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Films > Ghostbusters > Home Video > 4K/Blu-Ray 2019
Ghostbusters 2019 Blu-Ray
Fan Commentary

Here are some of my favorite segments of the audio commentary featuring Troy Benjamin and Chris Stewart (Interdimensional Crossrip podcast, Proton Charging, Ghostbusters Headquarters), Ashley Victoria Robinson (Geek History Lesson podcast), and Sean Bishop (Ghostbusters prop replica expert); moderated by Ghost Corps' Eric Reich. I e-mailed Troy and Chris, who both told me that they recorded the commentary in the afternoon on Thursday, January 31, 2019 on the Sony lot.

The text is based on the subtitles, which seemed to confused Eric and Troy and lot, and I think left Sean out from time to time. Heck, at 1:16:30 it refers to Chris as "Charlie". I tried to correct where I could, but my text may not be 100% correct.

(L-R: Ashley Victoria Robinson, Eric Reich, Chris Stewart, Troy Benjamin, and Sean Bishop)
[image courtesy of Troy Benjamin]

Eric: Hey, everyone. This is Eric from Ghost Corps and I'm here with a few people you may recognize. Let's start with, uh, Troy and Chris here from the Ghostbusters lnterdimensional Crossrip podcast, Proton Charging, and Ghostbusters HQ. Welcome, guys.
Troy: Hello.
Chris: Hello.
Eric: Also excited to have Ashley here from the Geek History Lesson podcast.
Ashley: Thank you. I'm so excited to be here.
Eric: Hello. And last but certainly not least, you may know him from his amazing Ecto-1, and other prop replicas. Hey, Sean.
Sean: I am so psyched to be here. Good to see everybody.

Sean: You can see in the television edit, they always cut the "it's pissing me off" line.
Chris: What do they say?
Sean: Nothing. Just cut it.
Eric: It's gone, yeah.
Sean: And it goes, "I will, mister."
Eric: It's funny, the TV version was the first time I saw it. When it was the Saturday Night Movie.
Sean: Yes.
Eric: It was the first time I saw this, so I didn't know half of the lines as people know them until--
Sean: One of them made me angry.
Chris: I was gonna ask you about that. If you... I was pretty sure you didn't see it in theaters, 'cause we've talked about that before but I wasn't sure if you were, uh, a VHS kid or a TV kid.
Eric: I was a TV kid. It was, yeah... When you set up the VCR and you were ready to tape it when it was on Saturday night so you could watch it over and over.
Chris: "Saturday Night Movie: Ghostbusters."
Ashley: But then when you watch something that's taped off of television, you get so used to the commercials...
Sean: You do.
Ashley: ...you can remember exactly which ad comes at which act break.
Eric: So true.
Troy: And where the commercial breaks are. There's one, I'll point it out later. There's one that cracked me up every time I watched the TV edit to the point where it still cracks me up when I watch it on DVD and Blu-ray and wherever else.

Troy: There's-- There's a whole-- There's a small subsect of fans that we adore all of Egon's calculators. That one right there is the Casio Micro-Mini. Hat tip to Alex Newborn.

Chris: I'd like to point out the hilarity of the eventual Keymaster locking himself out of his apartment over and over again.
Troy: Yeah, how many times does he lock himself out and he's the Keymaster?
Sean: Pointing the Particle Thrower at Ray.
Ashley: I love that Egon is doing work with his pinkies out, because he is a goddamn gentleman.
Eric: Of course he is.
Troy: He's been to finishing school for scientists.
Ashley: [laughs]

Troy: Fun story. Murray Rubin, his granddaughter and her boyfriend are Ghostbusters fans, and she was proposed to by her boyfriend right in front of this elevator in honor of her grandfather.
Chris: Right there.
Ashley: Awwwww.
Eric: It'll be a powerful nerd couple.
Troy: Yeah, it's amazing.

