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My Ghostbusters Autograph Collection


Displayed on this page are the Ghostbusters autographs I have collected. Scans of my non-Ghostbusters autographs can be found here. I used to have a LOT more autographs - I once had an autograph collection of over 1,000 photos/items - but I need money, and lost interest in autograph collecting, so I sold most of them. The ones listed below are the ones that are most personal to me, and so they're the only ones I've kept. NONE OF THESE AUTOGRAPHS ARE FOR SALE!!! The addresses I used in 2000/2001 to write to most of these people can be found here.

USING PHOTOS: Please do not use any of the autograph scans displayed on this page on your website, or anywhere else. I strongly encourage you to write to the celebrity (if he/she is still alive) to obtain your own autographed photo, which you can scan in and put on your website. I might make a rare exception if you E-Mail me FIRST explaining what photo you want to use, why you want to use it, where you want to use it, etc. PLEASE DO NOT LINK DIRECTLY TO ANY OF THE PHOTOS ON THIS PAGE! Thanks.

Celebrity Autograph(s)
Ghostbusters: Afterlife Cast & Crew
Signed at the NYC premiere by Jason Reitman (director), Mckenna Grace (Phoebe), Celeste O'Connor (Lucky), Logan Kim (Podcast), Carrie Coon (Callie), Ernie Hudson (Winston), and Dan Aykroyd (Ray) [who signed it on the back!].
Billy & Bobby Alessi
Performers of "Savin' The Day" from the GB1 Soundtrack
Jean-Marc and Randy Lofficier
Writers of RGB "The Headless Motorcyclist" and "Ghostbusters In Paris"
Image   Image
Lara Runnels and Patricia Carr
Writers of EGB "Be Careful What You Wish For"
Image   Image
Alice Drummond
Alice (the librarian) in GB1
Andrew Shaffer
Author of GB2016 tie-in "Ghosts From Our Past"
Barry Hawkins
Writer of EGB "Dog Days"
Brooks Wachtel
Writer of EGB "The Luck Of The Irish" and "Back In The Saddle - Part 2"
Image   Image
Clyde Kusatsu
Guest voice in EGB "Eyes Of A Dragon" and "Fallout"
Dan Schoening
Artist for IDW's GB comic books
Image   Image   Image
Duane Capizzi
Writer of RGB "Poultrygeist",
EGB "Deadliners" and "Fear Itself"
Ernie Hudson
Winston Zeddemore in GB1, GB2, GBVG
Francis Moss
Writer of RGB "Robo-Buster"
and Slimer! "Class Clown"
Image   Image
Frank Welker
Ray Stantz & Slimer in RGB
Image   Image
Harrison Ray
Male Terror Dog in GB1 (uncredited)
Image   Image
Ivan Reitman
Director of GB1 & GB2
(the story behind this autograph)
James Krieg
Writer of EGB "The Jersey Devil"
James Van Hise
Writer for Now's RGB comic books
Joe Alaskey
Guest voice in EGB "Slimer's Sacrifice",
"Bird of Prey", and "Deadliners"
Image   Image
Joe Landon
Writer of RGB "Three Men And An Egon"
Joe Schmieg
Police Sargeant in GB1
Image   Image
Joseph Kuhr
Writer of EGB "Eyes Of A Dragon"
Image   Image   Image
Jules Dennis
Writer of RGB "20,000 Leagues Under the Street", "Attack of the B-Movie Monsters", "The Treasure of Sierra Tamale", "Guess What's Coming to Dinner", and "Mean Green Teen Machine"
Image   Image
Lane Raichert
Writer of EGB "Till Death Do We Start",
EGB Story Editor
Image   Image   Image
Laura Summer
Janine Melnitz (first) on RGB
(the story behind this autograph)
Mark Amato
Writer of EGB "The Ghostmakers"
Image   Image
Marty Isenberg
Writer of EGB "True Face Of A Monster"
Image   Image
Michael P. Moran
Frank (building superintendant) in GB2
Michael Reaves
Writer of 15 RGB episodes
Murray Rubin
Man At Elevator in GB1
Image   Image
Pat Fraley
Guest voice in EGB "The Unseen" and "Back In The Saddle - Part 2", voice of Jake Kong Jr. in Filmation's GB
Image   Image
Image   Image
Pat Musick
Janine Melnitz in EGB
Image   Image
Peter Mosen
Ghostbusters Superfan
Image   Image
Rino Romano
Eduardo Rivera in EGB
Image   Image
Robin Navlyt (aka Robin Shelby)
Slimer [puppeteer] in GB2
Steve Cuden
Writer of EGB "Ghost In The Machine" and "The Pied Piper Of Manhattan"
Image   Image   Image
Steven Melching
Writer of EGB "Glutton For Punishment"
and "In Your Dreams"
Image   Image   Image
Image   Image
Steve Perry
Writer of RGB "Play Them Ragtime Boos", "Captain Steel Saves The Day", "Janine's Day Off"; and EGB "Ghost Apocalyptic Future"
Tara Charendoff (aka Tara Strong)
Kylie Griffin in EGB
(the story behind this autograph)
Image   Image   Image
Walter Flanagan
Rudy (the museum guard) in GB2
Image   Image

Established August 1996

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