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PKE Meter

A piece of equipment used to track ghosts and give readings of Psycho Kinetic Energy (PKE). The PKE Meter is what helped Egon to develop the theory of catching ghosts. It has antennas with lights that raise up and down tracing the level of Psycho Kinetic Energy.

This prop was used in
  • Ghostbusters
  • Ghostbusters II

Fun Facts


They Live (1988)
After Nada (Roddy Piper) and Frank (Keith David) go through a portal created by one of the alien's wristwatches, they spy two aliens who are using the PKE Meter as a walkie-talkie. Later, after the newsroom breaks out in chaos, a few more aliens use the meters as communications devices. More images found on the Ghostbusters Wiki. (Frame grabs from Blu-ray done by me, Paul Rudoff.)

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Suburban Commando (1991)
The PKE Meter is the device that Shep Ramsey (Hulk Hogan) uses to locate the alien spacecraft.

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