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    Atari 2600 Version


    Ghostbusters Atari 2600 busting sequence (5K)Here we go again. Another GB Adaptation. This time on one of the first game console ever. This does not mean it's ugly, don't worry. Well, this game is a little unbalanced. While some screens are very ugly, such as the shop screen , or empty, such as the map of NYC others, in fact the busting sequences, present some nice graphics with smooth ( well, 16 colors...) gradient and far detailed sprites. The streams are not badly rendered although they are green., probably the best after the C64 version. The ECTO-1 sequence deserve a special mention as the most poorly detailed sequence ever with a transparent car! You can see the road marks through the windows!


    Ghostbusters Atari 2600 NYC Screen (3K)The sounds are standard PC-speaker like reproduction of the GB main theme repeated in loop during the game. OK, actually is better than the PC-Speaker but can't compare with the C64 or other version. Forget here about digitized voices. However the excellent GB music , as always, saves the day and make it a nice experience.The controls are simple as soon you get the trick. I mean, the game controls theyself are not different from others systems but the way the A2600 handles "select", "reset", "difficulty" buttons may sound confusing. I tweaked some 15 min to get it right. But this not concern you since I explain it all in the Help page.


    Ghostbusters Atari 2600 Ecto-1 sequence (2K)The gameplay is extremely easy , as this version has "some" features absent. No PKE meter, advanced weapons etc.. but only traps, vision enancher, Vacuum. This make it easier to "get the game". I remember doing experiments to understand the different options of the SMS version for example. I've to admit that it was a feature I liked in the Sega version ... but not everyone has my view therefore if you want some simple ( well a lot simple) game to enjoy at office ;) get it. If you would like to PLAY as a GB check other features-filled versions as the SMS, NES, C64.