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Multimedia From Spook Central's Live Video Event

 By Paul Rudoff on Jan. 30, 2009 at 10:56 PM , Categories: Spook Central, Ghostbusters 1
Ghostbusters Fans Chat
January 29, 2009 from 8:00 - 10:00 PM EST

Live internet broadcast of Ghostbusters, as broadcast on ABC on January 29, 1989

The transcript below is for the entire two-hour event, plus the ten minutes prior while I was in the room. Many thanks to AJ Quick for the use of his chat room and for giving me the entire chat log. I've changed the time stamps from his time zone to mine, which is one hour ahead of his. That way there's consistency with the 8 PM EST showtime I've written everywhere on this site. So, the chat transcript starts at 7:50 PM EST (19:50) and ends at 10:06 PM EST (22:06). Please note, because the log was saved as plain text, all colors and emoticons, and any other fancy html coding used, is lost.

According to AJ, there were 114 people in the chat room at different times. I personally saw 69 people when I checked about halfway through the broadcast. I don't know how many people usually visit the chat room at any given time, but I'm sure we set a record that night!

(19:50:13) scc_skwerl: Funny that this is starting just as I'm finishing up a Ghostbusters related story for my web comic
(19:50:18) Nikorasu: sweet i can see GB then ET
(19:50:23) DaHypr1: i think i might go across the hall and watch napoleon dynamite....so much better......
(19:50:30) kind2311: i was created by a team of scientists attempting to build an insane robot . . . .it seems they failed
(19:50:48) enchanted_unicorn: hey charlie and kind
(19:50:48) Charlie_Richter: the insane part of the robot?
(19:50:51) kind2311: jeez i've never seen this many people in here b4!
(19:50:55) Charlie_Richter: hey mate
(19:50:56) GBFans: Ghostbuster_Don has been logged out (Timeout).
(19:50:56) GBFans: spookcentral logs into the Chat.
(19:50:58) GBFans: Paulomac420 has been logged out (Timeout).
(19:50:59) GBFans: Harbinger78 logs into the Chat.
(19:51:03) Zack: anyone asking what "The song on the bridge is" will be shot on sight :P
(19:51:09) GBFans: ihsanamin logs into the Chat.
(19:51:14) kind2311: i was quoting Roberto from Futurama
(19:51:20) l5taylor: can you guys vote for it @ http://www.norwich.gov.uk/
(19:51:24)  The Movie Will Start in Less Than 10 Minutes.
(19:51:25) enchanted_unicorn: hey all if we don't keep typing, will we time out and miss the movie?
(19:51:28) loyalGHOSTBUSTER: its a score part
(19:51:28) gbmatt: what is the song on the bridge?
(19:51:32) kind2311: negative
(19:51:36) Zack: nooooo :P
(19:51:38) loyalGHOSTBUSTER: the winston ray part ???
(19:51:39) venkmans_girl: what's 2+2?
(19:51:39) ogswiss: lol
(19:51:43) kind2311: you wont time out unless you close the chat window
(19:51:44) what0080: lol
(19:51:47) gbmatt: 6
(19:51:48) AJ_Quick: You may want to turn off sound.
(19:51:50) BradRedfield: What's the bridge on the song?
(19:51:52) scc_skwerl: Come to think of it...I've...never known the song on the bridge...
(19:52:05) kind2311: OSAMA!!!!!
(19:52:08) GBFans: JBartlett logs into the Chat.
(19:52:13) DaHypr1: whats that song that plays during the movie, I dont remember what its called, sometimes they say ghostbsuters in it. I think its by ray parker, jr but I could be mistaken
(19:52:13) gbmatt: what is a bridge?
(19:52:21) kind2311: whoa getting close here, I'd better clean my bong
(19:52:24) Nikorasu: 2+2 = chair
(19:52:28) JBartlett: Hello.
(19:52:30) l5taylor: are you sure that wasnt Huey Lewis? lol
(19:52:33) GBFans: Stay_Puff_22 logs into the Chat.
(19:52:34) loyalGHOSTBUSTER: judgement day
(19:52:37) DaHypr1: haha
(19:52:41) gbmatt: huey lewis kicks ass
(19:52:45) StephenNess: lol
(19:52:47) Zack: "How about a little music?"
*Ray turns on radio*
"Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down"
(19:52:47) DaHypr1: dogs and cats, living together
(19:52:55) venkmans_girl: whose that green guy?
(19:52:56) DaHypr1: MASS HYSTERIA
(19:52:56) loyalGHOSTBUSTER: huey sucks
(19:52:57) l5taylor: MASS Hysteria
(19:53:01) BradRedfield: Gotta get back in time~
(19:53:09) kind2311: you suck loyal
(19:53:10) gbmatt: huey rocks
(19:53:18) DaHypr1: thats the power of love
(19:53:18) kind2311: huey is the shit
(19:53:20) enchanted_unicorn: haha zack
(19:53:20) gbmatt: dont bad mouth huey
(19:53:23) Nikorasu: the green guy is the Hulk
(19:53:24) AJ_Quick: huey lewis and th news is great.
(19:53:26) kind2311: so are dewey and louie
(19:53:27) what0080: lookin @ the GB:VG trailer for the 35th time...
(19:53:30) l5taylor: come on, he did 2 great songs..for Back to the Future
(19:53:34) enchanted_unicorn: <---plays huey in art class
(19:53:35) GBFans: GhostMedic29 logs into the Chat.
(19:53:43) gbmatt: he was great in rebamcentires music video
(19:53:45) what0080: also American Psycho...
(19:53:50) StephenNess: Yeah he did
(19:53:52) kind2311: and he did pineapple express
(19:53:57) BradRedfield: 1.21 Jigawatts!
(19:53:57) DaHypr1: hey, paul?!
(19:53:57) l5taylor: is Mr Ruddoff here?
(19:53:59) Zack: replace all instances of music being turned on with "never gonna give you up"
(19:54:05) Zack: the birthday party stereo, in lady liberty
(19:54:12) EctoCooler: It's hip to be square!
(19:54:23) Zack: I buried Paul
(19:54:26) enchanted_unicorn: happy 2 b stuck with you
(19:54:26)  The Movie Will Start in 5 Minutes.
(19:54:28) GhostMedic29: whats with the vid not showing up
(19:54:30) gbmatt: its square to be hip
(19:54:35) venkmans_girl: i should have gotten marshmallows
(19:54:35) l5taylor: 'what the hell is a jigawatt?'
(19:54:36) GhostMedic29: never mind
(19:54:36) enchanted_unicorn: woot woot
(19:54:36) DaHypr1: oisahfoaisfhoisahf 5 minutes
(19:54:46) GhostMedic29: gotcha
(19:54:54)  If you want to view this without the chat go here: https://www.theraffon.net/~spookcentral/stuff/gb1_1-29-1989_live_embed.htm
(19:54:54) loyalGHOSTBUSTER: 5 mins alright up its almost 1am but im here
(19:55:02) StephenNess: its gigawatts
(19:55:02) gbmatt: i didnt even think about getting marshmallows lol
(19:55:02) StephenNess: lol
(19:55:04) spookcentral: Hi everyone. I'm here.
(19:55:09) EctoCooler: That song is so lame. so lame its...cool?
(19:55:09) DaHypr1: you certainly are loyal
(19:55:11) l5taylor: oops, lol
(19:55:12) GBFans: Cincinnati_Busters logs into the Chat.
(19:55:15) loyalGHOSTBUSTER: must.......keep........eyes.....​open
(19:55:15) what0080: w/o chat? what for?
(19:55:18) GBFans: GBFamon logs into the Chat.
(19:55:30) l5taylor: is that Mr Ruddoff? lol
(19:55:43) StephenNess: B)Where's John Conner?
(19:55:48) GBFamon: Hey everyone
(19:55:52) gbmatt: gettin crowded in here...wow
(19:55:53) JBartlett: Howdy
(19:55:55) DaHypr1: he's a sailor, he's in new york, we get this guy laid we won't have any trouble!
(19:56:01) BradRedfield: In my pants
(19:56:02) GBFans: Harbinger78 has been logged out (Timeout).
(19:56:07) Cincinnati_Busters: How do I watch the movie?
(19:56:13) gbmatt: he is the son of a son of a sailor
(19:56:15) GBFans: JediChris1138 logs into the Chat.
(19:56:15) ogswiss: im in ny but im not no sailor!
(19:56:15) beezer090: 4 minutes
(19:56:16) what0080: vid on the left
(19:56:17) StephenNess: with your eyes
(19:56:17) enchanted_unicorn: with your eyes
(19:56:24) Zack: how do I shot web?
(19:56:24) enchanted_unicorn: damn!
(19:56:28) GBFans: Ray_Stanz_GB logs into the Chat.
(19:56:28) GBFans: winston18 logs into the Chat.
(19:56:28) DaHypr1: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit
(19:56:29) BradRedfield: Crap, I was gonna say that. lol
(19:56:29) gbmatt: the seas in his veins
(19:56:42) JediChris1138: whats up dudes.
(19:56:44) enchanted_unicorn: beat me stephen!
(19:56:44) Zack: :P
(19:56:46) Zack: yo
(19:56:53) winston18: Hey guys what's up?
(19:56:55) EctoCooler: Frozen pizza and 2 liter of Mt. Dew ready to go!
(19:56:55)  The Movie Will Start Soon.
(19:56:55) Cincinnati_Busters: I dont see the movie!:(
(19:56:56) kind2311: yeah yeah here we gp@
(19:56:56) l5taylor: anyone else from the Uk here?
(19:56:56) kind2311: go!
(19:57:09) crazy88: hey everbody, nice idea, i'm at work and this will kill off a few hours
(19:57:09) GBFans: Buckynohair logs into the Chat.
(19:57:10) DaHypr1: wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinst​ooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
(19:57:11) beezer090: Um, spookcentral said 404 not found.
(19:57:11) ogswiss: how do i charge my proton pack after a long night of ghostbusting
(19:57:11) spookcentral: Thank you everyone for showing up.  The movie will begin in three minutes.
(19:57:12) loyalGHOSTBUSTER: theres about 43 people in here i think
(19:57:12) kind2311: got my herbs ready!
(19:57:13) murphman: Ireland
(19:57:15) StephenNess: 8) Where's the amulet Dr. Jones?
(19:57:16) loyalGHOSTBUSTER: yeah im from the UK
(19:57:18) BradRedfield: I don't either....I must be blind! Ahhh
(19:57:18) kind2311: heat em up!
(19:57:25) GBFans: boucha18 logs into the Chat.
(19:57:27) DaHypr1: make em hard!
(19:57:31) JBartlett: Ready!
(19:57:38) l5taylor: good stuff, im not the only mental english guy to show up then :)
(19:57:38) GBFans: Andy_2_cool has been logged out (Timeout).
(19:57:41) GBFans: river_of_slime logs into the Chat.
(19:57:42) loyalGHOSTBUSTER: smokin
(19:57:47) Nikorasu: lets show this prehistoric bitch how we do things downtown
(19:57:47) enchanted_unicorn: something just ....nevermind
(19:57:48) GBFans: Master784 logs into the Chat.
(19:57:49) river_of_slime: Hello everybody!
(19:57:51) DaHypr1: lets show this prehistoric broadcast how we do things downtown...
(19:57:52) GBFans: ROBOrob77 logs into the Chat.
(19:57:56) GBFans: mike1860 logs into the Chat.
(19:57:58) Master784: Hey guys
(19:58:05) loyalGHOSTBUSTER: lol
(19:58:06) GBFans: Harbinger78 logs into the Chat.
(19:58:06) Zack: Let's take a look, its not Gainsborough's Blue Boy here, eh? He is VIGO!!!
(19:58:17) river_of_slime: Where is Ted and Annette?
(19:58:18) murphman: do we need to press play?
(19:58:20) GBFans: CAZAFANTASMA logs into the Chat.
(19:58:23) l5taylor: is GB/GB2 going to be reissued on normal dvd as well as Blu ray?
(19:58:28) EctoCooler: listen...you smell something?
(19:58:29) ROBOrob77: What time does it start?
(19:58:29) DaHypr1: aw he just misses his kitten
(19:58:30) what0080: idk
(19:58:36) enchanted_unicorn: yo CAZA
(19:58:38) DaHypr1: 2 minutes
(19:58:40) GBFans: Renton_gb logs into the Chat.
(19:58:42) JediChris1138: This is kinda nifty
(19:58:46) what0080: im not sure if GB2 is gonna see blu-ray
(19:58:47) JediChris1138: and the GB website is back up
(19:58:47) river_of_slime: Paul thank you for doing this :D
(19:58:47) GBFans: GuyBehindtheGuy logs into the Chat.
(19:58:48) JediChris1138: sweet
(19:58:51) Zack: I was just gonna say...8 o' clock?
(19:58:53) crazy88: hey nice idea, i'm at work, this should kill a few hours, its 1 am here
(19:58:54) CAZAFANTASMA: hi all. I´m so excited
(19:58:54) GBFans: GhostBusted logs into the Chat.
(19:58:55) gbmatt: we should do this more often lol
(19:58:56) ROBOrob77: saweet
(19:58:56) GBFans: Andy_2_cool logs into the Chat.
(19:58:59) GBFans: daledo6 logs into the Chat.
(19:59:00) kind2311: wuddup saL!
(19:59:08) Andy_2_cool: ive got he best seat in the house
(19:59:10) river_of_slime: ok everybody lets say thanks to Paul :)
(19:59:12) DaHypr1: this is awesome
(19:59:12) CAZAFANTASMA: Yo ding don you
(19:59:14) enchanted_unicorn: being in here makes me COOL!
(19:59:15) Cincinnati_Busters: MOVIE!MOVIE!MOVIE!
(19:59:19) JBartlett: Thanks to Paul
(19:59:19) l5taylor: im at the front!
(19:59:24) GBFans: Ghostbuster1984 logs into the Chat.
(19:59:28) beezer090: Yahoo!
(19:59:28) ogswiss: ghostbusters 2 next week?
(19:59:29) JBartlett: <_<
(19:59:30) DaHypr1: DOWN IN FRONT
(19:59:30) GBFans: Dougger logs into the Chat.
(19:59:34) river_of_slime: Im in the back making out with my gf
(19:59:39) Wheelhouse: This should be a regular thing!
(19:59:41) Nikorasu: Who Ya Gonna Call?
(19:59:41) l5taylor: hey paul? i will get that stuff emailed to you!!
(19:59:42) gbmatt: who farted?!
(19:59:44) EctoCooler: MOVIE SIGN!!!
(19:59:46) BradRedfield: I'm in the projector room
(19:59:46) DaHypr1: sorry
(19:59:46) venkmans_girl: heman
(19:59:55) JBartlett: This is really awesome, I've been in a GB mood all day.  I even drew this today: http://jacoblionheart.deviantart.com/art/Ray-Stantz-pencils-111165329
(19:59:55) BradRedfield: Eating the film
(19:59:58) DaHypr1: and it dont look good
(20:00:07) what0080: where's my movie?
(20:00:11) spookcentral: I am opening the broadcast stream now, but keeping the VCR on pause for 10 seconds in order to give everyone a chance to "tune in" (reload the player using button on lower left if necessary), enter the password ("ghostbusters"), and click the "play" button to get rid of it.
(20:00:11) GBFans: Ghostbuster_Don logs into the Chat.
(20:00:11) Ghostbuster1984: I am in and excited.
(20:00:12) river_of_slime: Movie!
(20:00:22) venkmans_girl: where's the beef?
(20:00:23) CAZAFANTASMA: :-(
(20:00:25) GBFans: GhostMedic29 has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:00:26) GBFans: OAOSwartz logs into the Chat.
(20:00:27) GBFans: axelghostbuster logs into the Chat.
(20:00:35) GBFans: KevinGBM logs into the Chat.
(20:00:36) river_of_slime: Whoo Hoo I have a picture
(20:00:37) GBFans: LUNSFORD logs into the Chat.
(20:00:38) DaHypr1: sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
(20:00:38) what0080: WIN
(20:00:40) kind2311: here we go
(20:00:40) l5taylor: password?
(20:00:43) Nikorasu: Im looting the lobby for snacks
(20:00:45) StephenNess: Well, movie's over, see everyone later!
(20:00:47) GBFamon: wow this is retro!
(20:00:48) Ghostbuster_Don: SHOWTIME!
(20:00:50) JBartlett: :D
(20:00:51) CAZAFANTASMA: what¿¿¿
(20:00:51) river_of_slime: Ghostbusters
(20:00:51) JediChris1138: ghostbusters worked for me
(20:00:53) ogswiss: its onnnnnnnnn
(20:00:54) winston18: password?
(20:01:03) ogswiss: ghostbusters
(20:01:06) DaHypr1: awesome
(20:01:06) Ray: ghostbusters
(20:01:07) enchanted_unicorn: alright!!!!!
(20:01:07) GBFans: Paulomac420 logs into the Chat.
(20:01:07) CAZAFANTASMA: what's the password?
(20:01:07) ogswiss: lowercase
(20:01:09) JediChris1138: password = ghostbusters
(20:01:12) spookcentral: Password is "ghostbusters" in case you don;t see the note on the left
(20:01:14) Master784: sound is kind of screwy
(20:01:15) GBFamon: password is ghostbusters
(20:01:18)  PRESS PLAY. AND TYPE "ghostbusters" AS THE PASSWORD.
(20:01:19) JediChris1138: PASSWORD: ghostbusters
(20:01:19) KevinGBM: Nice! A blast from the past!
(20:01:20) l5taylor: cool
(20:01:20) Cincinnati_Busters: ssssllllloooowww
(20:01:22) Dougger: "Help is on the way!"
(20:01:32) river_of_slime: Look its the columbia lady
(20:01:42) river_of_slime: aww man its editied
(20:01:42) beezer090: This is giving me goosebumps.
(20:01:44) JBartlett: EDITED FOR TELEVISION!
(20:01:44) StephenNess: Ah its edited
(20:01:45) BradRedfield: Wow, haven't watched this in fullscreen in years
(20:01:47) JediChris1138: Edited for telivision? Aw, bullshit.
(20:01:47) gbmatt: fug...mine is stalling every once in a while
(20:01:49) AJ_Quick: I see a LION
(20:01:55) DaHypr1: i put this on earlier today and it looped so i watched it twice haha
(20:01:55) GBFans: Zack logs out of the Chat.
(20:01:55) Nikorasu: i aint afraid of no ghost
(20:01:55) DaHypr1: whoops
(20:01:56) Wheelhouse: mine is stalling too!
(20:01:56) murphman: I hope someone from Sony is watching this and seeing the response !!
(20:01:58) OAOSwartz: OLD LADY!
(20:02:00) what0080: it was on ABC. WHat did you expect?
(20:02:04) l5taylor: where is this streaming from?
(20:02:05) GBFans: Zack logs into the Chat.
(20:02:05) JBartlett: =P
(20:02:09) spookcentral: Yes. but the edits enhance it. You'll see :-)
(20:02:11) GBFans: Buckynohair has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:02:12) DaHypr1: are you, alice, menstruating right now
(20:02:12)  If you want to view this without the chat go here: https://www.theraffon.net/~spookcentral/stuff/gb1_1-29-1989_live_embed.htm
(20:02:14) kind2311: dan marino should die of ghonorrea and rot in hell . . .would you like a cookie?
(20:02:16) mccoym2: im kinda upset i just watched this waiting for the new chat room to be set up
(20:02:17) JediChris1138: Anybody ever been to the LA library?
(20:02:17) beezer090: Indeed.
(20:02:25) ROBOrob77: I've gotta free dvd give away up on youtube if anyone is interested.
(20:02:26) BradRedfield: What a strikingly sexy librarian
(20:02:26) what0080: never been
(20:02:26) murphman: SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHH!!!!
(20:02:28) JBartlett: I haven't seen this movie edited in so long, I think it may be cool to see it like that. Haha.
(20:02:28) GBFans: loyalGHOSTBUSTER has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:02:29) Zack: very expensive special effect
(20:02:30) JediChris1138: seriously?
(20:02:31) river_of_slime: Cheap special effect
(20:02:36) JediChris1138: I should take some pictures
(20:02:36) GBFans: loyalGHOSTBUSTER logs into the Chat.
(20:02:36) murphman: Get it?
(20:02:37) Zack: :P
(20:02:39) Dougger: yes'
(20:02:41) GBFans: boucha18 has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:02:43) kind2311: remember her from ace ventura? ray finkle's mom?
(20:02:44) GBFans: Bigun03 logs into the Chat.
(20:02:49) river_of_slime: It would knock your socks off Zack
(20:02:51) enchanted_unicorn: this is like mst3000
(20:02:57) l5taylor: i love the draw effects :)
(20:02:57) what0080: really?
(20:02:57) ihsanamin: lol
(20:02:57) DaHypr1: hahahah didnt even realize that
(20:02:58) ihsanamin: Yeah.
(20:03:02) GBFans: badmoodslime logs into the Chat.
(20:03:03) KevinGBM: That was her?
(20:03:03) spookcentral: AJ, let me know if there's a way to save this chat transcript.
(20:03:06) OAOSwartz: its hard to watch this and X-Play at the same time lol
(20:03:11) GBFans: Zack logs out of the Chat.
(20:03:11) BradRedfield: I'd hate to be the guy who has to put those back
(20:03:13) ROBOrob77: does this have the original commercials?
(20:03:16) kind2311: look its the tears for fears video
(20:03:18) Ghostbuster_Don: Watch this, GB is better.
(20:03:18) GBFans: Zack logs into the Chat.
(20:03:19) JediChris1138: why, what's on X-Play?
(20:03:19) JBartlett: Every time I see someone from Ghostbusters in another movie, I generally refer to them as who they were in GB. So in Ace Ventura, I was like "It's the librarian!"
(20:03:22) Deaditebuster: It's asking me for a password; what is it?
(20:03:22) loyalGHOSTBUSTER: this awsome
(20:03:22) river_of_slime: Run Forrest run!
(20:03:24) OAOSwartz: yeah
(20:03:24) JediChris1138: GB Gamestuff?
(20:03:29) EctoCooler: when you're walking down the street...and you see a little ghost...watcha gonna do about Ghostbustahs!!!
(20:03:29) loyalGHOSTBUSTER: theme song
(20:03:30) KevinGBM: Classic...!
(20:03:30) Cincinnati_Busters: its slow
(20:03:32) JediChris1138: PASSWORD = ghostbusters
(20:03:34) DaHypr1: we should watch casper next week
(20:03:34) Zack: and the rest is history
(20:03:35) Master784: I have both 1 and 2 ghostbusters movies, all are HD quality on my xbox 360
(20:03:40) Nikorasu: sneak attack
(20:03:40) venkmans_girl: humming along to the theme
(20:03:42) l5taylor: whats this song again?
(20:03:42) OAOSwartz: PW = ghostbusters
(20:03:42) beezer090: This is amazing!!
(20:03:42) kind2311: password is ghostbusters
(20:03:44) DaHypr1: *kidding
(20:03:44) Cincinnati_Busters: casper sucks
(20:03:45) loyalGHOSTBUSTER: ghostbusters
(20:03:45) BradRedfield: Heman!
(20:03:46) Harbinger78: she,s also in awakenings
(20:03:51) Wheelhouse: wow, analog sucks!
(20:03:52) JediChris1138: You can watch it on HULU
(20:03:55) beezer090: Circle!
(20:03:55) Cincinnati_Busters: gb 2 ftw
(20:03:57) GBFans: GhostBusted has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:03:57) StephenNess: the song seems fast...
(20:04:02) kind2311: venkman burn in hell!!!
(20:04:02) Nikorasu: who ya gonna call? somebody else
(20:04:02) JediChris1138: Can't wait for the blue ray
(20:04:02) OAOSwartz: i never realized how different the sound is on DVD
(20:04:02) river_of_slime: uh oh there about to take out pissing me off
(20:04:02) AJ_Quick: It says the password right there...
(20:04:04) Ray: a little laggy but i could be my connection
(20:04:04) JediChris1138: ray of BLU
(20:04:05) Andy_2_cool: yeha but wheres hte ufn in that
(20:04:08) JBartlett: The song sounded different. Was that just a quality thing?
(20:04:09) ROBOrob77: password = ghostbusters
(20:04:12) kind2311: lets play shock the nerd!
(20:04:12) StephenNess: WRONG
(20:04:13) beezer090: Haha...
(20:04:14) Master784: this is cool :D
(20:04:22) KevinGBM: Hey Cincinnati_Busters. How are yo udoing?
(20:04:26) enchanted_unicorn: she's hot
(20:04:28) Master784: lol
(20:04:28) Wheelhouse: wow, you really appreciate widescreen when watching this
(20:04:32) l5taylor: couple of wavy lines?
(20:04:34) GBMax: Humm Jennifer
(20:04:35) Andy_2_cool: IT IS A STGSR
(20:04:37) ROBOrob77: agreed
(20:04:37) Harbinger78: sounds speed up
(20:04:38) what0080: song was sped up i think
(20:04:38) GBFans: Ray_Stanz_GB has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:04:38) GBFans: daledo6 has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:04:40) Nikorasu: a couple of wavy lines?
(20:04:41) Andy_2_cool: im a ghostbuster
(20:04:44) Wheelhouse: what else was she in?
(20:04:48) StephenNess: That was a circle...
(20:04:49) Cincinnati_Busters: look my smiley wears ecto goggles!8)
(20:04:50) river_of_slime: gum!
(20:04:56) BradRedfield: Exactly, I'm gonna go crazy during the Sedgewick scene where Egon's cropped out.
(20:04:57) DaHypr1: When should we start this? I was just gonna say 8 oclock
(20:04:57) Dougger: up the creek
(20:04:59) ROBOrob77: you really appreciat HD when you watch this
(20:05:02) Master784: "it is a star, very good" LOL its a circle
(20:05:04) Dougger: er...up a creek maybe
(20:05:06) KevinGBM: This is bad
(20:05:08) Bigun03: I know.
(20:05:10) KevinGBM: I am quoting the lines here
(20:05:11) venkmans_girl: i'm gonna call roto rooter
(20:05:16) GBFans: GuyBehindtheGuy has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:05:17) what0080: a button on a PS controller
(20:05:17) GBFans: Zack logs out of the Chat.
(20:05:17) KevinGBM: Nervous?
(20:05:17) river_of_slime: Hey we all have the dvds but this is cool talking to the fans
(20:05:18) GBFans: rgb2012 logs into the Chat.
(20:05:20) AJ_Quick: you really appreciate stereo and color when you se this
(20:05:20) OAOSwartz: is this how Ms. Cleo got her start?
(20:05:24) GBFans: Zack logs into the Chat.
(20:05:30) GBFans: axelghostbuster has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:05:30) kind2311: just a couple of wavy lines
(20:05:31) Master784: only 75 more to go lol
(20:05:33) JBartlett: In Venkman's defense, that was a FEW wavy lines. Not a couple.
(20:05:33) what0080: lol
(20:05:33) JediChris1138: Who the hell taped this?
(20:05:34) river_of_slime: BZZZ!
(20:05:35) GBFans: alfulle logs into the Chat.
(20:05:36) ihsanamin: The sound seems to be higher pitched.
(20:05:41) kind2311: HEY!!!!
(20:05:41) StephenNess: WORG
(20:05:44) GBFans: cyclopstb logs into the Chat.
(20:05:44) GBFans: Ghostbuster1984 has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:05:44) spookcentral: Wait for it...it's coming up.
(20:05:44) BradRedfield: When I was kid, I always thought the kid was Skreech from Saved by the Bell
(20:05:47) beezer090: That's the charm of this!
(20:05:48) ihsanamin: Do they speed it up a tad for TV?
(20:05:52) river_of_slime: Pissing mee off!
(20:05:53) JediChris1138: It's a little tinny, but that's just artifacting
(20:05:58) kind2311: you can keep the five bucks!
(20:05:59) Ectofiend666: man my connection is lagging
(20:06:00) Nikorasu: you can keep the ten bucks
(20:06:01) AJ_Quick: LOL!
(20:06:01) loyalGHOSTBUSTER: high hats and stuff
(20:06:03) what0080: playin' @ 25fps maybe
(20:06:05) GBFans: gbmatt has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:06:05) Dougger: new shot!
(20:06:06) JBartlett: Wha... hahaha!
(20:06:06) GBFans: Andy_2_cool has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:06:06) winston18: 5 bucks
(20:06:07) GBFans: gbmatt logs into the Chat.
(20:06:09) gbmatt: busters
(20:06:11) GBFans: Andy_2_cool logs into the Chat.
