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DVD Cover Art
"Ghostbusters II" (DVD)

Release Date (scrapbook box set): August 2, 2005
Release Date (individually): March 14, 2006
Release Date (statue box set): October 6, 2009
MSRP (scrapbook box set): $19.94
MSRP (individually): $14.94
MSRP (statue box set): $39.95
Video: 16:9 Widescreen (2.35:1 aspect ratio)
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1/2.0 (language dependent)
Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish
Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Thai
Closed-Captioned: Yes
Discs: 1
Sides: 1
Layers: 2
DVD-Rom Content: No (just MP2 jacket files & exe weblinks)
Regional Coding: 1, 3, 4
Video Format: NTSC
Total File Size: 6.36 Gigabytes
Package Type: Slim Keep Case in Slipsleeve Box
SPHE Catalog Number: 05160LT2 (05160 box)

This DVD was bundled with Ghostbusters as part of the "Double Feature Gift Set." Each movie was in it's own clear slim case with artwork, nestled inside an outer slipsleeve box, along with a "movie scrapbook" (a glossy 24-page book with photos, concept art, storyboards, biographies, and making-of information). The original release had the wrong aspect ratio data list on the back of the outer box (the movie was fine). In the second or third printing, this was corrected, as I've seen the corrected box on Wal-Mart shelves ever since.

There have been three significant re-releases. It was released individually on March 14, 2006. In 2008, the "gift set" was repackaged in one double-disc plastic case, sans the "movie scrapbook", under the title "Ghostbusters Collection". I saw it on a Wal-Mart shelf in July 2008 selling for $9.96. On October 6, 2009 it was repackaged yet again as the "Ghostbusters 1 & 2 Limited Edition Gift Set", this time bundled with a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man statue, a set of six trading cards, a small tub of slime, a $25 Sideshow Collectibles gift card, and the complete 2005 Double Feature Gift Set (two DVDs plus movie scrapbook).

Special Features
Missing Special Features
(from the 1999 DVD release)
  • Theatrical trailer.
  • Talent Biographies/Filmographies (and related menu photos).

  • The Real Ghostbusters episode "Partners In Slime" was transferred from a master that plays at a slower speed than normal, resulting in slower/long drawn-out audio (the theme and background music are most noticable), audio defects (the mechanical/echo/hiccupy sound in the dialogue), and a runtime that is considerably longer than that of the original U.S. ABC broadcast! Excluding the opening title sequence and end credits, the ABC broadcast runs 21:20 (11:58 act 1 + 9:22 act 2 = 21:20); the DVD runs 24:04 (1:07 start - 25:11 end = 24:04). The DVD is 2:44 longer than the original ABC broadcast! The same master was used in The Real Ghostbusters: Complete Collection DVD box set, and thus the error is carried over to that DVD as well.

DVD Notes
  • The main menu essentially is the same as the GB1 DVD, which makes no sense since the Shandor Building was not in that movie. At least they replaced the walking Mr. Stay-Puft with the Statue of Liberty. They should have replaced the background music as well. Bobby Brown's "On Our Own" is more appropriate than Ray Parker Jr.'s "Ghostbusters."
  • The menus take you all over the place with no rhyme or reason as to why. Click on "Languages" on the movie theater, and you'll be taken to a menu on the adjacent building. Click on "Animated Episodes" on the grey building, and you'll be taken to a menu on the Shandor Building rooftop.
  • Before the movie starts you have to view several non-skippable warning screens. However, there's an easy way around this. Instead of selecting "Play Movie" from any of the menus, just go into "Scene Selections" and select Chapter 1.
  • The layer change during the movie is at 56:10, which is right in the middle of a shot of Egon analyzing a photo of Vigo (it should have been placed four seconds earlier at a cut between scenes). Also, there are two layer change-type pauses during The Real Ghostbusters "Partners In Slime" at 1:06 and 25;11 (after the titles and before the end credits).
  • Real Ghostbusters - Citizen Ghost notes:
    * Uses "The Real Ghostbusters" opening.
    * Has original DIC logo at end, but they replaced the Columbia Pictures Television (a Coca-Cola Company) logo with the recent Columbia/Tristar Television Distribution (a Sony Pictures Entertainment Company) logo.
  • Real Ghostbusters - Partners In Slime notes:
    * Uses the "Slimer & The Real Ghostbusters" opening.
    * Has both original end logos.

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