These are items I own/owned that got ruined or destroyed when Hurricane Sandy flooded my house with five feet of water on October 29, 2012. The lists below are not 100% complete because there were a lot of items that got ruined or destroyed which I did not make note of. For more information, see the Hurricane Sandy Salvaging Project blog post. This page is updated as items are replaced. I also removed items that I'm not gonna try to replace (either due to high cost or lack of interest), such as all of the destroyed autographed photos and vintage magazines.

Click on the column headers in each tables below to sort each list by that column's data.

Flood-Damaged Blu-Rays
Flood-Damaged DVDs
Flood-Damaged DVDs - To Decide To Keep
Flood-Damaged VHS Tapes
Flood-Damaged VHS Tapes (Home Recorded)
Flood-Damaged Video Games - To Decide To Keep
Flood-Damaged Audio CDs - To Decide To Keep
Flood-Damaged Books

Title Manufacturer/Distributor
EraserWarner Brothers
Groundhog Day (15th Anniversary Special Edition)Sony
Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name Is Paul Heyman (2-Disc)WWE
Last Sentinel, TheEcho Bridge
Lucky Number SlevinGenius Products/Weinstein Company
Money For NothingMill Creek
Monster Squad, The (20th Anniversary Edition)Lionsgate
Rundown, TheUniversal
Short CircuitImage Entertainment
Stripes (Extended Cut)Sony
Wall-E (2 Discs)Disney
Watchmen: Tales of the Black FreighterWarner Brothers
Wayne's WorldParamount
Wayne's World 2Paramount
Zack and Miri Make A PornoGenius Products/Weinstein Company

Title Manufacturer/Distributor
5ive GirlsGenius Products/Peace Arch
A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)Warner Brothers
Absent-Minded Professor, The / Son Of Flubber Double FeatureDisney
Alien Vs. Predator (Unrated 2-Disc, with Liner Booklet) (don't replace with Blu-ray, as all Disc 2 bonus features are missing)20th Century Fox
American Psycho 2Lionsgate
An American Werewolf In London (Full Moon Edition)Universal
Andy Griffith Show, The: Season 3 (with fan-made bonus disc)Paramount
Armed & Dangerous / Cops & Robbersons Double FeatureSony
Bat ClipsTreasure Box Collection
Bend It Like Beckham20th Century Fox
Best of California Dreams, The (10 eps from Seasons 1-3) (DISC ONLY)Mill Creek
Blossom: 10 Very Special EpisodesMill Creek
Braceface: Turning 13 - The First 13 EpisodesFunimation
Cheaters (2000)(TVM)(Jena Malone)Warner Brothers/HBO Video
Classic Superstars of Wrestlng: Steve Austin - The Early YearsDelta Entertainment
Corneil & Bernie: The Complete Series (2 Discs)Mill Creek
Dance Of The Dead (2008)(Greyson Chadwick)Lionsgate
Devil In The Flesh 1&2 Double FeatureMill Creek/Allumination
Dream Team, TheUniversal
Eerie Indiana: The Complete Series (5 Disc)BMG/AIX
Epic Movie (PG-13 Version)20th Century Fox
Even Stevens Movie, TheDisney
Fall Guy, The: Season 1 (HAVE REPLACEMENT DISCS 1-4 WITH CASES, NEED 5&6 WITH CASE + OUTER BOX)20th Century Fox
Filmation's Ghostbusters: The Complete Series (Live Action)BCI Eclipse
Filmation's Ghostbusters: Vol. 1 (Animated)BCI Eclipse/Ink&Paint