(20:06:11) EctoCooler: BAD edit
(20:06:13) StephenNess: What was the effect?
(20:06:14) KevinGBM: You can keep the $5 bucks, I have had it!
(20:06:15) scc_skwerl: KevinGBM, I played this while broadcasting my drawing a couple weeks back and myself and like 3 other people were quoting it..
(20:06:16) Cincinnati_Busters: does anyone know when the kubrick figures come out?
(20:06:20) JediChris1138: what effect?
(20:06:24) GBFans: LUNSFORD has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:06:25) Harbinger78: he also plays a punker in chistine
(20:06:25) spookcentral: YUP! New shot.
(20:06:26) river_of_slime: Its the heart of the Gbs
(20:06:27) ROBOrob77: does this vid seem to be moving a bit fast? the music and voices don't sound 100%.
(20:06:28) Zack: RAYMOND
(20:06:37) JediChris1138: Dude, when did Dan Aykroyd go crazy?
(20:06:37) venkmans_girl: i just remembered the librarian was also in too wong foo thanks for everything julie newmar
(20:06:37) JediChris1138: He used to be sooooooo awesome
(20:06:37) loyalGHOSTBUSTER: slap comeing up
(20:06:37) Deaditebuster: Christopher? Are you out there?
(20:06:39) BradRedfield: Oh god I want those Kubrick figures
(20:06:40) ihsanamin: Did that scene always have music?
(20:06:43) Cincinnati_Busters: [color=blue][/color]LOL Ray
(20:06:43) JBartlett: Ray <3
(20:06:48) GBFans: jimbo7 logs into the Chat.
(20:06:48) what0080: yes
(20:06:48) Bigun03: I could quote the movie but won't.
(20:06:51) Andy_2_cool: LAGGGGG
(20:06:55) StephenNess: Hey Jim!
(20:06:55) enchanted_unicorn: are they breathing helium??
(20:06:59) KevinGBM: This needs to be shown on the big screen... man... they need to put one here in Columbus
(20:07:03) Harbinger78: Ghostbusters ' the helium edition!
(20:07:11) Zack: I love how he pulls away there
(20:07:12) Master784: quality and sound isn't that good, but the movie is my fav!:D
(20:07:13) JediChris1138: They play it in Los Angeles all the time.
(20:07:15) GBFans: Ghostbuster1701 logs into the Chat.
(20:07:17) beezer090: In like 2000 they had this in theaters at a midnight show and I had NO idea there was swearing or a ghostly playmate...
(20:07:17) Cincinnati_Busters: :warning:[color=blue][/color]
(20:07:19) GBFans: Ghostbuster1984 logs into the Chat.
(20:07:19) GBFans: AJ_Quick logs out of the Chat.
(20:07:21) venkmans_girl: ghostbusters chimpunk edition
(20:07:21) Deaditebuster: Feel it!
(20:07:23) river_of_slime: what happen to that rumor of Gbs coming back on the big screen?
(20:07:24) l5taylor: 8.00?
(20:07:27) spookcentral: Apologies for the lag. There's 66 of us watching. I'm making adjustments in real-time to try to compensate.
(20:07:28) Zack: "runnin your ass off" cut
(20:07:29) JediChris1138: WTF AJ left?
(20:07:31) GBFans: Charlie_Richter has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:07:32) GBFans: BiggBoss logs into the Chat.
(20:07:36) beezer090: My only copy WAS this TV edit my folks taped.
(20:07:36) Zack: :D
(20:07:39) kind2311: its the streaming audio, quit complaining people
(20:07:39) Andy_2_cool: [color=blue]i love gbfans[/color]
(20:07:40) GBFans: AJ_Quick logs into the Chat.
(20:07:50) JediChris1138: AJ!
(20:07:54) BiggBoss: helloo
(20:08:02) GBFans: badmoodslime has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:08:02) GBFans: badmoodslime has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:08:03) StephenNess: You missed it AJ, rewind the film...
(20:08:03) ROBOrob77: is seems like the vid is moving a 1x faster than usual.
(20:08:03) Wheelhouse: What ever happened to that talk of ECTO-CON?
(20:08:03) Andy_2_cool: i am gbfans
(20:08:03) BradRedfield: I didn't own GB1 until around 1994
(20:08:03) GBFans: JediChris1138 logs out of the Chat.
(20:08:04) BradRedfield: I only had GB2
(20:08:04) Zack: I love Egon is oblivious to what just happened
(20:08:05) JBartlett: The sponges migrated about a foot and a half. Makes me laugh every time.
(20:08:05) Master784: :warning:
(20:08:07) loyalGHOSTBUSTER: boooooom
(20:08:07) GBFans: JediChris1138 logs into the Chat.
(20:08:08) BiggBoss: soory fell asleep
(20:08:12) BiggBoss: it 2am here
(20:08:14) JediChris1138: this chat thing is funky
(20:08:16) kind2311: seems to be working better spookcentral
(20:08:23) AJ_Quick: I'm watching the video on my other computer.. chatting on this one.
(20:08:23) ROBOrob77: correction: 1.5
(20:08:23) Ghostbuster1984: What password do I enter again to see it?
(20:08:25) JediChris1138: HEY!
(20:08:32) what0080: "ghostbusters"
(20:08:38) scc_skwerl: I love the people bitching about problems in the video. Like they haven't already seen the movie 800 times...
(20:08:40) ROBOrob77: ghostbusters
(20:08:40) Bigun03: ghostbusters
(20:08:41) kind2311: GHOSTBUSTERS
(20:08:44) AJ_Quick: the chat is slow because there are 70 people in here.
(20:08:45) kind2311: fuck
(20:08:45) Andy_2_cool: password is backtothefuture
(20:08:45) river_of_slime: Yes
(20:08:45) Wheelhouse: video is working better. Thanks!
(20:08:45) JediChris1138: It just occured to me that I can watch this... in this chat room, on my laptop, on my toilet whilst in the bathroom. THis could be the greatest experience of my life.
(20:08:47) l5taylor: lol
(20:08:49) Cincinnati_Busters: Im not even watchin too much the chat is fun thou.
(20:08:52) AJ_Quick: and I turned the chat speed down
(20:08:53) GBMax: lol
(20:09:08) spookcentral: I've killed all non-essential apps on my computer, in case it helps the broadcast quality.
(20:09:09) Ghostbuster1701: No I've only seen it 799 times thank you
(20:09:10) EctoCooler: Ghostbusters...now with 50% less Harold Ramis!
(20:09:14) what0080: how else do you think I'm watchin it 1138?
(20:09:14) ROBOrob77: No, not complaing, just wondering if the network sped it up to get it done quicker.
(20:09:15) Zack: I love Venkman goes down the stairs like he doesn't give a shit at all lol
(20:09:15) StephenNess: And no one knew that there were over 54 GB fans
(20:09:19) Harbinger78: no damn it" only 799times
(20:09:24) JBartlett: It's fine for me, honestly. <_ <
(20:09:27) GBFans: Primetime84 logs into the Chat.
(20:09:34) JediChris1138: There's over 54 of us?
(20:09:38) venkmans_girl: its working good for me
(20:09:43) river_of_slime: lol he sniffs after Ray says Listen...
(20:09:44) what0080: i count 70
(20:09:46) spookcentral: Yeah, EctoCooler, wait until Harold's disembodied voice appears in the hotel lobby :-)
(20:09:47) JediChris1138: TERMINAL REALITY PEOPLE
(20:09:47) l5taylor: i cant say im impressed with the blu ray rundown
(20:09:51) JediChris1138: DUDE FROM IGN!
(20:09:52) Zack: when I was younger I actually kicked a hole in the wall of my parents wall imitating Venkman's "DAAAH"
(20:09:55) StephenNess: I think the rest are faking to be fans
(20:09:56) JediChris1138: WHATS UP??? :-p
(20:09:59) KevinGBM: Listen! Do you smell something?
(20:10:00) mccoym2: this is great
(20:10:02) Zack: with the slime on his foot
(20:10:02) venkmans_girl: someone's got to stop cloning so there is less people
(20:10:03) Ghostbuster1701: LISTEN! you smell somthing?
(20:10:06) AJ_Quick: there are 61 people in the chatroom
(20:10:12) JediChris1138: Yea, I actually created 30 accounts and logged them all in.
(20:10:16) KevinGBM: *chuckles* Nice work Ray! You are the first to SMELL a sound!
(20:10:16) JediChris1138: OR
(20:10:19) GBFans: rgb2012 has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:10:23) StephenNess: ah
(20:10:24) JediChris1138: There's a lot of us.
(20:10:29) Andy_2_cool: and 71 viewers
(20:10:30) BradRedfield: Ohhwaooh
(20:10:31) kind2311: ERNIE HUDSON!
(20:10:31) GBFans: darklantern2 logs into the Chat.
(20:10:31) StephenNess: ...thats not ectoplasm...
(20:10:31) venkmans_girl: cleanup in the reference section
(20:10:32) Ghostbuster1701: it stinks that bad it interupted other senses!
(20:10:34) kind2311: I KNOW UR HERE!
(20:10:40) river_of_slime: One take Bill
(20:10:42) JediChris1138: Yea, where's Ernie?
(20:10:49) StephenNess: Ron Jeremy wasn't just an extra in the film...
(20:10:49) R2DEVO: i remember leaving my toy slime out and it getting all dried out. this brings back bad memories
(20:10:51) Zack: pan and scan over to Ray
(20:10:51) OAOSwartz: how many of them are new members just viewing the awesomeness
(20:10:52) JediChris1138: So what's the deal with the falling thing?
(20:10:52) Master784: somebody blows their nose and you wanna keep it? LOL my fav line
(20:10:54) winston18: that's nasty
(20:10:54) what0080: egon, your mucus...
(20:10:56) StephenNess: he helped in the FX dept too
(20:10:56) JediChris1138: Wasn't that completely on accident?
(20:10:57) Cincinnati_Busters: AAAAHHH geeks!
(20:10:59) Zack: oh wait lol
(20:10:59) kind2311: first time?
(20:11:00) Zack: forgot
(20:11:04) BradRedfield: I wonder what would've happened if Venkman was crushed
(20:11:09)  If you want to view this without the chat go here: https://www.theraffon.net/~spookcentral/stuff/gb1_1-29-1989_live_embed.htm
(20:11:14) GBFans: bradboss12 logs into the Chat.
(20:11:14) Primetime84: i wish Ernie was in the room wid us
(20:11:14) Deaditebuster: Ghostbuster1984 - FEEL IT!
(20:11:14) Bigun03: I did that too and it make me sad.
(20:11:24) GBFans: crazy88 has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:11:26) kind2311: He's here
(20:11:32) river_of_slime: Dan could be here and we wouldnt know it
(20:11:32) KevinGBM: This ever happen to you before? Hmm... First time?
(20:11:35) Zack: I love the look they give each other
(20:11:38) ROBOrob77: again, not complaining, but do the gb's in the video game look younger than the the characters in GB2?
(20:11:41) GBFans: wrapemntrapem logs into the Chat.
(20:11:44) l5taylor: GET HER!!!
(20:11:44) Ghostbuster1701: I always wondered, If you where the library manager and hired three guys who specialize in spirits all go running screaming out of your library. would you find another job?
(20:11:44) JBartlett: God I can't wait for the game so we can get more into the story of the Librarian.
(20:11:46) kind2311: if not actually here then here in spirit
(20:11:49) kind2311: hom her francine!
(20:11:49) JediChris1138: Ernie Hudson? Yea! HE's venkmans_girl, of course.
(20:11:51) Wheelhouse: I think the game characters look younger too!
(20:11:55) GBFans: cyclopstb has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:12:01) what0080: creative license, sir...
(20:12:13) JediChris1138: they look less 'round' than their GBII versions
(20:12:16) Deaditebuster: STOP that!
(20:12:16) JediChris1138: DUDE
(20:12:18) BiggBoss: what's the name of the Library ghost? it was in a Videogame screenshot...
(20:12:18) beezer090: They look more cartoony...
(20:12:25) kind2311: ELEANOR TWITTY!
(20:12:25) ROBOrob77: trudat
(20:12:25) JediChris1138: You know what would make this SOOOOOO awesome? If it were in 3D!!!!
(20:12:26) Wheelhouse: I wouldn't have called them back if I ran the library...
(20:12:26) Zack: Eleanor Twitty
(20:12:27) JBartlett: I mean, if you were their age and were having video game characters made that looked like you, wouldn't you want them looking younger too? =P
(20:12:27) GBFans: castewar logs into the Chat.
(20:12:30) Master784: Can't wait for the game!
(20:12:33) Cincinnati_Busters: grey lady
(20:12:34) bradboss12: shhhhhhhh!:P
(20:12:35) Zack: watch Venkman look at Egon
(20:12:38) JediChris1138: Imagine Elanor Twitty in 3D!!!
(20:12:38) Zack: at the last sec
(20:12:39) river_of_slime: CHRIS!
(20:12:41) kind2311: GET HER!!!!!!
(20:12:42) what0080: they could look like babies, for all I care. As long as the gameplay is the same, I'm getting it...
(20:12:45) scc_skwerl: You would rather they look like the actors do today? Egon being fat and Venkman having some stringy white beard?
(20:12:45) Wheelhouse: good point
(20:12:45) BradRedfield: OMG
(20:12:45) Ghostbuster_Don: Ray: GET HER!
(20:13:04) l5taylor: did they edit the ghost tranformation?
(20:13:09) Zack: the extra there with the curly hair reappears following them down the street
(20:13:09) enchanted_unicorn: video getting choppy at times
(20:13:09) JediChris1138: I like em' the way they are
(20:13:10) JediChris1138: They look awesome
(20:13:17) KevinGBM: Is it just me or does anyone notice that the Candy Bar changes from the movie version to the TV version?
(20:13:18) Ghostbuster_Don: I always wanted that instrumental version of Cleanin' Up The Town.
(20:13:24) JBartlett: The models are really really good.
(20:13:26) alfulle: I wish they would release a demo of the game.
(20:13:34) Wheelhouse: video back to choppy
(20:13:35) AJ_Quick: where is Chad Paulson?
(20:13:42) GBFans: loyalGHOSTBUSTER has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:13:42) GBFans: DaHypr1 has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:13:42) what0080: yeah, when's the demo comin'
(20:13:43) ROBOrob77: no, but it would make since to make em look a bit older than gb2
(20:13:43) Harbinger78: always thought they should,ve had wind machines on that shot to sell it better
(20:13:43) spookcentral: The ghost transformation is the same in both versions.
(20:13:43) beezer090: This is a pretty clean VHS copy.
(20:13:46) Zack: he's at home...washin his tights!
(20:13:46) Wheelhouse: what is the ionization rate?
(20:13:51) Cincinnati_Busters: crunch bar!
(20:13:51) river_of_slime: RIP Nobel prize scene
(20:13:55) JediChris1138: The only things that nag at me is Venkman's teeth in the game and the logo on the hood of the Ecto-1
(20:13:55) CAZAFANTASMA: did you see will smith passing by?
(20:13:55) scc_skwerl: Screw a demo, just release the game!
(20:13:57) OAOSwartz: watching this makes me wish i had the money for a trap and pke set
(20:14:01) Andy_2_cool: I GTG GF is here
(20:14:01) bradboss12: how about with liver spots and in wheelchairs?
(20:14:06) Zack: someone used to think there was a poster of Vigo behind the Dean
(20:14:07) GBFans: zilla57 logs into the Chat.
(20:14:07) GBFans: Ray_Stanz_GB logs into the Chat.
(20:14:14) Bigun03: I agree release the game.
(20:14:15) JediChris1138: There was.
(20:14:16) Andy_2_cool: byeeeeeee everyone
(20:14:22) Zack: I Can Wait Forever!!!!
(20:14:22) river_of_slime: that was me Zack
(20:14:22) bradboss12: but the kids love us
(20:14:25) Andy_2_cool: :(
(20:14:29) Master784: Dean yeager looks like a monkey:P
(20:14:30) kind2311: later andy
(20:14:31) GBFans: SonofSamhain logs into the Chat.
(20:14:31) GBFans: Jim33 logs into the Chat.
(20:14:32) JediChris1138: If you watch the movie backwards, you can clearly here ray say, "I AM VIGO" just as his poster shows up!
(20:14:33) l5taylor: will they be putting all the other deleted scenes on the bd?
(20:14:35) Ray_Stanz_GB: whats the password?
(20:14:45) Zack: I remember discovering he was on Three's Company as John Ritter's boss
(20:14:46) StephenNess: If I ever get kicked out of college Im telling My parents its because Im a Ghostbuster
(20:14:46) JediChris1138: ghostbusters, ray
(20:14:49) what0080: god, I hope so...
(20:14:50) ROBOrob77: ghostbusters
(20:14:51) Harbinger78: but the kids love us
(20:14:55) Zack: he had a beard, he was still a jerk haha
(20:14:57) kind2311: f-off is the password
(20:15:00) venkmans_girl: as trump would say you're fired
(20:15:00) Andy_2_cool: PASSWORD IS "STARWARS"
(20:15:04) GBFans: Donkey8012 logs into the Chat.
(20:15:05) GBFans: alfulle logs out of the Chat.
(20:15:06) GBFans: mike1860 has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:15:07) JBartlett: I would love to have them as professors. <_ <
(20:15:07) GBFans: alfulle logs into the Chat.
(20:15:07) GBFans: alfulle logs out of the Chat.
(20:15:11) ogswiss: lol
(20:15:13) BradRedfield: Man, no commercial break yet? Wow
(20:15:13) GBFans: SchottGun logs into the Chat.
(20:15:17) ROBOrob77: does the movie start from the beginning for those just now loggin in?
(20:15:23) spookcentral: Very funnt, Andy_2_Cool.
(20:15:24) JediChris1138: No kidding. You wouldn't have to WORK
(20:15:29) Donkey8012: I can't get the password to work.
(20:15:30) Ray_Stanz_GB: nope
(20:15:31) venkmans_girl: i've had a professor like peter once
(20:15:35) Donkey8012: Am I an idiot?
(20:15:36) AJ_Quick: The video is LIVE
(20:15:37) OAOSwartz: commercial before the bank scene
(20:15:37) kind2311: i wonder what they're drinking?
(20:15:37) what0080: damned choppy video
(20:15:38) river_of_slime: Uh oh there drinking
(20:15:40) Bigun03: USTREAM PASSWORD(case sensitive): ghostbusters
(20:15:41) GBFans: Ramjet has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:15:45) kind2311: shnapps maybe?
(20:15:45) SonofSamhain: Happy GB Anniversary to everyone!
(20:15:50) Cincinnati_Busters: lucky!
(20:15:50) AJ_Quick: it clearly says the password right there on the page.
(20:15:50) OAOSwartz: damn i was wrong
(20:15:51) Zack: I believe the first commercial break was after Dana closes the fridge
(20:15:52) GBFans: DaHypr1 logs into the Chat.
(20:15:52) bradboss12: I just logged on and they were in the library
(20:15:54) BradRedfield: Kool-Aid
(20:15:56) river_of_slime: yep
(20:15:59) Harbinger78: what are they drinking?
(20:16:04) SchottGun: ugh, this hotel's network connection sucks.. :(
(20:16:05) JediChris1138: LIVE from 1984 using the the exclusive abilities brought to us by QUANTUM FOAM. woot.
(20:16:08) Ghostbuster_Don: Didn't they wear the same clothes
(20:16:09) GBFans: GBFAN79 logs into the Chat.
(20:16:09) l5taylor: $95,000?? ouch
(20:16:11) venkmans_girl: pepto bismol
(20:16:13) Cincinnati_Busters: coca
(20:16:14) GBFans: guitar1036 logs into the Chat.
(20:16:27) Ghostbuster_Don: at the court scene in gb2?
(20:16:28) ROBOrob77: This was a great idea! Thanks GB FAns/Spook Central!
(20:16:29) spookcentral: Thank you, AJ! At least someone sees the password right there below the video in BLUE.
(20:16:29) Cincinnati_Busters: crap
(20:16:36) Bigun03: Um...wild turkey I think.
(20:16:36) DaHypr1: i think this building should be condemned
(20:16:36) Harbinger78: yummm
(20:16:36) Zack: "Does this pole still work?" Let me slide down and hope for the best lol
(20:16:37) Ghostbuster_Don: I accidently hit the enter button.
(20:16:37) river_of_slime: I just watch "The Mask" last night
(20:16:40) winston18: does this pole still work?
(20:16:41) GBFans: Primetime84 has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:16:48) KevinGBM: I always wondered... did they purposedly make the firehouse look like crud?(The outside shot; since it was still in use)
(20:16:49) Cincinnati_Busters: the realitor pisses me off.
(20:16:54) JBartlett: You gotta try this pole. XD Always gets me.
(20:16:55) OAOSwartz: god i wish we had a firehall with a pole around here
(20:16:55) Zack: I love Egon's headshake
(20:17:02) DaHypr1: egon, your mucus
(20:17:02) StephenNess: So if this happened in todays economy, the GBs wouldnt be able to get another mortgage on rays house, lol
(20:17:03) guitar1036: Classic. My future home will have a poll. This is most def.
(20:17:03) venkmans_girl: extreme makeover firehouse edition
(20:17:03) bradboss12: this place is great
(20:17:07) AJ_Quick: I think it was a Matte painting
(20:17:07) JediChris1138: I didn't even SEE the password. I just guessed it was ghostbusters and it worked.
(20:17:09) Deaditebuster: I keep thinking of EctoMix
(20:17:11) BradRedfield: Alternate take: Ray loses his grip and plummits to his death
(20:17:11) Donkey8012: I know I'm late to the party, but why can't I get the feed to work?
(20:17:12) Harbinger78: always thoght it was happy jack
(20:17:13) GBFans: wrapemntrapem has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:17:13) GBFans: Ghostbuster1701 has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:17:13) beezer090: The realtor is Uncle Jesse's mom in the pilot of Full House.
(20:17:17) ogswiss: we should buy the firehouse an all move in
(20:17:18) GBFans: GuyBehindtheGuy logs into the Chat.
(20:17:18) Wheelhouse: my dreamhouse will have a pole(maybe for two reasons)
(20:17:18) bradboss12: lol
(20:17:18) GBFAN79: Not gonna lie guys I really want to slide down a pole
(20:17:24) Zack: in the script Egon tells her its not how many square feet she says it is
(20:17:24) ogswiss: what do ya say
(20:17:26) river_of_slime: Taxi going thru
(20:17:27) GBFAN79:(no homo)
(20:17:28) GBFAN79: lol
(20:17:28) l5taylor: lol
(20:17:32) JBartlett: I think if I ever find a place to live that has a pole, I'm going to buy it out of principle.
(20:17:33) Zack: the honk seems very musical
(20:17:35) ROBOrob77: I want to watch a girl dance on a pole
(20:17:35) AJ_Quick: there will be a commercial when Dana slams the refriderator door I think.
(20:17:40) Zack: anyone ever notice that?
(20:17:43) DaHypr1: the first time i saw this i got the shit scared out of me when dana got posessed
(20:17:44) what0080: stupid vid just stopped
(20:17:49) JediChris1138: That is weird.
(20:17:53) river_of_slime: Louis!
(20:17:53) BiggBoss: nope its only later when pete leave the place
(20:17:55) Zack: its like "heres this beautiful woman, HONK she's still in the way"
(20:17:56) JediChris1138: HEY! RICK MORRANIS!!!!
(20:18:07) GBFans: Paulomac420 has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:18:07) JediChris1138: I love this dude. He's the C-3P0 of Ghostbusters.
(20:18:10) l5taylor: good ole Rick
(20:18:10) Wheelhouse: Happy Anniversary Rick!
(20:18:10) GBFans: RYAN2WESLEY logs into the Chat.
(20:18:16) OAOSwartz: when i was young i would go to my local park with my gb toys and slide down this pole from the fire truck
(20:18:16) GBFAN79: whats gonna be awesome is watching this on blue ray soon so amazing
(20:18:17) R2DEVO: @zack. yes. in other movies that i've watched a lot too
(20:18:17) JBartlett: Rick Moranis is a king in my house.
(20:18:17) what0080: retired...
(20:18:18) StephenNess: lol
(20:18:18) ROBOrob77: lol
(20:18:19) Deaditebuster: I'd love having him as a neighbor.
(20:18:25) bradboss12: anyone have any acedacilic acid?
(20:18:27) Cincinnati_Busters: u guys are all a differant Gen than me:(
(20:18:27) Harbinger78: keep firing @$$holes!!!
(20:18:30) BradRedfield: Whose the R2D2? Janaine?
(20:18:34) Ectofiend666: I seriously hope Paul releases this version of the movie separately
(20:18:35) JediChris1138: If he were my neighbor I'd probably move.
(20:18:41) ROBOrob77: I gotta go pee
(20:18:43) Wheelhouse: I wouldn't want him as a neighbor now if he's singing country
(20:18:45) KevinGBM: Who's the Creep?
(20:18:47) river_of_slime: Lets get ready to see Stay Puft!
(20:18:49) JediChris1138: ROb1
(20:18:54) Zack: I love the party, she tries to sneak by and he still opens the door at the right moment to catch her
(20:18:54) JediChris1138: Roborob, use laptop!
(20:18:54) Ectofiend666: Because my connection is making this unbearable
(20:18:55) GBFans: graboskyc logs into the Chat.
(20:18:56) Wheelhouse: what's playing on her tv?
(20:18:56) beezer090: This is so clean. There's not 50 feeds on the bottom of the screen advertising a new tv series or what's coming up on the news...
(20:18:57) Nikorasu: evil will always win becuase good is dumb
(20:19:02) what0080: he's down the hall
(20:19:07) GBFAN79: Rick Moranis makes hits
(20:19:11) bradboss12: he's supposed to be producing Bob and Doug Mckenzie cartoon
(20:19:13) GBFans: Cythusly logs into the Chat.
(20:19:13) beezer090: Not even the station logo!
(20:19:17) JediChris1138: You can take a dump and watch the movie AND chat!
(20:19:21) JBartlett: I recited this commercial as a speech in a speech class I had a couple semesters ago.
(20:19:26) JBartlett: I got an A.
(20:19:27) StephenNess: And he takes hits too...
(20:19:27) Wheelhouse: Strange Brew cartoon???
(20:19:29) OAOSwartz: brad are you still building us a pke and trap?
(20:19:41) Zack: OMG Stay Puft marshmallows
(20:19:44) beezer090: Haha, Bartlett.
(20:19:46) river_of_slime: Stay Puft!!!!!!
(20:19:46) spookcentral: God I miss TV with NO logos and ads on the screen. Those were the good old days.
(20:19:49) Zack: foreshadowing!!
(20:19:49) GBFans: jimbo7 has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:19:49) GBFans: Jim33 has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:19:54) Ghostbuster_Don: Stay Puft cameo!
(20:19:56) AJ_Quick: OMG farm fresh eggs
(20:19:57) Nikorasu: MARSHMALLOWS!!!!
(20:19:58) beezer090: Indeed.
(20:19:58) GBFans: ghostdiva logs into the Chat.
(20:20:01) BiggBoss: Paul, maybe you should reduce the video quality for the sake of fps,
(20:20:01) GBFans: Andy_2_cool has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:20:07) Wheelhouse: Great point spookcentral!
(20:20:07) venkmans_girl: yummy counter top omelet
(20:20:09) what0080: AME spookcentral!
(20:20:09) BradRedfield: This was my film teacher's favorite movie. Suffice to say, we got along pretty well. :P
(20:20:09) Zack: great sfx shot of that in making GB
(20:20:09) JediChris1138: damn
(20:20:09) JediChris1138: now I want a s'mores
(20:20:09) river_of_slime: mmmm eggs
(20:20:13) what0080: *AMEN*
(20:20:13) guitar1036: speaking of that.. has anyone heard anything further about master replicas?
(20:20:17) GBFans: Ray_Stanz_GB has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:20:17) GBFans: CAZAFANTASMA has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:20:17) JediChris1138: I wonder if there's a s'mores monster in the game
(20:20:17) Zack: showing the back of the counter
(20:20:17) Deaditebuster: Possible Geek Question: You think the guys had the suits and stuff when they made the commercial?
(20:20:18) GBFAN79: [color=navy][/color]Yeah this is so awesome were like a big community or something haha
(20:20:18) JBartlett: Why aren't Stay Puft marshmallows a real product? I guarantee they'd sell.
