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Films > Ghostbusters > Home Video > 4K/Blu-Ray 2019
Ghostbusters II 2019 Blu-Ray
Filmmaker Commentary

Here are some of my favorite segments of the audio commentary featuring Ivan Reitman, Dan Aykroyd, and Joe Medjuck. I e-mailed my contact ay Sony, Jeremy Glassman, who told me that they recorded the commentary on Thursday, January 31, 2019 on the Sony lot. The two new commentary tracks were recorded one after the other.

Ivan: Hi. This is Ivan Reitman. I directed and produced the second Ghostbusters, and it's a great pleasure to be here and talk to you guys.
Dan: I'm Dan Aykroyd, one of the cowriters and costars of the film. And it's just great to be able to see these wonderful performances again of Sigourney and Rick, Annie Potts, and Ernie. And so looking forward to the experience. Who are you, sir?
Joe: I'm Joe Medjuck. I was one of the executive producers on the movie. And it's great to watch it again. It brings back many memories.

Joe: I was once watching TV where they showed both movies back to back. And when the credits for one were still rolling in the upper left-hand corner, "5 years later" came on and number two began.
Ivan: Yeah, we probably should've started a little earlier, but we had a hard time trying to figure out what we were gonna do. We took a lot of crap for this movie, didn't we? I think it had to do with the timing of it in terms of when it came out and the shift of the zeitgeist. People seem to like it now.
Dan: Oh, no. Hey, they liked it when it came out, you know? They came and saw it.
Ivan: You know, it came out a week before the new Batman came out -- which was a much darker movie -- and this was kind of a funnier, lighter version of things.

Ivan: And, of course, a famous cameo now of a great new young director.
Dan: [laughs] This is so funny.
Boy #1, in-movie: I thought it was gonna be He-Man.
Winston, in-movie: Hey, hey, I know. Why don't we all sit down and we'll have fun.
Ray, in-movie: Yeah!
Boy #2, in-movie: You know, my dad says you guys are full of crap.
Mom, in-movie: Jason.
Ray, in-movie: Well, some people have trouble believing in the paranormal.
Boy #2, in-movie: No, he just says you're full of crap and that's why you went out of business.
Ivan: He has a deeper voice now. Jason Reitman.
Dan: Jason Reitman.
Mom, in-movie: Come on, everybody!
Ivan: Who's now planning the next Ghostbusters as both a cowriter and director.
Dan: So, it's passing it on to the next generation of family. That's the way I look at it.
Ivan: I do, too.
Dan: Who better to be selected for the job?
Ivan: And what an ironic thing for him to say here at the front of the second film.

Joe: Hey, it's another Reitman.
Ivan: Yeah. I love bringing my children in for these cameos.
Joe: But look what it did. Now she's a writer, too.
Ivan: That's right.
Joe: An actress with her own series.
Joe: Awww, look.
Ivan: Catherine Reitman.
Joe: Catherine Reitman.
Ivan: She now has two little dogs. But it took us--
Joe: And a hit TV show and two sons.
Ivan: It took a long time to get over this scene.

Joe: The first of many appearances of Kevin Dunn in Ivan Reitman movies.
Ivan: I started working with him in Dave.
Joe: No, Dave is actually after this. I think this is the first time you used him, I think.
Ivan: Really?
Joe: Yeah.
Ivan: Thank you, Joe.
Joe: He's obviously--
Ivan: I don't remember anything.
Joe: [laughs]

Peter, in-movie: So your alien had a room at the Holiday Inn, Paramus?
Joe: Whenever I pass the sign for Paramus, going to the airport in New Jersey, I laugh.

Vigo, in-movie: ...the sorrow of Moldavia, command you.
Janosz, in-movie: Oh! Command me, lord.
Ivan: This feels like a scene out of the Wizard of Oz.
Joe: Right. The floating head.
Ivan: It's the big floating head and Dorothy talking to the wizard, just before she discovers who it is.

Peter, in-movie: [grunts] I always hated this part of the business.
Dan: Always hated that part of the business. He did not like the weight of those packs.
Ivan: These packs were really heavy.
Dan: Yeah, so we built rubber ones, and in the shots that you couldn't tell, Billy always wore the rubber one. I always wore the real one.
Joe: The real one.
Dan: You know, just to... torture myself.

