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Films > Ghostbusters > Home Video > DVD 1999
Ghostbusters DVD-ROM Interactive Menus

Raffaele Ruffaldi has been generous enough to do screen captures for me of ALL of the basic menus in the DVD-ROM section of the Ghostbusters DVD.


The DVD-ROM portion of the DVD includes a copy of Interactual's PC Friendly program. At the time of the disc's production (1999) this was the standard program for use with DVD-ROM materials. It has since been replaced by the Interactual Player. Although the Player is, for the most part, backwards compatible with PC Friendly DVDs, some portions of the DVD-ROM content will not be viewable in the Player.

When the Ghostbusters DVD-ROM is viewed in Interactual Player ...

As a way of helping out all those people who can't see it, I've copied the best multimedia files off of the DVD (and screen captured the two setup screens) and bundled them up into a zip file (3.4 Mb).