Filmation's Ghostbusters: Vol. 2 (Animated)BCI Eclipse/Ink&Paint
Forever Hardcore ("HARDCORE FOREVER" BOX SET)Big Vision Entertainment
Forever Hardcore (Original Website DVD-R Release)
Forget About It / Punks / The Fat Spy Triple FeatureMill Creek
Four Rooms (16:9 Widescreen)Echo Bridge
Gadget Boy: Saves The WorldSterling Entertainment Group
Grounded For Life: Season 1 (OOP)Anchor Bay
Grounded For Life: Season 2 (OOP)Anchor Bay
Grounded For Life: Season 3 (OOP)Anchor Bay
Grounded For Life: Season 4 (OOP)Anchor Bay
Grounded For Life: Season 5 (OOP)Anchor Bay
Growing Up Creepie: Vol. 1 - Creepie CreaturesGenius Products
Hack! (2007)(Danica McKeller)Allumination FilmWorks
Halloween: 25 Years Of Terror (2 Discs, Plus Comic Book)Anchor Bay
Happy Gilmore (Special Edition - with bonus features) (UNSALVAGABLE)Universal
Hardcore Homecoming ("HARDCORE FOREVER" BOX SET)Big Vision Entertainment
Hardcore Homecoming (Original Website DVD-R Release)
Hardcore Homecoming: November Reign ("HARDCORE FOREVER" BOX SET)Big Vision Entertainment
Harper Valley P.T.A.Warner Brothers/HBO Video
Hot Shots!20th Century Fox
Hot Shots! Part Deux20th Century Fox
I Downloaded A Ghost (Ellen Page & Carlos Alazroqui)MTI Home Video
Incredible Hulk, The (1978): Season 1 (Bill Bixby)Universal
Informant!, TheWarner Brothers
Initiation of Sarah, The (2006)(TVM)MGM
Invitation To Hell (1984)(dir. by Wes Craven)Lionsgate (formerly Artisan)
Killing ZoeLionsgate (formerly Artisan)
Knight Rider (2008): Season 1 (Complete Series) (UNSALVAGABLE DISC 1)Universal
Liberty Stands StillLionsgate
License To DriveAnchor Bay
Loonatics Unleashed: Season 1 (POSSIBLY UNSALVAGABLE DISC 2)Warner Brothers
Mad Dog and GloryUniversal
Masters of the Universe (1987)(Dolph Lundgren)Warner Brothers
Moonlighting: Seasons 1&2Lionsgate
Moonlighting: Season 3Lionsgate
Moonlighting: Season 5Lionsgate
Movies For The Man Cave - Men Of War / Bachelor Party In The Bungalow Of The Damned / Girls In Prison / Once A Thief: Family Business / Artie Lange's Beer League / River Of Darkness / B. Monkey / The Last Sentinel (8 Films) (Last Sentinel is 4:3 LTBX, have on Blu Flood-Dam) (have Once A Thief separately) (DISC ONLY)Echo Bridge
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie's Island AdventureWarner Brothers
Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide: Special Field Trip EditionParamount/Nickelodeon
Not Another Teen Movie (Unrated Extended Director's Cut)Sony (Columbia Tristar)
Once BittenMGM
Pee-Wee Herman Show, The: Live From The Sunset Strip's Roxy TheatreImage Entertainment
Pee-Wee's Playhouse Christmas Special (MICHELLE HAS WITH LINER CARD)Image Entertainment
Phantoms (16:9 Widescreen) (DISC ONLY)Echo Bridge
Piranha (2010)Sony
Private Benjamin / Protocol Double FeatureWarner Brothers
Punisher, The (1989)(Dolph Lundgren)Lionsgate
Punky Brewster: Season 2Shout Factory
Punky Brewster: Season 3Shout Factory
Punky Brewster: Season 4Shout Factory
Pussycat Dolls, The: PCD Live From London (Letterbox)A&M Records
Red DragonUniversal
