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Films > Ghostbusters II > Deleted Scenes
Ghostbusters II

[As evidenced by the footage that appears during the end credits (see still shot of Winston below), the alternate version of this scene where the Ghostbusters don their uniforms outside was also filmed - either separately, or they combined both versions into one scene]


Ecto-2 is parked outside as Louis and Sherman come out of the hospital with the Ghostbusters, now wearing their standard uniforms.

Good work, Louis. How did you get us out?

Oh, I pulled a few strings. I wouldn't want to say any more than that.

Louis winks conspiratorially at Sherman.

This is my cousin Sherman. Sherm, say hello to the Ghostbusters.
(sotto voce to Stantz)
I promised him a ride in the car if he got you out.

(to the Ghostbusters)
Hi, it's really great to meet you guys. I know this sounds weird but once I had a dream that my grandfather was standing at the foot of my bed, but I knew it was impossible because he died and he started to tell me that --

Behind-the-scenes footage from the Ghostbusters II Electronic Press Kit

Ray and Peter in Ecto-1A as Sherman Tully, played by Eugene Levy, runs alongside
(notice the boom mic the the upper right corner)
(screencapped from Ghostbusters: Behind Closed Doors)

While he's talking, the Ghostbusters jump in the Ectomobile and drive off, leaving him and Louis standing at the curb.

Hey! Wait! Okay, I'll meet you there.

I thought you were like the fifth Ghostbuster.

I let them handle all the little stuff. I just come in on the big ones.

Play Video
Some behind the scenes footage taken from the GB2 Electronic Press Kit
at time codes: 14:25, 16:43, 21:44 (5:05, 7:24, 12:26 on Blu).