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Memorable Message Board Posts

"Egon's not the only one who's clueless.."

Posted by Rebbecca McGarity (REMCGARITY) on October 20, 1998 at 4:18 PM

Here is another caption to play with!

Janine is searching through the web, going from one web site to another. She just happens to run across a web site dedicated to her and her boses. She scrowles down to find a link to a message board. She clicks on it and enters a page with several titles and with them several different messages.

She becomes curious when she finds a tiltle called, "Supernatural Animation!" She finds a title that reads, "Egon's not the only one who's clueless.." "That's for sure!" She says to herself.

Her curious intellect is suddenly brightened when she finds a couple similar to Egon as well as herself. She is wondering why on earth they are being discussed on a GB message board? She reads down and comes across a link that was supposed to a picture of Mai clobbing Andy over the head. Janine clicks on it but of course her misfortune is waiting almost 20 minutes to download. "Come on, come on!" She said feeling irritated and annoyed. "I don't have all day. It's not like every day a woman get's a day off!" When her paitents was just about to run out, the downloading completed. Janine looked at it and then a evil, sinister smile crept up her face. "Hmmm? Not a bad idea!" Janine logged off and shut down her monitor. She walked over to the kitchen and bent down to the double doors only to take out a black frying pan.

Walking upstairs with one hand hid behind her back which was holding the pan, she crept up to the lab that belonged to the man of her dreams, Egon Spengler. She found him working extensively on his key board, typing in science formulas and notes. "If that's you Janine, I appreciate your concern, but as you can see, I am quite busy right now!" Egon did even lift his face to see Janine but only assumed the one single person that truely cared about him. "Oh!", she began. "That is quite alright!" With her sexy and sensious body, she walked quitely over to him, not speaking a single word, but smiling to herself of her coming victory. "That's what Janine...?" Egon began without lifting his eyes from the computer screen. But before Egon could turn around to see what was about to happen.....


copyright © 1998 Rebbecca McGarity
All rights reserved. Used with permission.