(20:20:20) SonofSamhain: Zuul! Zuul! Zuul! Zuul! 8o
(20:20:20) bradboss12: this is why eggs have expiration dates:P
(20:20:26) StephenNess: I thought Eggs were going to be the badguy at the end of the film
(20:20:28) bradboss12: zuuuuuuuuul
(20:20:29) Zack: there is no Peter only Zuul
(20:20:29) l5taylor: what happened with that props company - are they doing GB props yet?
(20:20:29) OAOSwartz: y didnt they cook the marshmallows too?
(20:20:32) JediChris1138: Maybe you get to fight Mr. Staypuft and Graham the Graham cracker.
(20:20:34) Wheelhouse: Stay-Puft marshmallows on the counter!
(20:20:38) what0080: or the lettuce?
(20:20:38) AJ_Quick: ABC has a "ustream" logo in the corner.. that's weird.
(20:20:40) venkmans_girl: this is why i put baking soda in my fridge
(20:20:42) Zack: oh yeah forgot, the old version runs loooong
(20:20:43) ogswiss: video keeps locking up
(20:20:44) river_of_slime: Dan and the ambulance
(20:20:45) Zack: before a commercial
(20:20:47) ROBOrob77: damn vid keeps freezing
(20:20:52) spookcentral: And yet the plastic marshmallow bag doesn't melt! Gotta love it.
(20:20:54) Master784: The screen keeps freezing :(
(20:20:57) GBFAN79: seriously where is the damn logo
(20:20:57) bradboss12: u can't park that here
(20:21:03) Deaditebuster: Everyone can relax: I found the car
(20:21:08) ogswiss: arg @ video
(20:21:08) mccoym2: sumbodys tummy is growling, maybe dana is scared of food
(20:21:08) JBartlett: Everyone's dream car. :(
(20:21:08) river_of_slime: only 4800
(20:21:09) spookcentral: Dropped vid quality down to 60. Hope that helps.
(20:21:10) what0080: 110 N. Moore St.
(20:21:10) ROBOrob77: so, no commercials from the 80's?
(20:21:10) BradRedfield: Don't cross the ustream!
(20:21:10) KevinGBM: *chuckles* You think it would go to commercial after she slams the door
(20:21:11) Bigun03: :(
(20:21:12) Wheelhouse: god I want that car!
(20:21:20) GBFAN79: hahaha
(20:21:29) Zack: theres a fly in this scene
(20:21:30) river_of_slime: TBS had the commercial after the fride scene
(20:21:30) OAOSwartz: tiny computer monitor
(20:21:30) Harbinger78: hell i'll buy it for that much!
(20:21:34) venkmans_girl: a secretary from my college looks and sounds like an older version of janine
(20:21:34) GBFans: joeghostbuster logs into the Chat.
(20:21:36) Zack: anyone ever catch it? flying around
(20:21:39) Wheelhouse: yeah, I kinda wish we could see come 20 year old commercials(I'm old)
(20:21:40) JBartlett: When are they adding that update into Burnout where you can drive the homage to the Ecto?
(20:21:40) Bigun03: so do I.
(20:21:43) spookcentral: Dropped fps down to 17(max is 23, btw). Hope that helps too.
(20:21:49) JBartlett: Is that next month?
(20:21:49) Deaditebuster: My friend's car is in worse shape.
(20:21:52) bradboss12: sorry about the bug eyes
(20:21:58) KevinGBM: Is that an old Apple?
(20:22:10) SonofSamhain: Is that a rotary phone? can't remember
(20:22:10) GBFAN79: I love how annie pots is back in the video game I cant wait to hear "GHOSTBUSTERS WHAT DO YOU WANT????
(20:22:11) what0080: anybody else think that Janine from RGB seasons 1&2 was hotter than 3 and up?
(20:22:11) Zack: I never thought about it before, but I think this part shows Ray IS the car guy
(20:22:12) Bigun03: yep
(20:22:13) river_of_slime: The fin!
(20:22:15) Harbinger78: between GB1 and 2 janine when from stuck-up to "slut"
(20:22:17) beezer090: I know there's a commercial after Possessed Louis yells, "ou will perish in flames..." and kicks the woman's canned goods over, editing out the "What an a-hole" line...
(20:22:19) Zack: like when turns around, we see that its Ray
(20:22:22) RYAN2WESLEY: what was egon doing down there?
(20:22:24) scc_skwerl: I know! 1984 a car is $4800...Last week I bought a TV for $3200...
(20:22:26) Wheelhouse: yup, Ray = car guy
(20:22:28) ROBOrob77: yes, i did think there would be a commercial. actually, i was lookin' forward to see a retro commercial.
(20:22:29) joeghostbuster: black screen for me, says "Off Air" at bottom?
(20:22:33) guitar1036: can you believe that this station no longer has the poles?
(20:22:35) AJ_Quick: yes
(20:22:36) guitar1036: if i had the cash.. I'd def. buy it
(20:22:39) Master784: The vid quality isn't impressing me
(20:22:39) spookcentral: I *LOVE* the original RGB Janine. So VERY sexy.
(20:22:42) Cincinnati_Busters: doo doo dun dun dun bap boop beep bonk doink whack smack!
(20:22:51) GBFans: DaHypr1 has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:22:52) beezer090: And there's one after they blow the roof and Peck gets dumped on...
(20:22:55) Wheelhouse: you bought a $3200 tv and you're watching this???
(20:22:57) bradboss12: i love how he jumps the gate
(20:22:57) OAOSwartz: no poles in the station? wtf?
(20:23:02) Wheelhouse: You are a fan!!!
(20:23:09) murphman: Guys and Girls - Happy Gb Anniversary and bring on the game! Fingers crossed Gb3 for 2010!! Off to bed now - Good night to all.
(20:23:09) Bigun03: XD
(20:23:11) what0080: good I thought it was just me...
(20:23:11) KevinGBM: Ahhh
(20:23:13) SonofSamhain: Like everything else...blame it on the economy, guitar
(20:23:13) scc_skwerl: It hasn't been delivered yet :P
(20:23:17) joeghostbuster: help me ObiWan!
(20:23:18) murphman: Well done Admin!
(20:23:25) AJ_Quick: Master784... leave.
(20:23:25) GBFans: exo95er logs into the Chat.
(20:23:26) bradboss12: good night!
(20:23:33) spookcentral: I, too, thought there would have been a commercial after she slams the fridge. I was surprised by how long they waited to put the first one in(nearly 30 minutes!).
(20:23:34) GBFans: Ghostbuster_Don logs out of the Chat.
(20:23:46) SonofSamhain: or the Bush administration
(20:23:51) bradboss12: chheze-its!
(20:23:51) BradRedfield: Foolish men, its a gremlin.
(20:23:52) gbmatt: frozen....wierd
(20:24:01) river_of_slime: that jar looks like it has marshmellows in it
(20:24:02) Harbinger78: Cheese-its!!!
(20:24:06) GBFans: Boomerjinks logs into the Chat.
(20:24:08) ROBOrob77: What time is it where everyone is at? It's 7:21pm where I am.
(20:24:11) venkmans_girl: now a days we'd have had at least 2 commercials by now logos all over and know whats next and then some
(20:24:11) Wheelhouse: Tobin's Spirit Guide - wonderful that it continued in RGB
(20:24:18) beezer090: 8:24 here.
(20:24:19) JBartlett: 8:24
(20:24:20) Zack: I always do the piano thing where ever I see one
(20:24:20) Boomerjinks: HOLY CHRIST
(20:24:21) BiggBoss: guess at the time, there were less ads..
(20:24:22) joeghostbuster: nevermind, tis working now, but choppy :(
(20:24:24) murphman: 1.26am
(20:24:25) Wheelhouse: 8:24
(20:24:28) beezer090: PM
(20:24:30) OAOSwartz: maybe since companies didnt expect tv to run commercials every 5 minutes for 3 minutes
(20:24:30) l5taylor: 01.24am here
(20:24:32) guitar1036: 7:24
(20:24:32) what0080: me too zack
(20:24:34) bradboss12: they hate this
(20:24:35) GBFans: Pagz logs into the Chat.
(20:24:38) StephenNess: 7.24pm here
(20:24:42) ogswiss: are there any RGB toy commercials during this showing?
(20:24:43) KevinGBM: I was curious, speaking of commercials, does anyone have the Ghostbusters cereal commercial without the "Glow in the Box" feature?
(20:24:43) Renton_gb: I do that too zack
(20:24:43) AJ_Quick: that's the only thing I can play on piano.
(20:24:43) Wheelhouse: I do this piano thing ALL THE TIME
(20:24:46) JBartlett: I'm curious to see what they're going to do with Tobin's Spirit Guide in the game. I get the impression it's going to be like a beastiary.
(20:24:47) gbmatt: nowadays they do commercials every 10 minutes and they last about 5 minutes
(20:24:47) ollidauss: 2.24am in germany
(20:24:49) JediChris1138: I'm really hungry
(20:24:50) Donkey8012: 7:23
(20:24:50) GBFamon: wow this goes on for a long time before commercials
(20:24:50) JediChris1138: HEY!
(20:24:51) spookcentral: 8:24 here in New York!
(20:24:51) JediChris1138: DUDE!
(20:24:53) ROBOrob77: I5taylor, I hope you don't have to get up early tomorrow.
(20:25:02) river_of_slime: but remember this was the premier of the movie on tv
(20:25:05) Zack: The GB novel says he wafts the sniffer aimlessly and feels its impressive
(20:25:07) bradboss12: what a crime
(20:25:08) Cincinnati_Busters: 8:25 here
(20:25:08) JediChris1138: What if the GAME comes with a limited edition leather bound tobin's spirit guide?????
(20:25:09) OAOSwartz: just one of our little toys
(20:25:11) Pagz: I'm at work and I have no sound, but this is still cool
(20:25:11) l5taylor: yeah i do actually, lol
(20:25:17) OAOSwartz: what a crime
(20:25:18) GBMax: 8:25 in Montreal
(20:25:18) river_of_slime: I just got the novel a month ago
(20:25:20) joeghostbuster: what a crime
(20:25:22) ogswiss: wat a crimee
(20:25:24) Harbinger78: NYC or NYS
(20:25:25) JediChris1138: 1337 40xx045
(20:25:25) GBFans: dudeurock logs into the Chat.
(20:25:25) what0080: worth the money
(20:25:27) ogswiss: lol
(20:25:27) gbmatt: donkey youre clock is worng...i got 7:25 :D
(20:25:28) Boomerjinks: Gentlemen
(20:25:34) bradboss12: the old novel?
(20:25:34) Zack: used car salesman
(20:25:35) BradRedfield: It'd be cool if GameStop did a limited edition for the game
(20:25:37) BiggBoss: I'd buy it even if it'd come in a gold box
(20:25:38) GBFamon: that would be an awesome limited addition
(20:25:38) ogswiss: 8:25 in bronx ny
(20:25:39) AJ_Quick: this is the first time I've ever seen Ghostbusters...
(20:25:41) ROBOrob77: I think "what a crime" might be my favorite line
(20:25:43) kind2311: ma'am
(20:25:44) Bigun03: Then I am getting the LE.
(20:25:49) BiggBoss: great music there
(20:25:50) JBartlett: I would rather Best Buy do a LE. I hate GameStop.
(20:25:52) Donkey8012: Must've forgot to wind it. : )
(20:25:56) joeghostbuster: 8:25 here - i got on late, and this pc is a bit slow
(20:25:56) river_of_slime: Stay Puft again!
(20:25:56) bradboss12: hi boomer
(20:26:01) Boomerjinks: printing pack labels now, the PDF file I have is probably the same everyone else has, but I want the red labels to be more red
(20:26:03) Zack: I never got "what a crime" when I was younger
(20:26:03) OAOSwartz: wow AJ what a bad liar you are
(20:26:06) Bigun03: Yeah I have 7:25pm too Donkey.
(20:26:07) JediChris1138: BB always overcharges and has CRAP
(20:26:09) l5taylor: are they keeping the horrid slime backround then?
(20:26:11) GBFans: Ray has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:26:13) BradRedfield: GS is more likely to do a LE though
(20:26:16) Boomerjinks: if that makes sense
(20:26:17) Pagz: Did everyone see on the DigitalBits that they've dropped the MSRP on Ghostbusters Blu Ray to I think it's $28.99
(20:26:20) JediChris1138: I'm gonna try to buy it straight from the source, or as close to as I can.
(20:26:21)  If you want to view this without the chat go here: https://www.theraffon.net/~spookcentral/stuff/gb1_1-29-1989_live_embed.htm
(20:26:28) river_of_slime: COKE!
(20:26:30) Cincinnati_Busters: Im hungry:(
(20:26:30) exo95er: product placement
(20:26:30) bradboss12: aj is silly hey Dave!
(20:26:31) JediChris1138: It'll probably come out at 22.99
(20:26:36) ogswiss: i hope gb2 blu ray comes out same day with features
(20:26:36) what0080: I was 15 when I got the "What a crime.." line.
(20:26:38) JBartlett: My brother stole me one of GameStop's empty "Coming Soon" cases for GB before they got rid of them. =P
(20:26:38) JediChris1138: THE CAN A'MOVED!
(20:26:39) Boomerjinks: any ideas or thoughts on how to replace the color with a richer red
(20:26:50) GBFans: DanAmrich logs into the Chat.
(20:26:50) BradRedfield: Man, old Coke can
(20:26:52) OAOSwartz: hello bradley
(20:26:52) JediChris1138: HOLY BOZINGAS
(20:26:55) AJ_Quick: adjust it in photoshop
(20:27:00) kind2311: boomer, you want nice labels, talk to bobamatt, tell him I sent u
(20:27:02) SonofSamhain: Someone stole my PKE meter? :(
(20:27:02) ROBOrob77: bleed
(20:27:08) DanAmrich: w00t! I'm at work but I'm gonna hang here as long as I can
(20:27:10) Cythusly: Boomer, you can adjust the red levels in Photoshop
(20:27:10) Zack: we both have the same problem...you
(20:27:11) BradRedfield: ?
(20:27:14) Wheelhouse: Did that can first say Coca-Cola and then in the other shot say COKE
(20:27:14) GBFans: Duo logs into the Chat.
(20:27:14) beezer090: The monster in my fridge is my phrase with my gf if we want to leave our friends' houses.
(20:27:17) Boomerjinks: adjust the pdf? how?
(20:27:25) DanAmrich: cool event AJ
(20:27:27) Donkey8012: I was able to snag most of the promotional stuff from Gamestop. No shirt though. :(
(20:27:27) beezer090: They think we're just quoting our favorite movie. haha.
(20:27:29) kind2311: will you please leave?
(20:27:32) bradboss12: ugh bradley? my aunts call me that:P
(20:27:33) KevinGBM: I've got it!
(20:27:36) Boomerjinks: when I try to load the pdf in photoshop, it asks for a password
(20:27:37) Harbinger78: i'm hoping for B luray of gb2 they do a commentary.
(20:27:39) JBartlett: Okay time to admit something: Who here has used the "Go for broke" line on a girl? /me raises hand.
(20:27:41) OAOSwartz: brad...i got bob to come on. he should arrive soon
(20:27:43) scc_skwerl: I always wondered why Dana has a disembodied hand on her end table...
(20:27:47) Zack: No Kiss? :D too forward?
(20:27:49) bradboss12: no kiss?
(20:27:50) GBFans: murphman logs out of the Chat.
(20:27:53) AJ_Quick: this is all Paul Rudoff's doing
(20:27:53) river_of_slime: Almost time for a commercial
(20:27:54) R2DEVO: @boomer convert the pdf to png, then you can edit those
(20:27:55) Duo: Hello Sorry i'm late what did i miss
(20:27:57) kind2311: nononononono I feel no pain!
(20:28:01) Zack: Louis tries to play it off haha
(20:28:03) l5taylor: is gb2 going to get good treatment this time?
(20:28:04) AJ_Quick: COMMERCIAL
(20:28:08) DanAmrich: well then cool to Paul. :)
(20:28:08) bradboss12: bob? haha
(20:28:11) spookcentral: There are two Coke cans in the fridge. Only visible in widescreen.
(20:28:14) what0080: commercial
(20:28:16) JediChris1138: do we get commercials?
(20:28:17) castewar: It's an artist reference hand - like the wooden figure dummies.
(20:28:18) JediChris1138: OH SWEET
(20:28:19) JBartlett: Louis. Haha.
(20:28:20) BradRedfield: YES
(20:28:22) OAOSwartz: YAY commercial
(20:28:22) venkmans_girl: and now a word from our sponsors
(20:28:22) KevinGBM: Sunday Night Movie?
(20:28:23) JediChris1138: they're all 80'fied
(20:28:23) Cythusly: hm, forgot about the password. is there any way to get around that, guys?
(20:28:27) l5taylor: harry crumb
(20:28:32) river_of_slime: John Candy!
(20:28:32) KevinGBM: What? It cant be on Saturday Night?
(20:28:32) castewar: Fletch got fat.
(20:28:33) StephenNess: lol
(20:28:33) joeghostbuster: john candy is the fucking man
(20:28:33) Pagz: Oh Man, Who's Harry Crumb!
(20:28:34) GBMax: Haary Cromb
(20:28:34) Donkey8012: Never seen that one.
(20:28:36) SchottGun: Yes! Harry Crumb
(20:28:39) ROBOrob77: classic
(20:28:45) river_of_slime: John was suppose to be in Gb1
(20:28:46) SonofSamhain: *gasp!* My favorite ABC segue!
(20:28:46) gbmatt: man i really miss john candy
(20:28:46) Deaditebuster: That was a great movie.
(20:28:48) SchottGun: I miss John Candy :(
(20:28:48) Wheelhouse: Ha, John Canday(Luis wannabe)
(20:28:49) Zack: I miss John Candy
(20:28:49) Harbinger78: nowadays he probably would have whipped it out
(20:28:50) l5taylor: its quite good actually
(20:28:52) bradboss12: funny he was going to louis
(20:28:54) JediChris1138: He was pretty awesome.
(20:28:55) scc_skwerl: Now THIS is what I wanted...some old 80s commercials
(20:28:56) kind2311: John Candy! the possible louis tully!
(20:28:56) AJ_Quick: CUTLASS!
(20:28:57) what0080: we miss you john candy...almost luis tully
(20:28:58) ogswiss: arg @ locking up
(20:29:02) joeghostbuster: hot car
(20:29:03) Donkey8012: Sweet Cutlass!
(20:29:03) l5taylor: t-bird? lol
(20:29:03) Duo: was that movie any good?
(20:29:05) OAOSwartz: what a minute...did they do a movie with dana carvey like that? master of disguise
(20:29:08) river_of_slime: Ohhh a t bird
(20:29:08) JediChris1138: I had an 88 cutlass
(20:29:13) JediChris1138: it was AWESOME
(20:29:13) bradboss12: i miss john too
(20:29:16) Wheelhouse: Wow, I had that car(1990)
(20:29:17) DanAmrich: that's some hot Olds action
(20:29:18) AJ_Quick: I love those sharp cut curves.
(20:29:20) JediChris1138: puke green, with a holley and flowmasters
(20:29:21) Deaditebuster: I love when he picks up a dinosaur egg and tells its owner "Ya know this could be worth something?"
(20:29:22) Bigun03: lol
(20:29:26) SonofSamhain: LMAO. *sigh* so 20th century.
(20:29:26) Duo: i'll have to rent it some time then
(20:29:27) BiggBoss: video jumpy as hell
(20:29:27) castewar: OAO, I say again... Fletch
(20:29:28) JBartlett: John Candy was so awesome in Stripes.
(20:29:29) Pagz: what a fine looking oldsmobile :p
(20:29:33) DanAmrich: It's not just a car -- IT'S YOUR FREEDOM!
(20:29:38) StephenNess: FREEDOM!
(20:29:40) AJ_Quick: CLASSIC 80's COMMERCIAL
(20:29:42) winston18: tom loves those curves!
(20:29:43) bradboss12: yeah master of disguise
(20:29:43) R2DEVO: freedome!
(20:29:44) AJ_Quick: FREEDOME!
(20:29:45) ROBOrob77: these commercials remind me of southpark satires
(20:29:45) OAOSwartz: "its not just a car...its your freedom" LMFAO
(20:29:47) guitar1036: lol
(20:29:47) GBFans: fattyboombar logs into the Chat.
(20:29:54) SonofSamhain: Give us us free!
(20:29:55) what0080: ah, I missed cheesy 80s commercial music
(20:29:55) RYAN2WESLEY: old school hair band music
(20:29:57) l5taylor: ahaha
(20:29:58) venkmans_girl: i like my salt
(20:29:58) beezer090: '80s cars were so fugly...
(20:30:00) river_of_slime: Salt!
(20:30:02) JediChris1138: I... wait, what?
(20:30:03) Zack: salt is bad? who would've thought
(20:30:04) l5taylor: no salt!!!
(20:30:05) ihsanamin: Damn, I'm catching flashbacks... LOL
(20:30:08) JediChris1138: mrs dash?
(20:30:09) scc_skwerl: HAHA MRS Dash!
(20:30:10) DanAmrich: Mrs. Dash says "Screw you, salt!"
(20:30:12) Pagz: mmm, I could sure go for some Mrs. Dash right about now
(20:30:12) BradRedfield: ...they play this as I eat salted popcorn
(20:30:16) bradboss12: naah eat more salt
(20:30:17) Wheelhouse: cut down on salt!
(20:30:17) Harbinger78: yummy msg! hoorayy!
(20:30:18) JediChris1138: I need beer
(20:30:19) Boomerjinks: how do I convert pdf into png?
(20:30:19) Bigun03: XD
(20:30:19) SonofSamhain: That salad looks nasty
(20:30:21) river_of_slime: Porno
(20:30:23) ogswiss: mrs dash...she was a whore...she had an affair with mrs buttersworths husband
(20:30:24) l5taylor: nice legs :)
(20:30:31) Deaditebuster: Then the millenium came and we said "screw you Mrs. Dash"
(20:30:32) Wheelhouse: Mrs. Dash 1, Salt 0
(20:30:32) spookcentral: Don'cha just love how cars in the 80's were all so angular?
(20:30:35) Wheelhouse: show 'em!
(20:30:35) what0080: nobody puts Mrs. Dash on popcorn
(20:30:37) JediChris1138: ZOMG
(20:30:41) ROBOrob77: Don't do rx drugs. go to www.danielchapterone.com for natural remedies
(20:30:41) gbmatt: rosanne!
(20:30:43) venkmans_girl: nice sweater Barbara walters
(20:30:44) GBFans: Metacrylate has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:30:44) Bigun03: Beer is nice
(20:30:46) JediChris1138: NEED WHISKEY
(20:30:46) OAOSwartz: i wish she wouldve stayed in her house
(20:30:48) JediChris1138: BRB
(20:30:53) Cythusly: Mrs. Dash has a better PR guy
(20:30:53) bradboss12: aaaaaaah rosannnnnne
(20:30:55) Wheelhouse: Bawbwa Waters?
(20:30:57) JediChris1138: wait no it's back!
(20:30:57) ihsanamin: WOW!
(20:30:58) mccoym2: Barbra Walters you tease you
(20:30:59) JediChris1138: ARGH
(20:30:59) SonofSamhain: Babara Walters...that jacket...my eyes. 8)
(20:30:59) ihsanamin: lol
(20:31:00) kind2311: damn mine is lagging bad!
(20:31:00) l5taylor: shhhhh..
(20:31:00) JediChris1138: not it isn't!
(20:31:07) JediChris1138: You teasing assholes!
(20:31:07) Deaditebuster: I want a MacGyver commercial
(20:31:08) GBFans: kind2311 logs out of the Chat.
(20:31:09) GBFans: gbmatt logs out of the Chat.
(20:31:11) R2DEVO: kevin, i can send them to ya if you'd like
(20:31:12) scc_skwerl: Columbo!
(20:31:13) ROBOrob77: Biggun03, I agree
(20:31:15) river_of_slime: Columbia!
(20:31:15) GBFans: Dougger has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:31:19) bradboss12: she was the house
(20:31:20) BradRedfield: COLUMBO
(20:31:20) l5taylor: Columbo....can i ask one last question!!
(20:31:20) Wheelhouse: mine is lagging bad too
(20:31:22) GBFans: kind2311 logs into the Chat.
(20:31:22) GBFans: gbmatt logs into the Chat.
(20:31:24) castewar: Ah, Thirtysomething, back when I wasn't Thirtysomething.
(20:31:26) GBFamon: Calumbo!
(20:31:28) StephenNess: Bert!
(20:31:34) RYAN2WESLEY: [color=blue][/color]columbo!
(20:31:38) GBFans: Stay_Puff_22 has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:31:43) JBartlett: Colombo is the shit.
(20:31:47) river_of_slime: Cars sucked back then
(20:31:47) Duo: mine is a bit slow but not to bad
(20:31:48) AJ_Quick: those cars were like $1000 new.
(20:31:48) mccoym2: i wish i had an eye for mystery
(20:31:48) Wheelhouse: How many commercials have we seen???
(20:31:57) venkmans_girl: can i just have the cash minus the car
(20:31:57) RYAN2WESLEY: this is so old school
(20:32:03) DanAmrich: how much for the cardboard Suzuki?
(20:32:03) OAOSwartz: 5
(20:32:04) darklantern2: What the hell is a Suzuki Swift?
(20:32:04) Deaditebuster: This reminds me of the Ghostbusters Spooktacular pre-show film
(20:32:05) StephenNess: We should all go and buy a suzuki and get a 1000 back
(20:32:08) bradboss12: must be cause we are all watching it(server explodes like ECU)
(20:32:08) what0080: cars were ugly
(20:32:09) Bigun03: 5
(20:32:09) ROBOrob77: a shit load
(20:32:16) SonofSamhain: I'm gonna call that number
(20:32:29) Cythusly: they had amazing gas mileage though!
(20:32:31) mccoym2: AJ 2009 suzukis are only like a thosand dllars
(20:32:33) l5taylor: you got that special feeling?
(20:32:35) Zack: lol milk
(20:32:36) AJ_Quick: bring home milk
(20:32:47) ihsanamin: Awesome Jack Davis illustration.
(20:32:47) Wheelhouse: ok, too many commercials. I'm suprised
(20:32:47) what0080: milk...
(20:32:48) Duo: i've never been to movie with such nosey ppl
(20:32:49) GuyBehindtheGuy: Who did end up being mayor?!
(20:32:50) l5taylor: Chew your Food!!
(20:32:51) venkmans_girl: i have a ny telephone construction hat..
(20:32:53) exo95er: thompson twins!
(20:32:53) kind2311: in the name of love yeahhh!
(20:32:57) DanAmrich: Thompson Twins FTW
(20:32:58) GBFans: WAGB23 logs into the Chat.
(20:33:00) river_of_slime: Kotch
(20:33:01) ROBOrob77: petty cash
(20:33:02) GBFamon: slow down.. dhew your food
(20:33:06) SonofSamhain: In the name of looove, yeah!
(20:33:07) GBFAN79: this is the last of the petty cash
(20:33:18) GBMax: ok, this is my scene!!!
(20:33:18) KevinGBM: Slow down.. chew your food
(20:33:19) kind2311: *egon working on thrower
(20:33:19) GBFAN79: YESSSSS!!!! ANNIE POTSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
(20:33:23) RYAN2WESLEY: here we go with catching slimer!!!
(20:33:24) Harbinger78: thower on the table ..people!
(20:33:26) JBartlett: What are those pinball machines?
(20:33:28) JBartlett: I've always wanted to know.
(20:33:29) GBFamon: we got one!
(20:33:29) l5taylor: WE GOT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!
(20:33:31) Donkey8012: I hope the video doesn't jump during the montage.
(20:33:35) venkmans_girl: now a days that would have been a staples easy button
(20:33:37) Zack: Egon straightening his tie
(20:33:40) exo95er: it's a call
(20:33:40) BradRedfield: We got two
(20:33:40) river_of_slime: Ecto-1 time!
(20:33:42) OAOSwartz: sooooo choppy
(20:33:47) dudeurock: I wonder if its your bandwith? (mines doing it too)
(20:33:47) Bigun03: I know that would suck
(20:33:47) SchottGun: yaaayy
(20:33:48) Master784: To many COMMERCIALS!!!
(20:33:50) kind2311: BUS BOYS FTW!!! WOO!
(20:33:52) what0080: that would be a great youtube video
(20:34:00) ROBOrob77: damn lag>:-D
(20:34:01) JBartlett: Er, well I guess there is only one pinball machine.
(20:34:06) joeghostbuster: this is painfully slow and choppy on my moms pc
(20:34:06) Cythusly: Was Annie Potts more attractive with the short hair in GB1 or the longer hair in GB2, thoughts?
(20:34:08) kind2311: ECTO!!@!!!