Roseanne: Tricks & Treats (DISC ONLY)Mill Creek
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Dan AykroydLionsgate
Shaft, The (2001)(Naomi Watts)Lionsgate (formerly Artisan)
She-Spies: Season 1MGM
Shimmer Women Athletes: Vol. 4Big Vision Entertainment
Shimmer Women Athletes: Vol. 5Big Vision Entertainment
Shimmer Women Athletes: Vol. 6Big Vision Entertainment
Stepdaughter, The (1999)(Andrea Roth)Lionsgate (formerly Trimark)
Studio DC - Almost Live (Extended Edition)(Portguese Import)Disney
Supergirl (1984)(European Theatrical Version)Warner Brothers
Superhero MovieGenius Products/Weinstein Company
Tales From The Cryptkeeper: Season 1 - Pleasant Screams (Canadian Import)Phase 4 Films (Kaboom)
Tales From The Cryptkeeper: Season 2 - All The Gory Details (Canadian Import) (UNSALVAGABLE DISC 1)Phase 4 Films (Kaboom)
Tales From The Cryptkeeper: Stacks of Fear (Season 3 Episodes) (Canadian Import)Funimation
Team America World Police (Uncensored & Unrated) (DISC ONLY)Paramount
Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next GenerationSony
That Darn Cat 1965 & 1996 Double FeatureDisney
Three's Company: Season 1Anchor Bay
TNA Destination X 2009TNA
TNA: Kurt Angle: Champion (2 Discs)TNA
Tootsie (25th Anniversary Edition)Sony
Troll 1&2 Double FeatureMGM
Trouble With Girls, The (Elvis) (UNSALVAGABLE)Warner Brothers
True Lies (Letterbox)20th Century Fox
Twilight Zone, The (1985): Season 1Image Entertainment
Twilight Zone, The (1985): Seasons 2&3Image Entertainment
Twilight Zone, The (2002): Season 1 (Complete Series)Warner Brothers/New Line
V (1985): The Complete Series (UNSALVAGABLE DISC 2,3)Warner Brothers
Very Best of One Step Beyond, The (50 Eps) (POSSIBLY UNSALVAGABLE DISC 4)Mill Creek
Walt Disney Treasures: The Mickey Mouse Club - Week One (Oct. 3-7, 1955) (TIN & BOOKLET UNSALVAGABLE) (IN PLASTIC CASE & STORED WITH UNDAMAGED DVDS)Disney
War Of The Worlds (2005) Bonus DiscDreamworks
Warriors, The (DISC ONLY)Paramount
Watchmen: The Complete Motion ComicWarner Brothers
Wild Wild West (1999)Warner Brothers
Wizard of Oz, The: The Continuing Story (1990 Animated Series)Sterling Entertainment Group
Wrestling Society X: The Complete First and Last SeasonBig Vision Entertainment
WWE: Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen (2 Discs)WWE
WWE: The History of the WWE Championship (3 Discs)WWE
WWE: The Spectacular Legacy of the AWA (2 Discs) (UNSALVAGABLE DISC 2)WWE
WWE: Wrestling's Highest Flyers (3 Discs)WWE
WWF Invasion (2001)WWE (WWF)
WWF: Undertaker: This Is My Yard (1 Disc, OOP)WWE (WWF)

Title Manufacturer/Distributor
1408 (2-Disc Collector's Edition, Widescreen)Genius Products/Weinstein Company
4 Films Horror Collector's Set - Live Animals / Roman / Wages Of Sin / Skeleton Man (DISC ONLY)Echo Bridge
9 (2009)(Animated)Universal
Abbott and Costello: The Christmas Show (colorized & orig. b&w) (IN "WORK WITH" BOX)Genius Products/Legend Films
Abbott and Costello Christmas Show, The (IN "WORK WITH" BOX)EastWest
Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker (Widescreen)Genius Products/Weinstein Company
