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Films > Ghostbusters > Home Video > DVD 1999

Ghostbusters 1999 DVD Stills
Conceptual Drawings

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It needs to be mentioned that in the Early NYC Concepts section, all but the very last image (Stay Puft and the city) are actually from The Real Ghostbusters animated series, and not the movie. Sony messed up.

Early NYC (Colorful Early NYC Concepts)


Ecto-1 Interior (Colorful Ecto-Mobile Interior)

Stay Puft (Early Stay Puft Man Concepts)

Proton Streams (Light Stream Chalk Drawings)


Creatures (Pencil and Chalk Creature Concepts)


Library Ghost (Pencil Librarian Ghoul Concepts)


Terror Dogs (Pencil Terror Dog Concepts)

SFX Concepts (SFX Conceptual Paintings)


Early Logos (Early Logo Concepts)