(20:34:11) river_of_slime: Dan forgot a bolt on the license plate
(20:34:14) kind2311: MY BABY!
(20:34:15) JBartlett: This is an awesome song.
(20:34:15) Duo: GB1
(20:34:18) Zack: they almost hit the guy
(20:34:21) Zack: stepping off the curb lol
(20:34:23) Bigun03: XD
(20:34:25) GuyBehindtheGuy: GB2
(20:34:25) OAOSwartz: i have FiOs and i'm hardwired to it
(20:34:26) KevinGBM: I always thought that is how the Ecto 1's first scene looked(just part of the grill and license plate)
(20:34:28) kind2311: GB@
(20:34:30) kind2311: 2
(20:34:33) JBartlett: That guy shouldn't have been standing there.
(20:34:34) Zack: bye Egon
(20:34:35) DanAmrich: my bandwidth is bad here on a shared T1 at the OXM offices
(20:34:36) Zack: :D
(20:34:44) AJ_Quick: they hit me
(20:34:44) JBartlett: =P
(20:34:47) JediChris1138: THIS WOULD BE SOOOO AWESOME IN 3D!!! and WITH MORE BEER!!!!
(20:34:49) AJ_Quick: you can still hear him!
(20:34:53) what0080: that gotta be some cockroach...
(20:34:55) GBFans: ctd669 has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:34:55) GuyBehindtheGuy: No, you kidding?
(20:34:57) Cincinnati_Busters: i wanna watch my rgb dvds:(
(20:34:59) OAOSwartz: maybe its from all the people watching and the chatroom
(20:35:00) joeghostbuster: this is why widescreen is the best, poor egon
(20:35:00) SchottGun: we handle this type of thing all the time
(20:35:07) l5taylor: ive not noticed any difference yet
(20:35:07) GBFamon: bit your head off man
(20:35:23) SchottGun: bite your head off man
(20:35:24) ihsanamin: Best thing about this movie is how they totally bullshitted their way into business.
(20:35:26) ihsanamin: Total rookies.
(20:35:26) Harbinger78: beer? my god give this man the nobel prize!
(20:35:27) SonofSamhain: This might seem like a dumb question, but was that button for the bell something the firehouse had in real life or was that an effect done specifically for the movie?
(20:35:28) JediChris1138: This is better than 8 track!
(20:35:28) spookcentral: OAOSwartz, I have Fios, too.
(20:35:31) bradboss12: some cockroach
(20:35:35) JediChris1138: or betamax!
(20:35:36) Deaditebuster: I told that to a friend of mine who doubted if I could help her with some work.
(20:35:37) Harbinger78: more raisons!
(20:35:39)  If you want to view this without the chat go here: https://www.theraffon.net/~spookcentral/stuff/gb1_1-29-1989_live_embed.htm
(20:35:43) JBartlett: I'm going to start every online XBL match by saying "We handle this kind of thing all the time!"
(20:35:48) joeghostbuster: scene in calendar!
(20:35:56) GuyBehindtheGuy: "So do I." I used that in a meeting once after someone accidentally set me up.
(20:35:57) bradboss12: i want fios
(20:35:59) SchottGun: lol Bartlett
(20:35:59) GuyBehindtheGuy: No one got it.
(20:36:09) JediChris1138: Fios is decent
(20:36:10) JediChris1138: but not as good as it sounds.
(20:36:14) l5taylor: i find it amazing how they have made the equipment which is really a futuristic tech
(20:36:23) SchottGun: we thought you were someone else
(20:36:24) Bigun03: LOOK OUT MAID
(20:36:24) bradboss12: is bob here?
(20:36:29) joeghostbuster: racists!
(20:36:29) JBartlett: I quote the movies like that too.
(20:36:31) R2DEVO: i like how she's putting the fire out with her spray bottle in the background
(20:36:32) GBFans: Ace2020boyd logs into the Chat.
(20:36:32) Nikorasu: ?
(20:36:32) GBFans: Dougger logs into the Chat.
(20:36:38) Zack: squirt bottle lol
(20:36:41) GBFans: winston18 has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:36:43) Zack: anyone ever know whats being said here
(20:36:44) OAOSwartz: no bob yet....that i know of
(20:36:44) what0080: yeah we can do more damage that way
(20:36:53) GBFAN79: yeah i agree jedi its ok its not that much more amazing from cable modem
(20:36:54) Zack: sound from a TV when he walks through the hall?
(20:36:54) bradboss12: we can do more damage that way
(20:36:54) river_of_slime: Onionhead!!!!!
(20:37:00) exo95er: venkman...venkman!
(20:37:00) l5taylor: has anyone tried making a real pack? lol
(20:37:04) Zack: it almost sounds like Ray's voice
(20:37:04) JBartlett: When I had an old Apple II, my dad set it to shut down with that "I think we'd better split up!" line.
(20:37:06) Donkey8012: Belushi!
(20:37:10) Master784: The movie is lagging a whole bunch :(
(20:37:13) GBFans: zilla57 has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:37:13) OAOSwartz: john belushi!!!!
(20:37:17) Cincinnati_Busters: ILL BE BACK
(20:37:22) joeghostbuster: love how the cigarette sticks to his bottom lip LOL
(20:37:24) Zack: shot from muppet babies theme!
(20:37:24) StephenNess: lol
(20:37:24) Duo: hey can i have some spud?
(20:37:28) bradboss12: he slimed bob..i mean me
(20:37:33) GBFans: DaHypr1 logs into the Chat.
(20:37:35) l5taylor: i think the slimer effects are brilliant
(20:37:42) GBFans: QZeddemoore logs into the Chat.
(20:37:44) GBFans: Ghostbuster_Man logs into the Chat.
(20:37:48) bradboss12: spud, bu mrs dash no salt
(20:37:53) Harbinger78: can't wait until master replicas stars making tbhis stuff
(20:37:53) GBFans: Boomerjinks has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:37:56) Duo: they are
(20:37:58) SonofSamhain: Slimer in Victor the Happy Ghost(when Victor tranforms): "OH MY GAAAWD." 8o
(20:38:05) QZeddemoore: yo!
(20:38:06) Deaditebuster: Those are some fancy-schmancy special effects
(20:38:06) spookcentral: Zack, I always wondered what that mysterious background audio playing on someone's TV in the hotel was? Anyone know what movie it is?
(20:38:06) river_of_slime: where is the next commercial break?
(20:38:07) l5taylor: i used to always have to turn the tv down at the point the trolley hits the wall, that seems to be the loudest part of the movei
(20:38:19) l5taylor: *movie
(20:38:19) scc_skwerl: Guhh...when Master Replicas starts selling this shit I'm gonna be so poor...
(20:38:19) GBFamon: He's an ugly little spud isnt' he?
(20:38:20) what0080: he's an ugly little spud, isn't he?
(20:38:22) GBFans: Wheelhouse has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:38:22) Deaditebuster: He can hear you Ray
(20:38:22) bradboss12: i think he can hear u ray
(20:38:24) GBFans: GBMax logs out of the Chat.
(20:38:28) Duo: yes it will
(20:38:39) Harbinger78: the lit bills face green for the end of the shot
(20:38:45) JBartlett: I really hope the MR pack is affordable.
(20:38:49) GBFans: jul_ri logs into the Chat.
(20:38:54) venkmans_girl: same here
(20:38:54) bradboss12: I want to see the MR stuff...
(20:39:02) what0080: when is the MR pack comin'?
(20:39:03) l5taylor: MR pack?
(20:39:05) JediChris1138: damn I hate this scene.
(20:39:07) river_of_slime: Its BRAD!
(20:39:07) Zack: for anyone ever wondering, they split up on different floors
(20:39:09) JBartlett: I'm not talented enough to make my own pack. <_ <
(20:39:10) GBFAN79: [color=blue][/color]that would be funny if he ripped ass
(20:39:13) StephenNess: Ron also helped in this scene as well
(20:39:14) JediChris1138: imagine watching this scene 8 hours a day for 3 weeks
(20:39:15) what0080: "Master Replicas"
(20:39:17) joeghostbuster: can you buy the movie w/out swears? my nephew is almost 5 and has seen it before but he's repeated some naughty things they say sometimes
(20:39:18) scc_skwerl: It'll be affordable...to those who can blow $1000 on GB props..
(20:39:19) GBFamon: when is the master replicas gb stuff supposed to be for sale?
(20:39:23) SonofSamhain: I love the music that plays right here
(20:39:24) Duo: some time later this year
(20:39:24) l5taylor: ah
(20:39:24) Zack: the novel says Ray leaps down the stairs several at a time to get to Venkman
(20:39:24) AJ_Quick: The MR pack will be $800+
(20:39:26) BradRedfield: ...huh?
(20:39:27) Harbinger78: depends ofn what they make it out of
(20:39:32) GBFans: Pagz logs out of the Chat.
(20:39:36) what0080: for that matter, when's the Trap comin out?
(20:39:40) l5taylor: anyone here make them?
(20:39:43) bradboss12: I think its me could be ID theft
(20:39:44) JBartlett: Zack: I always did wonder that. <_ <
(20:39:57) Nikorasu: i cant wait to see the MR stuff
(20:39:57) Duo: i'll only pay $400 on one an no more
(20:39:59) river_of_slime: The novel of Gb1 is pretty good!
(20:39:59) beezer090: Paul- You only got this tape last year? From eBay or something?
(20:40:02) DaHypr1: total protonic reversal
(20:40:12) AJ_Quick: MR is very bad about releasing things. Don't expect them to come out at all.
(20:40:21) ROBOrob77: an mr game pack would be great
(20:40:21) AJ_Quick: They say the trap will be here in the Spring, and Pack in the Fall
(20:40:22) joeghostbuster: "Im fuzzy on the good old bad thing" <- my nephew says
(20:40:22) what0080: try to imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously..
(20:40:26) BiggBoss: THE GB DEFINIG MOMENT
(20:40:29) spookcentral: Beezer, I got the tape from a temple's thrift shop.
(20:40:29) JBartlett: How much does it usually cost to make a replica? Anyone got like an estimate?
(20:40:33) bradboss12: watching it w/ my son he's six but knows not to say bad words : )
(20:40:34) BiggBoss: DEFINING
(20:40:37) exo95er: nice shooting tex
(20:40:38) Harbinger78: id pay 1000 for studio authorized
(20:40:38) darklantern2: I never realized how contrived this scene is. It's just a line of dialogue so at the end they take the very risk we were warned about. I hate being educated.
(20:40:41) DanAmrich: sorry guys, I'm out -- catch you later!
(20:40:43) river_of_slime: A lot of money Barlett
(20:40:45) Zack: Mrs Vanhouten?, Milhouse's mom on the Simpsons?
(20:40:49) Duo: AJ you have made me die alittle with that comment
(20:40:51) Donkey8012: I'm out everyone, but I'll be back in 15.
(20:40:54) GBFans: dudeurock has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:40:56) GBFans: DaHypr1 logs out of the Chat.
(20:40:58) mccoym2: "And the flowers are still standing!!"
(20:41:05) spookcentral: Ghostbusters wasn't even on the label.
(20:41:06) river_of_slime: The flowes are stil standing
(20:41:08) Zack: lens flare
(20:41:10) JediChris1138: Just you guys wait!
(20:41:12) Nikorasu: this will teach ya to mess with a guy with a positron collider
(20:41:22) ogswiss: when i was a kid
(20:41:23) ogswiss: i did that to table
(20:41:24) what0080: maybe now you won't slime a guy with a positron collider, huh?
(20:41:27) ogswiss: in an italian resturant
(20:41:31) ogswiss: my dad never took me out again
(20:41:36) ogswiss: lmao
(20:41:36) GBFans: Cythusly has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:41:37) Ghostbuster_Man: This is awesome!
(20:41:40) beezer090: I digitized my copy to DVD because short circuit, which was also on thetape, was looking really bad...
(20:41:42) Duo: so did i an my dad beat me for it
(20:41:42) Zack: Oh Egon you idiot lol
(20:41:44) GBFans: Ace2020boyd has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:41:46) WAGB23: i looked at the trap ray....8o
(20:41:46) GBFans: AF-Ghostbuster logs into the Chat.
(20:41:48) SchottGun: I looked at the trap Ray
(20:41:49) AJ_Quick: MR only has 2 employees. They announce more products than they make.
(20:41:51) GuyBehindtheGuy: Yeah, darklantern, Ramis readily admitted to that in the DVD commentary. At its heart, it's a comedy first.
(20:41:52) spookcentral: Even got some home-recorded tapes from 1983. Anyone want to see The 20 Minute Workout with commercials?
(20:41:52) BradRedfield: I hate how in the 2pack master Slimer's colors bleed onto the streams
(20:41:53) GBFans: Bigun03 has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:41:53) ogswiss: and they say movies dont influence kids
(20:41:55) beezer090: But, I have no commercials.
(20:41:57) SonofSamhain: Slimer sounded like he took a big crap
(20:42:06) KevinGBM: Hey guys, gotta head out for now. Shall return! Enjoy the movie!
(20:42:07) gbmatt: MR sucks
(20:42:12) Zack: commercial time? :P
(20:42:12) AJ_Quick: HERE COMES AN ALT SCENE!
(20:42:12) beezer090: lol
(20:42:18) Nikorasu: we came we saw we kicked its ass!
(20:42:18) GBFans: numb56 logs into the Chat.
(20:42:19) SchottGun: we came, we saw, we KICKED IT'S ASS!
(20:42:21) AJ_Quick: AFTER THE BREAK
(20:42:22) what0080: that wasn't such a chore, now was it?
(20:42:32) SchottGun: Nnnooooo!!!
(20:42:32) JediChris1138: CENSCORED!!!!!
(20:42:33) OAOSwartz: AAAAHHHHHH! my screen is literally stuck on the trap open
(20:42:33) Duo: or not
(20:42:35) BradRedfield: Oooooh
(20:42:38) JBartlett: Wendy's!
(20:42:38) JediChris1138: Your ASS has been DENIED
(20:42:39) fattyboombar: roll on june 19th(16th) for most of u lol.
(20:42:41) exo95er: alt scene? the wendy's commercial?
(20:42:41) GBFans: Neolarthytep logs into the Chat.
(20:42:42) AJ_Quick: You guys know they can't say ass on the tv.
(20:42:42) GBFans: Master784 has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:42:45) EctoCooler: WEndys FTW
(20:42:55) OAOSwartz: i got sound but its just frying my retinas
(20:42:56) BradRedfield: Oh yeah, 80s beat
(20:42:56) JBartlett: God I want Wendy's now. But there's a foot of snow outside, I really shouldn't go. <_ <
(20:42:57) ihsanamin: WTF is a Philly Swiss burger?
(20:42:58) KevinGBM: Take care and see you guys later! Laters!
(20:43:00) joeghostbuster: the Wendys in my neighborhood closed awhile ago :(
(20:43:03) SonofSamhain: I was about that old in '89
(20:43:03) Duo: but ass it such a fun word
(20:43:06) gbmatt: yet iv heard them say bitch and fuck on tv before
(20:43:07) GBFamon: I am eating Wendy's right now.
(20:43:08) river_of_slime: a shit load of car commercials
(20:43:09) QZeddemoore: holy crap 1989 commercials and all ! this is great!
(20:43:10) WAGB23: what a knock of pure fun that was :P
(20:43:18) GBFamon: Spicy Chicken FTW
(20:43:20) Harbinger78: heres a question how much time do you have untill a trap runns out of power?
(20:43:23) venkmans_girl: oh no the parents are going on the honeymoon
(20:43:23) what0080: damned ugly box cars...
(20:43:29) beezer090: Chevrolet...waht happened...gov't bailouts now? bleeding cash? Shame...
(20:43:32) JediChris1138: holy crap CHEX
(20:43:32) AJ_Quick: mmm
(20:43:34) SchottGun: I'm staying in Louisville this week, it's been a war zone with ice/snow here
(20:43:35) BradRedfield: Holy crap
(20:43:40) Deaditebuster: Chevy, Wendys. You can't get much better than that! CHEX!! I guess you can
(20:43:42) joeghostbuster: Chex is the shit!
(20:43:43) JediChris1138: CHEX
(20:43:44) BradRedfield: nostalgiablast
(20:43:53) AJ_Quick: I want Chex.. NOW
(20:43:53) SonofSamhain: Norman Rocwell
(20:43:54) JediChris1138: OM NOM NOM
(20:43:56) what0080: i miss chex
(20:44:00) StephenNess: Yeah same here in Evansville, snow and ice
(20:44:05) SchottGun: lol
(20:44:06) darklantern2: GBtGuy: Excellent point, besides this movie is infallible. It's the funniest damn movie ever.
(20:44:06) OAOSwartz: losta sellick commercials
(20:44:06) ihsanamin: Wow. Never saw this commercial before...
(20:44:08) Deaditebuster: that guy was trying to eat her Chex!
(20:44:09) what0080: and trix
(20:44:11) EctoCooler: it lets the milk blast thru?8o
(20:44:13) bradboss12: retinas a jedi craves not these things
(20:44:14) BiggBoss: MR sucks?? why? I got a forceFX lightsaber, and it kicks ass
(20:44:18) SchottGun: I can has Chex mix pleaz?
(20:44:18) spookcentral: Hey. remember when Tom Selleck had a movie career? Yeah, neither do I :-)
(20:44:21) exo95er: what did she just sya?
(20:44:27) GuyBehindtheGuy: Agreed.
(20:44:29) GBFans: KevinGBM logs out of the Chat.
(20:44:29) Deaditebuster: The 2nd best mustache ever, below Chuck Norris.
(20:44:32) OAOSwartz: they still make chex cereal
(20:44:33) joeghostbuster: nice cum-catcher of a moustache there, Magnum
(20:44:34) GBFans: Dougger has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:44:34) BradRedfield: He would've been a weird Indiana Jones
(20:44:35) Neolarthytep: LOL this is hysterical
(20:44:37) beezer090: Never even heard of that movie, Her Alibi...
(20:44:38) GBFans: jwm260 logs into the Chat.
(20:44:44) what0080: they got away w/ that on TV?
(20:44:50) bradboss12: back when michael was cool
(20:44:57) joeghostbuster: no more bad words from me
(20:44:57) SchottGun: oh wow, Who's the Boss
(20:44:59) StephenNess: Who winkled My Randy Travis poster?
(20:45:02) Cincinnati_Busters: rosane sucks
(20:45:04) Duo: lol
(20:45:04) Zack: poor Forbes
(20:45:04) ROBOrob77: rosanne. classic
(20:45:05) exo95er: what?!?
(20:45:05) what0080: remember, he made "Thriller"
(20:45:09) BradRedfield: Whoa
(20:45:10) GBFamon: Weak1
(20:45:17) JediChris1138: p23098rq023850q345802q39650
(20:45:17) OAOSwartz: what a knock about of pure fun that was
(20:45:17) JediChris1138: <>
(20:45:17) GuyBehindtheGuy: Wha-whaaaa?!
(20:45:21) GuyBehindtheGuy: What kind of a crappy line is that?!
(20:45:23) JBartlett: What a knockabout of pure fun THAT was.
(20:45:23) JBartlett: Ha.
(20:45:25) venkmans_girl: thriller is getting turned into a broadway musical
(20:45:27) beezer090: Now being sued by John Landis over it...
(20:45:29) Zack: I was in Ghostbusters, I was the black guy...standing at the door
(20:45:31) scc_skwerl: "What a knockabout of pure fun THAT was.." ...I LOLd
(20:45:32) l5taylor: yeah i noticed that
(20:45:39) SchottGun: hahaha, I honestly don't think I've heard that line
(20:45:39) GBFans: Donkey8012 has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:45:41) BiggBoss: we ll I got headhache, I better go
(20:45:45) gbmatt: crap...frozen again
(20:45:49) bradboss12: well kids us OLD people have to put our kids to bed--had a lot of fun :) cya Dave : )
(20:45:49) darklantern2: Knock about of pure fun? That's...wow. Can't wait for Wally Wick later.
(20:45:52) GBFans: DanAmrich has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:45:52) beezer090: Not necessarily...John Landis not happy about a musical w/out his input.
(20:45:52) exo95er: montage
(20:45:52) joeghostbuster: why is audio fine but video is choppy
(20:45:52) AJ_Quick: BiggBoss. MR only has 2 employees. They might not sell GB stuff at all.
(20:46:03) what0080: "knockabout of pure fun"? Who says that crap!?
(20:46:14) BradRedfield: Montage~!
(20:46:14) Nikorasu: ABC says that crap
(20:46:14) spookcentral: I thought I recognized you, Zack.
(20:46:16) OAOSwartz: random bearded guy
(20:46:17) StephenNess: and here comes Ron's big "part" the other one that is
(20:46:18) river_of_slime: I di
(20:46:21) GuyBehindtheGuy: Guy with the beard in the back was not an extra.
(20:46:22) river_of_slime: I do
(20:46:23) GBFans: GBFAN79 has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:46:24) SonofSamhain: That's my cousin behind the reporter
(20:46:27) EctoCooler: HEMAN!
(20:46:28) BiggBoss: Paul, hope you can get the whole log out
(20:46:30) scc_skwerl: Hey...I say "Knockabout of pure fun."...
(20:46:30) spookcentral: Wait until the new "Ten Hut" line pops up.
(20:46:30) AJ_Quick: because audio takes nothing.. and because you are on dialup
(20:46:35) SonofSamhain: kidding
(20:46:35) BradRedfield: *pelvic-thrusts to song*
(20:46:38) Ghostbuster_Man: WHO YA GONNA CALL!?!?!?
(20:46:39) JediChris1138: Theme song theme song... themedy tehmedy theme theme theme SONG
(20:46:47) gbmatt: i wouldnt biy from master replicas if my life depended on it....i dont see why others do
(20:46:47) Zack: Joe Medjuck! behind Egon
(20:46:49) Harbinger78: as fun as this is it feels like im having a seizure with all the skipping so i'm out
(20:47:00) joeghostbuster: no, its cable connection
(20:47:01) GBFans: AF-Ghostbuster has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:47:01) GBFans: Harbinger78 logs out of the Chat.
(20:47:02) JediChris1138: I'm really just listening and chatting
(20:47:09) scc_skwerl: Y'know you gotta have a montage!
(20:47:11) JediChris1138: I've kinda... you know... scene this movie once before.
(20:47:12) AJ_Quick: wait until Fort Determine scene comes up.
(20:47:12) GBFans: DaHypr1 logs into the Chat.
(20:47:13) Cincinnati_Busters: same
(20:47:15) RYAN2WESLEY: CASEY!
(20:47:28) Zack: same here
(20:47:33) Duo: let me get off xbox an maybe it will speed up for me
(20:47:33) BiggBoss: gbmatt: what's so wrong with them?
(20:47:33) GBFans: numb56 has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:47:37) SchottGun: Casey Kasem!
(20:47:40) beezer090: Another edit coming up...No ghostly playmate...
(20:47:40) BradRedfield: There's an energy to this that the GB2 montage lacks
(20:47:41) Zack: he's lost a lot of weight
(20:47:41) river_of_slime: there is no BJ scene
(20:47:41) EctoCooler: Joe Franklin!
(20:47:47) Nikorasu: what was that about the fort scene?
(20:47:48) joeghostbuster: whoa, major cut
(20:47:49) AJ_Quick: CUT
(20:47:55) BradRedfield: Whoa
(20:47:56) exo95er: this was great... dinner time.
(20:47:57) ogswiss: its freezin for me too and i have cable and 4gb ram
(20:47:57) JediChris1138: wait...
(20:47:57) QZeddemoore: skipped the ghost BJ
(20:48:00) GBFans: exo95er logs out of the Chat.
(20:48:03) SonofSamhain: Damn, they just scrapped the ghost sex
(20:48:03) beezer090: lol
(20:48:03) JediChris1138: I want my spectral BJ
(20:48:05) SchottGun: If there's a steady pay check in it, I'll believe in anything you say
(20:48:10) river_of_slime: gotta run I might be back later
(20:48:12) JediChris1138: I'm a necroblow-jobiaac?
(20:48:13) what0080: normally no BJ = fail. but this is on my ipod...
(20:48:17) beezer090: I never felt the B really fit the tone of the whole movie...
(20:48:17) EctoCooler: ERNIE!
(20:48:21) JBartlett: Winston! :D
(20:48:26) Neolarthytep: shoot we're probably pegging the server
(20:48:26) SonofSamhain: well, ghost bj
(20:48:28) l5taylor: it cut out the fort montage
(20:48:29) gbmatt: BiggBoss-MR deosnt really have the best stuff out there
(20:48:29) GBFans: borzou99 logs into the Chat.
(20:48:33) darklantern2: Remember when the heroes of movies used to sit around and smoke for no good reason?
(20:48:35) GuyBehindtheGuy: Anyone had a wet dream involving a ghost?
(20:48:43) JediChris1138: yea... that was good times..
(20:48:46) Cincinnati_Busters: nou
(20:48:46) what0080: me, twice
(20:48:47) GBFans: ForceRENDER logs into the Chat.
(20:48:49) BradRedfield: Winny Zed...best. nickname. EVER.
(20:48:53)  If you want to view this without the chat go here: https://www.theraffon.net/~spookcentral/stuff/gb1_1-29-1989_live_embed.htm
(20:48:53) Duo: me one time but i dont want to go it to it
(20:49:05) l5taylor: do we get to see the full fort scene on the bd?
(20:49:09) GBFans: fattyboombar has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:49:09) OAOSwartz: is that supposed to be the guy she marries?
(20:49:15) QZeddemoore: I found out that the stiff is Ellis Duald from Beverly Hills Cop 3 !!!
(20:49:18) GBFans: DDevil192 logs into the Chat.
(20:49:18) JediChris1138: where can i get that jacket?
(20:49:20) JBartlett: I always tell my girlfriend that she is the best one in her row after she has choir concerts.
(20:49:22) JediChris1138: It's TOTALLY LA
(20:49:23) castewar: If puppycam can't peg the server, then we're not going to.
(20:49:26) BiggBoss: gbmatt, ok, I am not really into props but isn't it one of the top brands?
(20:49:30) Zack: Oscars bastard father
(20:49:37) EctoCooler: the stiff is oscar's dad
(20:49:37) GBFamon: Be back in a little bit. Nature calls
(20:49:38) GuyBehindtheGuy: Swartz, they don't say, but Ramis says he always figures it was.
(20:49:43) spookcentral: Lowered video quality to 55 in case that helps the lag and skips. I'm trying folks...honest.
(20:49:46) Duo: kill him!
(20:49:52) QZeddemoore: i know
(20:50:01) GuyBehindtheGuy: Love that she pronounces it for him. Just brilliant acting.
(20:50:02) GBFans: ForceRENDER logs out of the Chat.
(20:50:03) gbmatt: supposedly, but ive heard bad things about master replicas
(20:50:05) JediChris1138: ITS A FREEZER
(20:50:06) QZeddemoore: but if you've seen beverly hills cop then you know what I mean
(20:50:06) StephenNess: Actually, Im Oscar's bastard father
(20:50:07) venkmans_girl: getting a coke
(20:50:07) OAOSwartz: i figured
(20:50:07) Zack: i don't blame paul, one time i turned into a dog and he helped me
(20:50:11) GuyBehindtheGuy: Acting/writing.
(20:50:13) SonofSamhain: Gozer's my uncle
(20:50:20) l5taylor: hey paul, you're doing a good job, dont worry
(20:50:22) SonofSamhain: my tranny uncle
(20:50:23) Duo: dont worry spook you doing a hell of a job
(20:50:25) JediChris1138: REFRIDGERATOR/FREEZER
(20:50:26) BradRedfield: My grandma
(20:50:31) guitar1036: end that
(20:50:38) guitar1036: 2nd*
(20:50:40) what0080: and I found out on gametrailers, Zuul ha s a building named after him in the NES game...
(20:50:40) beezer090: Yeah, this is pretty much sweet.
(20:50:41) joeghostbuster: LOL @ Zack
(20:50:42) GBFans: ROBOrob77 has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:50:42) venkmans_girl: gozer is gonzo from the muppets father
(20:50:44) beezer090: We should meet on a
(20:50:49) castewar: Flag at half mast - history incoming in three, two, one...
(20:50:51) EctoCooler: I love eating and reading
(20:50:51) GBFans: bradboss12 has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:50:51) beezer090: Saturday morning and watch the cartoon.
(20:50:57) Zack: lol at not even knowing Egon is standing right there in the basement
(20:50:58) GBFans: nightmarejoe logs into the Chat.