American Drive-InBlue Laser Films
American Gladiators: Ultimate Workout (2008)Lionsgate
Archies in Jugman, The / Dennis The Menace: Cruise Control Double FeatureDiC
Archies in Jugman, The / Inspector Gadget's Last Case Double FeatureDiC
Armageddon (Director's Cut)(Criterion Collection)(Letterbox)Criterion/Disney
Atomic Betty: Vol. 1 - Betty, Set, Go!Warner Brothers
Atomic Kitten: Right Here Right Now - LiveEagle Rock Entertainment
Barenaked Ladies: Barenaked Ladies (Music Videos & Live Performances)Warner Brothers Records
Bedazzled (1967)20th Century Fox
Bloodrayne (Unrated Director's Cut)Vivendi Visual Entertainment
Bloodrayne 2: Deliverance (Unrated Director's Cut)Vivendi Visual Entertainment
Bloody MalloryLionsgate
Cartoon FunhouseEastWest
Children's Classic TheaterEastWest
Christmas Is Here Again (Animated, narrated by Jay Leno)Screen Media Films
Christmas Stories, Vol. 1 (IN "WORK WITH" BOX)EastWest
Christmas Stories, Vol. 2 (IN "WORK WITH" BOX)EastWest
Donald in Mathmagic Land (Donald Duck) (DISC ONLY)Disney
Dragon Wars: D-WarSony
Dream A Little Dream 2Echo Bridge
Drive-In Cult Classics: Vol. 3 - The Babysitter / Weekend with the Babysitter / The Pink Angels / Blood Mania / Single Room Furnished / Van Nuys Blvd. / The Pom Pom Girls / Malibu BeachMill Creek
Gamebox 1.0Lionsgate
Garfield and Friends: An Ode To Odie20th Century Fox
Garfield and Friends: Behind The Scenes20th Century Fox
George and the Christmas Star - and Other Christmas ClassicsDigiview
Ghoulies 1&2 Double Feature (Picture Envelope) (DISC ONLY)MGM
Going Greek (2003)Hart Sharp Video
Gossip (2000)Warner Brothers
Great Ghost Rescue, TheArc Entertainment
Green Lantern: First Flight (2 Discs)Warner Brothers
Groove Squad / Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Friends Forever Double FeatureDiC
Happy Tree Friends: Season 1, Vol. 1BCI Eclipse
Hard Rock ZombiesBlue Laser Films
Harryhausen Shorts: Vol. 1EastWest
High Hopes (2005)Lionsgate
Hills Have Eyes, The (1977)Anchor Bay
House of 9Vivendi Visual Entertainment
Ice-T Triple Feature - Stealth Fighter / Body Count / Mean GunsLionsgate
I'm Reed FishScreen Media Films
Incredible Two-Headed Transplant, The / The Thing With Two Heads Double FeatureMGM
Jekyll + Hyde (2005)(Bree Turner)Lionsgate
Kimba The White Lion: Vol. 1 - The Birth of Kimba & The Law of the JungleGenius Products/Cartoon Classics
Knocked Up (Unrated and Unprotected)Universal
Lip Service (2001)(TVM)(Kari Wuhrer)(4 COPIES)PC Treasures Inc.
Maltese Falcon, The (1941) (3 Disc Special Edition)(inc. The Maltese Falcon 1931 & Satan Met A Lady 1936) (POSSIBLY UNSALVAGABLE DISC 1)Warner Brothers
Man Stroke Woman: Season 1BCI Eclipse
Michael Jackson: History On Film - Vol. 2 (DISC ONLY)Sony Music
Monster High (1989)Sony
My Mom's New BoyfriendSony
Ninja's Creed (2010)(Gail Kim)Lionsgate
No Money DownMelee Entertainment Home Video
Over Her Dead Body / Personal Services (Red Carpet Double Feature)Lionsgate
Phantom Of The Opera (1989)(Robert Englund)MGM
Poochini: The Christmas TreePeter Pan Industries Inc.
