb. 11, 2014 @ 13:39
Comment from: frankie smales [Visitor]
last night the people of Leeds in west Yorkshire England turned up in their hundreds at vue cinemas in a bid to jump at the chance to see the 30th anniversary screenings of Ghostbusters some showed up in Ghostbusters t shirts for the special occasion the night was an total success that exceeded all expectations even younger kids went and enjoyed it weeks prior to the event the best seats sold out very quickly and it will be the event for people to Look back and treasure for many more years to come for a life time . Frankie Smales Smales tv uk
Oct. 30, 2014 @ 07:54

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