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  • Ecto Containment (alt url) & Ghostbusters International & Ghostbusters Firehouse
    These sister sites are run by Richard "Spengs" Roy, and they contain lots of multimedia and other great stuff.
  • Ecto-Flights
    Fan art and writings by Marie "Ectogal" Torres Gerkin and others, plus lots of RGB book & magazine and other photos too.
  • The Ecto-Plasmic Archive
    Lots of images, audio, and video from both movies; plus lots of GB2 Behind The Scenes and GB music video screen caps; and video of the GB1 deleted scenes, trailers, and featurettes from the DVD.
  • Ghostbusters Collector (Facebook) (old site, alt url)
    All of the what's what about Ghostbusters toys and collectables.
  • Ghostbusters Ecto-Web
    This is one web you'd WANT to get tangled in. Besides being the definative place for information about every GB videogame that's ever been created, the Ecto-Web is also the place to find some great fan artwork, unique coverage of the GB films, an array of real media files (some you won't find elsewhere), GB International-style, and much more.
  • Ghostbusters Fans
    Like Spook Central, this site contains a vast wealth of information and multimedia, along with a forum, a chat room, and a shop where you can buy the latest merchandise and parts for your prop building needs. This website originated as Slime Square (started by Matthew Sturm), then became the Ghostbusters Prop Archive, before finally transforming into Ghostbusters Fans.
  • Ghostbusters Mania
    The Italian Ghostheads created this site which brings you the latest news from the world of Ghostbusters.
  • Ghostbusters Minimate Archive
    Documenting all of the Ghostbusters Minimates little figures that have been released.
  • Ghostbusters News
    Another definitive source for the very latest in Ghostbusters news.
  • Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline (old site)
    The most comprehensive guide to the Ghostbusters Universe ever created! This comprehensive study attempts to reconcile the movies, the Real Ghostbusters, and even Extreme Ghostbusters into one linear saga.
  • Ghostbusters Wiki
    An all-encompassing, very thorough Ghostbusters encyclopedia.
  • The Grid
    A medium-size site with photos and audio from the films and tv series, and some other little goodies. It's kind of like a lite version of Spook Central, though that's not necessarily a bad thing.
  • Proton Charging
    This is the definitive source for the very latest in Ghostbusters news. It also has some original interviews with GB cast and crew, as well as some background info and multimedia on *all* GB films and shows -- including Filmation's.
  • TheRealGhostbusters.com
    General news and information about Ghostbusters, not just The Real Ghostbusters.