Poor White Trash (2001)(Sean Young & Danielle Harris)Xenon Pictures
Prey For Rock & RollLionsgate
Prince Valiant: Complete Series - Vol. 1BCI Eclipse/Ink&Paint
Prince Valiant: Complete Series - Vol. 2BCI Eclipse/Ink&Paint
Princess Natasha: Season 1Anchor Bay
Pro Wrestling's All Stars: Vol. 1Chrome Productions
Pro Wrestling's Before They Were Stars 2Chrome Productions
Quest For CamelotWarner Brothers
Rancid (2004)(Fay Masterson)Lionsgate
Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame & Museum Live Box Set: Light My Fire / Sweet Emotion / Start Me Up / Feeling Alright / Whole Lotta Shakin' / I'll Take You There / Come Together / Message Of Love / The Concert For The Rock & Roll Hall Of FameTime Life
Rodman Down UnderDigiview
Roswell Conspiracies: Area 51 (4 Eps)Digiview
School of LifeScreen Media Films
Second Civil War, TheWarner Brothers/HBO Video
Serial Slayer (aka Claustrophobia)Lionsgate
Silver Hawk (Michelle Yeoh)Screen Media Films
Sinful Intrigue (1995)(Beckie Mullen)Echo Bridge
Snow White: The Fairest Of Them All (2000)(TVM)(Kristen Kruek)Lionsgate (formerly FHE/Artisan)
South Beach Academy / Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever (Red Carpet Double Feature)Lionsgate
Spike & Mike's Classic Festival of AnimationSlingshot Entertainment
SpongeBob SquarePants: To Love A PattyParamount
Stan Lee's Mutants, Monsters & MarvelsSony (Columbia Tristar)
Star Trek InsurrectionParamount
Street Fighter - Round One: Fight (motion comic) (DISC ONLY)Eagle One Media
Strike of the Black Cobra (All 3 Black Cobra Films)Vintage Home Entertainment
Succubus: Hell-BentScreen Media Films
Suite Life of Zack & Cody, The: Sweet Suite VictoryDisney
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, The (Gruesome Edition)MGM
Three Muscatels, The (Richard Pryor)Passion Productions/Miracle Pictures
Thunderbird 6 (1968)MGM
Together Again For The First Time (Larissa Oleynik & Kelly Stables)Porchlight Home Entertainment (Ocean Park)
Tommyknockers, The: Complete MiniseriesLionsgate (formerly Trimark)
Treasure Island / The Amazing Zorro Double FeatureDiC
Vampires Suck20th Century Fox
Weekend PassBCI Eclipse
Who's Your Daddy (2005)(Ali Landry)Screen Media Films
WiseGirls (2001)(Mira Sorvino & Mariah Carey)Lionsgate
Wolf Creek (Unrated)Genius Products/Weinstein Company
WWO Lucha Libre: Vol. 1 - Events 1-4 (2 COPIES, OPEN & SEALED)BCI Eclipse
WWO Lucha Libre: Vol. 2 - Events 5-8 (2 COPIES, OPEN & SEALED)BCI Eclipse
You Can't Hurry Love / Love Hurts (Red Carpet Double Feature)Lionsgate

Title Manufacturer/Distributor
ABC Afterschool Special: It's Only Rock 'N' RollBroadcast Master, not publically released
ABC Afterschool Special: Testing DirtyBroadcast Master, not publically released
Borrower, The (1991) (with Rae Dawn Chong) [filmed in 1989]Cannon Video
Bruno The Kid: The Animated Movie (3 or 4 eps edited together)Family Home Entertainment
California Raisins, The: Meet The Raisins (ON DVD)Atlantic Video
Denver The Last Dinosaur: Monster Maze & School DazeFries Home Video
Denver The Last Dinosaur: Ride 'Em Denver!Fries Home Video
Disney's Adventures In Wonderland, Vol. 1 - Hare-Raising Magic (episodes Off The Cuffs and For Better Or Verse)Disney
Ewoks: Vol. 1 - Cries Of The Trees & The Tree Of LightJ2 Communications
Halfback Of Notre Dame, The (1996)(TVM)Hallmark Home Entertainment/Showtime Networks
Jett Jackson: The Movie (2001) (TVM)Disney
Legendary Ladies of Rock & Roll (1987, 1 hour HBO special)HBO Video
MASK: Battle Of The Giants & The Battle For Baja (both Season 2, not in "complete series" DVD set)Golden Book Video
Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever (1983 TV Special) (I *may* also have the original tv broadcast, if the hurricane didn't destroy it)MGM/UA Home Video
National Lampoon's Senior Trip (Open Matte Fullscreen)Warner Brothers (formerly New Line)
Party, The: Til Ya Drop Tour (1991)Disney
Taylor Dayne: Twists Of Fate - The Smash Hit VideosArista

[plus LOTS more that were never noted before they were thrown out or abandoned at the old house]
Title Studio
Alien Erotica II (2000)unknown
Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man And The Bionic Woman (1989)(TVM) (Sandra Bullock) (ONLY ON DVD IN MASSIVE "COMPLETE SERIES" BOX SET)Universal
Campus Confidential (2005)(TVM)Disney/ABC Family
Demolition High (1995) (ON VHS)New City Releasing/Artisan Home Entertainment
Gimme An F (1984) (ON VHS)Key Video
Growing Pains Movie, The (2000)(TVM) (ON MOD DVD-R)Warner Brothers
Growing Pains: Return Of The Seavers (2004)(TVM) (ON MOD DVD-R)Warner Brothers
Hayley Wagner, Star (1999)(TVM)Showtime Networks
Karroll's Christmas (2004)(TVM)20th Century Fox/Fox Network
McBride: The Doctor Is Out...Really Out (2005)(TVM)Hallmark Entertainment
Me And Him (1989) (ON VHS)Sony (formerly Columbia Pictures)
Miracle Beach (1992) (ON VHS)Sony (formerly Columbia TriStar Home Video)
My Horrible Year! (2001)(TVM) (ON VHS)Paramount/Showtime Networks
Nancy Drew (2002)(TVM) (pilot with Maggie Lawson)Disney/ABC
National Lampoon's Men In White (1998)(TVM)Saban Entertainment/Fox Family Channel
National Lampoon's Senior Trip (1995)(TV Version)Warner Brothers (formerly New Line)
Quints (2000)(TVM)Disney
Real Ghostbusters, The - Alternate Episodes Not On TimeLife DVD Set

* The Boogieman Cometh - Redubbed Version
* Ghosts 'R Us - Redubbed Version
* Mr. Sandman, Dream Me A Dream - Redubbed Version
* Mrs. Roger's Neighborhood - Redubbed Version
* Slimer, Come Home - Redubbed Version
* Slimer, Is That You? - Redubbed Version
* Troll Bridge - Redubbed Version
* Short Stuff - Production Tape (voices only, no music or effects)
* A Fright At The Opera - Alternate Series Music Version
* Attack Of The B-Movie Monsters - Bridge Version
Sony (Columbia Pictures TV)
Sexually Bewitched (2000)unknown
Ski Patrol (1990) (ON VHS)Sony (formerly RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video)
Special Delivery (2008)(TVM) (with Lisa Edelstein & Brenda Song)Marvista Entertainment/Lifetime Movie Network
Stepsister From Planet Weird (2000)(TVM)Disney
Stewardess School (1986) (ON BOOTLEG MOD DVD-R, ON VHS)Sony (formerly RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video)
To The Mat (2011)(TVM) (Letterbox) (wrestling romantic comedy with Ricky Schoeder, Laura Bell Bundy, Crystal Lowe, Christine Willies)Country Music Television
Tower, The (1993)(TVM) (Paul Reiser, Roger Rees)20th Century Fox/Fox Network
Trading Mom (1994) (ON VHS)Lionsgate (formerly Vidmark Entertainment)
Vacation With Derek (2010)(TVM)Shaftesbury Films
You Ruined My Life (1987)(TVM) (Soleil Moon Frye, Paul Reiser)Disney

Format Title Publisher/Distributor
PCAmazing Adventures: Around The World (DVD Case with Sleeve)PopCap Games
PCAmazing Adventures: The Caribbean Secret (Jewel Case with Sleeve)PopCap Games
PCAmazing Adventures: The Lost Tomb (Jewel Case with Sleeve)PopCap Games
PCDisney's Chicken Little (Large Box)Disney (Buena Vista Games)
PCEscape From Rosecliff Island (Large Box)PopCap Games
PCHardline (Very Large Box)Virgin Interactive
PCMystery P.I.: The London Caper (Jewel Case with Sleeve)PopCap Games
PCMystery P.I.: The Vegas Heist (Jewel Case with Sleeve)PopCap Games
PCSimpsons: Virtual Springfield, The (CD Digipak)Fox Interactive
PS1Die Hard TrilogyFox Interactive/Ubi Soft
PS1DriverGT Interactive
PS1Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneElectronic Arts
PS1Jimmy White's 2: CueballBam! Entertainment
PS1Mega Man LegendsCapcom
PS1Metal Gear Solid (2 Discs)Konami
PS1Pro Pinball: Fantastic JourneyTake-Two Interactive/Empire Interactive
PS1Qix NeoMud Duck Productions/Taito Corporation
PS1Spec Ops: Airborne CommandoGotham Games
PS1Syphon Filter989 Studios
PS1Syphon Filter 2 (2 Discs)989 Studios
PS1Ten Pin AlleyASC Games
PS1Tetris PlusJaleco
PS1Wild 9Interplay
PS2Bad Boys: Miami TakedownCrave Entertainment
PS2Dead To RightsNamco
PS2Destroy All Humans!THQ
PS2Flipnic: Ultimate PinballCapcom
PS2Great Escape, TheGotham Games
PS2Hot Shots Golf Fore!Sony Computer Entertainment America
PS2Jumper: Griffin's StoryBrash Entertainment
PS2Manhunt 2Rockstar Games
PS2No One Lives ForeverFox Interactive/Sierra
PS2Over The HedgeActivision
PS2Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (ONLY ARTWORK DAMAGED, MANUAL FINE)Ubisoft
PS2Raw Danger!Agetec, Inc.
