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Memorable Message Board Posts

No Subject

Posted by Paul Rudoff on January 14, 1998:
(on the old "Ghostbusters/Spook Central Message Board")

Why don't any of the EGB's customers complain about them being kids?

For instance, this SHOULD happen:

[the EGBs enter the building]

Where's the ghost problem?

Who the hell are you guys?

We're the Ghostbusters.

No you're not. You're just a bunch of kids. I want the REAL Ghostbusters.

Hey, man. We ARE the real Ghostbusters.

How old are you guys?

Ah, we're 17 and 18 ...

17 AND 18 YEARS OLD!!! Why aren't you in school? I'm not letting a bunch of immature, school drop-outs run around my store with their high-tech pea-shooters. Now all of you get out of here and don't come back until you have notes from your parents.

copyright © 1998 Paul Rudoff
All rights reserved.