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Films > Ghostbusters > Home Video
Laserdisc Cover Art
(Criterion Collection CAV Laserdisc)

Release Date: 1989
MSRP: $99.95
Sound: Dolby Surround -- Digital Sound CX
Language: English
Closed-Captioned: No
Format: 4:3 Letterbox (2.35:1 aspect ratio)
Discs: 2
Sides: Four
Video Format: NTSC
Criterion Catalog Number: CC1181L

The Criterion Collection's two-disc CAV laserdisc, released in 1989, was the first home video release of the film to include special features. Earlier laserdisc releases from RCA/Columbia Home Video only contained the movie. Below is a detailed list of the special features that can be found on all four sides of the laserdisc set.

Most of these special features have since appeared on Sony's later disc (DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K) releases, but there are still a few items that are exclusive to this laserdisc, even after 30+ years. These will be noted as such.

Go to the Spook Central Facebook page to view video of the laserdisc's special features. Spook Central VIPs can download DVD-quality video files here.


The Theatrical Teaser
A promotional teaser shown in theaters before the film itself was complete and before the final music had been recorded. It contains footage not used in the finished film, such as the original theme song.

The Original Theatrical Trailer
A promotional trailer shown in theaters in the months before the film was released. It mostly contains footage used in the finished film, including the Ray Parker Jr. theme song. However, a clip of Peter saying, "I'm the chairman of the largest paranormal removal company in America", from the "Peter's Qualifications" deleted scene appears in it.

Deleted Footage: The Stairway
As Ray, Egon, and Peter walk down the stairs and enter the Paranormal Studies Laboratory, they discuss who should win the Nobel Prize.

Deleted Footage: Janine and Egon
Janine and Egon share a tender moment on the City Hall loading dock prior to the Ghostbusters going to the Shandor Building. She presents him with her lucky coin from the 1964 World's Fair at Flushing Meadow. Peter interrupts and scolds Janine, "Didn't your mama ever tell you not to get involved with no ghostbuster?"

Split-Screen Before & After Special Effects Comparisons: (LASERDISC EXCLUSIVE)
Each of these has two audio tracks. One is the pre-effects audio, and the other is the final film audio. (You can watch both of these on the Ghostbusters Before & After SFX Comparisons page, where they are presented with the pre-effects audio only.)

  1. Library Ghost -- The scene where Ray says "Get Her" and the ghost in the library turns gruesome.
  2. Ballroom -- The scene where the Ghostbusters trap Slimer in the ballroom of the Sedgewick Hotel.

"Making of Ghostbusters" Excerpts
A few clips from the 1984 "On the Scene with the Ghostbusters" promotional featurette which gives a brief look at the making of the movie. It is believed that the complete ten-minute featurette was not included for disc space reasons.

Ruth Oliver's Library Ghost Scream Test (LASERDISC EXCLUSIVE)
This hidden feature/easter egg shows Ruth Oliver, the actress who portrayed the library ghost, practicing how she will be screaming the word "Quiet" for when she transforms into the hideous ghost. (You can watch the scream test on the Ghostbusters Behind The Scenes page.)

Still Photos/Drawings/Storyboards: (LASERDISC EXCLUSIVE)
There are a total of 1,022 still frames on the laserdisc, consisting of text and images. Excluding the Screenplay text frames, there are a total of 570. It should be noted that all of the laserdisc's still frames (photos, drawings, etc.) are full-screen and of a higher resolution than the Ghostbusters 1999 DVD's still frames (which are shown on a very small portion of the screen). Below is the full list of still frames, all in the order as originally presented on the laserdisc (though Credits have been placed after Trivia for obvious reasons). All text screens are shown in a white box in front of a still of Gozer's finger lightining; though the Stay Puft section still text is in front of an image of the marshmallow being dumped onto Peck. All of the still frames are available for viewing here on Spook Central, except for the Screenplay text frames, as the ideal way to read the screenplay is either on the DVD-ROM portion of the Ghostbusters 1999 DVD or here on Spook Central. You can either view the still frames in the galleries linked below, where you'll find thumbnails linked to web-friendly 720x540 images (all padding/frames have been cropped out - save for one on the first Credits and Stay Puft text images); or you can view the original 720x480 images straight off of the laserdisc, which I am providing in a VIP Exclusive zip file. All of these images were transferred from laserdisc by Raffaele Ruffaldi.

  1. Special Effects (219 images total)
    1. Intro (2 images)
    2. Library Ghost (28 images)
    3. Slimer (32 images)
    4. Terror Dogs (44 images)
    5. Dream Ghost (5 images)
    6. Gozer (8 images)
    7. Spook Central (22 images)
    8. Ecto-1 (13 images)
    9. Proton Pack (2 images)
    10. Proton Streams (18 images)
    11. Subway Ghost (8 images)
    12. Inch Ghost (14 images)
    13. Misc Ghosts (23 images)
  2. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (70 images)
  3. Improvisation (20 images)
  4. Insider Notes (51 images)
  5. Storyboards (196 images total)
    1. Library (8 images)
    2. Slimer (98 images)
    3. Dogs Drag Dana (28 images)
    4. Louis Meets Dog (8 images)
    5. Cheeky Ghost (7 images)
    6. Louis Meets Muggers (6 images)
    7. 3D Theater (4 images)
    8. Gozer (2 images)
    9. Stay Puft (4 images)
    10. Holding Tank Ghosts (29 images)
    11. Chinatown Ghost (2 images)
  6. Complete Screenplay (452 images)
  7. Trivia (7 images) [hidden feature/easter egg]
  8. Credits (7 images)