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 By Paul Rudoff on May. 23, 2021 at 5:03 PM , Categories: Reviews & Merch

After 10 years or so, my time selling on eBay is coming to an end soon. Not that I'll miss it, as I've put up with a great deal of BS from eBay over the years, as has been well documented on The Corner Penthouse. My decision to stop selling stuff on eBay, and maybe even online anywhere, basically stems from two causes. (1) Some of this stuff has been unsold for DECADES and I need to get it out of my house, and (2) Very soon eBay will force me into their Managed Payments system, which prohibits me from receiving and using payment from buyers via PayPal.

On May 21st, I got the warning (when submitting a revised listing) that my "deadline to sign up for eBay to manage your payments is approaching. To continue listing new items, relisting, and revising listings, you are required to update your account details now at ebay.com/startpayments.{e72812-1134540x}". Of course, eBay never sent me any e-mails about this beforehand, or even gave me a set date when they will force me to stop accepting PayPal. I assume this first notice is like a "30-day warning", but with eBay, they could pull the trigger at any time. They like to play by their own rules, which is another reason I have no desire to continue selling there.

I won't get into it any further - that's for a future The Corner Penthouse post - but suffice to say, if you want any of the items I have up on eBay, NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT!!! Once the unspecified "final deadline" for Managed Payments date hits, probably in mid-June, but could be sooner, that's it! Everything gets donated or thrown out. I've been selling online for OVER 20 YEARS, and it's not worth it anymore. I put in more effort than I get in return. So, consider this a "Last Chance Sale".

ALL 475+ ITEMS CAN BE FOUND BY CLICKING HERE. There are LOTS of wrestling memorabilia, some vintage Playboy magazines (is the 1990s considered "vintage"?), lots of video game manuals and artwork - including some for the Atari 5200, TONS of DVDs and Blu-rays (including replacement discs), comic books, sports and trading cards, vintage photographs, entertainment magazines, PlayStation and Xbox and Wii video games, books, audio CDs, collectibles, and much more! Since Spook Central is a Ghostbusters website, I thought I'd highlight all of the GHOSTBUSTERS ITEMS I have for sale, including several vintage Kenner The Real Ghostbusters toys.

Click on the images below to go to the eBay listing with more details and photos. If the prices seem high, that's because they have to cover the THREE VERY HIGH FEES associated with a sale: eBay fee, PayPal fee, and USPS postage fee. I'm always open to doing off-eBay deals (and keeping money out of eBay's pocket), with payment made directly through PayPal. That will be cheaper for you, since you don't have to pay sales tax to eBay. That's an extra fee that eBay adds onto a sale for the buyer, and money that eBay collects, which I don't have any part of. If you're located in the United States, just send me an e-mail. Outside the U.S. becomes trickier due to the high cost of International postage, but I'm not 100% opposed to it if you're willing to pay the higher cost of International shipping, and you buy enough to make it worth my time to deal with it.

Kenner The Real Ghostbusters Proton Pack (Backpack Only)

Kenner The Real Ghostbusters No Ghost Logo Armband

Kenner The Real Ghostbusters GhostZapper Toy Weapon With Film Cartridge

Kenner The Real Ghostbusters Water Zapper Toy Weapon

Superior The Real Ghostbusters Gumball Machine Coin Bank + Extra Ghost Topper

The Real Ghostbusters Children's Elastic Belt by Lee NYC

Home-Made/Custom Ghostbusters No Ghost Logo Analog Wall Clock

Official Ghostbusters No Ghost Logo Glow-in-the Dark XL T-Shirt

Official Ghostbusters Stranger Things XL Sweatshirt NEW WITH TAGS

Five Pairs of Ghostbusters Ankle Socks NEW Stay Puft No Ghost Logo Gatekeeper

Vintage Tavern On The Green Souvenir Photo (Sept.27, 1947) Ghostbusters Location

Real Ghostbusters Arcade Machine 3.5x5 Photo Prints (Lot of 7) - 1997

Ghostbusters II Soundtrack Longbox Cutout (No CD Included)

Ghostbusters Vintage Reviews, Ads, Lorenzo Music Obituary, Stay Puft Entry

Ghostbusters Ertl Ecto-1A Model Original Instructions Fold-Out Sheet (1989)

Ghostbusters Cell Phone Case (Various Models Available)

-- Paul

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