(20:50:59) darklantern2: Yeah, I mean, honestly, do we need to "see" this movie? I can hear the audio and know exactly what's happening. That, and I'm supposed to be working.
(20:51:14) SonofSamhain: lool@venkmans_girl
(20:51:20) GBFans: trendkiller logs into the Chat.
(20:51:24) EctoCooler: light is gren, trap is clean
(20:51:25) darklantern2: Smoke 'em if you got 'em!
(20:51:27) JBartlett: The light is green, the trap is clean. :D
(20:51:30) SchottGun: when the light is green, trap is clean
(20:51:38) joeghostbuster: who bought the $1600 ebay one?
(20:51:38) JediChris1138: VIDEO GAME!!!!!!!!!
(20:51:39) JediChris1138: WANT TO TRAP THINGS
(20:51:39) StephenNess: My toilet works the same way
(20:51:39) BradRedfield: Winston's like,"Who cares, wheres my paycheck"
(20:51:47) GBFans: superfan82 logs into the Chat.
(20:51:47) venkmans_girl: i thought you click and dragged the traps into the containment unit
(20:51:48) beezer090: Do any of them smoke in GB 2?
(20:51:48) GBFans: mccoym2 has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:51:50) GBFans: graboskyc has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:51:51) Cincinnati_Busters: lets all play street fighter
(20:51:53) SchottGun: EPA Booooooo!!
(20:51:54) OAOSwartz: obviously billdoesnt smoke lol
(20:51:54) GuyBehindtheGuy: Food services!
(20:52:00) QZeddemoore: ghostbusters whatddya want!
(20:52:00) beezer090: I'll sue your funny face!
(20:52:04) spookcentral: The Zuul building in the NES game is really the Shandor building.
(20:52:06) JediChris1138: I want a crunch bar
(20:52:07) JediChris1138: or a twinkie
(20:52:08) GBFans: mike304 logs into the Chat.
(20:52:14) SchottGun: Haiduken!
(20:52:18) Neolarthytep: yea but the cig totally makes teh sceen
(20:52:21) Ghostbuster_Man: The Containment Unit scene is one of my fave scenes!
(20:52:25) BradRedfield: Ygoa Fire!
(20:52:28) Zack: notice he never acknowledges his title of Doctor
(20:52:29) BradRedfield: *Yoga
(20:52:32) EctoCooler: what is...the "magic" word...Mr. Venkman?
(20:52:34) Zack: and keeps calling him Mister
(20:52:34) GBFans: YoshioKun13 logs into the Chat.
(20:52:42) GBFans: WAGB23 has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:52:43) SchottGun: Tiger Uppercut!
(20:52:43) borzou99: Poor William Atherton
(20:52:43) GBFans: Gb213 logs into the Chat.
(20:52:44) JBartlett: I wonder what the containment unit is going to look like in the game.
(20:52:47) borzou99: that guy really got harrassed after the movie
(20:52:48) SonofSamhain: Yeah, that use to be the best feeling. Tuning into the movie then tuning into the RGB on Saturday mornings. Ghostbusters fever.
(20:52:49) BradRedfield: Abracadabra
(20:52:49) JediChris1138: this movie makes me really hungry
(20:52:49) Duo: i got a bag of crunch bars if anyone wants one
(20:52:52) GBFans: river_of_slime has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:52:53) GBFans: alfulle logs into the Chat.
(20:52:56) Gb213: hi there
(20:52:56) JediChris1138: I want
(20:52:56) GBFans: bobamatt logs into the Chat.
(20:53:00) JediChris1138: I want
(20:53:02) JediChris1138: I NEED
(20:53:05) JediChris1138: a crunchety crunch bar
(20:53:06) BradRedfield: Get over here! ...wait...
(20:53:07) Cincinnati_Busters: i want one
(20:53:07) l5taylor: me
(20:53:07) GBFans: Donkey8012 logs into the Chat.
(20:53:11) darklantern2: Why didn't Atherton make more films? He is such a good dick.
(20:53:11) Duo: lol
(20:53:16) Cincinnati_Busters: or two
(20:53:19) borzou99: He did
(20:53:19) Zack: PLZ!
(20:53:20) jul_ri: The man has no dick
(20:53:23) beezer090: Is the game a "sandbox" game like GTA? That would be sweet to take calls and go where you want for sidequests...
(20:53:23) borzou99: Lethal Weapon
(20:53:25) borzou99: no
(20:53:25) BiggBoss: well in the NES version you had to walk 22 flors
(20:53:27) borzou99: Die Hard
(20:53:27) Cincinnati_Busters: or 999999999999
(20:53:31) Gb213: i need some popcorns
(20:53:31) l5taylor: yeah like in die hard
(20:53:36) borzou99: sorry, Die Hard and Die Hard 2
(20:53:36) SchottGun: Your doing it wrong, BradRedfield lol
(20:53:40) JBartlett: D:
(20:53:40) Zack: the alternate take is funny, when he gets really mad at "funny face"
(20:53:47) what0080: I'm still waiting on my RGB DVD set.....
(20:53:49) borzou99: and Last Samurai
(20:53:50) OAOSwartz: funny face
(20:53:50) JediChris1138: FUNNY FACE?
(20:53:50) l5taylor: funny face
(20:53:52) SchottGun: lol
(20:53:52) AJ_Quick: FUNNY FACE
(20:53:54) Cincinnati_Busters: its over 9000!!!!!!!!!
(20:53:55) darklantern2: ...Funny face?
(20:53:56) beezer090: Total dick in die hard, lol
(20:53:57) SonofSamhain: Sue your funny face
(20:53:57) Zack: on hon! whats gonna happen?
(20:54:00) JediChris1138: What the CRAP?
(20:54:00) Gb213: me too wahat0080
(20:54:03) what0080: has anyone ever tried to make a twinkie 35 ft. long weighing approximately 600 lbs...?
(20:54:05) EctoCooler: Facepalm
(20:54:10) GBFans: rockstar232007 logs into the Chat.
(20:54:14) BradRedfield: Shoryuken!
(20:54:20) ihsanamin: Classic commercial.
(20:54:20) venkmans_girl: i live near corning where that pot was made
(20:54:28) joeghostbuster: chat is choppy too :(
(20:54:29) GBFans: ForceRENDER logs into the Chat.
(20:54:36) Duo: i dont think any has but we GB fan need to do it
(20:54:38) Cincinnati_Busters: haduken
(20:54:42) darklantern2: What does Winston say instead of "I've seen some shit that will turn you white!?"
(20:54:48) AJ_Quick: JediChris1138.. its EDITED FOR TV.
(20:54:54) GBFans: DaHypr1 has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:54:54) Gb213: since I opened the chat, the streaming got slow
(20:54:54) Gb213: :s
(20:54:59) Gb213: :(
(20:54:59) trendkiller: AMX sucks
(20:55:00) JediChris1138: I know.
(20:55:00) EctoCooler: NOBODY takes AmEx anymore
(20:55:06) Zack: lol
(20:55:06) JediChris1138: But I like to be excitable.
(20:55:06) Zack: stuff
(20:55:06) what0080: does your child also experience feelings of dread in his basement or attic?
(20:55:06) AJ_Quick: The Cutlass?
(20:55:07) beezer090: I've seen stuff
(20:55:10) BiggBoss: gotta go, check the colors once on the roff at the end, sky is purple not yellow like the latest DVD
(20:55:17) BradRedfield: In Mother Russia, Plane boards you for China!
(20:55:21) borzou99: ha ha
(20:55:22) JBartlett: Is that actually proportional?
(20:55:24) GBFans: DDevil192 has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:55:25) SonofSamhain: Yeah, you could just charge anything back then
(20:55:27) mike304: I want a Ford Taurus.
(20:55:28) JediChris1138: ninja music + ford taurus = ?
(20:55:29) beezer090: Well, you can believe mr. wick...
(20:55:32)  If you want to view this without the chat go here: https://www.theraffon.net/~spookcentral/stuff/gb1_1-29-1989_live_embed.htm
(20:55:40) venkmans_girl: now i want popcorn
(20:55:40) ihsanamin: LOL My first car was an 89 Taurus.
(20:55:45) Zack: its funny after he says "I've seen stuff" the guy with the dark glasses still reacts accordingly
(20:55:45) Neolarthytep: OH shit Orville
(20:55:46) SonofSamhain: Orville!
(20:55:47) Zack: ORVILLE
(20:55:47) l5taylor: hey paul, check this out http://www.norwich.gov.uk/webapp?s/news/news.asp?cid=5340
(20:55:52) BradRedfield: Holy shit, I'm eating that exact popcorn right now!
(20:55:52) Gb213: old school tv ads, great!
(20:55:52) OAOSwartz: is this when orville wasnt cgi?
(20:55:53) what0080: those days are officially long gone...
(20:55:54) JediChris1138: is that actually him?
(20:55:55) joeghostbuster: "Ive seen some crazy mamma jamma stuff!"
(20:56:05) Neolarthytep: yea
(20:56:05) Cincinnati_Busters: POPCORN!!!!!!!!8o
(20:56:11) darklantern2: "Deez crackas is crazy!"
(20:56:20) GBFans: bobamatt logs out of the Chat.
(20:56:20) GBFans: zacharybroyles logs into the Chat.
(20:56:25) mike304: "You got an 'I'? That's worse than an F!"
(20:56:28) spookcentral: It seems the chat is slowing down the video, or the video is slowing down the chat, or both. Syncing the chat and the live video was a good idea in theory.
(20:56:28) guitar1036: look at charles gibson
(20:56:32) borzou99: wow, look at her hair
(20:56:35) SonofSamhain: Was that Ernie Anderson?
(20:56:36) guitar1036: and that logo
(20:56:36) OAOSwartz: news brief
(20:56:40) beezer090: Look at her hair!!!
(20:56:48) EctoCooler: Cholesterol is bad??
(20:56:48) trendkiller: everybody getting choppy stream ? im on fios and it sucks =\
(20:56:56) BradRedfield: Oh no, this isn't good!
(20:56:59) AJ_Quick: The Chatroom has been slowed down intentionally.
(20:57:04) beezer090: Paul, this is freakin' great.
(20:57:05) OAOSwartz: i have fios and choppy vid
(20:57:06) SonofSamhain: Sununu!
(20:57:06) Duo: what cuba is going to attack!? oh shit
(20:57:09) mike304: I hope that Sununu guy was right.
(20:57:12) Cincinnati_Busters: go to flickr look up liru the werewolf
(20:57:14) ihsanamin: WOW @ the news.
(20:57:20) BradRedfield: Wessa gonna die?
(20:57:26) what0080: sununu, poor kid...
(20:57:26) borzou99: well, good game guys
(20:57:27) beezer090: Look at that car!!
(20:57:27) SonofSamhain: That name sounds so Star Warsy. Sununu
(20:57:30) Gb213: I think I better log out the chat, hoping the streaming gets better
(20:57:41) BradRedfield: Holy shit!
(20:57:45) EctoCooler: hotwheels!!!
(20:57:46) joeghostbuster: yeah this is still cool even w/ choppy vid etc
(20:57:49) zacharybroyles: YES!\
(20:57:50) OAOSwartz: those kids are prolly dead or drug addicts lol
(20:57:53) venkmans_girl: yay happy meal
(20:57:53) GBFans: QZeddemoore logs out of the Chat.
(20:57:58) GBFans: nightmarejoe has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:57:58) darklantern2: Those kids have probably all turned to porn by now.
(20:57:59) beezer090: Wow. Remember when Happy Meals came in boxes...
(20:58:06) zacharybroyles: yes sir
(20:58:07) kind2311: slouzbry stouvre for keykey!
(20:58:07) trendkiller: true true
(20:58:08) BradRedfield: Anyone remember the Super Mario 3 Happy Meal toys?
(20:58:09) GBFans: MetaruRyuu logs into the Chat.
(20:58:12) Cincinnati_Busters: go to flicr look up liru the werewolf
(20:58:18) venkmans_girl: i used to love the halloween buckets
(20:58:22) Duo: i need vodka if i'm going to stay here
(20:58:22) JBartlett: Hot Wheels!
(20:58:25) trendkiller: PPack on the floor
(20:58:25) venkmans_girl: twinkie!
(20:58:25) AJ_Quick: they still do.. don't they?
(20:58:26) EctoCooler: thats a big twinkie
(20:58:26) Gb213: see ya around
(20:58:29) GBFans: Gb213 logs out of the Chat.
(20:58:29) GuyBehindtheGuy: Twinkie!!!
(20:58:34) JediChris1138: WANT TWINKIE
(20:58:35) what0080: If McDonald's nuggets are NOW made from whole white meat, what were they before?
(20:58:39) venkmans_girl: yes they do the boxes
(20:58:39) what0080: has anyone ever tried to make a twinkie 35 ft. long weighing approximately 600 lbs...?
(20:58:39) joeghostbuster: if video was reduced in size, would it play smoother?
(20:58:42) JediChris1138: WHAT IF THE GAME COMES WITH A TWINKIE??????
(20:58:47) venkmans_girl: once in a while its a bag
(20:58:50) zacharybroyles: somehow i doubt it
(20:58:51) GBFans: ForceRENDER has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:58:53) GBFans: ForceRENDER logs into the Chat.
(20:58:54) SonofSamhain: The Monday Night movie theme around that time was AMAZING.
(20:58:55) GBFans: ForceRENDER logs out of the Chat.
(20:58:56) Cincinnati_Busters: go to flickr look up liru the werewolf
(20:58:58) AJ_Quick: no. unless your computer sucks.
(20:58:59) JediChris1138: that would be awesome AND delicious!!!!!
(20:58:59) Zack: the original dvd had a crappy layer change right there
(20:59:00) mike304: like 90% rib meat lol
(20:59:04) OAOSwartz: an 1984 twinkie
(20:59:05) GuyBehindtheGuy: Jedi--holy cross marketing!
(20:59:16) JediChris1138: Marketing is fun.
(20:59:19) GBFans: StephenNess has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:59:20) joeghostbuster: 80s nuggets = random ground up chicken parts
(20:59:22) BradRedfield: Dah daaaaaah
(20:59:26) JediChris1138: Just wait until the Ghostbusters Ked's come back into fashion
(20:59:29) JBartlett: Good Lord I'm lagging. XD Haha.
(20:59:49) EctoCooler: scariest part in the movie. Traumatized me for life...
(20:59:55) BradRedfield: Its gonna be a Hot Night~!!
(20:59:58) OAOSwartz: holy gb lag batman
(20:59:59) R2DEVO: random ground up chicken parts = might tasty
(20:59:59) GBFans: BiggBoss has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:00:02) GBFans: ForceRENDER logs into the Chat.
(21:00:03) Nikorasu: lag fest
(21:00:05) GBFans: trendkiller logs out of the Chat.
(21:00:08) what0080: what track was this?
(21:00:08) darklantern2: You made a date, tonight, you backstabbing whore!
(21:00:13) SchottGun: especially with bbq sauce
(21:00:14) SchottGun: mmmm
(21:00:17) JediChris1138: How I hate this song
(21:00:18) AJ_Quick:(whispers to spookcentral) I suggest logging out of the chat.. it could be slowing down the broadcast.
(21:00:18) AJ_Quick:(whispers) I suggest logging out of the chat.. it could be slowing down the broadcast.
(21:00:30) GBFans: GBFamon has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:00:30) GBFans: rockstar232007 has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:00:38) Zack: the phone ring is the scariest part
(21:00:38) Nikorasu: woo break dancing and twister
(21:00:39) JediChris1138: I really need a crunch bar
(21:00:46) GBFans: User Ghostbuster1984 is in channel Public.
(21:00:47) GBFans: AJ_Quick logs into the Chat.
(21:00:48) JediChris1138: to hell wit hit. When this is over I'm gettin' a crunch
(21:00:52) GBFans: ninjabrew logs into the Chat.
(21:00:53) beezer090: This part freaked out my students...
(21:00:53) JediChris1138: ZOMG NIPPLES A COMMIN'!!!!!
(21:00:54) GBFans: RYAN2WESLEY has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:00:55) scc_skwerl: It disappoints me, to this day, that we never get to see Louis try to breakdance...
(21:00:57) Duo: come to Alabama an i'll give you one
(21:01:00) beezer090: The arms...
(21:01:01) Cincinnati_Busters: :):(;):P:D:|:O:?8)8oB):-):-*O:-D>:-D:o):idea::important::help::error::warning::favorite:
(21:01:05) AJ_Quick: if the chat and video are lagging.. try refreshing the page.
(21:01:20) joeghostbuster: yeah, i jump sometimes when that phonerings
(21:01:23) venkmans_girl: tbuster
(21:01:24) BradRedfield: Holy spam, Batman!
(21:01:27) GBFans: fresnoghostbusters logs into the Chat.
(21:01:29) Zack: oh no.
(21:01:29) darklantern2: One of those monsters hands is awfully...grabby.
(21:01:35) GBFans: ollidauss has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:01:37) JediChris1138: htis part would be AWESOME in 3D!!!!!
(21:01:38) GBFans: superfan82 has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:01:48) BradRedfield: Gotta cop a feel sometime in the afterlife
(21:01:50) what0080: lets see if the nip slip survives...
(21:01:50) AJ_Quick: OH NO!
(21:01:58) mike304: 'oh no'
(21:01:58) beezer090: Hell's Kitchen is on!!
(21:02:00) zacharybroyles: SO SCARY
(21:02:00) joeghostbuster: also try reformatting C drive, that helps sometimes
(21:02:05) JediChris1138: Oh no she DI'N'T
(21:02:05) mike304: jinx
(21:02:05) beezer090: Oh no!!
(21:02:06) Duo: weeeee!
(21:02:12) Donkey8012: There isn't a nip slip right there...
(21:02:14) SonofSamhain: Speak of the devil
(21:02:16) GBFans: borzou99 has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:02:18) Cincinnati_Busters: grabby ghoulies
(21:02:18) JBartlett: Oh that helped a lot. Thanks.
(21:02:20) EctoCooler: real nova scotia salmon. $14.99 a lb.
(21:02:20) SonofSamhain: >:-D
(21:02:26) spookcentral: Lower video quality a bit more, and fps too. Hopefully that makes things better. Any lower and it'll look REALLY shitty.
(21:02:29) BradRedfield: You could also fix the rabbit ears, you might get a better reception
(21:02:29) venkmans_girl: yay for generic
(21:02:32) scc_skwerl: darklantern2, if you were given a monster glove and told to grope on Sigourney Weaver back then, would you not be grabby?
(21:02:32) Deaditebuster: Sensitive eyes look away
(21:02:36) Zack: its funny the girl that's perfect for Louis and he's not paying attention
(21:02:39) JediChris1138: all my favorite movies have boobies
(21:02:47) JediChris1138: Even REturn of hte Jedi has a boobie
(21:02:57) kind2311: tits!!!
(21:02:57) zacharybroyles: Disco inferno
(21:03:01) AJ_Quick: she is so stupid
(21:03:02) venkmans_girl: got to love the disco music
(21:03:04) EctoCooler: Ted Annette!
(21:03:05) Duo: it dose where
(21:03:07) GBFans: mike304 logs out of the Chat.
(21:03:07) zacharybroyles: why wasnt this on the soundtrack?!
(21:03:08) JBartlett: I love their dance.
(21:03:10) beezer090: I just watched Haertbreakers with ehr the other day....Sigh...
(21:03:11) JBartlett: It makes me lawl.
(21:03:14) Zack: lol @ the guy that hides behind the chair
(21:03:17) GBFans: fresnoghostbusters logs out of the Chat.
(21:03:20) darklantern2: scc_skwerl: I'd STILL grope Ripley, especially after Galaxy Quest. I'm such a nerd.
(21:03:21) BradRedfield: She probably works at a gas station and is a chain smoker
(21:03:24) Neolarthytep: they have a small dry cleaning busines
(21:03:29) BradRedfield: *now
(21:03:29) castewar: Because it was a massive hit that cost big $?
(21:03:33) SchottGun: ok who brought the dog
(21:03:35) JediChris1138: she's a little old now adays
(21:03:37) joeghostbuster: Louis couldve motorboated those things
(21:03:37) MetaruRyuu: who brought the dog.lol
(21:03:37) AJ_Quick: does the one person really fall off the soundstage?
(21:03:38) JediChris1138: for my taste
(21:03:45) MetaruRyuu: d'oh. lag.
(21:03:46) GBFans: fresnoghostbusters logs into the Chat.
(21:03:50) GBFans: blackbelt_1222 logs into the Chat.
(21:03:53) JediChris1138: he probably did
(21:03:58) zacharybroyles: the old lady cracks me up
(21:03:58) JediChris1138: THat's probably the only ass he ever got
(21:04:00) zacharybroyles: HUHH
(21:04:08) Zack: poor old doorman
(21:04:09) JediChris1138: << is saying ass because the movie refuses to
(21:04:12) EctoCooler: bad effects!
(21:04:13) Duo: daddy daddy i want one can i can i
(21:04:21) GBFans: ollidauss logs into the Chat.
(21:04:24) Zack: no pets in the building? classic.
(21:04:26) JediChris1138: wait, where are the bUMS!
(21:04:26) SonofSamhain: lol. Out my way, granddad
(21:04:32) joeghostbuster: now, would diners be able to see dog?
(21:04:32) JediChris1138: My version has two BUMS talking!!!!
(21:04:36) beezer090: So, is Louis eaten? Fused?
(21:04:42) GBFans: fresnoghostbusters logs out of the Chat.
(21:04:46) GBFans: QZeddemoore logs into the Chat.
(21:04:47) BradRedfield: "We're too rich to open doors!"
(21:04:48) SchottGun: Maybe I've got a milkbone
(21:04:50) beezer090: Good question, Joe.
(21:04:51) Cincinnati_Busters: raped
(21:04:53) MetaruRyuu: lol
(21:04:55) JBartlett: I wonder how often people do that at that restaurant.
(21:04:57) darklantern2: I had nightmares about being unable to get in places while being chased after this. God. Am I Louis? NOOOOOO
(21:04:57) GBFans: jwm260 has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:05:04) joeghostbuster: i always wondered why they just sat there like turds
(21:05:06) venkmans_girl: never have generic aspirin in your pockets
(21:05:06) AJ_Quick: the diners DON'T CARE.
(21:05:10) GBFans: gbrob logs into the Chat.
(21:05:12) what0080: or get out of our seats...
(21:05:12) AJ_Quick: its New York.
(21:05:14) JediChris1138: that's so typical NY
(21:05:15) Duo: lol yes you are
(21:05:15) SonofSamhain: That's what I always wondered, the physics behind Lois & Dana's possession.
(21:05:23) GBFans: ForceRENDER has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:05:25) GBFans: fresnoghostbusters logs into the Chat.
(21:05:27) GBFans: ForceRENDER logs into the Chat.
(21:05:30) JediChris1138: ...physics?
(21:05:34) GBFans: rodie logs into the Chat.
(21:05:37) JediChris1138: Physics behind a possession?
(21:05:37) EctoCooler: thats a new look for you...
(21:05:40) BradRedfield: Well, they won't be getting help from Spider-Man the next a super villian shows up.
(21:05:40) darklantern2: That's Tavern on the Green, isn't it? It's super posh. No nerds allowed.
(21:05:41) Zack: It's funny I think when she opens the door again, he sounds like figures it supposed to be some sort of roleplaying
(21:05:41) GBFans: Error: Missing channel name.
(21:05:43) Zack: "yeeees"
(21:05:45) JediChris1138: Doesn't that make it, you know, an affliction, and not a possession?
(21:05:46) AJ_Quick: Its a movie.
(21:05:54) enchanted_unicorn: mmmmm ZUUL!
(21:05:58) GBFans: ForceRENDER logs out of the Chat.
(21:06:00) gbrob: wow almost missed it
(21:06:03) GBFans: DaHypr1 logs into the Chat.
(21:06:03) joeghostbuster: Herro?
(21:06:06) GBFans: ninjabrew has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:06:15) enchanted_unicorn: almost february
(21:06:35) beezer090: This is crazy. There are virtually no commercials...
(21:06:37) Zack: I want you...."inside me"
(21:06:46) Cincinnati_Busters: ADHD makes it hard to chat do homework and watch teh movie
(21:06:46) JediChris1138: is there a gb porn?
(21:06:48) DaHypr1: is that a trick question
(21:06:54) JediChris1138: I mean, there's star wars and star trek porn
(21:06:54) SonofSamhain: Well, not necessarily physics persay, but how creatures that big entered their bodies
(21:06:54) JediChris1138: there's gotta be GB porn somewhere
(21:06:55) joeghostbuster: YES
(21:06:59) SchottGun: rule 34
(21:06:59) Donkey8012: I love that line.
(21:07:03) SchottGun: so i'm sure there is
(21:07:04) Cincinnati_Busters: rule 34
(21:07:05) enchanted_unicorn: this is the part where is scren capped her face for the calandar
(21:07:07) YoshioKun13: Yah, these days it feels like there's ads almost every 5 mins!
(21:07:10) joeghostbuster: rule 34 baby
(21:07:11) what0080: rule 34: if it exists, there is porn of it...
(21:07:14) BradRedfield: Bow chicka wow wow
(21:07:14) JediChris1138: there is like... 50 peeps in here
(21:07:16) Duo: yes my friend there is not much but there is
(21:07:16) venkmans_girl: ADHD makes my life so much more entertaining
(21:07:17) AJ_Quick: SonofSamhain are you related to Paco?
(21:07:18) Donkey8012: Maybe that Ghostspy stuff is Ghostbusters porn.
(21:07:19) SchottGun: yep
(21:07:19) AJ_Quick: I WANT YOU
(21:07:24) gbrob: we can get her a guest shot on wild kingdom
(21:07:25) JediChris1138: someone's gotta know about the porn
(21:07:25) GBFans: OAOSwartz has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:07:25) beezer090: Paul, what did you mean on your website when you say all alternate footage and even some newly discovered...
(21:07:29) Zack: its funny when Bill talks to David Letterman about that part
(21:07:29) darklantern2: "I want you..."
(21:07:29) GBFans: ghostbusterinuk logs into the Chat.
(21:07:35) beezer090: What did you find newly discovered.
(21:07:38) SchottGun: ooh.. good topic.. what does everyone think of this Ghostspy business?
(21:07:43) Cincinnati_Busters: wow a lot of people said rule 34
(21:07:46) ihsanamin: lol
(21:07:48) DaHypr1: i hope its fake actually
(21:07:56) EctoCooler: Two and a half....
(21:07:57) what0080: complete hores**t
(21:07:58) MetaruRyuu: yikes
(21:07:59) Duo: he needs to die in a hole
(21:07:59) DaHypr1: the new "pack" looked retarded
(21:07:59) JBartlett: I hope it's fake too. I don't like those packs.
(21:08:01) JediChris1138: so we can talk about ghostspy or porn
(21:08:03) Zack: Ivan Reitman's voice?
(21:08:04) Zack: I forget
(21:08:04) ogswiss: of course its fake
(21:08:04) GBFans: castewar has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:08:05) GBFans: castewar logs into the Chat.
(21:08:07) Cincinnati_Busters: im 14 i shoudnt know wat rule 34 is
(21:08:08) gbrob: are we going to stream GBII any time soon?
(21:08:09) SchottGun: I'm thinking its a live commercial for the Wii version of the game
(21:08:10) JediChris1138: It's not FAKE per se
(21:08:11) GBFans: meszichiah logs into the Chat.
(21:08:12) GBFans: Phantom684 logs into the Chat.
(21:08:14) SonofSamhain: Tranny
(21:08:17) BradRedfield: There is no Dana, only school
(21:08:17) JediChris1138: I'm guessing its a commercial for the game or some such
(21:08:19) JBartlett: Best impression I can do is the "There is no Dana only Zuul" voice.
(21:08:19) enchanted_unicorn: someone should come up with rules 1-33
(21:08:26) ogswiss: i cant believe theres people that are even questioning if ghostspy is really gb3
(21:08:34) guitar1036: other than the site with ghost logo
(21:08:42) GBFans: Neolarthytep has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:08:45) guitar1036: there's nothing watching it that makes it tie to ghostbusters
(21:08:52) venkmans_girl: rule 1 don't leave eggs on the counter
(21:08:54) GBFans: Dan_AKA logs into the Chat.
(21:09:01) EctoCooler: the roar always scared me...
(21:09:02) Dan_AKA: Hello New York!
(21:09:05) guitar1036: so I think it's something else
(21:09:11) ogswiss: like yeah the pack design is def used as theirs
(21:09:11) SchottGun: I don't think it's GB3.. the CG "monster" looks like the entity in the game that collects everything around him and forms the monster
(21:09:15) ogswiss: but that dont mean nothing
(21:09:17) JBartlett: That band on the street is awesome.
