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Some storyboards are for scenes that were in the film and some are for scenes that were deleted from the film. This first set of storyboards are too large to display on a page, so I'm linking to them instead.

The deleted 3-D theater scene as depicted in storyboard form. Although this idea would be somewhat realized in Ghostbusters II, it would be fully realized in Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins (2009) (TVM).


Though the ghost design and its essential action were already locked in, these early sketches show Venkman and Stantz discovering the ghost together - a story point that was altered sometime between the August draft and the final shooting script. Also, since costume and hardware concepts were not fully realized yet, the storyboards reflect rather nondescript, generic attire.

Onionhead's film debut, as depicted in storyboard form by Thom Enriquez.

A special effects storyboard for the scene where Louis attacks some muggers. This scene was eventually deleted from the film. Notice that Louis was drawn to look like John Candy, the actor who was originally supposed to play the role.