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Films > Ghostbusters II > Deleted Scenes
Ghostbusters II

Below is the original version of this scene as written in the November 27, 1988 script draft (pages 50 and 51), which is vastly different from the scene as filmed. They kept Peter's line about the gift boutique, jettisoned the gaudy costumes, and added Winston and Ray working on a Slime Blower. In the script, the scene took place after the Scoleri Brothers are captured, but before the montage starts; during the Firehouse rebuilding scene in early drafts. As filmed, it would appear that it would have taken place post-montage (before the "mood slime" scene), since Winston is in the charcoal suit and Ray is in the lab coat. The scene is not in the February 27, 1989 draft, but was still filmed anyway.

The photos on this page were screencapped from Ghostbusters: Behind Closed Doors. The video comes from a British show called Film Eighty Nine, which covered Ghostbusters II on the April 18, 1989 episode. The first and last few seconds are silent because the TV show played narration over those parts.

The b-roll footage (used at 0:55 in the TV show) seems to be part of an "electronic press kit" (not this one) reel of footage filmed at the Los Angeles firehouse in early 1989. Other footage on the reel seems to be b-roll of the mood slime scene, an interview with Ivan Reitman and Bill Murray in the second floor lab, and Peter Mosen's Ectomobile parked outside. All of this footage appears in both Ghostbusters: Behind Closed Doors and Film Eighty Nine, which supports this theory. This press reel is not part of the official Electronic Press Kit and has never been released to the general public.


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Stantz, Spengler and Winston come downstairs wearing new Ghostbuster uniforms. The uniforms are ridiculously overdone and over-decorated with military berets topping off the whole ensemble. Venkman notes the unhappy looks on their faces.

(trying to bluff his way through)
Incredible! This is a very good look.

We look like the Bronxville High School Marching Band.

Will you just trust me on this? It's all part of the new plan -- higher visibility, lower overhead, deeper market penetration, bigger profits. Just wait until we open the boutique.

What boutique?

The Ghostbusters Gift Boutique. It's a natural. I've been working on it all day.
(he reads from a list)
Ghostbuster tee-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, visors, beach towels, mugs, calendars, stationery, balloons, stickers, Frisbees, paperweights, souvenirs, tote bags, party supplies, motor oil, toys, video games.
(suddenly inspired)
Ooh, I'm grossing myself out -- Ghostbusters breakfast cereal.

Breakfast cereal.

(thinks better of it)
Okay, forget the cereal. But this could be a gold mine. We get this junk cheap from Taiwan or Korea and all we have to do is stick our logo on it. We'll be laughing.

Our primary concern should be the continued integrity of the biosphere. It's a responsibility shared by all conscious beings.

Isn't that what I just said?

(to Venkman)
Look, Venkman. We don't have time for this. We've got customers waiting-- paying customers. You can wear pink huggies and go-go boots if you want. We're sticking with the old coveralls.

They go upstairs to change uniforms. Venkman follows them to the foot of the stairs.