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"Hot Night" performed by Laura Branigan

(written by Diane Warren and The Doctor) (official lyrics from songbook)

Here, in the night,
There's a perfume in the air,
And you can almost smell the danger.
Pressed in a crowd,
You can feel the heat of love and the touch of every stranger.
We're out on the prowl,
And it's action that we're after'
Keep fannin' the flame,
Just a little faster!

It's gonna be a hot night,
We're gonna have a hot night tonight.
It's gonna be a hot night,
We won't get no sleep tonight;
Too hot, it's too hot!

The need in your eyes, pierced me to the heart with a shot of stimulation.
A moth on a wing, in a moment I was seized with a burnin' fascination.

No stoppin' it now!
We've got to stay in motion;
We're too full of fire,
Too full of emotion.

chorus x2


chorus x3

[fade out]

Music Video

Although not officially a music video, this is the closest thing to one that there is. Laura played Jessie Cole in the Automan episode "Murder MTV" which aired on ABC on Monday March 12, 1984. As part of her role in the episode she got to sing "Hot Night" with Automan himself on guitar. Since the song was pre-recorded, with her lip-syncing to it, this isn't technically a live performance. Hence, I consider it a music video. The song is played for 2:52, with some show dialogue over the end of it, so only 30 seconds of the song is not used in the show. The complete 13-episode series is available on DVD in Region 1 (U.S.) and Region 2.

Play Video
NOTE: This file includes additional footage of Laura acting and singing "Gloria."
Hot Night starts at 3:20 and ends at 6:12. The audio is a tiny bit off sync.
Video provided by YouTube user twebster99.


Laura Branigan - Gloria & Hot Night (from Automan episode)
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