Troy: Oh, so the birthday party here, that's Debbie Gibson.
Sean: Oh, yeah, I heard about that.
Troy: This was her first onscreen role before she was Debbie Gibson, the pop star.
Chris: Her older brother with the red hair, that's Rick Astley.
Troy: Is it really?
Chris: No, it's not. I just made that up.
Troy: But it is Debbie.
Eric: You just RickRolled us.
Troy: On a commentary.
Eric: In a Ghostbusters commentary.
Chris: I don't think it counts unless we have the song.
Eric: You can't do that.
Sean: I love the slow approach of the camera.

Chris: Thorazine's an anti-psychotic. It kinda makes sense that if somebody's having some sort of paranormal freak-out, you hit them with it.
Ashley: Yeah, and we're meant to be on his side because we know that this is an altruistic move that's done for her safety.
Chris: Well, no, here's the thing.
Ashley: However--
Chris: Exactly. Why does he have it on a date, and two, 300 CCs is WAY too much of anything.
Eric: It's a lot.

Eric: This version of Alessi's "Savin' the Day" is one that fans have always wanted forever, because it's got a different instrumentation and a different vocalization and then when you listen to it on the soundtrack album, it's a different version. So Alessi released an album called Every Version There Ever Was Or Will Be and it has all the different styles.
Ashley: Because there were too many extras.

Troy: So here was the TV edit. So, there was a commercial break right...
Chris: There.
Troy: Here. So they have all this energy and they're heroes and everything is awesome and then they cut to a commercial and then you come back from the commercial on the TV edit and here they were on the stairwell.
Eric: About the same amount of time they were walking up that flight of stairs.
Ashley: Yeah, it's really--
Chris: If you look right by Ray's head, you see those two blocks. The top one is actually matted in.
Troy: That's where the matte painting starts.
Chris: The stairwell is actually more rectangular up rather than square.
Troy: And as Chris mentioned earlier, that's the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles.

Peter Venkman, in movie: Oh, I get it, I get it. Very cute! Whatever we think of. If we think of J. Edgar Hoover, J. Edgar Hoover will appear...
Troy: So, why isn't J. Edgar Hoover walking through the streets of New York right now? That's what I've never understood.
Chris: You know, for a doctor of psychology, he should've been aware of the whole "pink elephant" thinking phenomenon. "Don't think of pink elephants." Uh-oh!
Troy: Aww. "Thought of the pink elephant."
Eric: "Nobody choosed anything."
Chris: "Choosed anything."
All: [laughs]

Chris: I've always, in my head, just assumed that the marshmallow was ectoplasm-based. Otherwise, the burns going on here would be...
Ashley: [laughs]
Troy: Oh, yeah.
Chris: ...considerable.
Troy: Poor Walter Peck with molten marshmallow falling on him.
Eric: I love that story about them dumping it.
Chris: On the stunt guy?
Eric: On the stunt guy. I wish they left in the shot of the hat floating down.
Chris: A nice touch there, of the sun coming up on the horizon...
Troy: Yeah.
Chris: ...As they're about to leave in the morning. Like, just, everybody thought it through.
Eric: Their continuity game is on fleek.

