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The Real Ghostbusters: Complete Collection
Visual Commentary Tracks

DVD producer Andy Mangels took the concept of Live Video Commentary (from the Ghostbusters 1999 DVD release) one step further, and truly gave viewers something that lives up to the name. Here's a statement from Andy that best describes what you're looking at on screen, and how it came to be:

"When we were designing what The Real Ghostbusters: The Complete Series would contain for commentaries," says Andy Mangels, the producer of all special content on the DVDs, "my production partner, Reed Kaplan, had an excellent idea. As you'll see from the following pictures, the commentaries are an immersive visual experience. Participants were filmed with two cameras and headset microphones, enabling them to converse freely with each other while viewing the episode. Reed designed the screen so that there are four constantly moving elements: two 'panels' with the commentary participants are at the top, while the lower right corner has the episode playing in realtime. The background of the widescreen image is also the episode playing, in a highly blurred fashion, essentially adding moving wallpaper. Finally, at the lower middle of the screen is a slideshow from each episode, which changes at least once per minute. We think that the Visual Commentary package looks stupendous, and it will be interesting for fans to be voyeurs to the process of creating the commentaries as they watch the people who created the series, who are in turn, watching their creation and sharing fascinating behind-the-scenes stories!"

Below is the complete list of visual commentary tracks and participants (with run times listed), all hosted by Andy Mangels except for episodes #22, #33, #41, and the promo pilot. The commentaries were recorded in June 2008. I believe they were recorded the week of June 15th (the initial commentary list was e-mailed to me by Andy Mangels on June 14, 2008). Following that are some screen captures from the commentarties.

  1. Disc 01 - RGB Ep #1 Ghosts R Us [23:38] - Len Janson (writer & story editor), Kevin Alteri (director & storyboard supervisor), Dan Riba (storyboard artist).
  2. Disc 01 - RGB Ep #4 Slimer, Come Home [23:44] - Dan Riba (storyboard artist) and Gabi Payn (character designer).
  3. Disc 02 - RGB Ep #10 Take Two [23:45] - J. Michael Straczynski (writer & story editor), Joe Medjuck (executive producer), and Michael C. Gross (executive producer).
  4. Disc 03 - RGB Ep #20 Adventures In Slime And Space [22:22] - David Gerrold (writer).
  5. Disc 04 - RGB Ep #22 Venkman's Ghost Repellers [22:22] - Richard Mueller (writer) and James Eatock (publisher of cereal: geek magazine).
  6. Disc 06 - RGB Ep #33 Don't Forget The Motor City [22:22] - Dennys McCoy & Pam Hickey (writers).
  7. Disc 07 - RGB Ep #41 The Collect Call Of Cathulhu [22:22] - Marsha Goodman (voice director & voice casting) and James Eatock (publisher of cereal: geek magazine).
  8. Disc 08 - RGB Ep #45 Egon On The Rampage [22:25] - Marc Scott Zicree (writer), Maurice La Marche (voice of "Egon"), and Laura Summer (voice of 1st "Janine").
  9. Disc 09 - RGB Ep #53 The Scaring Of The Green [22:21] - Michael Edens (writer) and Michael Swanigan (storyboard artist).
  10. Disc 11 - RGB Ep #63 The Cabinet Of Calamari [21:47] - Michael Edens (writer), Michael Swanigan (storyboard artist), and James Eatock (publisher of cereal: geek magazine).
  11. Disc 12 - RGB Ep #71 The Devil To Pay [22:22] - Dennys McCoy & Pam Hickey (writers).
  12. Disc 13 - RGB Ep #76 Egon's Dragon [22:24] - Kathryn Drennan (writer).
  13. Disc 13 - RGB Ep #79 Baby Spookums [22:58] - Len Janson (writer & story editor).
  14. Disc 14 - RGB Ep #85 Halloween II 1/2 [22:22] - Dennys McCoy & Pam Hickey (writers).
  15. Disc 16 - RGB Ep #99 The Brooklyn Triangle [22:54] - Richard Mueller (writer) and Derdad Aghamalian (color key artist).
  16. Disc 18 - RGB Ep #114 The Halloween Door [23:15] - J. Michael Straczynski (writer & story editor).
  17. Disc 19 - RGB Ep #118 Janine, You've Changed [23:19] - J. Michael Straczynski (writer & story editor), Marsha Goodman (voice director & voice casting), and Kath Soucie (voice of 2nd "Janine").
  18. Disc 22 - RGB Ep #134 20,000 Leagues Under The Street [22:57] - Richard Mueller (writer).
  19. Disc 24 - Slimer Ep #8 Beach Blanket Bruiser / Class Clown / Dog Days [21:37] - Francis Moss (writer) and Darrell McNeil (animator).
  20. Disc 24 - Slimer Ep #12 Rainy Day Slimer / Slimer & The Beanstalk / Space Case [22:58] - Dennys McCoy & Pam Hickey (writers) and Darrell McNeil (animator).
  21. Disc 25 - Ep #00 Promo Pilot [3:46] - Kevin Altieri (director and storyboard supervisor) and Dan Riba (storyboard artist).

The screen captures below were provided by Andy Mangels to me, for exclusive use on my site. Other sites have gotten their own selection of screengrabs - similar shots, but they are all different - so be sure to make the rounds to see more: Proton Charging, GB Fans, TVShowsonDVD.

Episode 1 - "Ghosts R Us"

Episode 10 - "Take Two"

L-R: Andy Mangels, Michael C. Gross, Joe Medjuck, and J. Michael Straczynski.