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TV Series > The Real Ghostbusters
The Real Ghostbusters

This page will not list all of The Real Ghostbusters merchandise that has ever been created. These are just some odds and ends that I find interesting and wanted to put on the site, but that don't warrant its own page. Of course, some merchandise can be found in other parts of this site (such as home videos, soundtrack albums, comic books, etc.). For a more detailed collection of Real Ghostbusters merchandise, check out the Ghostbusters Wiki, where you can also find a timeline of release dates.


Ralston-Purina - The Real Ghostbusters Cereal (1986-198?)
[info coming soon]

The Real Ghostbusters cereal packaging was parodied in Topps' 1991 "Wacky Packages" card/sticker set. Card #35 featured artwork of "The Real Gross Blisters", a "carbuncle coated breakfast food".


Cereal Boxes, Holograms, Contest MP3s (Raw Scans) (Patreon)

• Large scan of a complete "Slimer and the Real Ghostbusters" Cereal Box (1990): Front, Back.

Ghostbusters Cereal Commercial (1986) (YouTube) - The very first half animated, half live-action commercial for Ghostbusters cereal.

Ghostbusters Cereal Commercial (1988) (YouTube) - This commercial featured a new variation of the cereal with Slimer shaped marshmallows - as well as heralding "the first cereal box to glow in the dark," with clippable trading cards on the back.


Kenner - The Real Ghostbusters Toys (1986-199?)

Image   Image   Image   Image   Image   Image

This was one of the items I (Paul Rudoff) contributed to the "Ghostbusters: The Ultimate Visual History" book.
Image Image

Backyard Camping #2

First Wave Guys & Stay Puft
[recorded by Matthew D. Jordan from a commercial break for "The Wuzzles" that aired on ABC during the 1987-1988 television season]
  • Video (Spook Central Facebook)
  • Video (YouTube) (16:9 Pillarboxed)
  • Still Images (Spook Central Facebook)
This is, quite possibly, the very first Real Ghostbusters toy commercial ever made - and if it's not the first, it's definitely the second. The first wave of toys was the four guys (each with buddy ghost and proton pack), Slimer/Green Ghost, and Stay Puft. You see three of those guys (no love for Winston), with their packs and buddy ghosts, and Stay Puft. Slimer/Green Ghost is notably absent, and curiously, a can of Ecto-Plasm is present. Ecto-Plasm was introduced in the second wave of toys, so maybe this commercial was made just when work began on the second wave.

Backyard Camping #1
    * CrownCombo (Windows Media Download) (original) (audio in left channel only)
    * Spook Central Facebook
    * YouTube

Backyard Camping #2 (as seen embedded above) (one I personally recorded)
    * Spook Central Facebook

Firehouse, Gooping Slimer, Tombstone Tackle...
    * Spook Central Facebook

Slimed Heroes Ray & Louis, Nasty Neck, and Ghost Bomber at the Statue of Liberty
    * X-Entertainment (Window Media Download) (original)
    * Spook Central Facebook

6-Commercial Compilation
    * Spook Central Facebook

Unproduced Toy Images (Raw Scans) (Patreon)

Ghostbusters Wiki


McDonald's United States School Supplies & Boxes (1987)
* Items & Boxes Photo Gallery (Spook Central Facebook)
* Ghostbusters Wiki
* Dinosaur Dracula


Perio Products - Slimer Toothpaste (1991?)

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