Joe: Now, Danny, did anyone ever do anything like this before you created this idea?
Dan: I-- This is the only system I know that looks like that. [laughs] In a movie called The Entity-- I think Ron Silver was in it and Barbara Hershey-- They tried to freeze a ghost using liquid nitrogen. That was the-- They trapped the ghost in kind of a house, and they used liquid nitrogen to freeze it. So that was kind of a technical approach to trapping them.

Dan: Him with the baby's priceless. Are you kidding me? That's-- There should be a whole movie of him with babies.

Ivan: This was the apartment of Marc Glimcher that we used.
Joe: I didn't know that.
Ivan: It's a famous building, really, on the Upper West Side that has a very distinctive architectural form.
Joe: I never knew that this was--
Ivan: Marc Glimcher is a famous gallery owner.
Joe: The Pace Gallery.
Dan: Oh, no, she cleaned. [laughs]

Joe: There's Ivan Reitman crossing the street.
Ivan: Was that me?
Joe: That was you on the right.
Ivan: I didn't even see.
Joe: Yeah.

Ray, in-movie: That's the river of slime. [photos catch fire] What?
Joe: I have a feeling that this was done during reshoots. We wanted to add a moment of danger that we didn't-- Seemed to be missing. When we did reshoots, at one point... You added--
Dan: Well, it's logical in the story.
Joe: Yeah. It fits perfectly.
Dan: Psychometric disturbance.
Joe: Absolutely. That's usually the case. Winston to the rescue.
Ivan: Well, I think there were-- Particularly, I was focusing so much on the relationship in these scenes... between Venkman and Dana that, I think, what we realized when we first put and edited the film together that we needed to bump up the scares, and bump up the Ghostbusters story, which sort of got placed in a secondary place. And we did a lot of reshooting. And it basically starts here in the sort of second half of the movie where we started adding scarier sequences and complications in the plot to build up the tension.

Joe: Now, this was shot in a nightclub that had this set up.
Ivan: Yes--
Dan: Yeah, the Tunnel nightclub.
Ivan: Yes, it's in Lower Manhattan.
Dan: On the West Side.
Ivan: This is one of the additional scenes that we did very quickly, and I'm quite proud of it.
Joe: But you did something very smart I didn't know about. You just turned them around, switched sides.
Dan: So we didn't have to relight it.
Joe: You didn't have to relight 'cause it looks the same in both directions.
Ivan: It's a tunnel into darkness.
Dan: That was a real train track that they used to deliver goods into the city.
Joe: Oh, is that right?
Dan: Yeah.
Ivan: I mean, this is on the sort of Lower West Side down by the docks.

Deep Disembodied Voice, in-movie: Winston.
Ivan: I think that might be me.
Joe: I think that's you. You always do those voices.
Ivan: I always did the deep voices.

Movie Audio: [Bobby Brown's "On Our Own" plays]
Ivan: And perfectly 1989, MC Hammer doing a song for us. And he was nice enough to do a cameo.
Joe: No, Bobby Brown.
Ivan: Bobby Brown. Jeez. Excuse me.
Joe: There he is, Bobby Brown. Right there.
Ivan: You did a very good job, Bobby.
Joe: Yeah.

Vigo, in-movie: Bring me the child, that I might live again.
Joe: I think the voice... Isn't this the voice of Max von Sydow?
Dan: It sounds like Max von Sydow from The Exorcist.
Joe: Yeah.
Ivan: It is Max von Sydow. He came in for one day, did this quickly for us, and it was amazing.
Dan: "I command you," remember? From The Exorcist.

Joe: My memory is that a couple of-- This montage piece and the movie theater were originally written for Ghostbusters 1...
Dan: Yeah, that's right.
Joe: ...and we never used 'em.
Dan: The fur coat.
Joe: Yeah.
Ivan: Good memory, Joe. Thank you.

Dan: A really good companion piece to the first one, you know. Characters expanded. New hardware. Great sets. Made the city look great.

Joe: Twin Towers still standing, of course.
Dan: Look at that, the Twin Towers. Yeah. Mm-hmm.
Joe: Still there.
Dan: An innocent time in the world.