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Films > Ghostbusters > Home Video > DVD 2005
Ghostbusters 2005 DVD Still Image Comparison

Below are some comparisons between the still images on the 1999 and 2005 DVD releases of "Ghostbusters". The reason for the comparisons is to illustrate that all still images on the 2005 DVD have had a Photoshop "Oil Painting" filter applied to them, and look absolutely horrible as a result. All of the images on the 2005 DVD can be found in their original unaltered form on the 1999 DVD, except for three Terror Dog photos, which are new to the 2005 DVD. Though it should be noted that the 2005 DVD is missing one logo drawing.

The images were captured digitally by me using Nero Showtime at the DVD's base resolution of 720x480 ("original video source size") with no color alterations and saved as BMP (lossless). Using Paint Shop Pro, the images were then resampled into the correct 4:3 aspect ratio of 720x540 (no filters were applied to the images). Finally, the images were saved into Jpeg format using as little compression as possible so as to retain as much quality as possible and minimize adding new compression artifacts.

Each frame has two rollover images. The image displayed by default is from the 1999 DVD. Mouse over the captions to swap the images back and forth. Keep in mind that these are large screenshots, so viewers with slow Internet connections should expect to wait a while for images to load.