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Films > Ghostbusters > Home Video > Blu-Ray 2009
Ghostbusters Blu-Ray 2009
"Slimer Mode" Picture-in-Picture and Pop-Up Trivia Track

Running over the movie are picture-in-picture interview clips and various factoids about the making of the movie and stuff associated with it. The newly recorded interviews feature Ivan Reitman, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Sigourney Weaver, Paul M. Sammon (film historian), Terry Windell, Joe Medjuck, William Atherton, Ernie Hudson, Michael C. Gross, Richard Edlund, and many more.

Here are some sample video clips and some random images (click for full size 1920x1080 images). If you like the low-quality copy here, buy the Blu-Ray in my store to get the high-quality original.

The First Five Minutes
No Ghost Logo Discussion

Below are all of the still images used in the Slimer Mode displays, at their original 360x244 size (some are smaller). These are found on the disc in the files \BDMV\JAR\00005\composite1.png, \BDMV\JAR\00005\composite2.png, and \BDMV\JAR\00005\composite5.png. Anything not shown below is encoded as actual video.


These are all of the textual factoids displayed in Slimer Mode. The text can be found on the disc in the file BDMV\JAR\00005\gip_track_eng.txt. I cleaned it up and reformatted it into what you see below. The timecodes are what is actually coded in the gip_track_eng.txt file, with the correct hour timings and with the milliseconds removed. It may be a second or two off from what your player displays.

LIBRARY GHOST (0:09:58-0:10:17)
Known to haunt the New York Public Library on 5th Avenue. Classified as a "free floating, full torso, vaporous apparition". Known to stack books symmetrically - just like the Philadelphia Mass Turbulence of 1947.

NOT-SO-NORMAL NYC (0:14:27-0:14:59)
NYC earned the title as the world's most populous city in 1925. Currently NYC has a population of over 8 million people. With so many people living in one place, there's plenty of opportunities for ghost-spotting. NYC is often called "The City that Never Sleeps". As The Ghostbusters discover - neither do the dead!

DR. RAY STANTZ (0:15:03-0:15:41)
Referred to as the "heart" and "hands" of the Ghostbusters. Best described as a big kid with big ideas. Along with Egon, Ray is well-versed in the supernatural. Is a highly skilled engineer and mechanic. Once witnessed an undersea, unexplained mass sponge migration. Roasted Stay-Puft marshmallows as a child at Camp Waconda.

FIREHOUSE HQ (0:20:15-0:20:47)
Located at 14 North Moore Street in N.Y. Purchased in poor condition at a high price because Ray liked the fireman's pole. Required significant upgrading to meet the Ghostbusters considerable power needs. Came complete with a garage, basement and upstairs living quarters. Janine Melnitz works on the first floor as the Ghostbuster's receptionist.

ECTO-GOGGLES (0:30:15-0:30:47)
Also known as a "Spectro-Visor". Helps track ghosts. Visually traces psycho-kinetic energy readings. Detects ghosts that are invisible to the naked eye. First used chasing Slimer in the Sedgwick Hotel.

SLIMER GHOST (0:31:56-0:32:20)
May be the result of a ritual summoning or side effect of some emotionally charged event. Harmless to humans, but physical contact can result in a healthy dousing of ectoplasm. Preoccupied with Earthly pleasures, namely eating. Favored foods include hot dogs, pizza, and ice cream.

PROTON PACK (0:35:32-0:35:45)
Sometimes referred to as a "positron collider". Pack's energy cell has a half-life of 5,000 years.

GHOST TRAP (0:42:05-0:42:34)
Captures and stores ghosts temporarily. Activated by a simple pedal switch. When opened, a magnetic force field emerges. Users should refrain from looking directly into an open trap.

DR. PETER VENKMAN (0:42:55-0:43:27)
Referred to as the "mouth" of the Ghostbusters. Known for his dry wit and pushy sensibilities. Has PHDs in parapsychology and psychology. Never studied in college. Has much experience handling ectoplasm.

GOZER (0:43:49-0:44:39)
Also known as Volguus Zildrohar, Gozer The Gozerian, Gozer The Destructor, and Gozer The Traveler. A supernatural shape-shifter able to travel through space and time, and across parallel dimensions. Allows its victims to choose the form in which it will destroy them. During the rectification of the Vuldronaii, Gozer took the form of a large and moving Torb. During the third reconciliation of the last of the Meketrex Supplicants, it became a giant Sloar. In 1984, Gozer appeared first as a woman, and then took the form of an oversized marshmallow man.

OLD CANDY STORE HAUNTING (0:44:45-0:45:11)
Located on 32nd Street in the Bronx. Haunted for the past 36 years. Ghosts include a non-threatening father and son team. The ghosts make their presence known through mischievous pranks.

