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Films > Ghostbusters II > Music

"Love Is A Cannibal" performed by Elton John

(written by Elton John, Bernie Taupin, Davey Johnstone)

We follow the dog who follows the cat
We swallow the chain if they don't fight back
We come and go, just getting by
We got a flag on the moon, we got a hole in the sky

And each man kills the things he loves
It's an edible romance we all dream of
Amd love eats love, eats love
Love is a cannibal
Woman is a criminal
She have the hunger
But man is the animal
And love eats love, eats love
Love is a cannibal

We live in the woods but we hate the trees
We kill off the jungle but we save the leaves
The family face is painted grey
They did it for the baby and the wedding day

(Lyrics courtesy of Eltonography.com: The Illustrated Elton John Discography)