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Ghostbusters Video Game - Threewave Responds To No PC Multiplayer

 By Paul Rudoff on Jun. 17, 2009 at 4:15 PM , Categories: Games
Big Download just posted an article with comments from Threewave Software (makers of the multiplayer aspects of the PS3 & X360) about the lack of multiplayer in the PC version of Ghostbusters: The Video Game. Here's what it has to say:
Atari and Threewave comment on lack of multiplayer in PC Ghostbusters
Posted Jun 17th 2009 11:00AM by John Callaham

Gamers were upset when it was learned a few days ago that the PC version of Ghostbusters would lack the multiplayer features that its Xbox 360 and PS2 counterparts have. We asked the game's publisher Atari for comment on this issue and they sent over a response from Dan Irish, the CEO of the game's multiplayer developer Threewave Software:

Multiplayer for the PC version of Ghostbusters is something that Threewave and Terminal Reality always wanted to do. However, our focus was on making the console version the best that they could be - an experience that allows multiple players to re-live and re-fight many of the themes from the movies. When we looked at the resources necessary to pull off multiplayer on the consoles and the PC, it became a question of what could we do and still be excellent in our execution. We couldn't do all versions with multiplayer simultaneously with the resources that we had available - there was simply too much to do. Something would have to suffer. Therefore, we kept our focus on making the console versions deliver on the promise of being an integral player on the Ghostbusters team.

We have yet to receive a response to our other question on if Atari plans to add multiplayer support for the PC version of Ghostbusters via a patch.
One of the commenters over on Big Download said it best: I do believe that's one of the biggest "F**k you's" I've ever heard directed squarely at the PC market. I sure hope they get some more "resources" and decide to put out a patch or something later on that includes multiplayer, I mean, if that is "something that Threewave and Terminal Reality always wanted to do."

What makes this whole situation really sad is that Atari never made any notification to the effect of, "We have removed multiplayer on the PC due to limited resources, so we have dropped the price accordingly for the PC version." If I didn't decide to post scans of the box backs and analyze the specs on them, no one would have known about the missing PC multiplayer until AFTER the game was released and they bought it.

All of the previews and ads for the realistic and stylized versions advertise multi-player features, and naturally it is assumed that the PC and PS2 versions would be grouped in with their respective counterparts for each version and get the multiplayer features. Atari should have made it perfect clear in the deceptive advertisements that the PC and PS2 versions would not get the multiplayer features that the other three versions would have.


Comment from: Tommy [Visitor]
Hey, am I the only one who thinks this was kind of a cluster fu%&? Let's list some major issues. PS3 ((The one I own)) 1. If you play multiplayer, and go back to playing single player, yoru single player account doesn't show up at all, you have to either mess around in the options screen for the game to remember you played it, or restarts the game. 2. The game freezes and if it doesn't' totally freeze ((Happened to me twice in game, and ounce in a loading menu.)) It gets really laggy, now online I could understand this, but NOT ON HOME CONSOLES!!!! 3. The graphics aren't' as good on PS3 as Xbox 360, even thought it has something like double the processing power? 4. The A.I. in some places is dumb as spit, for example, after a fight, the ghostbusters got stuck trying to run through a wall.... Another time, Ray kept standing in a puddle of black slime, he'd make the "Ouch this hurts" noises, I couldn't move him, he'd die, then I'd heal him and it woudl start all over. 5. This is more of a complaint, in Multiplayer you unlock different uniform according to rank. The thing is, theirs no way to see the uniform, you can see the back, but then when you move on, to my knowledge that outfit is gone forever.... PS2 ((Dont' own this one)) 1.No multi-player....((I'm sure you've stated enough above I don't' have to continue)) P.C. ((Again, dont' own this)) 1 All that Spyware Spit... 2. Again no multilayer. ((Again, enough stated here i don't' have to go on.)) All system 1. The in game cut scenes, Their relatively good, EXCEPT for the fact T.R. had A YEAR, A WHOLE FREAKING YEAR and they dont' look better???? Ultimately, I'd still have bought it, the vibration in the PS3 controller as I slam a ghost home into the trap, just the image makes my body shiver in the good way. We all know we'll buy the thing, we'd buy it even if Dan lent his voice to it.... But the bottom line is like a favorite movie of mine says, "You can p*$$ on me, just don't tell me it's raining." ((Yeah I know I should have used a GB line, but couldn't think of one.)) for them to try and push this off, that they've spent a YEAR fine tuning it. They talk about how they do EVERYTHING for the fans, this was a 45% failure to the fans, the game in itself was good, the story the voices, ((Which could have been retouched to sound better)) but it's like falling form five stories into a pool, it's perfect until you hit the water, and that doesn't kill you, it was still fun, but your dislocated shoulders make you reluctant to try again. But to be fair, we all know well we all knew it would be like this, Ghostbusters is cursed it can never, and will never live up to all our expectations. I just want to know if anyone else is as oddly accepting, I mean I'm not outraged, I've played the game twice, and stopped to eat and drink, haven't slept in 36 hours. And wont' till it's 100% beaten. I'm just wishing they could REALLY do something for the fans, then again, when I make 18 billion dollars, I'm gonna give half to akroyd, and half to various scientists, and then we'll see who's laughing Sony. ((Ever seen a company sue a guy with a neutron accelerator on his back, neither have I.))
Jun. 17, 2009 @ 19:08
Comment from: [Member]
Tommy That's a pretty good review/rundown of the game, though in spite of the pitfalls you mentioned, it's still the greatest piece of Ghostbusters fan service ever made. If anything, it's probably more of a love letter to the fans than anything else. I'd arguably say that it's the best Ghostbusters game ever made. Of course, that's not saying much when you consider the other Ghostbusters games that have been made in the past 25 years.
Jun. 17, 2009 @ 19:39
Comment from: Johnathan [Visitor]
I've got the PS2 version and I don't know if its just me but today I've had like 3 freezes on me. Ah but still like its pretty much accepted I'd buy the game knowing this before hand. And really the freezing up hasn't bothered me that much. Kind of annoying but meh. I'm just in love with the game. The story has been pretty awesome in my own opinion. Plus I actually think the voice work sounds pretty good.
Jun. 17, 2009 @ 20:54
Comment from: Verdic [Visitor]
Still sounds like serious false advertisement. Class action lawsuit anybody? Because that's exactly what they're asking for.
Jun. 17, 2009 @ 23:07

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