CONTAINMENT GRID (0:45:15-0:45:41)
Located in the basement of the Ghostbusters headquarters. Stores all captured ghosts. Ghost Traps are inserted and cleansed of captured entities. Grid's storage capacity is limited.

TERROR DOGS (0:54:46-0:55:12)
Stone gargoyles come to life that can leap at their prey. Strong and fast, theppy can be mistaken for a bear or cougar. Gozer The Gozerian's demonic pets that act as his messengers. Host animals for Zuul and Vinz Clortho, Gozer's loyal servants.

ZUUL (0:55:39-0:56:16)
A demi-god worshiped around 6,000 B.C. by the Hittites, Mesopotamians, and the Sumerians. A minion of Gozer who helped prepare for his arrival. Also known as "The Gatekeeper". Could take the form of a monstrous "Terror Dog". Had the power to possess the living, and in 1984 entered the body of a young woman named Dana Barrett.

ECTOPLASM (0:56:20-0:56:46)
A term coined by French physiologist Charles Richet. A slimy residue secreted by ghosts. May help enable psychic ability. Possesses a texture and color similar to nasal mucus.

PKE METER (1:00:19-1:00:45)
A handheld paranormal investigation device. Locates and measures psycho-kinetic energy. Reads environmental changes caused by ghosts. Detects molecules of ectoplasm in the air.

VINZ CLORTHO (1:01:33-1:01:59)
Also known as Volguus Zildrohar, Lord of the Sebouillia. Served as "The Keymaster" of Gozer. Like his companion Zuul, Vinz could take the form of a demonic "Terror Dog". Was also empowered to possess the living.

ECTO-1 (1:04:30-1:05:01)
Transportation for the Ghostbusters and their gear. Originally a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Ambulance/Hearse. Purchased in poor condition by Ray Stantz for $4,800.00. Was refurbished and customized with anti-ghost weaponry and defenses. Features a signature siren wail that echoes through the streets of The Big Apple.

NEW AMSTERDAM THEATRE (1:09:51-1:10:23)
Located in the heart of bustling Times Square. Haunted since the death of Ziegfeld Follies chorus girl, Olive Thomas. She died in 1920 after ingesting a lethal dose of mercury. Her death is debated to be accidental or suicide. Her ghost can be spotted in one of the dressing rooms clutching a blue bottle of poison.

DR. EGON SPENGLER (1:10:48-1:11:19)
A genius in the field of paranormal research. Best described as humorless, frank, and matter-of-fact. As a hobby, collects spores, molds, and fungus. Referred to as the "brains" behind the Ghostbusters. Despite this, he once tried to drill a hole in his head.

TOBIN'S SPIRIT GUIDE (1:11:51-1:12:17)
A reference book for all things paranormal. Contains detailed analysis of famous spooks, specters, and hauntings. Entries include Zuul, Gozer, and Ivo Shandor. A permanent fixture on Egon Spengler's nightstand.

WINSTON ZEDDEMORE (1:16:22-1:16:54)
Known as the Ghostbuster who isn't "crazy". Best described as down To Earth and initially skeptic. Was once a demolitions expert in the U.S. Army. Loves "The Big Apple". Not a doctor, but can bust ghosts as good as the next guy.

NEUTRONA WAND (1:33:48-1:34:01)
Wand fires a proton stream capable of polarizing a ghost's negative energy. Crossing multiple streams may cause total protonic reversal.

STAY-PUFT (1:35:36-1:36:18)
Originally the cute cartoon mascot of the Stay-Puft Co., makers of America's favorite marshmallows. In 1984, Gozer The Gozerian transformed itself into a monstrous facsimile of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. He towered over the streets of New York City at a height of nearly one hundred and thirteen feet. Mr. Stay-Puft went on a violent rampage that caused millions of dollars worth of property damage. Its destruction called into question Stay-Puft's claim that their marshmallows "stay puft even when toasted!"

LINCOLN TUNNEL MYSTERY (1:36:24-1:36:56)
Lincoln Tunnel connects Weehawken, NJ and Manhattan, NY - The Ghostbusters' base of operations. In 1975, the tunnel was the scene of a mysterious disappearance. A husband and wife pulled aside to wipe off the windows of their car. The husband cleaned the front, while his wife cleaned the back. And... the wife vanished without a trace! An investigation into the disappearance found no evidence of foul play.

ST. MARK'S CHURCH PHANTOM (1:37:05-1:37:41)
Located where the original church established by Peter Stuyvesant once stood. Stuyvesant was an important figure in the early history of NYC. His nickname became "Old Peg Leg" after losing his leg in combat. Stuyvesant has haunted the church since his death in 1672. His ghost has been sighted by church attendees, visitors, and staff. You can still hear the sound of his peg-leg footsteps echoing throughout the building!