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Category: Props

Gozer Costume Sold At Auction On Hollywood Treasure

PermalinkBy Paul Rudoff on Jun. 19, 2011 at 11:55 PM , Categories: Props
Last year Proton Charging reported that Slavitza Jovan's Gozer costume from Ghostbusters was "found in a surplus store on an 'unidentified' costume rack", and that being "a very flimsy piece of kit, the costume has held up well, with the various body-bubbles taking the most abuse over the years." Then, two months ago Proton Charging reported that Abacus Costumes and Props manager Steven Kirk decided to have Hollywood memorabilia auction house Profiles in History offer the costume to the highest bidder.

Syfy's reality series Hollywood Treasure chronicles Profiles in History's hunt for items to sell at their auctions. So it should come as no surprise that the Gozer costume was featured in the episode that aired last Wednesday June 15, 2011, which was entitled "The One That Got Away" (Season 1, Ep 18). Embedded below are the Gozer segments, which includes Steven showing the costume to the Profiles in History crew at his warehouse, the Profiles in History authenticating it using footage from the movie, and the costume going up for auction. It's interesting to note that, although the movie footage is seen clear as day in a few shots, it is later blurred on a monitor when paused. Presumably, when they use the footage to do a comparion, it's considered fair use; but when it's just being shown on a monitor in the background, even if it's a paused still frame, it's no longer considered fair use.

Anyway, you can purchase the whole episode #18 for $2.99 at Amazon, if you'd like to see what else was being offered up in this episode.

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