PS2Scarface: The World Is Yours (2-Disc Collector's Edition)Vivendi Games/Sierra
PS2Scooby-Doo Unmasked!THQ
PS2Second SightCodemasters
PS2Shadow The HedgehogSega
PS2Sopranos: Road To Respect, TheTHQ
PS2Spy HunterMidway
PS2Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge of the SithLucasArts
PS2Starsky & HutchGotham Games
PS2State Of EmergencyRockstar Games
PS2State Of Emergency 2SouthPeak Interactive
PS2StolenHip Games
PS2Stuntman IgnitionTHQ
PS2TriggerManCrave Entertainment
PS2Wallace & Gromit in Project ZooBam! Entertainment
PS2WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008THQ
PS2WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009THQ
PS2X-Men The Official GameActivision

Title Manufacturer/Distributor
Al Green - Greatest HitsEMI-Capitol Special Markets/DCC Compact Classics
Amy Dumas & Michael Krugman - Lita: A Less Traveled R.O.A.D - The Reality of Amy Dumas (2003) (Audio Book) (IN "WORK WITH" BOX)WWE/Simon & Schuster
Bell Biv DeVoe - WBBD Bootcity! The Remix AlbumMCA Records
Billy Joel - TurnstilesSony Music (Columbia)
Commodores, The - Commodores Hits, Vol. 2Navarre Corp./SBR, Inc./Commodore Entertainment Corp.
Drew's Famous - Adventure Movie HitsTurn Up The Music, Inc.
EMI Classics - 100 Best Classics (6 Discs)EMI Records
Joan Osborne - Breakfast In BedTime Life
Phil Collins - ...HitsAtlantic Recording Corp.
Ray Charles - Early Hits: The Hollywood RecordingsTime Life
United Audio Entertainment - Halloween Party Music & Scary SoundsUnited Audio Entertainment
Various Artists - Billboard Top Rock 'n' Roll Hits: 1965Rhino
Various Artists - Body Talk: Language of Love 1965-1995 Forever Yours (2 Discs)Time Life
Various Artists - Christmas SongsEMI Music Publishing (EMI MusicResources)
Various Artists - Country's Got More HeartTime Life
Various Artists - Legends: Do It AgainTime Life
Various Artists - Legends: Get It OnTime Life
Various Artists - Legends: Pluggin' InTime Life
Various Artists - Legends: We Will Rock YouTime Life
Various Artists - Letters To Santa: A Holiday Musical Collection (2009?)Concord Music Group/U.S. Postal Service
Various Artists - Lizzie McGuire / tv soundtrackWalt Disney Records
Various Artists - Modern Rock Collection (2 Discs)Time Life
Various Artists - Pure 70sMercury Records
Various Artists - Rachael Ray's Too Cool For School Mixtape For KidsSony Music (Epic)
Various Artists - Rumble Roses / original soundtrack (CD+DVD) [Japanese Import]Avex Trax
Various Artists - Rumble Roses XX / original soundtrack (2 CDs+ 1 DVD) [Japanese Import]Avex Trax
Various Artists - Santa Baby (Starbucks, 2006)EMI Music Special Products
Various Artists - Smart Symphonies (Blue)Omega Record Group, Inc.
