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Films > Ghostbusters II
Ghostbusters II

Here you will see pictures of the crew making the film, concept drawings of some of the scenes and characters, storyboards, and much more - all to give you an insight as to how the film was made.

This Benton Jew illustration concept of ill-fated Hindenburg passengers was discarded in favor of water-logged spirits disembarking a materialized Titanic.

For shots of the full-length Lady Liberty walking through the streets of Manhattan, a detailed suit was prepared to use for both blue-screen and practical photography of Liberty walking through a miniture Manhattan set. Here, performer Jim Fye is transformed with the aid of Buzz Neidig.

TOP: A detailed special effects storyboard.
BOTTOM: The scene as seen in the final film.

Howie Weed of the creature shop airbrushes an application of foam latex to the Nunzio Scoleri character head.

TOP: Mark Sullivan's matte painting of the exterior of Peter Venkman's apartment building. The actual painting is nearly four feet tall and six feet wide.
BOTTOM: The matte painting as seen compositied in the final film.

Production illustration of the "Ectomobile," by John Bell. (Painted on the side of the live-action vehicle are the words "Call Us: We Believe You.")

The Vigo painting is on the left and the "painting" set (with Wilhelm Von Homburg standing there as Vigo, himself) is on the right.

The Scoleris, originally fried via electric chair, reappear all charged up, with effects animator Kevin Kutchaver painstakingly drawing each spark on an enlarged frame from the blue-screen filming.

Slimer (with Robin Navlyt in the suit) takes the stage with Barbara Hartman-Jenichen (left) and Michael Owens (right) as creature project supervisor Tim Lawrence looks on.

A giant Liberty crown set was used for the close-ups of the Ghostbusters in the crown.

The following is a gallery of concept art drawn by Henry Mayo, and provided by Mr. Mayo for display on this site. Mr. Mayo designed the Scoleri Brothers from ideas developed in the script. As you can see, he designed other ghosts and creatures as well, include some that made it into physical construction but were not filmed. That would be the Frog Ghost and the other creature in the two large 1 Mb files.

(1 Mb file)

(1 Mb file)