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Films > Ghostbusters
On The Scene With The Ghostbusters
(aka the original 1984 "The Making Of Ghostbusters" Featurette)

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(If you like the low-quality copy here, buy the
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Here are a few choice screen shots from this featurette - click to enlarge.

Harold Ramis inspecting the proton packs

Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson relaxing by Ecto-1

Dan Aykroyd looking cool

Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd sit by the temple set being interviewed

Ivan Reitman shows Annie Potts how to hug Harold Ramis for a deleted scene in which Janine gives Egon her lucky coin

Set Designer John DeCuir


A Cimarron Production
in association with
Scott Woodward Productions

Paul Wales

Associate Producer
Steven Jay Rubin

Executive Producer
Scott Woodward

Chris Arnold

Chris Arnold & Bob Farina

Cimarron Productions wishes to thank Columbia Pictures
for their cooperation in the making of this picture.

copyright © 1984 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.
All rights reserved.