Troy: Thank you, guys, for being here. This was a lot of fun.
Eric: Thank you.
Sean: We are the thankful ones.
Ashley: Thanks for twisting our arms and convincing us to come.
Troy: I know that there are only a handful of you are here, but obviously, I think I speak for everyone that we wish all the fans around the world could be here doing this with us. There's so many people.
Eric: Yeah, we wouldn't be here if not for the fans, that's why this fandom is so giant, is the love of this movie, and I mean, this is really... It's funny, it's given me some of my most unexpected best moments
that have happened just out of, sort of, you know, the love for this film and the people that have brought it into my life, like the people sitting here, you know, and, like, friends far, friends near. Just like it's almost like a common language when you start talking to another fan. Troy: Around the world.
Chris: Our heads are full of this knowledge not because we figured it all out, it's because everybody's been sharing it back-and-forth for 2O years, right?
Eric: Yeah, all the time.
Chris: AJ Quick at GBFans, Paul Rudoff at Spook Central.
Eric: Alex Newborn.
Chris: Alex Newborn, Chad at Ghostbusters.net.
Troy: Yeah, Norm Gagnon...
Chris: Norm Gagnon.
Eric: Peter Mosen. He was the first.
Chris: Then we get to the franchises, which, at this point, I don't even think you can properly catalog.
Troy: You can't keep up.
Eric: No.
Troy: It's funny. You get one semi kind of throwaway line from the movie, "The franchise rights alone will make us rich beyond our wildest dreams." And everyone's like, "I'm a franchise." Suddenly it's canon. It's like--
Chris: An entire couple of generations of fans went, "Sold."
Ashley: There was an entire pocket industry of comic books expanding on that.
Eric: "I want to go to there."
Troy: Yeah, that's the coolest... I mean, I've talked to people... Chris and I have a really good friend that's a member of the Ghostbusters of Japan, Naoki, and he listens to our podcast and he's learning English by listening to us and he sends us these care packages of all of these cool Japanese snacks that are Ghostbusters themed.
Eric: That's adorable.
Chris: Frankly, I think we're getting the better end of that deal.
Troy: Oh, yeah.
Chris: The poor guy.
Eric: And GBMax who is--
Troy: Ghostbusters Italia.
Chris: Massimo is...
Troy: So nice.
Chris: I got to meet him. I got to meet him actually just last year and he is... Boy.
Frankly, I would swap all four of us for him to be here.
Troy: Oh, his enthusiasm, man.
Chris: He is so enthusiastic about this movie.
Troy: Such a nice dude. Yeah.
Chris: Oh, so amazing. Well, I mean, I'm in British Columbia, so the gang at the Ghostbusters of British Columbia, uh, the Ghostbusters of Ontario, the Ontario Ghostbusters--
Ashley: Heck, yeah.
Chris: Adriana and them are out there. Everywhere, Montreal, South Korea...
Troy: South Korea, Montreal...
Chris: England is covered.
Troy: Scotland, Germany.
Chris: Germany.
Ashley: Yeah.
Chris: England is filling up with teams all over the place.
Troy: Germany's props are amazing. Everything they do.
Chris: Yeah, by the way, Europe's con presence is--
Sean: Oh, they're no joke, man.
Ashley: Yeah.
Chris: They're one step away from just opening an amusement park together.
Sean: Yeah, they're incredible.
Troy: You know, when you think about the fan films that have popped up...
Chris: Yeah.
Troy: ...out of all this. Like, some of the effects are every bit as good as what was in here, so amazing.
Eric: Sorry, real quick. Just 'cause his name flashed up on the screen there, go seek out Making Ghostbusters by Don Shay. That's why he got a thanks there. If you want more behind the scenes tidbits and making-of stuff, that book is a wonderful resource.
Chris: That's a hard one to find. There's a kind of a trilogy. Making Ghostbusters and Cinefex number 17.
Eric: Cinefex number 17, also Don Shay.
Troy: Stay Puft on the cover? Yeah. There was a couple of Cinefex.
Chris: Stay Puft on the cover.
Eric: Yeah.
Chris: And then, The Ultimate Visual History...
Troy: Which was Daniel Wallace.
Chris: ...that just came out.
Eric: Get them all.
Chris: If you can get those three...
Troy: I understand there's a great one, Ecto Owner's Manual.
Chris: Oh, shoot.
Eric: It has also come out. It is very popular.
Chris: I should've known that.
Troy: I know a great book for you.
Eric: It's good. It's pretty good.
Chris: Sorry, there's four books now. I'm sorry, Troy. I'm so sorry, Troy.
Troy: That's okay. That's all in-world technology, like a technical manual.
Chris: Yes.
Troy: Well, there it is, everybody.
Eric: Yeah, thank you. So, maybe one more year, and we'll all be back here in 2020 to do this again.
Sean: Oh, God, yes.
Troy: We're gonna hold you to that, Eric.
Eric: All right.
Sean: I would mark that on my calendar now.
Eric: Thanks, guys.
Ashley: Just forget all the nice people that were just named and just call us.
Eric: And thank Ivan for us and all the guys who are still around involved with all of this. They've made a lifetime of fun for all of us, so...
Chris: Hasn't even ended yet.
Troy: No. The best is yet to come.