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TV Series > Extreme Ghostbusters > Episode Guide
"Back In The Saddle" (Part 1)

Production #136
Episode 37

Aired: Wednesday December 3, 1997
in Syndication

Writer: Gary Stuart Kaplan, Larry Swerdlove

Director: Tim Eldred

Ray, Winston and Peter return for Egon's birthday celebration and decide to bust some ghosts, just for nostalgia's sake. But then they decide they've "still got it," and the Extreme Ghostbusters now feel that they are the obsolete ones. That is, until the Real Ghostbusters get in trouble, and the Extreme Ghostbusters must save their butts.

Guest Stars
Dave Coulier [Peter Venkman], Buster Jones [Winston Zeddemore], Frank Welker [Ray Stantz]

Fun Facts