(21:09:18) GBFans: Dr.D logs into the Chat.
(21:09:19) beezer090: Commercial after he kicks the bags...
(21:09:24) Deaditebuster: My screen is a still-shot of Peter looking pensively at the bed.
(21:09:27) Dan_AKA: Oh jesus, a ghostspy discussion?
(21:09:32) Zack: the thought that Louis probably would have had sex with the horse
(21:09:32) BradRedfield: Play the Mario Bros. theme!
(21:09:33) Dr.D: I'm here
(21:09:33) spookcentral: Anyone notice the alternate line a minute ago? Instead of saying "I want you inside me" she just said "I want you". I listened carefully to it and it was not an edit of the original line.
(21:09:34) Cincinnati_Busters: rule2 dont multitask
(21:09:34) joeghostbuster: Louis as Vince Clortho > Louis as Louis
(21:09:38) ogswiss: i dont evenm think it has anything to do with theg ame
(21:09:38) enchanted_unicorn: yes dan join in!!
(21:09:40) GBFans: Phantom684 logs out of the Chat.
(21:09:43) ogswiss: cuz y change the packs that drastic
(21:09:45) Duo: no rule one is dont cross the streams
(21:09:46) AJ_Quick: WHAT AN....
(21:09:47) ogswiss: its nothing tod o with GB
(21:09:48) venkmans_girl: someone didn't update their rabies shot
(21:09:49) SonofSamhain: yep, that's the tradition
(21:09:52) what0080: According to many sources... the GB upcoming game is GB3
(21:09:53) darklantern2: What an asshole.
(21:10:04) JediChris1138: what?
(21:10:07) what0080: what an asshole...
(21:10:07) gbrob: this is great
(21:10:09) beezer090: Called it! Ha.
(21:10:09) JediChris1138: What the hell is this lady talking about?
(21:10:09) AJ_Quick: I like being happy
(21:10:21) ihsanamin: Ugh @ the cut. LOL
(21:10:26) Duo: wtf is this shit
(21:10:28) GBFans: fresnoghostbusters has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:10:32) meszichiah: happy happy
(21:10:34) BradRedfield: I got a taaaaste for some real food
(21:10:38) enchanted_unicorn: was that arby's?
(21:10:38) Deaditebuster: I once shouted "You will perish in flames!" to an anonymous guy on the street.
(21:10:47) AJ_Quick: powerful enough to pick up a cat
(21:10:52) GBFans: rodie has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:10:52) GBFans: QZeddemoore has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:10:59) SonofSamhain: lmao. She was sangin' that song. "I goootta taste for some real food!
(21:10:59) BradRedfield: What the hell
(21:11:00) joeghostbuster: my stil screen is Next TIme...
(21:11:10) GBFans: ollidauss has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:11:11) darklantern2: Time to go home. Thanks for the link, AJ. This was a lot of fun.
(21:11:13) ghostbusterinuk: it's not streaming for me too well
(21:11:15) SchottGun: yeah, mine just now changed from that
(21:11:17) venkmans_girl: yummy orange juice..
(21:11:18) Nikorasu: JUICE!!!
(21:11:23) GBFans: Spooky logs into the Chat.
(21:11:23) YoshioKun13: I'm trying to see if there's any commercials I actually remember seeing back then. So far nada...
(21:11:25) Cincinnati_Busters: imagin tmnt rule 34
(21:11:30) ghostbusterinuk: sound is fine but image hardly moves
(21:11:31) enchanted_unicorn: <---staring at an orange stream
(21:11:33) joeghostbuster: You tell em Mary
(21:11:35) Dan_AKA: Wellllp, the video isn't loading more me.
(21:11:36) gbrob: you should run this 24/7 plz. :-)
(21:11:45) AJ_Quick: OH MY GOD...
(21:11:47) BradRedfield: Oh crap
(21:11:47) Spooky: password?
(21:11:49) BradRedfield: 2017
(21:11:50) what0080: there actually is TMNT rule 34...
(21:11:51) AJ_Quick: ECLIPSE!
(21:11:55) GBFans: Dr.D has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:11:57) Dan_AKA: Kevin.
(21:12:02) Deaditebuster: Wow, only 8 year away.
(21:12:02) Spooky: Got it
(21:12:04) Nikorasu: cant stop starring
(21:12:06) Spooky: hey Danny!
(21:12:07) JBartlett: There's everything Rule 34. That's the point of Rule 34.
(21:12:09) joeghostbuster: SEX OMG
(21:12:13) enchanted_unicorn: how do you dial 911? lol
(21:12:13) GBFans: Dr.D logs into the Chat.
(21:12:14) GBFans: darklantern2 logs out of the Chat.
(21:12:16) GBFans: gbmatt logs out of the Chat.
(21:12:20) meszichiah: ooohhhh learn about conception
(21:12:21) YoshioKun13: I wasn't sure if the choppy video was my computer or the live stream. Guess it's the stream
(21:12:23) SonofSamhain: Hey, that guy had a Cosby sweater
(21:12:26) Dan_AKA: THe chat is filled with idiots I think...
(21:12:29) venkmans_girl: william shatner taught me how to dial 911
(21:12:32) BradRedfield: Michael Jackson ow
(21:12:34) Dan_AKA: Not sure how long I will stay..
(21:12:35) Spooky: I'm sure it is
(21:12:38) Cincinnati_Busters: i know but imagine it oh yea im 14 I shoudlnt be thinkin that
(21:12:45) what0080: randy travis?
(21:12:48) Donkey8012: For real, most of them posting in red...
(21:12:52) GBFans: DaHypr1 has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:12:54) Duo: hey that hurts
(21:12:56) GBFans: MetaruRyuu has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:12:58) GBFans: MetaruRyuu logs into the Chat.
(21:13:00) Spooky: Well this stream is ummm not so great and I got a good connection
(21:13:01) SonofSamhain: I :favorite: Anita Baker
(21:13:03) GBFans: gbmatt logs into the Chat.
(21:13:06) gbrob: Yes have some. Yes have some.
(21:13:10) EctoCooler: best monologue ever from Rick!
(21:13:11) BradRedfield: But the kids love us
(21:13:19) joeghostbuster: no, were not idiots, were all 8 and 9 years old again
(21:13:23) Dan_AKA: I heart you.
(21:13:29) AJ_Quick: Dan_AKA.. I have been puling my hair out since 5pm.
(21:13:31) what0080: i don't think he's human...
(21:13:36) GBFans: blackbelt_1222 has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:13:37) venkmans_girl: i'm enjoying my trip down memory lane..
(21:13:39) Donkey8012: :D
(21:13:47) YoshioKun13: Me too :)
(21:13:55) Cincinnati_Busters: hhhmmmm rule 34 legend of zelda
(21:14:00) GBFans: MetaruRyuu has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:14:00) Dan_AKA: What the stream runing on AJ, it's not showing on my PC.
(21:14:01) GBFans: MetaruRyuu logs into the Chat.
(21:14:12) Spooky: Picture keeps freezing...bummer
(21:14:14) joeghostbuster: I wish I could memorize this monologue by Rick
(21:14:17) JBartlett: God I love that speech.
(21:14:21) Dan_AKA: Also AJ, you should be proud, at least this got some new blood into the Chat.
(21:14:22) enchanted_unicorn: Dan did you enter the password?
(21:14:26) ogswiss: flash
(21:14:26) Spooky: Oh well I'm gonna make some hot pop corn brb Dan and Aj
(21:14:27) what0080: shubs and zuuls?
(21:14:28) ogswiss: player
(21:14:33) GBFans: seamonkey420 logs into the Chat.
(21:14:33) AJ_Quick: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/gb?1_1-29-1989
(21:14:35) SonofSamhain: Just think of the stream freezing in terms of 1989 antenna snow
(21:14:37) EctoCooler: I recite this speech from memory MANY times
(21:14:40) AJ_Quick: password "ghostbusters"
(21:14:40) JBartlett: I've got it memorized, but I usually stumble over my own words too much to recite it correctly. =/
(21:14:58) Dan_AKA: Page cannot be displayed.
(21:15:09) JediChris1138: I WANT THAT HAT
(21:15:16) EctoCooler: that waters boiling!!
(21:15:31) SchottGun: I've always wondered how he just so happens to have 300 cc's of thoroziene(sp?) on him
(21:15:31) Zack: we have to find Ray and the black guy, I need him here immediately
(21:15:41) BradRedfield: rofl
(21:15:44) joeghostbuster: good scene
(21:15:48) GBFans: Central_Ga_Ghostbusters logs into the Chat.
(21:15:50) AJ_Quick: its a movie.
(21:15:56) enchanted_unicorn: why is winston driving?
(21:15:57) Duo: i love this music in this scene
(21:15:57) joeghostbuster: lol @ Zack again
(21:16:01) AJ_Quick: he gets the thoroziene from Dana's apartment.
(21:16:05) EctoCooler: when you could still drink in a car...
(21:16:05) JBartlett: This is one of my most favoritest scenes in any movie ever.
(21:16:08) what0080: maybe dana had thorozine..
(21:16:09) Cincinnati_Busters: arnt denikes cartoons considerid rule 34?
(21:16:10) BradRedfield: This scene reminds me of Terminator for some reason
(21:16:10) Zack: Oh no its revelation 6:12 :P
(21:16:11) l5taylor: the bible passage she quotes is wrong
(21:16:18) Zack: lol
(21:16:19) venkmans_girl: winston needed something to do besides stand there and look pretty
(21:16:23) Dan_AKA: Oh well AJ, I see it in this form someday.
(21:16:24) l5taylor: *he
(21:16:25) gbrob: yep
(21:16:27) guitar1036: i love the scene where you just see ecto
(21:16:29) JediChris1138: man, VIDEO GAME
(21:16:31) guitar1036: and the morning light
(21:16:32) JediChris1138: Where is it?
(21:16:36) Deaditebuster: Looks like someone missed Sunday School
(21:16:38) what0080: revelations 6:12
(21:16:48) Deaditebuster: Wait for the fantastic drum music
(21:16:49) Duo: yes
(21:16:49) guitar1036: here
(21:16:56) AJ_Quick: I don't know Dan.
(21:16:59) Dan_AKA: Die AJ.
(21:17:01) SonofSamhain: There go the Twin Towers. :-( Still miss that skyline. R.I.P
(21:17:01) JBartlett: Maybe in the universe that Ghostbusters takes place in, that passage is 7:12 isn't wrong. >:(
(21:17:03) Dr.D: the song is sped up
(21:17:04) joeghostbuster: where are Winstons sunglasses?
(21:17:05) Cincinnati_Busters: rad!
(21:17:05) Spooky: Haha classic
(21:17:06) BradRedfield: What bridge plays on song?
(21:17:12) Zack: :P
(21:17:15) Dan_AKA: But only die because of the music comment.
(21:17:23) YoshioKun13: Too bad there's no 80s music like that in movies anymore :(
(21:17:30) Cincinnati_Busters: wats the bridge song?
(21:17:32) BradRedfield: ...
(21:17:34) GBFans: meszichiah has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:17:34) what0080: classic skyline
(21:17:35) beezer090: crazy edits coming up...
(21:17:37) venkmans_girl: isn't the song from the songs of bridges soundtrack..
(21:17:37) Duo: no joke
(21:17:38) Zack: that low synth note
(21:17:42) GBFans: DocLathropBrown logs into the Chat.
(21:17:43) Zack: braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
(21:17:46) AJ_Quick: the firehouse looks so white and clean!
(21:17:48) BradRedfield: Uh, I think thats because were not in the 80s anymore
(21:17:58) gbrob: now it is my turn wise ass
(21:18:04) guitar1036: give me a sec. with the bridge question and i'll get back to you. i KNOW this one.
(21:18:05) guitar1036: brb
(21:18:08) Cincinnati_Busters: i wanna see the 80s
(21:18:09) venkmans_girl: i don't think were in the 80s any more toto
(21:18:14) beezer090: And the oh shit when he shuts it off.
(21:18:15) YoshioKun13: I know why, it's just too bad
(21:18:16) AJ_Quick: ok.
(21:18:18) AJ_Quick: thnx
(21:18:23) joeghostbuster: Janine was way hotter in GB2 to answer someones question from awhile ago
(21:18:24) Duo: i cant miss the 80s i'm too young
(21:18:33) Zack: clear the building!!!!!!1
(21:18:43) l5taylor: sorry paul, i have to go, its like 02.18am here and i have work in 6 hours :(
(21:18:45) BradRedfield: Well, you could wait till 2080.
(21:18:49) Cincinnati_Busters: i was born in 94 so I missed the 80s
(21:18:50) gbrob: nothin like NY in the 80's
(21:18:51) JediChris1138: Oh, yea
(21:18:54) spookcentral: The song on the bridge was a piece from the score album. I forgot the title.
(21:18:54) JediChris1138: I wonder if I'll live that long
(21:19:01) JediChris1138: That'd be sweet!
(21:19:11) Zack: pencil neck geek
(21:19:15) SonofSamhain: Amen!@gbrob
(21:19:22) venkmans_girl: i miss the 80s such good times and childhood memories
(21:19:24) GBFans: Shredder565 logs into the Chat.
(21:19:24) BradRedfield: Damn kids, back in my 80s we had ghostbusters and the turtle ninjas!
(21:19:32) what0080: dont be a jerk...
(21:19:32) YoshioKun13: "You do your job pencil-neck, don't tell me how to do mine!" - one of my favs
(21:19:33) GBFans: spookcentral logs into the Chat.
(21:19:37) AJ_Quick: oops sorry spooky
(21:19:42) GBFans: Pagz logs into the Chat.
(21:19:44) Spooky: ?
(21:19:45) what0080: also transformers...
(21:19:53) Cincinnati_Busters: u all suck im a different gen
(21:19:56) AJ_Quick: I deleted your popcorn comment
(21:20:02) Spooky: Oh
(21:20:06) joeghostbuster: i couldnt tell cause of the choppiness but isnt Louios sniffing someone in that scene?
(21:20:08) Spooky: its cool
(21:20:11) castewar: It's called Judgement Day - track 25
(21:20:13) venkmans_girl: back in my 80's almost every tv show/movie had a cartoon spinoff and sugary cereal.. and saturday cartoons went til noon
(21:20:16) Dan_AKA: Spooky... Let's make food.
(21:20:17) AJ_Quick: You will notice the video came back to life. Having Spookcentral in the chat room is slowing everything down.
(21:20:17) MetaruRyuu: arg. couln't type. yay to Transformers!
(21:20:24) spookcentral: AJ, I hope you can get me a transcript of this chat because I just lost it all. :-(
(21:20:25) Zack: Ron Jeremy!
(21:20:26) GBFans: ollidauss logs into the Chat.
(21:20:31) l5taylor: right, night guys, thanks paul!
(21:20:31) YoshioKun13: I like seeing the split-view FX of this scene on the DVD
(21:20:40) SonofSamhain: lol. I remember visiting NYC in the 80's , passing over a manhole cover, & wondered if the TMNT would come up & play with me.
(21:20:41) AJ_Quick: No problem Paul.
(21:20:47) Duo: good night
(21:20:49) Spooky: Dan I didn't get a chance to cook real food today...
(21:20:53) EctoCooler: Your mother!!!
(21:21:02) GBFans: Central_Ga_Ghostbusters has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:21:04) gbrob: it's funny how they cut out the cursing and smoking in GBII
(21:21:05) Dan_AKA: AJ, I hope you can get the transcripts of this Chat when it's just me, kind, Kevin and Kay.
(21:21:06) joeghostbuster: YOUR MOTHER
(21:21:06) beezer090: More edits...
(21:21:12) JBartlett: Stay Puft Marshmallows ad on the building. :D
(21:21:12) AJ_Quick: Spookcentral: Did you see what I said though? you being in here is slowing down the video.. everything is working fine again!
(21:21:13) what0080: AMEN, ectoCooler
(21:21:14) Dan_AKA: It happens bro, all I had today was crackers.
(21:21:15) SonofSamhain: Mick Smiley..sang.B)
(21:21:16) ihsanamin: ???
(21:21:20) spookcentral: Actually, me getting logged out of the chat(for some unknown reason), and then logging back in seemed to have fixed things. Go figure.
(21:21:24) Dan_AKA: Now I have some doritos, that's my dinner for the night.
(21:21:29) AJ_Quick: LETS MAKE SOMEE... PLEASE
(21:21:29) GBFans: seamonkey420 has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:21:31) BradRedfield: I believe its maaagic~
(21:21:31) Zack: MAGIC
(21:21:32) Cincinnati_Busters: in the 80s you didnt have crash bandicoot!
(21:21:35) EctoCooler: Slimer loves hotdogs...
(21:21:36) Spooky: Bummer
(21:21:47) Spooky: I have some of that Pork Fried rice if you want it
(21:21:55) Zack: someone on hulu thought Adam Sandler was the hotdog vendor
(21:21:56) YoshioKun13: Yeah, the PC-ness really killed things for GBII(and other series sequels, like TMNT - no weapons, WTF?)
(21:21:59) AJ_Quick: spookcentral.. I kicked you out..
(21:22:03) Dan_AKA: E-mail me it.
(21:22:07) what0080: kids today don't know much of anything...
(21:22:11) joeghostbuster: weiners
(21:22:13) AJ_Quick: the whole chat log was slowing your computer down.
(21:22:16) Spooky: i will
(21:22:31) Cincinnati_Busters: what do we do when the movies over
(21:22:39) JBartlett: Dance.
(21:22:42) gbrob: lol
(21:22:47) venkmans_girl: make ramen noodles
(21:22:47) what0080: eat hotdogs...
(21:22:49) BradRedfield: Like you never danced before
(21:22:54) Zack: watch GB2
(21:22:54) GBFans: ghostbusterinuk has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:22:54) GBFans: DocLathropBrown has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:22:55) YoshioKun13: Commercial time!
(21:23:02) venkmans_girl: reinact the gb2 dance
(21:23:03) spookcentral: Oh, ok, AJ. At least it fixed things.
(21:23:04) Spooky: the girl has it
(21:23:04) joeghostbuster: im going to shit on that new carpet
(21:23:05) JBartlett: I'm probably going to play Left 4 Dead, actually. <_ <
(21:23:11) beezer090: So, today's commercials aren't much better...
(21:23:13) Cincinnati_Busters: oh shit dont fall!
(21:23:15)  If you want to view this without the chat go here: https://www.theraffon.net/~spookcentral/stuff/gb1_1-29-1989_live_embed.htm
(21:23:16) gbrob: man i remember these.
(21:23:25) beezer090: I just watched some dumb commercial with a bunch of cyclops for a tax firm...
(21:23:27) YoshioKun13: Hey, I actually remember that carpet ad!
(21:23:28) Pagz: Mountain of dog food
(21:23:29) BradRedfield: Daaaw
(21:23:36) SonofSamhain: I always loved that heightened sense of mystery about this movie. You knew something big was about to happen, but you had no idea exactly what "it" was. Not like today's movies that give away everything in the promos.
(21:23:36) JediChris1138: holy fuckstick! IT's midisynth 80's music!
(21:23:50) YoshioKun13: And I think I've seen that cycplops tax firm ad too
(21:23:53) venkmans_girl: i remember this commercial
(21:23:54) AJ_Quick: spookcentral I'll get you a transcript.. no problem
(21:23:59) AJ_Quick: PLYMOUTH SUNDANCE!
(21:23:59) EctoCooler: drive to the sun?!
(21:24:05) BradRedfield: Yes, I would love to drive to the sun
(21:24:13) venkmans_girl: don't forget the sunscreen
(21:24:15) gbrob: hot ride
(21:24:20) Cincinnati_Busters: weird al just robbed my house!
(21:24:26) what0080: and burn alive
(21:24:29) AJ_Quick: do we get any gb2 or rgb commercials?
(21:24:35) EctoCooler: what can brown do for you?
(21:24:39) Duo: what about Fedex
(21:24:43) venkmans_girl: fed up
(21:24:45) SonofSamhain: So cosmically 80's. Everything was about sundaning, moonrising, starlight, etc.
(21:24:47) gbrob: mess up my pants...
(21:24:49) gbrob: oh wait
(21:24:50) what0080: or DHL
(21:24:50) Spooky: You know I saw this movie 20 years ago on new Years eve
(21:24:50) GBFans: syntaxerror logs into the Chat.
(21:24:53) Spooky: Damn
(21:24:55) Dr.D: fuck fed ex
(21:25:02) JBartlett: Oh Wonder Years.
(21:25:03) Donkey8012: Would be cool to see that Coke GBII promo commercial.
(21:25:05) BradRedfield: OH MAN
(21:25:06) SonofSamhain: *sundancing
(21:25:11) SonofSamhain: Wonder years!
(21:25:14) gbmatt: fedex sucks...i worked there...do not ship through them
(21:25:28) GBFans: JohnnySparks logs into the Chat.
(21:25:29) joeghostbuster: they need to put Wonder Years on dvd now
(21:25:33) Pagz: fedex sent me a collection letter the other day
(21:25:38) EctoCooler: never heard of these shows
(21:25:39) SonofSamhain: Is that Ernie Anderson?
(21:25:39) YoshioKun13: 1989, let's see......there was GBII, Beetlejuice, TMNT...
(21:25:40) beezer090: What about Moonlighting? Would it have been cancelled yet?
(21:25:42) venkmans_girl: woo hoo i want some free medical care
(21:25:52) AJ_Quick: even 20 years ago... they were trying to get free health care!
(21:25:54) spookcentral: It would figure that in order for everything to work well, I have to NOT participate in the chat.
(21:25:54) Duo: an 20years later we still pay for health care
(21:25:55) JBartlett: Beetlejuice is classic.
(21:25:58) gbmatt: i saw a 6 inch thick block of glass shattered becaus ethey are so rough with the packages
(21:26:03) BradRedfield: Epic commerical is epic
(21:26:06) gbrob: havent seen that in ages
(21:26:07) Spooky: Yeah nothing has changed don't believe the hype
(21:26:07) GBFans: GuyBehindtheGuy has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:26:10) Donkey8012: What about Batman?
(21:26:11) what0080: i can has free med care?
(21:26:11) SchottGun: They can't afford the music licenses to put Wonder Years on DVD
(21:26:12) Cincinnati_Busters: I wanna watch anime or atlantis or anime or jackie chan or anime.....
(21:26:12) Pagz: would have been nice if they had asked to collect duty or whatever it is they want when I picked up my package instead of afterwards
(21:26:19) Dan_AKA: I want an imitation BMW...
(21:26:19) ihsanamin: Beetlejuice = 88, TMNT = 90.
(21:26:19) spookcentral: Castewar, how's that "universal healthcare" work for you guys up there?
(21:26:21) Zack: the Beetlejuice DVD cover boasts, there hasn't been anything like it since Ghostbusters
(21:26:21) YoshioKun13: This was shown in January, so doubt they'd show any ads for summer movies like GBII
(21:26:21) GBFans: l5taylor has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:26:22) Zack: or something
(21:26:31) MetaruRyuu: eyewitness news briefs! omg.
(21:26:31) Spooky: Hang him!
(21:26:40) spookcentral: I meant, "how's it working for you?"
(21:26:48) AJ_Quick: spookcentral.. I would recommend logging out
(21:26:49) BradRedfield: How bout a teaser for Last Crusade?
(21:26:54) gbrob: can you do this once a month AJ?
(21:27:03) Pagz: a cold spell in Alaska? Surely not!
(21:27:04) EctoCooler: veryfine!!
(21:27:05) YoshioKun13: Oh yeah, Batman(1989). And I was referring to the Beetlejuice cartoon. I know my movie dates
(21:27:05) venkmans_girl: i used to love veryfine juice
(21:27:15) AJ_Quick: we could do it with Hulu.
(21:27:25) gbrob: cool
(21:27:33) Spooky: I want more pop corn
(21:27:36) GBFans: jzurawski logs into the Chat.
(21:27:37) joeghostbuster: "you put me in here just cause im black, huh!"
(21:27:46) SonofSamhain: Little Shop of Horrors(1986) broadcasted once on ABC, didn't it?
(21:27:50) GBFans: Charlie_Richter logs into the Chat.
(21:27:57) BradRedfield: Isn't the guard from Family Matters?
(21:27:59) SonofSamhain: I know they use to show Poltergeist & Splash all the time
(21:28:01) JBartlett: Carl effin' Winslow. YES.
(21:28:03) gbrob: gbI on friday and Gbii on Sat once a month. :)
(21:28:04) Cincinnati_Busters: lol whos "doing it with hulu?"
(21:28:05) Zack: Paul Rudoff's website namesake coming up!
(21:28:05) what0080: yep
(21:28:07) YoshioKun13: "I guess they just don't make 'em like they used to" - Haha, these scene has many of my fav lines
(21:28:07) spookcentral: AJ, I'll log out again soon to fix the video, but I have a quick question for you... Is there a way to flush the chat log on my screen?
(21:28:13) beezer090: Yup.
(21:28:13) Duo: do GB2 next an then maybe the Ninja Turtles movies
(21:28:18) what0080: you never studied...
(21:28:20) SonofSamhain: Yeah, Reginald Vel Johnson.@Brad
(21:28:21) beezer090: And Die Hard.
(21:28:24) AJ_Quick: just by logging out and back in.
(21:28:28) Dan_AKA: tmnt movies?
(21:28:29) GBFans: ghostdiva has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:28:31) Spooky: or reload
(21:28:32) SchottGun: Yeah that would be great
(21:28:38) Cincinnati_Busters: yay tmnt just not the 3rd one
(21:28:38) BradRedfield: And Indiana Jones and and and
(21:28:39) Dan_AKA: hi, welcome to gb fans.
(21:28:44) GBFans: Zander_Yurami logs into the Chat.
(21:28:45) EctoCooler: officer carl winslow!
(21:28:48) SchottGun: but it needs to be broadcasted on TV so we can watch the commercials too :)
(21:28:48) GBFans: Ghostbuster2000 logs into the Chat.
(21:28:50) venkmans_girl: gb expires on hulu on the 31st of this month..
(21:28:51) Duo: no just the 1st two
(21:28:55) Zack: Ivo Shandor did Michael Jackson's first few noses
(21:28:56) Dan_AKA: tmnt fans is down the hall.
(21:29:04) Donkey8012: I've decided to name my first sone Ivo.
(21:29:05) joeghostbuster: he plays a cop in EVERYTHING
(21:29:06) Donkey8012: Not really.
(21:29:09) YoshioKun13: Ah, the Ivo Shandor speech. Pure genius
(21:29:12) Spooky: i never got into Turtles
(21:29:13) Cincinnati_Busters: where?
(21:29:15) AJ_Quick: look at all those guys acting like they are interested.
(21:29:21) GBFans: scc_skwerl has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:29:33) GBFans: GhostbustersZorge logs into the Chat.
(21:29:35) Zack: "Big guy!!!!"
(21:29:44) JBartlett: Hey Caaaaaaarl.
(21:29:45) gbrob: i would be if they were talkin about ghosts
(21:29:49) Pagz: Sure thing Mr. Winslow
(21:29:50) venkmans_girl: hey its the dad from family matters!
(21:29:50) Zack: then he went home and was harassed by Urkel
(21:29:52) spookcentral: I just closed the live video window and opened the chat full screen. Does that help in any way?
(21:29:56) EctoCooler: did I do that?
(21:29:56) GBFans: joeghostbuster logs out of the Chat.
(21:29:58) what0080: sumerisn not babylonian
(21:30:02) beezer090: I like as he's saying society is too sick to survive and then he noticesall the criminals around him.
(21:30:09) GBFans: joeghostbuster logs into the Chat.
(21:30:11) YoshioKun13: Important lesson - big difference between Sumerian and Babylonian
(21:30:14) what0080: 'sumerian"
(21:30:14) venkmans_girl: i used to do a mean urkel impression as a kid
(21:30:15) joeghostbuster: flush
(21:30:20) SonofSamhain: I Google Earth'd that building a few weeks ago
(21:30:22) Dan_AKA: the other prisoners just wanted to rape Ray.
(21:30:27) Zack: Put the key in the gate
(21:30:31) Zack: bow chicka wow wow
(21:30:38) beezer090: LOL
(21:30:38) Cincinnati_Busters: and egon
(21:30:41) gbrob: damn...
(21:30:42) Dan_AKA: they like a man in uniform.
(21:30:42) JBartlett: THEY'RE GONNA DO IT OMG
(21:30:45) Pagz: Dear Signourney Weaver, I am madly in love with you. Soncerely, Pagz.
