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Memorable Message Board Posts

"Ghostbusters Commerical Idea"

Posted by Teen Ghostbuster (GHOSTBUSTR) on April 23, 1999 at 10:41 PM

Hey, GBFs!

I was just watching a commerical of Lipten BRISK Ice Tea, and it had Bruce Lee vs. Karate Kid (maybe you've seen it?). Another vs. Lipten Ice Tea commerical was with Bruce Willis and the Jeffersons (maybe you have seen this one).

What am I getting at? Well, what if the Ghostbusters had to go against another supernatural team, using BRISK to defeat them? Like the Ghostbusters vs. the X-Files.

Here's how it might go:

Scene opens up with the Ghostbusters ready to bust the ghost (Slimer, maybe?). They are about to trap the ghost when, Agent Mulder and Agent Scully appear and stop the them.

MULDER: This is an E.T., we need to capture for the FBI.

VENKMAN: No way, man! We got here first!

Mulder and Scully pull out their guns and fire on the Ghostbusters. It looks like it is the end for the Ghostbusters when the ghost drops four BRISKs to them. They open the cans, take a sip and are BACK IN BUSINESS!

GHOSTBUSTERS: Now that's BRISK, man!

They fire on Mulder and Scully, cross the streams and trap the two Agents (who were really ghosts!). At the end they are covered in slime and are out on the steps of the apartment building (IE: GB1's ending). Which they say to the audience:

*Audience cheering*

GHOSTBUSTERS: If you think that's great, just wait for the sequel!!

The GB2 logo (maybe GB3 Logo?) appears holding a Lipten BRISK Ice Tea can.

Well, what do you think? If enough people want this, maybe the Ghostbusters (Dan, Bill, Harold, and Ernie) and the X-Files (Gillian Anderson and David Ducutney, I hope I spelled that right) could provide the voices for the commerical.

Write your comments here. Thanks!

See ya later, GBFs!!

Posted by Matthew Hein (GHOSTBUSTER5) on April 23, 1999 at 10:56 PM

Ooops it's David Duchovney. No prob but it sounds SO cool I saw both Lipton commercials.But after the GB's and X-Filkes people are arguing,Stay Puft could come in,give them all a Brisk, and say Don't fry your hair particles,cool off with a nice Lipton Iced Tea-because thats Brisk baby!

You all like it? Thank you to Teen Ghostbuster for that great idea! (What I wrote was just an idea to what could happen instead of what Teen Ghostbuster said-but great idea Ghostbustr!

Posted by Matthew Hein (GHOSTBUSTER5) on May 1, 1999 at 9:35 AM

Hey paul I changed it back to Ghostbuster5. But thats beside the point. I have a new idea for the GB commercial. I remembered that The X-Files were already in a Lipton Brisk Commercial last summer to introduce the X-Files movie to theaters. But here a NEW idea for the commercial. Ok you could have the GB fighting off Slimer, but instaed of X-Files stars,how about Scooby-Doo and the gang walking in there saying "Hey stop frying that ghost. We have to un-mask him first!" Then Ray and Peter would say at the same time."This isn't a man in a costume, this is a real GHOST.Why do you think he GHOSTbusters are here????!!!!" Then Shag and Scoob could say "Zoinks!!! a REAL ghost!!!????" So then they could start arguing. But while they were arguing, (like I said before) Stay Puft could come in and say (in a disco king voice)"Stop arguing before you fry off your hair particles. Because heres Lipton Brisk ice-tea, SSSSSOOOOO Brisk it's actually SSSPPPOOOKKKYYY!!!!! then they could have "Shake Your Booty" playing in the background, with The Ghostbusters and Scooby and the gang discoing to it, but then Peter (clumsy as always) bends down and the Proton Pack gun(am I calling it right?) and it accidentily goes off and shoots the screen. Then the whole screen could go black, with a Brisk can all shaky like on the scren. then it could say on the bottom "If the Ghostbusters were man enough to drink it, are you???!!!"

Posted by Teen Ghostbuster (GHOSTBUSTR) on May 2, 1999 at 6:30 PM

Cool idea, GB5!

But how about a threesome? I mean, BRISK had one person selling their product, then they had a vs. commerical now, what about having three teams selling the product?

Let's fix both my idea and GB5's idea, but instead of a sad ending with only one winning, how about at the end of the commerical everybody gets a BRISK Ice Tea (while a mockery of all three themes play, or a 70s Song) and everyone starts dancing, either Disco style or maybe the GB Dance.

Then everyone (including the ghosts) say:


So what do you think? Post a comment here for your response. THANKS!

See ya later, GBFs!!

A Slogan NOT used for GB2:


Posted by (GHOSTBUSTER5) on May 2, 1999 at 7:45 PM

I think it sounds cool, TeenGB! then you could have Leonard Nimoy( hope I'm spelling this right, Spock from Star Trek) because he host the X-Files occasionally.He could come out hanging on Slimer, or GB logo, dropping down like he was saving the day just in time before Ghost War 3 started. I'm curious, if possible, could anyone send this to Lipton Iced Tea Company??????? It would be SO cool, and because TeenGb, Paul, and I have participated ideas, how about oe of us DO the voices of the ghost(s). Well I see why not? We were the guys who added or came up with the ideas right? (Highly unlikey,but it's worth a try).Well someone right the whole script, post it, send it to any of us Via e-mail, and it would work out perfect if any of this is possible! Tell m what you think!!!