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Production #76043
Season 1-Syndicated, Episode 43

Aired: Tuesday December 1, 1987
in Syndication

Writer: Craig Miller, Mark Nelson

Synopsis: A young boy claims to be a junior Ghostbuster and gets in trouble trying to prove it. Then, when Peter gives him an ecto-aroma eliminator for a souvenir, the Ghostbusters must find him fast or they could all be destroyed.

Guest Stars
  • Katie Leigh [Cindy, Jimmy, Ghosts in Gallery]
  • R.J. Williams [Kenny Fenderman, Ghosts in Gallery]

Regular Cast Incidentals
  • Arsenio Hall [Ghosts in Gallery]
  • Maurice LaMarche [Van Swell, Ghosts in Gallery]
  • Lorenzo Music [Ghosts in Gallery]
  • Laura Summer [Ghosts in Gallery]
  • Frank Welker [Willie, Ghost Majian, Ghosts in Gallery]

Fun Facts
  • The script for this episode can be found on The Real Ghostbusters Scripts page.
  • Title Reference: The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines masquerade as "a way of appearing or behaving that is not true or real". This is indicative of Kenny Fenderman, who claimed to be a member of the Ghostbusters team, but really wasn't.
  • The voice actors were recorded on August 25, 1986.
  • Willie (voiced by series regular Frank Welker) mentions "Inspector Gadget" -- which is not only another show produced by DIC, but another show in which Frank Welker stars (he voices Dr. Claw and Brain).


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