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Ghostbusters: The Score
Music Composed by Elmer Bernstein
(59:37, 1998, Lincoln, Limited Edition Promotional/Bootleg)
All of these files were digitalized by me, Paul Rudoff.
Download from the Spook Central Patreon page.

Album Notes

Liner Art Images
Here are very large images of the album's artwork. Print these out to make your own CD artwork, should you decide to convert the MP3s above into a CD.

MP3 Notes
The above MP3s were digitally extracted from a bootleg that was purchased on the eBay auction site. The original CD is of such poor quality that it can't be played in my computer, and is now starting to give me problems when I try to play it in my regular CD player. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the CD itself is translucent - you can see right through it! I've never seen a see-though CD, and I doubt that it's supposed to be that way (the player/drive probably can't read the CD as the laser most likely goes right through it). Luckily, I was able to make myself a copy using the stand-alone Pioneer dual-deck CD recorder I used to own. This backup copy is what I used to make the MP3s. Although the original CD itself is of poor quality, the audio is fairly good. However, it's not perfect. Below is a list of defects I typed up for my own use based upon my first listening of the original CD (back when I was able to play it). All defects from the original CD were carried over into my backup CD, which in turn carried them over to the MP3s. There may be more defects than these, but these are all of the ones I noticed, and thus all of the major ones. The times may be a second or two off since this was based on the original CD and not the MP3s.

6	1:07	skip
12	0:21	skip (very slight)
12	2:34	3 or 4 loud crackles
13	1:00	skip (very slight)
13	2:18	skip
14	0:18	skip
14	2:08	high volume crackles
15	1:14	skip
18	1:26	strange noise inbetween music change
21	0:34	skip
21	0:45	skip
22	0:14	skip