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Listed below are all of the members of the Spook Central staff. Click on a name to e-mail that person via a webform, but please read the information below the staff list to see if your concern can be better handled elsewhere first.

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Paul Rudoff - original creator, webmaster, author, and curator.
Paul has been a Ghosthead (Ghostbusters fan) since his childhood. He has fond memories of watching The Real Ghostbusters on Saturday mornings on ABC and weekday afternoons on WNYW/Fox 5, while collecting the Kenner toys and eating the Ghostbusters cereal. While he first saw Ghostbusters on television (probably the edited-for-television ABC broadcast in 1987), he saw Ghostbusters II in a movie theater in 1989 as an early 12th birthday present, and distinctly remembers seeing scenes that haven't been present in any home video release of the film. Ghostbusters is the only one of his childhood interests that has carried over into his adult life. In August 1996, Paul created Spook Central because no other website had the content he was looking for; and it provided him with a way of sharing the materials he had in his collection. Thanks to Spook Central, he was a design consultant and a contributor of research and art materials for TimeLife's The Real Ghostbusters: Complete Collection DVD box set. He was also drawn into an issue of IDW's Ghostbusters comic book series by renouned artist "Dapper" Dan Schoening.

Matthew Jordan - ebook image cleaner, comic book guru, Facebook page admin.
Matt's love of Ghostbusters started in September of 1986 when The Real Ghostbusters premiered on ABC. In the years after The Real Ghostbusters ended, he moved on to other things, though he never forgot the series and the two films related to it. After a brief rekindling in the late 1990s due to Extreme Ghostbusters, his interest in Ghostbusters died down until late 2007, when the news of a new Ghostbusters video game was enough to bring the disillusioned fan back to the fandom...and he's stayed ever since. In addition to being the lead administrator and editor at Ghostbusters Wiki, Matt was responsible for getting the Ghostbusters PDF eBook Preservation Project here at Spook Central off the ground in 2011 when he offered to scan in his copy of "Ghostbusters: The Supernatural Spectacular" by Richard Mueller.

Raffaele Ruffaldi - website technical advisor and special blog contributor.
Seeing Ghostbusters at age 4 had unbeknownst side effects on Raffaele. Despite being a victim of Batmania and the Ninja Turtles in his teen years, he came back to the fandom just in time to see its bond to the Boys in Gray grow stronger. His love of Ghostbusters, computers, and visual effects, led him to publish Ecto-Web in 1998. For the last decade, Raffaele has been working in the shadows with Paul on Spook Central, and is planning to merge some Ecto-Web content (including its pioneering Videogames section) into Spook Central in the near future.

Doreen Mulman - Facebook page admin. (1961-2014)
A Ghosthead since the 1980s, Doreen has been a known member of the Ghostbusters online community since 1997, when she, and her friend Nora Salisbury, shared several interesting messages with Paul Rudoff on Bill Emkow's Ghostbusters Message Board. That not only lead to a continued friendship with Paul, but also to the creation of the Ghostbusters Fan Forum on December 4, 1997, which Doreen and Nora ran until October 31, 2008 when AOL decided to no longer provide their members with free webspace. She also maintained the official websites of several voice artists, including Frank Welker (Ray and Slimer in The Real Ghostbusters), Tara Strong (Kylie in Extreme Ghostbusters), and Laura Summer (first Janine in The Real Ghostbusters).
• Doreen passed away on March 14, 2014 at the young age of 52. Her last post on the Spook Central Facebook page was on February 28, 2014, which was a link to an article about the minor league baseball team, the Toledo Mud Hens, wearing Ghostbusters-inspired uniforms for a May 30th game in honor of the film's 30th anniversary and Harold Ramis' recent death.