Pauls Merchandise For Sale

eBay killed my business on September 28, 2021 - as detailed in this article on The Corner Penthouse - because I refused to join their mangled... excuse me, Managed Payments scheme. All of the items I have for sale are STILL AVAILABLE. You can find a photo gallery of them on Facebook. (The gallery doesn't include the DOZENS of Digital Copy Codes I have for sale.) If you see something that you want, E-MAIL ME and I'll try to work out a deal with you.

Due to financial problems, I'm forced to sell a lot of the items I've collected over my lifetime. This page will serve as the hub of the items I've put up for sale, as well as to present all of the terms & conditions of sale (scroll down, it's on the second half of this page), so buyers will know what I expect of them, and what they can expect from me. This will ensure that all sales go as smoothly as possible. I'm selling everything on an "as is, no refunds or exchanges" basis, as I would if I were having a yard sale.

I want to personally thank you in advance for making a purchase from me. I am barely making ends meet due to the pandemic of 2020, so every little purchase someone makes from me, even the lower cost items for which I usually only get $5 after fees are paid, helps me out a lot. I can not thank you enough and I hope you will be pleased with your purchase. If you've purchased from me before, thank you for your continued support.


By purchasing an item from me, you hereby agree to the Terms and Conditions of Sale stated below. These have been written up based on my experience selling items online for nearly 20 years (way before I've been selling on eBay), and ensure that we have a positive transaction and know what is expected of each other beforehand. That is all :-)