(21:30:46) joeghostbuster: i think she swallowed his gum
(21:30:47) Zander_Yurami: if you type in ghostbusters, it brings up a lot of stuff
(21:30:52) GBFans: JohnnySparks has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:30:52) EctoCooler: love how shes like a foot taller than him
(21:30:52) Donkey8012: That would explain Ron Jeremy earlier.
(21:30:52) Zack: oh wait as someone on youtube says, "they just kiss"
(21:30:52) Zack: haha
(21:30:55) Cincinnati_Busters: and peter
(21:31:04) what0080: THOSE MEN WANTED TO HAVE SEX WITH HIM!!!
(21:31:09) Spooky: No no
(21:31:14) BradRedfield: LENNY
(21:31:15) venkmans_girl: they wanted them to drop the soap
(21:31:17) Spooky: full on action his pants are undone
(21:31:17) JBartlett: I like that one deleted scene where Louis is like "Did we-" and she's all "No."
(21:31:19) Cincinnati_Busters: and winston
(21:31:21) Zack: when I was younger I used to think he said "wheres these packs?"
(21:31:21) joeghostbuster: dickless
(21:31:23) YoshioKun13: That's great heroic GB music right there
(21:31:24) Zack: or something about the proton packs
(21:31:28) EctoCooler: wally wick!
(21:31:34) Zack: instead of where's this peck
(21:31:36) AJ_Quick: WALLY WICK!
(21:31:41) Dan_AKA: HA!
(21:31:41) YoshioKun13: Wally Wick!
(21:31:44) venkmans_girl: wally wick!
(21:31:45) JBartlett: Yes it's true. This man has no dick.
(21:31:45) SonofSamhain: Wally wick
(21:31:47) Zack: JESUS!
(21:31:50) joeghostbuster: what a crappy alt line
(21:31:50) JBartlett: <3
(21:31:50) Cincinnati_Busters: wally dick
(21:31:50) BradRedfield: Wally World
(21:31:53) what0080: Wally Wick...
(21:31:57) Zack: Wee Weenie Winkle
(21:31:59) beezer090: The amn is some kind of rodent!
(21:32:03) YoshioKun13: "Some kind of rodent" - that's new to me. Interesting
(21:32:04) Zack: blee-ding
(21:32:06) spookcentral: So, is it playing any better since I closed the live video window and opened chat full screen?
(21:32:08) Cincinnati_Busters: waynes world
(21:32:18) Zack: definetly a lot better
(21:32:18) beezer090: He said hell! awwww........
(21:32:20) joeghostbuster: shouldnt he have said "this beats the heck out of me" ?
(21:32:21) SchottGun: yeah I've heard the "some kind of rodent" line before
(21:32:26) Zack: muchos gracias!
(21:32:32) Dan_AKA: i want to slap a cardnal.
(21:32:32) AJ_Quick: it runs smoother
(21:32:41) joeghostbuster: oh yeah, vid is smoother now HOORAY!
(21:32:42) Donkey8012: And there's a black man on TV!
(21:32:46) JBartlett: I love the mayor's smile when Venkman says "registered voters."
(21:32:52) MetaruRyuu: i'm not getting lag anymore except a split second or two.
(21:32:52) Dr.D: stuff
(21:32:56) joeghostbuster: bwahaha
(21:32:58) SchottGun: yeah video is a lot better, thanks!
(21:32:59) Dr.D: wick
(21:33:05) spookcentral: Ok, then I'll just listen to the input stream.
(21:33:07) EctoCooler: stuff...
(21:33:08) BradRedfield: Love that plaid shirt
(21:33:09) Cincinnati_Busters: s-s-s stuf!
(21:33:12) venkmans_girl: video is definitely better
(21:33:13) SchottGun: DOGS AND CATS!
(21:33:14) beezer090: Mr. Wick!!
(21:33:17) what0080: I have seen shit thaty'll turn you whiter
(21:33:21) JBartlett: The feed is going really smooth now. :)
(21:33:23) venkmans_girl: dogs and cats oh my!
(21:33:23) SchottGun: MASS HISTERIA!
(21:33:27) Zack: Winston's reaction
(21:33:29) Dr.D: holy frackin shart
(21:33:32) Zack: oh wait its cut out haha fullscreen
(21:33:36) Dr.D: you
(21:33:37) Cincinnati_Busters: not fur me
(21:33:37) YoshioKun13: So did Ernie actually do a take where he said "stuff", or did they just dub it in. Hard to tell with the choppy video
(21:33:40) JBartlett: Poor Winston.
(21:33:41) JediChris1138: So anyone going to NY comic con?
(21:33:47) JediChris1138: I want a FULL REPORT on the game!!!!!!!
(21:33:47) GBFans: Charlie_Richter has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:33:52) Zack: different take
(21:33:53) Duo: well this has been alot of fun but i got a date so i g2g cya yall around
(21:33:55) joeghostbuster: creepy religious guy
(21:33:58) castewar: He actually said "stuff"
(21:34:00) Zack: get him outta here
(21:34:05) JBartlett: Is the game going to be at NY Comic Con?
(21:34:06) EctoCooler: I'm gonna send you a nice fruit basket
(21:34:09) Pagz: The bishop looks like an Elderly Mcauley Culkin
(21:34:13) AJ_Quick: I like how short the mayor was in that one shot
(21:34:15) Spooky: Mmm popcorn with salt and pepper
(21:34:17) Dr.D: lots of army guys
(21:34:17) BradRedfield: I'm gonna fix you
(21:34:18) AJ_Quick: he looked like a gremlin
(21:34:19) Zack: I used to be like "what do they need all that for??"
(21:34:20) GBFans: sspdirect01 logs into the Chat.
(21:34:23) BradRedfield: Good, I have a leak
(21:34:23) SchottGun: you have a date? with a girl?
(21:34:23) castewar: Yes, the game will be at the con
(21:34:24) GBFans: Ghostbuster2000 logs out of the Chat.
(21:34:26) venkmans_girl: twinkies lots and lots of twinkies
(21:34:33) Dr.D: sounds good
(21:34:35) castewar: or at least their trailer display
(21:34:36) what0080: i take season salt on my popcorn...
(21:34:38) SchottGun: that's impressive around these parts lol
(21:34:39) Zander_Yurami: lets run some red lights!
(21:34:41) Zack: I can see the danger signs
(21:34:42) Cincinnati_Busters: army dudes!
(21:34:44) Zack: sneakin up from behind
(21:34:45) EctoCooler: the uniforms look really brown
(21:34:46) Spooky: I have some of those too girly
(21:34:58) Dan_AKA: khaki maybe?
(21:34:59) SonofSamhain: I always loved that cloud shot over the Shandor building with the 80's synth
(21:35:00) Spooky: actually I have cheeze its too...
(21:35:03) JBartlett: This is one of my most favorite songs of all time.
(21:35:05) Zack: red headed over acting extra
(21:35:06) Dr.D: rabbis!
(21:35:07) Cincinnati_Busters: kewl music
(21:35:12) AJ_Quick: see em coming from a mile away
(21:35:12) SonofSamhain: spooky
(21:35:13) BradRedfield: Suddenly the Bluesmobile cuts off the parade
(21:35:14) Spooky: No dan they are GRAY
(21:35:16) Spooky: DUH
(21:35:21) GBFans: CaptainN logs into the Chat.
(21:35:21) Cincinnati_Busters: i love 80s music
(21:35:28) GBFans: Cythusly logs into the Chat.
(21:35:33) Dr.D: hello new york
(21:35:36) JBartlett: I hope this song is in the game, honestly. <_ <
(21:35:37) joeghostbuster: fbi?
(21:35:40) Dan_AKA: kevin... i will hit you.
(21:35:41) beezer090: School is delayed tomorrow! w00t!
(21:35:44) Dr.D: Dr. Ray Stantz
(21:35:45) Zack: Hello everybody! WOAH!
(21:35:46) Zander_Yurami: where was the army when stay puft showed up? what...no fireing on him like they did for clover?
(21:35:49) Dan_AKA: with AJ.
(21:35:52) GBFans: TommyHellsing logs into the Chat.
(21:35:55) beezer090: There's that red head dude...
(21:35:56) EctoCooler: young conan o'brian JK
(21:36:00) joeghostbuster: I like that skirt Fred!
(21:36:01) beezer090: Screws up continuity...
(21:36:02) Spooky: you know I kid Dan
(21:36:02) Zack: :P
(21:36:03) Spooky: you love me
(21:36:15) what0080: did anyone else watchin the cloverfield trailer think og GB2?
(21:36:18) Dr.D: the bullets would just be absorbed into his marshmallowy body
(21:36:19) AJ_Quick: Skirt fred?
(21:36:19) SonofSamhain: It's weird how you don't appreciate the little things about a decade until it's long over.
(21:36:22) what0080: 'of'
(21:36:24) BradRedfield: I like that shirt, Brad :D
(21:36:26) Zack: pause on the bad stunt doubles shot lol
(21:36:28) venkmans_girl: uh oh spaghettios..
(21:36:29) Dan_AKA: Like a brother from another mother in aother state over the internet.
(21:36:40) SonofSamhain: That Elmer Bernstein score...Brilliant!
(21:36:43) Spooky: lol yes
(21:36:44) joeghostbuster: i know its shirt - sounds like skirt on these speakers
(21:36:45) YoshioKun13: That's some serious wind-producing power right there
(21:36:58) Spooky: maybe someday we can chnage the net part
(21:36:59) Dan_AKA: Gozer farted.
(21:37:03) Dr.D: that's quite a pot-hole
(21:37:04) TommyHellsing: I never understood why this was so scary, I mean their not ninety years old, I doubt they'd hurt themselves falling nine feet....
(21:37:06) Pagz: and the ghpostbusters were killed instantly, the end. And now the news.
(21:37:06) beezer090: I always thought the ghosts said "We're in subs" to Winston in GB2 in the subway scene...
(21:37:11) SchottGun: I'm sure the score will be in the game, but I doubt any of the licensed music will be
(21:37:11) joeghostbuster: i thought it was Fred - its Brad?
(21:37:11) Zack: thats how you know a police car is hurt, the siren goes off
(21:37:12) EctoCooler: love the crowd reactions
(21:37:13) gbmatt: i farted
(21:37:18) Dan_AKA: The gasses have come, and yes Kevin, we do need to change that. My list of people to meet grows.
(21:37:24) what0080: quick somebody call 311!
(21:37:25) gbrob: there they are.... yay!!
(21:37:34) GBFans: Omega165 logs into the Chat.
(21:37:34) venkmans_girl: yay their okay!
(21:37:42) YoshioKun13: Back to the kick-ass 80s music , yay
(21:37:42) BradRedfield: No, its friend.
(21:37:44) Spooky: grows? I thought I was number 1?!
(21:37:45) joeghostbuster: good thing they had the sponge packs on
(21:37:51) JBartlett: Savin' the Day!
(21:37:54) Zack: when they used to put their hands in, I used to say "white white black black"
(21:38:00) SonofSamhain: I would've loved to have been in that scene
(21:38:00) Zack: cause Ray had the gloves on
(21:38:05) JBartlett: XD
(21:38:07) Dan_AKA: Someone call Miss Utility, the Ghostbusters tried to install a swimming pool infront of 55 central park west...
(21:38:10) Dr.D: Same here
(21:38:11) YoshioKun13: If they really did die in that sink hole, boy what that have been the crappiest ending or what?
(21:38:12) Zack: oh yeah forgot the commercial there
(21:38:15) beezer090: Favorite scene!!
(21:38:16) TommyHellsing: They climb must have been a pain though the packs weighted 90 pounds, or maybe it was 20....
(21:38:24) venkmans_girl: mmm uncle ben's rice
(21:38:24) beezer090: Dang...have to wait...
(21:38:25) Dr.D: I'm not an actress
(21:38:27) Spooky: mmm uncle bens
(21:38:35) Zack: "With great power comes great responsibility"
(21:38:39) Spooky: Get out of my head girl
(21:38:45) Pagz: That'll teach you to doubt Uncle Ben bitch
(21:38:45) GBFans: GhostbustersNJ logs into the Chat.
(21:38:46) Dr.D: Thanks zach
(21:38:46) BradRedfield: ...Where's Aunt May?
(21:38:50) Dan_AKA: Ernie Hudson endorses Uncle Ben's.
(21:38:51) GBFans: Shredder565 has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:38:51) GBFans: Duo has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:38:54) AJ_Quick: I love these car commercials
(21:38:55) venkmans_girl: a lot of car commercials
(21:38:55) Dr.D: *zack
(21:38:57) Zack: :P
(21:38:58) EctoCooler: SOOO many car commercials
(21:39:00) CaptainN: my toyota!!!!
(21:39:08) Zander_Yurami: XD
(21:39:10) Dr.D: And I'm a slut and need a big back seat
(21:39:13) SonofSamhain: How were Tercels on gas?
(21:39:15) YoshioKun13: Cute blonde! :)
(21:39:16) Dan_AKA: Mostly because Uncle Ben and Winston have the same amount of lines in the movie.
(21:39:21) Deaditebuster: There's a car commercial every dern break
(21:39:23) Spooky: seat size is irrelevent
(21:39:28) TommyHellsing: LMAO, true Dan
(21:39:31) joeghostbuster: haha
(21:39:32) GBFans: sspdirect01 has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:39:32) venkmans_girl: diet coke!
(21:39:33) Cincinnati_Busters: everyone jumps when the car comes near
(21:39:33) BradRedfield: Oh yeah
(21:39:34) castewar: oh god, no
(21:39:39) spookcentral: This is the teaser for a George Michael/Diet Coke ad. Here's the final ad, which shows him clearly: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U?in7qAXjS6c
(21:39:49) AJ_Quick: That's tomorrow!
(21:39:49) Dr.D: Drink Diet coke and wome will have sex with you!
(21:39:49) TommyHellsing: Is that, Billy Ray or Elvis?
(21:39:55) SonofSamhain: Great because it's foreign
(21:40:02) EctoCooler: cheetos!
(21:40:02) MetaruRyuu: omg CHEETOS
(21:40:03) YoshioKun13: See coke's logo is still basically the same, but Pepsi has to change it every damn year it seems like
(21:40:03) Pagz: Chester!
(21:40:04) venkmans_girl: i wonder if louis had some actifed
(21:40:09) SchottGun: Chester Cheetah!
(21:40:11) JBartlett: Damns now I want Cheetos.
(21:40:12) GBFans: alexupton logs into the Chat.
(21:40:13) Cincinnati_Busters: lol rule 86
(21:40:13) venkmans_girl: cheetos!
(21:40:13) joeghostbuster: chester cheetah is old as fuck
(21:40:15) Dr.D: Wow, commercials were violent
(21:40:15) SchottGun: I had a Chester Cheetah skate board
(21:40:17) Zander_Yurami: lets not clikc that and say we did
(21:40:20) YoshioKun13: It's not easy beeing cheezy
(21:40:21) CaptainN: Yea Columbo!!!
(21:40:23) gbmatt: Billy ray>
(21:40:23) SonofSamhain: Woooow, Actifed. Really?--And the cartoon Chester Cheetah
(21:40:25) Cythusly: I remember that Cheetos commercial!
(21:40:25) GBFans: Error: Unknown command: /
(21:40:30) joeghostbuster: so isnt columbo for that matter
(21:40:32) MetaruRyuu: the new cheetos commercials are kinda creepy.
(21:40:34) Spooky: Mmm twinkie
(21:40:39) beezer090: When did michael jackson catch his hair on fire?
(21:40:40) GBFans: jul_ri logs out of the Chat.
(21:40:41) Pagz: Columbo confused? How unusual
(21:40:42) Dr.D: SHUT UP ITS BACK ON
(21:40:43) gbmatt: i hate commercials
(21:40:53) EctoCooler: I'm gonna throw up...
(21:40:53) JBartlett: Looks like we're in the teens.
(21:40:53) gbrob: im gonna throw up
(21:41:05) joeghostbuster: where do the stairs end and the matte painting begins
(21:41:06) YoshioKun13: Good matte shatte on those stairs
(21:41:07) Zack: Art Deco...very nice
(21:41:10) gbrob: nice legs
(21:41:15) YoshioKun13: SHOT not shatte
(21:41:15) Dr.D throws up
(21:41:17) Cincinnati_Busters: i already did
(21:41:17) Spooky: yay dual monitors
(21:41:22) EctoCooler: pants are unzipped on louis
(21:41:25) SchottGun: mmmmmm
(21:41:38) Dan_AKA: The stair well scene is actually an inside joke between Ayroyd and Bill.
(21:41:40) Zack: I like after making out with Janine in GB2, he has Keymaster hair
(21:41:40) Zander_Yurami: S.W. before her new boobs
(21:41:40) BradRedfield: I always imagined that one Joker goon falling past them in that shot
(21:41:41) SchottGun: uhh.. mmm on the "nice legs" comment, NOT on the Louis comment lol
(21:41:41) Dr.D: Yeah, rick has nice legs. :P
(21:41:42) SonofSamhain: Love that shot
(21:41:50) GBFans: hooker logs into the Chat.
(21:41:51) beezer090: ?
(21:42:01) Dan_AKA: THey decided during a cocain binge to have a girl of every age, by the time they got to the 20 year olds Bill threw up.
(21:42:01) EctoCooler: cant get to the 22 floor in the game>:-D
(21:42:01) Spooky: Hook!
(21:42:01) gbrob: ack
(21:42:06) YoshioKun13: They did the hanky panky, the horizontal limbo, the sideways polka shimmy, the......OK I'll stop now
(21:42:07) Cincinnati_Busters: thats new
(21:42:07) Dr.D: A Big Wheel!
(21:42:10) Spooky: Lol
(21:42:13) hooker: Hey Spooky
(21:42:13) joeghostbuster: big wheel
(21:42:25) Spooky: You silly Dan
(21:42:25) CaptainN: I just noticed something this was before they started branding all of the programming on tv. Neat!
(21:42:31) Dan_AKA: Hey Hoooook.
(21:42:35) TommyHellsing: THis always seemed weird to me, so the temple "Spawned" in her hotel room? How did they get ot the top of the building?
(21:42:40) JBartlett: They go up!
(21:42:41) hooker: DAN!
(21:42:42) Zack: "Go ahead, go ahead"
(21:42:44) beezer090: I had a big wheel with a honking slimer on the front...
(21:43:00) GBFans: Omega165 has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:43:00) SonofSamhain: Yeah, TV14 sucks
(21:43:02) TommyHellsing: I always wondered how a tiny staircase like that went all the way to the top of the building.
(21:43:05) Dr.D: The staircase was hidden and came out during the explosion
(21:43:06) beezer090: I think a wall broke that had the stairs hidden...
(21:43:10) Zack: DANA!
(21:43:10) Dr.D: I think..
(21:43:11) GBFans: jul_ri logs into the Chat.
(21:43:14) AJ_Quick: the stairs were behind the fridge.
(21:43:15) JBartlett: When we're playing the game, any time stairs are found in online play, I demand someone ask "Where do these stairs go?" and the appropriate response be given.
(21:43:20) EctoCooler: my bigwheel was COVERED with GB stickers...
(21:43:21) Dan_AKA: Hook, tonight after this if you don't play CoD with me and my pal Eric I'm gonna be personally offended.
(21:43:22) joeghostbuster: i guess they just dont build em like they used to
(21:43:23) SonofSamhain: Classic sequence. THE BIG.
(21:43:25) YoshioKun13: The temple has always been at the top of the building, just never opened before. I think
(21:43:35) Dan_AKA: Missed ya.
(21:43:37) Dr.D: Mine was bigger than yours
(21:43:40) Zander_Yurami: ok...so...she's a dog
(21:43:41) AJ_Quick: what do you mean about THE BIG?
(21:43:50) hooker: alright..I am in Dan, I also have to play left for dead with Zombie because he gave me a guilt trip
(21:43:50) Donkey8012: Dan, what system you play on?
(21:44:01) Dr.D: Love the matte skyline in the back
(21:44:04) Dan_AKA: 360.
(21:44:05) MetaruRyuu: i gotta draw some Terror Dogs one day.
(21:44:07) GBFans: joeghostbuster logs out of the Chat.
(21:44:07) GBFans: ihsanamin has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:44:10) BradRedfield: I am Oz! The great and powerful...!
(21:44:10) Zander_Yurami: a real bitch if you ask me. XD
(21:44:10) Dan_AKA: Deal Hook, OH GOD!
(21:44:19) SonofSamhain: Is it just me or was anyone else expecting Gozer to bust out with a Prince song?
(21:44:21) GBFans: joeghostbuster logs into the Chat.
(21:44:22) Spooky: LOL
(21:44:24) YoshioKun13: Matte paintings rule!
(21:44:25) beezer090: Does Winston say he only gets paid $11,500 a year?
(21:44:26) GBFans: Spengs has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:44:30) JBartlett: The terror dogs have always been my favorite GB creature.
(21:44:30) Spooky: They are white!
(21:44:33) GBFans: guitar1036 has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:44:34) SonofSamhain: Lisa Bonet rocked that haircut for awhile on the Cosby Show too.
(21:44:35) Dr.D: And I am the professor, great and uh, forgetful
(21:44:40) MetaruRyuu: lol
(21:44:44) AJ_Quick: everything in this scene was overly white balanced
(21:44:46) SchottGun: go get her ray!
(21:44:46) Cincinnati_Busters: look closly and see the turtle blimp in the background!
(21:44:47) Donkey8012: Dan, what system you play on?
(21:44:49) Pagz: I could tell right away this trans-dimneional Dame was trouble. She had that look in her eyes, the one that said "I'm an immortal Goddess and I'm going to lay waste to your world." I shoulda gotten the hell out of didge right then and there, but what the hell, I had nothing better to do.
(21:44:50) GBFans: spookcentral logs out of the Chat.
(21:44:55) GBFans: spookcentral logs into the Chat.
(21:44:58) Spooky: he said 360
(21:44:58) gbrob: i want his pack
(21:44:59) TommyHellsing: Go get her RAY!
(21:45:04) AJ_Quick: notice now Winston is a white guy
(21:45:05) beezer090: My mother told me my hair would look like that if I didn;'t wash it.
(21:45:05) MetaruRyuu: poor Ray.
(21:45:05) Dr.D: Ah Winston is WHITE!
(21:45:09) Dr.D: RUN!
(21:45:11) venkmans_girl: gozer looks like of the random background extras on star trek the next generation
(21:45:12) Zack: say YES
(21:45:13) Donkey8012: Found that right when I pressed enter.
(21:45:13) Zack: lawl
(21:45:14) Dan_AKA: Sorry Donkey, yeah I play on the 360.
(21:45:15) JBartlett: You can see Winston in the FS?
(21:45:18) Nikorasu: Are you a god?
(21:45:23) Dr.D: no
(21:45:24) Dan_AKA: DIE!
(21:45:27) GBFans: jzurawski has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:45:30) TommyHellsing: YES!
(21:45:34) Zander_Yurami: yes!
(21:45:39) YoshioKun13: Imagine this sequence with Pee-Wee Herman, as they originally intended it
(21:45:46) Donkey8012: Darn. I play on PS3 ALL THE FRICKIN TIME.
(21:45:47) joeghostbuster: sponge packs
(21:45:48) BradRedfield: Maybe!
(21:45:49) Spooky: Dan you can't love yourself more then me...or me loviing myself how rude
(21:45:49) gbrob: this chick is toast
(21:45:55) spookcentral: AJ, yeah, the over-white balanced thing was bad, but at least it's not that damn blue-tinted print that circulated on tv in the mid-to-late 1990s.
(21:45:56) Dr.D: It would have been AWESOME!
(21:46:02) TommyHellsing: Seriosu music
(21:46:03) spookcentral: NEW ALT. LINE COMING UP!
(21:46:06) Dan_AKA: Winston had a cut line here inspired by Samual Jackson, "I'm sick of these mother fucking ghosts on this mother fucking building."
(21:46:07) JBartlett: Get out you stick.
(21:46:10) Donkey8012: Would've loved to play with you guys sometime. Oh well.
(21:46:13) Zack: lol
(21:46:15) Dan_AKA: It was cut because no one likes Winston.
(21:46:19) Zack: teeen hut
(21:46:21) Spooky: awww
(21:46:26) gbrob: woah
(21:46:26) AJ_Quick: LOL
(21:46:28) hooker: lol
(21:46:28) TommyHellsing: Love that line
(21:46:29) Zander_Yurami: lets show this pre-historic bitch how we do things downtown
(21:46:30) joeghostbuster: bitch!
(21:46:31) Dr.D: I liked it
(21:46:35) BradRedfield: What the
(21:46:35) gbrob: shit
(21:46:37) venkmans_girl: they can say bitch but they can't say ass
(21:46:38) JBartlett: They didn't change that line?
(21:46:40) gbmatt: you gotta be kidding me.
(21:46:42) Zack: nimble little minx, isn't she?
(21:46:42) SchottGun: wow
(21:46:42) Spooky: hmm I like the ten Hut line
(21:46:44) joeghostbuster: i thought that was a bad word
(21:46:45) GBFans: DaHypr1 logs into the Chat.
(21:46:46) JBartlett: Weird.
(21:46:47) GBFans: AF-Ghostbuster logs into the Chat.
(21:46:47) beezer090: What alt line?
(21:46:55) gbmatt: they cant say "make em hard"
(21:46:59) Zack: I think its the context in which they say bitch
(21:47:02) SchottGun: It's Milla time!
(21:47:02) YoshioKun13: Never realized the innuendo with the whole sticks thing until a few years ago
(21:47:02) Dr.D: TEEEN HUT
(21:47:14) EctoCooler: jews and berries...
(21:47:15) Zack: I dunno, its all weird I guess, about context
(21:47:17) SonofSamhain: Did the woman who voiced Gozer do Linda Blair's possessed voice in the Exorcist or was that another lady?
(21:47:17) spookcentral: Yeah, they changed that, but left in "prehistoric bitch". Wait, the edits get more rediculous!
(21:47:19) beezer090: it seems arbitrary to leave bitch in and take out ass.
(21:47:19) Zack: egon's seizure
(21:47:19) GBFans: joegianco logs into the Chat.
(21:47:21) Dr.D: PIZZA HUT
(21:47:35) TommyHellsing: Like it would EVER be that easy.
(21:47:37) venkmans_girl: captain she can't take it anymore!
(21:47:39) AJ_Quick: That "Look out" sounded different
(21:47:41) joeghostbuster: egon was dancing
(21:47:57) beezer090: Hmmm...I thin I missed the alt lin. He says ten hut instead of make em hard?
(21:47:59) Zack: indestructible baracade
(21:48:03) GBFans: syntaxerror has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:48:07) BradRedfield: King Kong aint got nothin on Gozer
(21:48:12) Cincinnati_Busters: choose voltron!
(21:48:12) Dr.D: yep
(21:48:14) joeghostbuster: what does she ssay before "the traveler has come"
(21:48:16) spookcentral: It was Mercedes McCambridge in The Exorcist, Paddi Edwards here in GB.
(21:48:17) YoshioKun13: I remember a TV ad for the movie Aliens which cut out and went to black just as Sigourney's about to say "Bitch", but when it was shown on TV it wasn't cut. Odd
(21:48:18) TommyHellsing: Clear your minds.
(21:48:21) Dr.D: choose pikachu
(21:48:21) EctoCooler: I always imagined that giant rock killed someone below...
(21:48:22) venkmans_girl: deal or no deal?
(21:48:25) SchottGun: I choose you Pikachu
(21:48:30) venkmans_girl: death or no death?
(21:48:33) SchottGun: sorry
(21:48:36) SonofSamhain: Gozer has Bronchitis
(21:48:37) JediChris1138: JEWS AND BERRIES
(21:48:40) JBartlett: I choose... Bulbasaur!
(21:48:40) Zack: Volguus Zildrohar I forget the spelling
(21:48:41) MetaruRyuu: poor Ray.
(21:48:42) Cincinnati_Busters: its voltron!!!
(21:48:42) GBFans: jul_ri has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:48:43) TommyHellsing: Ray
(21:48:53) Dan_AKA: If they ressurected Hoover it would have been great for the 80's economy.
(21:48:54) venkmans_girl: i want what's behind door number three
(21:49:04) Spooky: haha
(21:49:05) EctoCooler: why didn't J edgar hoover come and destroy them???
(21:49:05) BradRedfield: You chose...poorly.
(21:49:06) Dr.D: better than reganomics?
(21:49:07) TommyHellsing: It can't be.....