Various Artists - Smart Symphonies (Purple)The Grammy Foundation (Grammy Recordings)
Various Artists - The N / soundtrackSony BMG Music Entertainment
Various Artists - We Got The FunkTime Life
Various Artists - WWF Tough Enough / soundtrack (2001)WWE (WWF)/Dreamworks Records
Various Artists - WWF Tough Enough 2 / soundtrack (2002)WWE (WWF)/Geffen Records
Wild Orchid - Wild OrchidRCA Records

[plus LOTS more that were never noted before they were thrown out or abandoned at the old house]
Title Author Publisher
Are We There Yet?: Tales From The Never-Ending Travels Of WWE Superstars (2005)Robert CaprioWWE/Simon & Schuster
Cereal Geek - Issues 5+ (only issues 1-4 survived)VariousBusta Toons/James Eatock
Foley Is Good: And The Real World Is Faker Than Wrestling (2002) (Original WWF Hardcover Release)Mick FoleyWWE (WWF)/HarperCollins
Foul Play!: The Art And Artists Of The Notorious 1950s E.C. Comics! (2005)Grant GeissmanHarperCollins
Ghostbusters: Ghost Busted (Manga)(2008)VariousTokyopop
Hardcore Diaries, The (2008) (Hardcover)Mick FoleyWWE/Simon & Schuster
In The Pit With Piper: Roddy Gets Rowdy (2002)Rowdy Roddy Piper with Robert PicarelloPenguin Putnam (Berkley Boulevard)
Just Can't Get Enough: Toys, Games, And Other Stuff From The 80s That Rocked (2007)Matthew Robinson & Jensen KarpHarry N Abrams Inc.
Limericks From The Heart (And Lungs!) (2004)Lanny PoffoWhite-Boucke Publishing
Lita: A Less Traveled R.O.A.D - The Reality of Amy Dumas (2003)(Hardcover)Amy Dumas & Michael KrugmanWWE/Simon & Schuster
Magic Behind The Voices, The: A Who's Who Of Cartoon Voice Actors (2004) Tim Lawson & Alisa PersonsUniversity Press of Mississippi
Main Event: WWE In The Raging 80s (2006)Brian ShieldsWWE/Simon & Schuster
Real Ghostbusters, The - Vol. 1: A Hard Day's Fright (UK Comics Reprinted) (2005)VariousTitan Books
Real Ghostbusters, The - Vol. 2: Who Ya Gonna Call? (UK Comics Reprinted) (2006)VariousTitan Books
Real Ghostbusters, The - Vol. 3: Which Witch Is Which? (UK Comics Reprinted) (2006)VariousTitan Books
Real Ghostbusters, The - Vol. 4: This Ghost Is Toast! (UK Comics Reprinted) (2007)VariousTitan Books
Saturday Morning Fever: Growing Up With Cartoon Culture (1998)Timothy & Kevin BurkeSt. Martin's Griffin
Scarface: The World Is Yours - Prima Official Game Guide (2006)(with Giant Poster Map)David Hodgson & Eric MylonasPrima Games
Slammin': Wrestling's Greatest Heroes And Villains (1999)David HofstedeECW Press
Tavern On The Green: 125 Recipes For Good Times (2009) (Hardcover)Jennifer Oz LeRoy & Kay LeRoyWorkman Publishing Company (Artisan)
WCW Prima's Official Fan BookChad DamianiPrima Games
WCW World Championship Wrestling: The Ultimate Guide (2000, ISBN 0-7894-6673-2) (Hardcover)Bob Ryder & Dave SchererDorling Kindersley
WCW: The Amazing Guide (2001)Cynthia O'NeillDorling Kindersley
What Were They Thinking: The 100 Dumbest Events In Television History (2004)David HofstedeWatson-Guptill Publications (Back Stage Books)
Where Did I Go Right?: You're No One In Hollywood Unless Someone Wants You Dead (1999)(Hardcover)Bernie Brillstein with David RensinPhoenix Books, Inc.
WWE Pick Your Path #1: Race To The Rumble (2011)Tracey WestWWE/Grosset & Dunlap (Penguin Group)