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Ghostbusters 1999 DVD Stills
Production Photos

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It needs to be noted that the 2005 DVD release contains three extra Terror Dog photos, which have been included in this collection for the sake of completeness, and are placed in the same spots as they are on the 2005 DVD. In this collection they are named gb1_dvd1999_photos244a_2005.jpg, gb1_dvd1999_photos267a_2005.jpg, and gb1_dvd1999_photos267b_2005.jpg; but on the 2005 DVD they would be Terror Dog photos #32, #56, and #57.

However, it MUST be noted that all still images on the 2005 DVD have had a Photoshop "Oil Painting" filter applied to them, and look absolutely horrible. You can easily see this when you compare the three extra Terror Dog photos to the rest of the photos.

Library Ghost (Ghoulish Librarian)

Dream Ghost (Lovely Floating Ghost)


Production Team



Spook Central


Stay Puft (Stay Puft Man)


Terror Dogs