(21:49:08) SonofSamhain: Oh, okay. Thanks Paul
(21:49:10) GBFans: DaHypr1 has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:49:10) GBFans: AF-Ghostbuster has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:49:13) Zack: ah shit!
(21:49:16) venkmans_girl: its the miss piggy!
(21:49:18) GBFans: GBfan37830 logs into the Chat.
(21:49:20) Dr.D: nice indy ref
(21:49:25) spookcentral: Notice "Oh shit" was removed, but the background audio remained?
(21:49:28) Zack: the Piggy Doughgirl lol
(21:49:29) Dan_AKA: Winston line here is edited as well, the original line was "Oh shit, a giant white guy."
(21:49:29) YoshioKun13: THERE HE IS!!!!!!!!!!! :o
(21:49:36) CaptainN: yep
(21:49:39) beezer090: In the spanish dubbed version it's batman and robin instead of hoover...
(21:49:41) GBFans: guitar1036 logs into the Chat.
(21:49:46) Cincinnati_Busters: its dr teeth!
(21:49:48) Dr.D: IT'S PUFTZILLA
(21:49:48) guitar1036: bridge song info:
(21:49:49) gbmatt: hey its the tire dude!
(21:49:51) joeghostbuster: how does SP step on the church, he's not that tall, and churches are big
(21:49:52) guitar1036: http://www.tonymech.com/c-files/?39%20We%20Got%20One!%20(Alternate?).mp3
(21:49:55) TommyHellsing: Okay, so instead of everyone being aroudn the building, they suddenly relaxed and decided to go back to normal?
(21:49:57) Spooky: I have a massive picture of Courtney Cox on my second screen and I like it
(21:49:58) spookcentral: Dan_AKA, that's too funny.
(21:50:03) Donkey8012: Isn't this where the bad SFX are? Cars through buildings and such?
(21:50:04) venkmans_girl: oh my gosh hes here to change everyones' tires!
(21:50:05) Cincinnati_Busters: its kermit!
(21:50:08) GhostbustersZorge: in the german version they say stalin
(21:50:08) AJ_Quick: guitar1036 That's not the bridge song!
(21:50:09) GBFans: Zander_Yurami has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:50:12) SonofSamhain: All those people could've gang-ate Stay Puft
(21:50:12) joeghostbuster: at least THAT church looks tall
(21:50:18) YoshioKun13: I think Peter didn't "think" hard about J. Edgar Hoover, he just said it as an example
(21:50:26) venkmans_girl: anybody want some smores?
(21:50:33) gbrob: their packs aint accurate!! wtf!! :)
(21:50:35) Dan_AKA: The church is not as impressive in real life.
(21:50:38) guitar1036: listen from half way or 3/4 fwd
(21:50:40) MetaruRyuu: we need a giant cup of coco.
(21:50:48) Zack: lol no "he's a sailor etc"
(21:50:50) MetaruRyuu: hot coco.
(21:50:53) spookcentral: Yes, they even cut out the FICTIONAL profanity, "Mother Pussbucket"!!!
(21:50:54) Cincinnati_Busters: its bill murray!oh wait hes already in the movie
(21:50:56) Spooky: hey wait a minute where is the giant trash monster?
(21:50:58) TommyHellsing: Yeah I like the sailor line
(21:51:03) JBartlett: I would be disappointed if I saw the church IRL and no giant marshmallow monsters came to step on it.
(21:51:05) YoshioKun13: How overdone would that chuch-stepping scene be done 2day? They'd go CGI crazy with it. I'd rather it not be shown thank phony-baloney
(21:51:05) Dan_AKA: STUNT PACKS!
(21:51:15) BradRedfield: Daw
(21:51:20) TommyHellsing: It's weird they set him on fire, instead fo just boilign the marshmellow.
(21:51:21) joeghostbuster: i just saw the Ghostspy guy on the street
(21:51:24) venkmans_girl: oh no not the streams!
(21:51:26) GBFans: Dr.D has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:51:27) Zack: Winston is like "Goddamnit why'd I take this job?"
(21:51:29) GBFans: Dr.D logs into the Chat.
(21:51:46) Zack: "WOAAAAAH"
(21:51:49) JBartlett: Peter slapping Ray in the face is hilarious.
(21:51:50) SonofSamhain: Zack, here's where you insert that "Epic" music from RGB
(21:51:56) Dan_AKA: Stay Puft was originally scripted to have melted revealing a skeleton underneat.
(21:51:58) Zack: :P
(21:51:59) gbrob: only white boys do crazy sh*t like crossing the streams
(21:52:04) Zack: "The doors closing!!!!"
(21:52:06) beezer090: Only $11,500?!
(21:52:06) joeghostbuster: "the other side"
(21:52:07) TommyHellsing: 5 thousand a year, dang.....
(21:52:11) GBFans: rpburke1978 logs into the Chat.
(21:52:12) Spooky: That would of been odd fo sho
(21:52:13) GBFans: Zander_Yurami logs into the Chat.
(21:52:15) gbmatt: really?
(21:52:17) YoshioKun13: Damn good acting, at basically.......nothing at all going on around them
(21:52:22) Dr.D: Puft: Oh shiiii
(21:52:25) Zack: run away, run away!
(21:52:25) BradRedfield: HAX
(21:52:25) Renton_gb: Who is it that almost gets hit by stay puft?
(21:52:29) gbmatt: dan are you serious?
(21:52:33) JBartlett: 'Splodey.
(21:52:34) TommyHellsing: LOL @ Dr. D
(21:52:35) venkmans_girl: someone better call a contractor
(21:52:35) gbrob: i thought he said 11,500 a year....
(21:52:36) what0080: 11,500 a year for this?
(21:52:36) SonofSamhain: They're peeing on Gozer
(21:52:36) Spooky: Yes he is
(21:52:37) Dan_AKA: It wasn't acting.
(21:52:37) Dr.D: I can has marchmallow man
(21:52:40) Dan_AKA: It was cocain.
(21:52:40) SchottGun: PWN3D
(21:52:47) EctoCooler: mmm shaving cream...
(21:52:50) JBartlett: Take that, Peck.
(21:52:51) GBfan37830: wow
(21:52:53) YoshioKun13: That's dickless, isn't it?
(21:52:59) TommyHellsing: I wish they'd had the hat
(21:53:00) beezer090: Commercial...
(21:53:07) joeghostbuster: judith hoag now?
(21:53:07) TommyHellsing: That would be awesome.
(21:53:08) Zack: I forgot the commercial there
(21:53:15) AJ_Quick: It's perfect.
(21:53:17) JBartlett: Alrighty.
(21:53:23) Spooky: heh faxing
(21:53:23) JBartlett: I'm gonna go play Left 4 Dead.
(21:53:23) GBFans: Zander_Yurami has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:53:23) GBFans: Zander_Yurami logs into the Chat.
(21:53:25) SchottGun: that was Chuck Norris's orgasm
(21:53:27) CaptainN: MCI fax! It's amazing!!!!!
(21:53:30) AJ_Quick: Is Japan's military onboard?
(21:53:31) SonofSamhain: There's alot of sexual innuendo involved in that whole Gozer, Stay Puft sequence. Marshamallow = Semen
(21:53:31) Zack: Mine has them cut out except for either a brief bumper or a second or two cut off of a scene
(21:53:34) Zack: lol
(21:53:34) TommyHellsing: OH a fax network, the future is now.
(21:53:38) Donkey8012: At first I thought it was gonna be an alt scene.
(21:53:38) SchottGun: oooohh.. Fax network
(21:53:40) JBartlett: If anyone wants to add me to their XBL friends, my username on there is Jacob Lionheart
(21:53:41) spookcentral: Judith Hoag is the redhead in the Burger King ad coming up soon. She was April O'Neil in the first - and best - Turtles movie in 1990.
(21:53:47) Dr.D: I never ever thought that
(21:53:48) JBartlett: This was awesome, talk to you guys later.
(21:53:54) beezer090: Doesn't he yell I'm going to kill you ivan?
(21:53:56) Spooky: remember when the car market was this good?
(21:53:57) what0080: no stay puft skeet?
(21:53:57) Zack: later
(21:54:00) AJ_Quick: State of the Art!
(21:54:01) Dr.D: yep
(21:54:06) gbmatt: ahhhh judith hoag....gorgeous
(21:54:08) joegianco: has anyone taken a count of how many of these companies are still around?
(21:54:09) gbrob: woah sweet
(21:54:10) joeghostbuster: she was super hot in TMNT
(21:54:10) Dan_AKA: For todays thug with money for rims, the 88 royal is classy of fuck yo.
(21:54:11) venkmans_girl: oh no plaque!
(21:54:15) AJ_Quick: BK Kids Club!
(21:54:17) Dr.D: pepperidge farm remembers
(21:54:17) BradRedfield: Holy shit, I have that car
(21:54:24) venkmans_girl: BK!
(21:54:27) joeghostbuster: thar she is
(21:54:27) Spooky: I loved Bk Kids Club
(21:54:30) EctoCooler: the dad from pete and pete!
(21:54:30) Cincinnati_Busters: in the alt ending doc brown shows up and takes them to the start of gb2.
(21:54:32) Zack: Pete and Pete's dad!
(21:54:33) Zander_Yurami: get some Plax folks
(21:54:34) hooker: Mmm...burger
(21:54:35) Zack: haha
(21:54:35) Dr.D: yea it is
(21:54:38) SchottGun: wow, that is her
(21:54:39) Dr.D: I loved that show
(21:54:39) TommyHellsing: That's the dad from Pete and Pete too.
(21:54:40) Donkey8012: There's the dad from Pete and Pete.
(21:54:43) AJ_Quick: Its the dad from Pete and Pete! omg
(21:54:45) MetaruRyuu: holy crap, old burger king.
(21:54:45) YoshioKun13: So Judith Hoag did this BK ad and the first TMNT movie. That's it?
(21:54:45) venkmans_girl: i remember the little kids club characters
(21:54:47) SchottGun: mmmmm
(21:54:51) Donkey8012: Wow. Same time.
(21:54:51) GBfan37830: yea it is
(21:54:51) venkmans_girl: i loved pete and pete
(21:54:52) Dr.D: nuke!
(21:54:58) Pagz: Crazytown! Pete and Pete rule
(21:55:05) Spooky: drix what?
(21:55:05) GBFans: Error: Private messages are not allowed.
(21:55:05) beezer090: 99 cent dbl cheeseburg!? They're 3 bucks now, lol
(21:55:06) Zack: I was in the BK Kids club
(21:55:06) Dan_AKA: Drixoral sounds like it wont kill you, I'll have some!
(21:55:06) Deaditebuster: Peace out1
(21:55:09) enchanted_unicorn: n cheif justice, warren burger!
(21:55:16) Zack: bullshit you couldn't be older than a certain age
(21:55:18) GBfan37830: magnum
(21:55:23) GBFans: JBartlett has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:55:23) Dr.D: it's before rosanne ate tom arnold
(21:55:25) rpburke1978: Kind, you're here. I thought you'd be working.
(21:55:27) GBFans: Deaditebuster logs out of the Chat.
(21:55:29) SonofSamhain: Gozer...female...temple...vagina?. HELLO!
(21:55:35) venkmans_girl: maybe louis had the generic version of drixoral
(21:55:37) Zander_Yurami: I keep having to go outside and try to clear coat my gun grips.....damn stickies
(21:55:40) spookcentral: Judith was the mom in the Halloweentown movies on Disney, and was AWESOME as a clown fluffer in a Law & Order ep.
(21:55:43) hooker: Dan, i will be on live in 45 min.
(21:55:46) joeghostbuster: mcd's has 99c chsburgs now
(21:55:48) what0080: the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast
(21:55:49) beezer090: I remember the ghostbusters stationary products from mcdonald's
(21:55:57) GBFans: DaHypr1 logs into the Chat.
(21:56:00) Dan_AKA: Sweet, perfect.
(21:56:04) spookcentral: Fluffer = a word I probably can;t say here, so use your imagination.
(21:56:06) joeghostbuster: dbl chsbrgs i mean
(21:56:06) TommyHellsing: What did I do last night?
(21:56:08) AJ_Quick: wow. that pack has a light!
(21:56:23) joeghostbuster: that didnt sound like ramis
(21:56:29) what0080: NO STAY PUFT SKEET!
(21:56:35) joeghostbuster: the "uh - ugh"
(21:56:36) TommyHellsing: Did he call him Venkie?
(21:56:39) GBFans: Ghostbuster_Don logs into the Chat.
(21:56:45) Dr.D: Do you guys think that you pack could withstand you falling on it?
(21:56:47) Spooky: Stop making bad sex jokes like youre 8
(21:56:51) YoshioKun13: Venkman found a good spot to hide from all the goo, LOL
(21:56:54) Dr.D: thank you
(21:56:56) GBFans: irricanian logs into the Chat.
(21:56:59) EctoCooler: mongolian bbq dog hair!
(21:57:00) AJ_Quick: did they "do it"
(21:57:02) Zander_Yurami: gotta love how peter has little to nothing on him
(21:57:06) Dr.D: no Aj
(21:57:12) Dr.D: no
(21:57:12) SonofSamhain: Stay Puft "climaxed" all over everything
(21:57:23) TommyHellsing: Yeah, your back woudl be in worse shape than the pack
(21:57:24) GBFans: hooker has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:57:24) GBFans: Zack has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:57:27) Ghostbuster_Don: I always how Venkman got so little on him. It's pretty funny.
(21:57:29) joeghostbuster: he's the star/hero, he wouldnt be covered
(21:57:32) Cincinnati_Busters: lol
(21:57:39) GBFans: ihsanamin logs into the Chat.
(21:57:39) GBfan37830: didn't the shaving cream make me sick or something
(21:57:42) gbmatt: AJ and everyone else that put this together, i just want to say thanks. I've enjoyed it
(21:57:43) CaptainN: Happy music time!!
(21:57:47) GBFans: joeghostbuster logs out of the Chat.
(21:57:48) TommyHellsing: He's more burned though
(21:57:48) Dr.D: yet he was the only one to get slimed
(21:57:51) GBFans: Cythusly has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:57:54) GBfan37830: i'm mean murray
(21:57:57) YoshioKun13: There's a reason scenes like that are taken out. They just interrupt the rhythm & flow of the film, or just plain don't gel with the rest of the scene
(21:57:57) GBFans: joeghostbuster logs into the Chat.
(21:58:00) GBFans: irricanian logs out of the Chat.
(21:58:01) Ghostbuster_Don: Yeah, Bill was allergic.
(21:58:02) joegianco: wasn't he allergic to the cream?
(21:58:03) Dan_AKA: All right, I'm out of here. Spooky, I'll be on lata, Hook I'll see you on live.
(21:58:04) spookcentral: Matt, you're welcome.
(21:58:13) AJ_Quick: Thank Paul.
(21:58:14) gbrob: @ gbmatt: ditto
(21:58:16) Spooky: alrighty buddy I'll be here waiting
(21:58:18) GBFans: MadMan logs into the Chat.
(21:58:23) TommyHellsing: I loved the "Did we" "No Louis" scene
(21:58:26) alexupton: Who does your taxes?
(21:58:26) Cincinnati_Busters: thanks aj and whoever else!
(21:58:32) EctoCooler: I love this town!!!
(21:58:32) beezer090: Thanks Paul. This has been absolutely great!
(21:58:34) Ghostbuster_Don: "Who does your taxes?" Coincidence or GB2 foreshadow? YOU MAKE THE CALL!
(21:58:35) Donkey8012: I love this town!
(21:58:36) alexupton: love it
(21:58:38) rpburke1978: We're not gonna get logged out of here being quiet are we? Cause shouldn't we be quiet during the movie?
(21:58:46) joeghostbuster: thanks AJ and Paul and whoever else was involved in this, twas much fun!
(21:58:47) what0080: thanks to everybody who put this whole event together
(21:58:49) Zander_Yurami: wrong year ray
(21:58:49) Ghostbuster_Don: And Winston gets the last line. Nice.
(21:58:51) venkmans_girl: thanks to Paul and Aj for such an awesome trip down memory lane..
(21:58:54) Dr.D: thanks guys
(21:58:55) TommyHellsing: Winston had the fewest lines, but they were awesome.
(21:58:56) Spooky: The song sounds funky...
(21:58:56) spookcentral: And thanks back to you, AJ. And thanks to everyone for attending. Sorry about all of the video problems earlier.
(21:59:00) GBFans: DaHypr1 has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:59:01) gbmatt: this is probably my favorite scene in the movie
(21:59:03) AJ_Quick: The server survived!
(21:59:06) YoshioKun13: Credit time
(21:59:08) GBfan37830: thanks guys for doing this
(21:59:10) venkmans_girl: we should do this again sometime
(21:59:14) castewar: Sped up for time
(21:59:16) Dr.D: as long as I can hear this song, it was a success
(21:59:21) Ghostbuster_Don: Thanks spookcentral, this was a nice treat to your fellow fans.
(21:59:21) joeghostbuster: GB 2 is next?
(21:59:21) TommyHellsing: Awesome
(21:59:23) EctoCooler: technically rick has the last line
(21:59:26) spookcentral: Thank God for that, AJ :-)
(21:59:27) R2DEVO: yes, thank you guys
(21:59:28) AJ_Quick: this is totally a different ending it seems.
(21:59:29) GBFans: Zack logs into the Chat.
(21:59:29) gbrob: lets do this again next month
(21:59:31) beezer090: This has really been fun. We should do it again. I have some old Real Ghsotbusters on VHS with commercials.
(21:59:39) YoshioKun13: Great NY crowd scenes
(21:59:39) Zander_Yurami: gotta head to work in like 30 mins. atleast I got to see ghostbusters
(21:59:39) alexupton: Thanks for hosting this, it was a great idea, shame I couldn't join earlier
(21:59:40) SchottGun: yeah, a big thanks to the ones that made this happen :)
(21:59:41) TommyHellsing: The ray scene with the Cig. That's just so classic...
(21:59:42) Cincinnati_Busters: with gb2
(21:59:44) venkmans_girl: that would be fun some old rgb
(21:59:47) SonofSamhain: Did a VHS or broadcast version of GB2 ever include the Slimer rushing toward the screen ending like it did in theatres?
(21:59:48) Dr.D: actually slimer has the last line
(21:59:49) AJ_Quick: the name credits are different.
(21:59:55) Donkey8012: I want to go with them in the car...
(22:00:01) Dr.D: yea they are
(22:00:04) GBFans: Dan_AKA has been logged out (Timeout).
(22:00:04) MetaruRyuu: yeah, thanks for putting this up. i haven't seen either Ghostbuster movie in over well over two years.
(22:00:06) spookcentral: Just think... 20 years ago people were watching this EXACT same thing at this EXACT same time.
(22:00:09) venkmans_girl: i want the car
(22:00:10) joeghostbuster: audio is fucking up
(22:00:19) rpburke1978: where is the movie?
(22:00:22) gbmatt: 8o
(22:00:28) alexupton: old vhs source?
(22:00:37) Zack: lol unintended "theres a sequel" ending with Slimer
(22:00:37) Cincinnati_Busters: thanks aj and the other dude
(22:00:37) TommyHellsing: The secret service is their????
(22:00:39) castewar: Paul did note that.
(22:00:40) Spooky: I may have been Paul
(22:00:50) what0080: Two brief instances where audio goes low a few times: during the Ray/Winston car scene, and during end credits.
(22:00:50) Spooky: I watched Ghostbusters for the first time 20 years aago
(22:00:57) spookcentral: JoeGB, this is one of two spots on the tape where the audio goes low for a few brief times. As Caste pointed out, it;s noted below the video.
(22:01:01) gbrob: @ Donkey I always wanted to too
(22:01:01) venkmans_girl: same here
(22:01:04) AJ_Quick: this is cool because the color is so white and vivid. I hope they get the colors right on the Blu-ray
(22:01:06) Spooky: I think it may have been a new years eve special though
(22:01:08) joeghostbuster: gotcha
(22:01:09) YoshioKun13: I wonder if anyone in that crowd knew just how big this whole Ghostbusters thing would be, even to this day. They look like they're having a blast tho
(22:01:11) EctoCooler: It over...nothing to see here folks.
(22:01:12) AJ_Quick: OKAY!.
(22:01:21) Spooky: wooo!
(22:01:23) joeghostbuster: THANKS!!!
(22:01:23) gbrob: c ya!!
(22:01:26) SonofSamhain: Yeah, Spook. Too bad we can't tell them what the future holds. Poor 1989 people
(22:01:27) spookcentral: Broadcast has been stopped.
(22:01:29) GBFans: Syco54645 logs into the Chat.
(22:01:29) Dr.D: bye guys, its been great
(22:01:29) venkmans_girl: that was totally awesome!
(22:01:31) Zack: awww I wanted to see who played the black guy
(22:01:33) Nikorasu: bye everybody
(22:01:34) joeghostbuster: time to get the fuck out of my folks house
(22:01:35) GhostbustersZorge: that was awesome
(22:01:37) AJ_Quick: I'm out of here. I've got a date with a ghost!
(22:01:39) alexupton: lol
(22:01:40) Zander_Yurami: *grabs his GB1 CD* I know what I am listening to on the way to work tonight. lol. seeya guys later
(22:01:42) Donkey8012: Thanks guys. I'm out.
(22:01:47) TommyHellsing: Look it up on IMDB
(22:01:47) Zack: later guys
(22:01:47) guitar1036: rockin
(22:01:50) Spooky: Lies Aj
(22:01:50) gbmatt: ok im outta here for now...thanks again guys
(22:01:56) enchanted_unicorn: zack you are obsessed with black guys!
(22:01:56) CaptainN: That was fun. Thanks AJ and Paul for doing this.
(22:01:57) Zander_Yurami: thanx to the guys who set this up ^_^
(22:02:00) AJ_Quick: Eddie Murphy played the black guy
(22:02:00) ihsanamin: Good stuff.
(22:02:01) ihsanamin: Thanks.
(22:02:01) Zack: :P
(22:02:03) guitar1036: adios all
(22:02:04) YoshioKun13: That was great, got2 do something like this again sometime! :)
(22:02:04) GhostbustersZorge: bye guys and thank you for doing this
(22:02:04) TommyHellsing: I'm gonna go, I WANT THe GAME OUT NOW!
(22:02:12) YoshioKun13: Thanks to everyone who set this up
(22:02:14) venkmans_girl: thanks guys for doing this..
(22:02:17) Cincinnati_Busters: is anyone picking up the game in costume?
(22:02:22) joeghostbuster: can we DL a chat transcript tomorrow?
(22:02:24) EctoCooler: LOL AJ
(22:02:24) Zack: thanks to all involved
(22:02:26) what0080: 0080...out... thanks again
(22:02:26) beezer090: Thanks again! Really great!
(22:02:27) GBFans: CaptainN logs out of the Chat.
(22:02:32) Zack: my luck I'd go to pick up the game in gear and they wouldn't have it
(22:02:33) Zack: lol
(22:02:35) rpburke1978: wait a minute. I though tthis was gonna start at 8 EST
(22:02:36) GBFans: Pagz has been logged out (Timeout).
(22:02:36) SchottGun: Thanks all, you made my boring night at a hotel fun!
(22:02:37) GBFans: CaptainN logs into the Chat.
(22:02:39) GBFans: zombierepellent logs into the Chat.
(22:02:41) enchanted_unicorn: time to draw!...later all
(22:02:41) Zander_Yurami: i am pick it up in full gear. as well as going to a midnight showing here in dallas this friday
(22:02:44) rpburke1978: that's now
(22:02:45) GBFans: Ghostbuster1984 logs out of the Chat.
(22:02:46) Syco54645: cincinnati_busters: im gonna try my damnedest to
(22:02:52) venkmans_girl: if i had a costume yes but i'm going to wear one of my shirts and say i'm here to pick up some other game
(22:02:55) SonofSamhain: Thanks for that Paul!
(22:02:55) alfulle: GIVE US THE GAME
(22:02:59) YoshioKun13: I'd like a transcript too, I came into the game a little later than I wanted to(stupid browser problems)
(22:03:07) Spooky: no 8EST is not now
(22:03:07) GBFans: Dr.D has been logged out (Timeout).
(22:03:07) GBFans: Ghostbuster_Don has been logged out (Timeout).
(22:03:08) JediChris1138: I hope we hear something at NY Comic Con
(22:03:10) GBFans: enchanted_unicorn logs out of the Chat.
(22:03:21) GBFans: Renton_gb has been logged out (Timeout).
(22:03:21) GBFans: Ghostbuster_Man has been logged out (Timeout).
(22:03:22) GBFans: joeghostbuster logs out of the Chat.
(22:03:28) spookcentral: Thanks again everyone. I was thinking about doing this again in June for the two movie anniversaries.
(22:03:29) GBfan37830: thanks again, i'm gone
(22:03:31) Syco54645: did anyone get a transcript?
(22:03:31) GBFans: SchottGun logs out of the Chat.
(22:03:33) GBFans: MadMan logs out of the Chat.
(22:03:34) GBFans: SonofSamhain logs out of the Chat.
(22:03:43) alexupton: The game will be playable at comiccon
(22:03:52) rpburke1978: aw crap, i did the math wrong
(22:03:52) GBFans: Donkey8012 has been logged out (Timeout).
(22:03:52) GBFans: Nikorasu has been logged out (Timeout).
(22:03:52) beezer090: Count me in!
(22:03:53) venkmans_girl: that would be cool spookcentral
(22:04:02) GBFans: guitar1036 logs out of the Chat.
(22:04:02) EctoCooler: Hurry up June 16th...
(22:04:07) GBFans: what0080 has been logged out (Timeout).
(22:04:07) GBFans: MetaruRyuu has been logged out (Timeout).
(22:04:07) GBFans: ihsanamin has been logged out (Timeout).
(22:04:07) YoshioKun13: That would be an awesome event!!!
(22:04:11) GBfan37830: we should do this again
(22:04:23) venkmans_girl: yay
(22:04:23) spookcentral: Not sure what to show for GB1 - maybe this again; for GB2 I was thinking about the Oprah episode with the cast.
(22:04:29) GBFans: GhostbustersZorge has been logged out (Timeout).
(22:04:29) venkmans_girl: yeah
(22:04:39) Cincinnati_Busters: @spookcenral Rad!
(22:04:41) GBFans: CaptainN has been logged out (Timeout).
(22:04:41) GBFans: TommyHellsing has been logged out (Timeout).
(22:04:44) GBFans: Ectofiend666 has been logged out (Timeout).
(22:04:49) spookcentral: Now that I learned from the problems with this event, any future events should go MUCH more smoother.
(22:04:55) GBfan37830: that would be awesome!
(22:04:55) AJ_Quick: BYE EVERYONE!.
(22:04:56) castewar: nite nite
(22:05:02) Syco54645: bye aj
(22:05:05) Zack: bye!
(22:05:06) beezer090: I ahve looked EVERYWHERE for the Oprah special!
(22:05:06) venkmans_girl: bye everyone have a great nite
(22:05:10) AJ_Quick: Kevin and Dan. I'm not gonna be around tonight. Have fun.
(22:05:12) Spooky: get the hell out
(22:05:14) beezer090: EVERYWHERE...
(22:05:16) YoshioKun13: I have a TV broadcast of GB on VHS, it just might be this same one. Gotta break it out sometime and check, would like to see all the alternate lines and stuff again
(22:05:17) Spooky: alrighty
(22:05:23) GBFans: Zander_Yurami has been logged out (Timeout).
(22:05:26) venkmans_girl: i would love to see the oprah special
(22:05:28) GBFans: AJ_Quick logs out of the Chat.
(22:05:37) GBFans: EctoCooler logs out of the Chat.
(22:05:45) Cincinnati_Busters: is anyone here on bttf.com?
(22:05:52) beezer090: Me.
(22:05:55) spookcentral: Anyway, gotta go. Will try to work with AJ to get a transcript up on both of out sites later or tomorrow. Maybe some video, too, if it doesn't piss off Sony.
(22:05:59) beezer090: Occasionally...
(22:06:04) YoshioKun13: I'm all for the Oprah thing, never saw it
(22:06:10) BradRedfield: I used to be on bttf.com
(22:06:10) Cincinnati_Busters: wats ur name?
(22:06:21) GBFans: d_osborn logs into the Chat.
(22:06:21) GBfan37830: that would be great bye
(22:06:23) GBFans: gbmatt has been logged out (Timeout).
(22:06:33) BradRedfield: I think it was Brad Redfield but that was like six years ago
(22:06:39) beezer090: See ya guys!
(22:06:39) GBFans: spookcentral logs out of the Chat.

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